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Sex Toys Store > Dildos > Double Header Dildos > Jr. Veined Dbl Header-bender Black 12in Cd


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Jr. Veined Dbl Header-bender Black 12in Cd

Manufacturer:Doc Johnson
Measurements: 12" Long  1.5" Wide 
Material: Rubber 
For Body Part: Vagina  Anus 
Size: Average
Color: Black
Shape: Thick-veined 
Features: Can-bend 

Retail Price: $21.95
Our Low Price: $17.99

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Number of Current Reviews: 7
Average Rating:
If you're looking to get hot and heavy with your partner this adult sex toy may just be the one to bring you together. Use this double headed dildo with its perfectly erect shaft and supple veins as a tool to simultaneously enhance the pleasure of you and your partner or to drive you wild when you masturbate alone.
What could turn you on more than sharing this amazing bedroom toy? With its veined soft rubber shaft made from the most skin stimulating material available on the market today and raised veins shaped to resemble the contours of a real penis this double-headed adult sex toy is just like a real cock but better.
Why? Not only does this luscious dildo measuring 12" x 1.5" contribute to sharing a completely intimate experience like no other with your partner, but the flexible shaft of this special dong also allows you to experiment with any positions your heart may desire. The size of this dream double header makes it the ideal choice for couples looking to get closer.
It is important to keep any sex toy clean. The use of condoms is recommended to keep this porous adult toy clean and to minimize the risk of transmitting viruses or bacteria especially if the toy is being used both anally and vaginally. To get the most pleasure from your adult sex toy use a new condom for each partner and for each part of the body and use mild soap and water to clean the dildo after use.

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Rating: Sex Toys Review Rating
By Cum Cunt

My cunt was so moist threw this amazing journey of love life and being a teenager at bay side high.

Rating: Sex Toys Review Rating
By Afrokinky

This producted sucked for me, it has the most annoying smells taste. All the excitement I had for it went right out the window the moment I opened the package. Trashing it now cuz I can't even send it back. What a waste.

Rating: Sex Toys Review Rating
By lil nig bitch

so i choked down like 50 black dudes a day this thing throws a new curve into my thoat i love it it really lets my thoat get dug out

Rating: Sex Toys Review Rating
By White Power!


Rating: Sex Toys Review Rating
By Nigger

I am a nigger with Aids I love this because my partner does not know he will get Aids.....

Rating: Sex Toys Review Rating
By D-Man

Quest of pwnDora the explora xxx 2 son of violent rape Starring: Meow-wow-brow ---our shero Dran the woman ohhh ---- the naughty boy wizard Chicken butt nug --- the wise owl gDeepThrouht – antagonist 1 Sourceteam – antagonist 2 Smurfs – the weapon looks like a giant heavy dildo Dono misty – meows trusty side booty call Will_queerc – the gay pub owner Felix.doesguysnamerick – does guys name rick because rick is short for Richard which the nick name for Richard is dick… get yall wink wink he is gay I mean come on didn’t you see that cuming like a shot to the eye. Robert jacksguys Preoppenhimer – Psychonauts squire GaypornStarman – Dran’s minion Chewie32guys – Dran’s minion Digivee the normal human with no cool powers like ya know a normal kinda guy – what his name implies. 8==D~~man – when d man enters a room the whole room smells like dick Pikaboobs – the inn keeper in every town who always has a bed for you Cockrugburn – wants to fuck Mystery – the pine tree of the forest that makes it smells nice yeah… alpine [DILDO]Racial Reamer – the armorer Psychotrannyzombie chargin cash – tranny (|==8Jerkoffstore8==|) – Black guy… Scrumpy - aids Act1 – Scene 1 - Awesome party man Scrumpy woke up in a daze his ass hurt like he fell down the stairs and hit every step one the way down. He checked his wallet still there what happened he asked the air. Scrumpy knew that if he was to be the hero of the land he had to make sure he was fit enough to do so. Scrumpy went to the doctor and had a physical done and he much enjoyed the prostate exam. The doctor told him he had bad news… “WHAT DOC SPILL IT” screamed Scrumpy as big crocodile tears welled up in his eyes. “I am afraid you have prostate cancer and its terminal” “NOOOOO who knew prostate stimulation could lead to prostate cancer” screamed Scrumpy.” Scrumpy left that day a changed man… Scene 2 – Girls just want to have fun Scrumpy spiraled out into a nightmare of tranny hookers and dangerous non recreational drugs. Scrumpy knew the only thing that could make him feel was to go to his favorite night club swinging Richards. After doing a lot of X 2 C and some cocaine off a dude in the bathroom he was feeling really depressed. That’s when Psychotrannyzombie chargin cash walked up and said “hey sailor you look rough like you need a big strong woman to make you feel better” “yeah I do need to feel better my whole life feels like a lie I was going to be a hero but now…” Psychotrannyzombie chargin cash put his finger on scrumpy’s lip “hush child” Scrumpy felt like he should know better than to go off with a strange woman like Psychotrannyzombie chargin cash but damn was this bitch fine I mean like guys if you had a few beers and your friends weren’t around I mean ya you would do it to. Psychotrannyzombie chargin cash looked like an angel who was 5 foot say like 9 inches and I aint talking about her dick. She wore this tight shirt that showed off her midriff and you could see the tramp stamp that said Thick Chocolate. Psychotrannyzombie chargin cash’s shirt said Sexy on the back in gold letters and on the front it said “the back looks better than the front” Needless to say Scrumpy had found what he wanted and was going home tonight with Psychotrannyzombie chargin cash. Psychotrannyzombie chargin cash screamed to her squire Robert jacksguys Preoppenhimer “Ass toy collect my things were going” (SNAP) Robert jacksguys Preoppenhimer quickly gathered all of the anal beads and sand paper as they walked out the door. Scene 3 - Pleasure Scrumpy woke the next day still chained out in the yard like a dog. He felt something wet and cold running down his leg he touched it was blood and cum with a hint of shit he knew he had been raped. As tears of warm joy streamed down his face he looked into the sun and quivered in homo bliss. The cops came about 15 minutes later and asked why he was chained naked in these nice peoples back yard. Scrumpy tried to tell his story but the cops took his ass to the hospital. Tests were run and the doctors said full blown A.I.D.s my good sir. Scrumpy knew then the only thing left to do was run… and run he did down the hall up the stairs to the roof and he ran right off the edge… He landed on a nun taking stuffed animals to terminal children whose parents were also dead. The world needed a new hero… Act 2 - Scene 1 - A hero Awakens Meow-wow-brow woke up in his bed like any other day but today was more special than those days before hand because he was now twelve and it was time for him to leave his house and go out into the world on his own. His mother asked him what his name was and he entered Meow-wow-brow she then said that Digivee the normal human with no cool powers like ya know a normal kind of guy wanted to see you. Meow-wow-brow screamed “Quit calling me wow-brow mom” Meow-wow-brow left and went over to Digivee the normal human with no cool powers like ya know a normal kinda guy’s house. Digivee the normal human with no cool powers like ya know a normal kinda guy wanted to send Meow-wow-brow off with protection in a world of dangers. Digivee the normal human with no cool powers like ya know a normal kinda guy gave Meow-wow-brow a small dog with very sharp teeth to live in his pants to jump out and attack at the first sign of danger. Meow-wow-brow knew at this very moment that nothing bad could ever happen to him again. That is when Dran the woman ohhh smashed through the window pissing off Digivee the normal human with no cool powers like ya know a normal kinda guy. Dran the woman ohhh said “hand over that dog” Meow-wow-brow replied “you mean this dog “flicking Dran the woman ohh off. Dran the woman ohh realizing the sexual tension was growing knew he had to act fast leaping at Meow-wow-brow he thrust his hand toward Meow-wow-brows naughty bits when suddenly as if for told in a fortune cookie the zipper came down and out poured the dog which bit Dran the woman ohhh right in the dick. He screams “its ok I never used it anyways, but I’ll get you next time Meow-wow-brow” Scene 2 – your fur is warm Meow-wow-brow set off into the wilderness and battled many nights without porn he really had to beat off his loneliness. He finally made it into a small town known as twinktown where he found a gym, a pub, an inn, and an armory. He visited the gym first figuring he could meet some nice people. Little did Meow-wow-brow know he was in for a battle? As Meow-wow-brow tried to use the dumbbells Dono misty was all “yo nigga dats my shit” to which half the gym sang a bar of Gwen Stefani banana song. As they sang the world got dark and suddenly Meow-wow-brow found himself in the fight of his life for the first time he had to choose a class… DUN DUN MOFUGGIN DUN!!!! He quickly tapped two and chose soldier class. This made Dono misty moist and he forever would follow Meow-wow-brow to the ends 2fort all the way to middle earth. Next he figured he better get a room at the inn before it was too late. As he walked in this strange woman greeted him “want to fuck” she said… taken back Meow-wow-brow said “I just need a…” she shushed him “call me pikaboobs and I choose to do you” Meow-wow-brow said “fuck it” and went off to the room where he caught crabs if you know what I’m saying. He then made his way to the pub Swinging Richards. He meet Will_queerc who offered him a pint of wills cream brew it was a home brew. After five frothy gulps Meow-wow-brow was feeling pretty fucked up so he figured he had something in his pants he wanted to blow so he went to the armory to spend his cash. Here he met [DILDO]Racial Reamer the town armor who sold the finest in armor and women’s undergarments. Meow-wow-brow bought a chest bra plate, and an armored thong. He knew this protection would keep him safe. Scene 3 – Life beyond crabs After learning that even though they aren’t king crab they sure feel huge meow-wow-brow had to move on leaving behind this glorious town he set off for the next town. Dono misty following Meow-wow-brow into the wilderness. Suddenly a loud noise above them made Meow-wow-brows zipper fall but it was just Chicken butt nug the wise old owl. He said if you promise to be gentle I will let you ride me and winked at both of them. After some hot inter species sex Chicken butt nug flew them to the next town of Herotica. This Hutopia was an ancient town of men only except for the inn keeper. Meow-wow-brow was super glad he bought the armored thong. He made his way to the inn figuring if he could just hide out in his room he would be fine. Walking in Pikaboobs said “back for more are you big boy” Meow-wow-brow being startled went “whaaa how…” Pikaboobs grabbed him by the dick and took him off to a small room in the back the sounds of pain and pleasure but mostly pain filled the night. Walking out in the morning with many wax burns on his face Meow-wow-brow had to adjust to the light. He then encounters two sets of douchefags. The first two said we are from team red rocket and we want your dog. Then they said their slogan “Prepare for anal trouble” “make it double!” “we don’t protect our dicks from devastation” “to untangle all penises with in our anus” “to denounce the use of condoms” “to extend our anal gape to the stars” “gDeepThrought” “Sourceteam” “jacking off at the speed of light” “surrender now you look tight” Meow-wow-brow just ignored them because they got so turned on by what they had said they just decided to take the day off and J off. That’s when he looked slightly to the left and saw GaypornStarman, and Chewie32guys who were sent by Dran the woman ohhh to fuck Meow-wow-brow up the ass. Meow-wow-brow knew these punk fags weren’t shit so he kicked them both in the dick at the same time which was pretty cool everyone in the town laughed like this “lol”. Then Meow-wow-brow said tell me where is Dran the woman ohhh is hiding at. GaypornStarman said “I will never tell you he is hiding in the castle in world 8-4.” “Oh fuck my boss is going to milk my prostate until I never want to cum again” Meow-wow-brow said “ohh gay” giving one quick swift kick to each of their nuts and left on his way… his journey just beginning and already he knew it was his destiny to become the hero of the Klan. double deep deep dickin double down on that deep dickin deep booty dickin its finger lickin when you do double deep finger first don't be leaving in a herse ACT 404 – scene 1: the fourth Cumming Meow-wow-brow woke up with his cuddle pillow between his legs. The muffled cries of Robert jacksguys Preoppenhimer, and GaypornStarman bound like total sluts inside of said cuddle pillow had waken Meow-wow-brow. The wet stain on the bag only meant one thing; Meow-wow-brow had to get rid of Dono misty. I mean shit it’s hard to jack off when all Dono misty wants to do is watch then give sports caster commentary. Meow-wow-brow kicked Gayer4mener “wake up shit dick”. The four of them left and headed into the small desert town. Gayer4Mener warned meow-wow-brow not to talk to anyone as they entered the local cantina Mos Eisly. A catchy tune filled the air and the smell of rape wafted and teased at meow-wow-brows nostrils. Meow-wow-brow saw this fat piece of shit named ToxiCgAyNUS and his trusty cum dumpster phallic the straight guy. Meow-wow-brow approached and knew this was the only way off this planet. “I need a ship” “Well my ship is faster than shit” “How fast is shit exactly I mean like taco bell + liquor fast?” “well you know when you spend your first day in prison and you find out why your roommate is named OX” “sure don’t” “well see his dick is so huge when it penetrates you, your sphincter muscle rips into about 50 shards of its former self” “ohhhhh yeahhhhh” “yeah exactly and then you can’t keep your butthole closed so all the shit just falls out” “that is not exactly fast” Phallic – “it’s like a hot cock thrusting into my mouth” ToxiCgAyNUS – “shut it muffin” Meow-wow-brow – “so…” “yeah well let’s say you found out about ox then ate taco bell then drank three gallons of prison wine trying to forget what happened to you” “Ok I see where you are going with this” “no no hold on, it’s like you also filled your ass with water because OX said he would kill you if he ever got shit on his dick again, and you just lose all internal control and you choke the bowl on the first quarter of your intestines emptying into the toilet. Say it takes four flushes just to get the brown out of the water.” “ok ok I get it your ship is fast” “oh fuck yeah” “so when do we leave” Meow-wow-brow paid his bar tab with GaypornStarman and left him to pay off Meow-wow-brow’s bar debt over and over and over again with his body. Gayer4Maner and Meow-wow-brow followed ToxiCgAyNUS to his ship the centennial fuckin. She was a glory hole of a ship. Meow-wow-brow said “isn’t this left over from the great condom wars of yester year” “yeah but she can still bust the thickest rubber for the right price” Our heroes left into the great wild of space…. Scene 2 – If rain is when God cries are stars when God cums? “I’m so hungry, don’t you have anything to eat ToxiCgAyNUS?” “Meow-wow-brow how many times do I tell you unless we get a bounty we don’t eat” “Seriously though can’t we just kill phallic?” “Why don’t we kill your fuck toy Dono misty?” “yeah… why don’t we” At that moment the TV came on with a message “hey there your BROKE back cowboys if you are in the Corpora Cavernosa region of space then this is for you! It seems that (|==8Jerkoffstore8==|) who is wanted for many sex crimes against animals is in the region. The reward for capture is 9 refined and ear buds” Meow-wow-brow – “I have 40 hats” “shut it meow-wow-brow we need that to eat we could get so many jars of piss, and bottles of non-milk substance and dare I say sandvich” “yeah you are right lets go get that sick fucker” They were off to capture the elusive animal fucker (|==8Jerkoffstore8==|). They knew exactly where he could be found as the largest farm in the entire galaxy was only 27 light-years away. As they approached they saw a full double moon. ToxiCgAyNUS – “that is no double full moon, shit they got us in a tractor beam, ha that is kind of funny a tractor beam on a farm get it” “not now you fucker” meow-wow-brow snapped back As the ship was drawn into the gaping hole between the two moons darkness settled over the ship. “Quick we need to hide under these false floor boards” screamed ToxiCgAyNUS. As they hid under the floor they heard the ship open and be bordered they were immediately found and dragged from the hole and called homos for cuddling like gays. They were taken to (|==8Jerkoffstore8==|)’s sex DNG (yes DNG stands for dungeon, but (|==8Jerkoffstore8==|) thinks it makes it sound more sexual) they were thrown down into a pit and (|==8Jerkoffstore8==|) screamed “RELEASE THE CREATURE” a door slowly opened up and a strange creature indeed crawled out. “DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” it screamed and ran at them. Meow-wow-brow, Gayer4Mener, ToxiCgAyNUS, and Robert jacksguys preoppenhimer hid under a ledge and Dono misty was left to take on the full fury of…. “SCRUMPY WANTS DICK!!!!!!!!” Scene 3 – a cut above the penis As we return our heroes are in (shows 5 minutes from the show before this one). “SCRUMPY WANTS DICK!!!!!!!!111eleven” Dono misty tried to run but years of being raped in the ass made his legs weak and useless for anything other than putting behind his head. Scrumpy bit into Dono misty’s dick and at first it felt good but then the pain over took the pleasure and it hurt, it hurt bad as blood spurt from around Scrumpy’s mouth and ran down scrumpy’s chin like some kind of bukkake movie. The dead look in his eyes meant one thing… the reason Scrumpy was alive was exactly that he was dead he was a zombie! As Dono misty fell down screaming grabbing at what is a bloody stump of a dick. Scrumpy then turned Dono over ripping his clothes off and hocked a loogie of blood and bits of dick that hit Dono misty right on the brown eye. Scrumpy then whipped out his rigger dick and thrust deep into Dono misty. Blood and shit pushed out past scrumpy’s dick and ran down dono misty’s legs. Before Dono misty could even scream Scrumpy grabbed him by the head and snapped his neck. As Dono misty’s body started to spasm Scrumpy came instantly his life less eyes then moved to the others hiding under the ledge. Thrusting his hips hard Scrumpy shoved Dono misty’s now lifeless used body to the ground. “DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the horrid creature screamed as it came toward our heroes. Meow-wow-brow threw a rock and hit the door control which sparked and the door fell completely missing Scrumpy who was very much inside the arena and blocking the only way out. That is why I give this a one star rating...

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