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Valentines Mini-series: Chapter I - It's Never Too Early for Some Valentine's Romance
December 30, 2010

I know-Santa's reindeer's skid marks are still warm and already I'm talkin' about Valentine's Day, right? The thing is that it's really never too early to start thinking of what to get your lover for this day dedicated to lovers. As a matter of fact, we all get so swamped with the stuff that got shoved aside for the holidays that we often forget to pick up a Valentine's gift which you know is always bad news. You don't need months of planning or oodles of cash to wow your special someone for Valentine's Day. The key is to shop early to make sure you have time to choose a gift so great that they don't notice that you didn't get reservations at their favorite restaurant or whisk them away for a romantic weekend. And better still, I'm going to offer you some truly no-brainer ideas as far as romantic gifts for Valentine's Day go.

3 Easy-Peazy Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Since romance is the idea here, check out these 3 super-easy, no-brainer, can't-possibly-go-wrong gift ideas for Valentine's Day:

Bed of Roses: Great for the lover on a budget, this kit comes with what you need to set the mood for romance in a way that will make your lover think you've gone out of your way and have been planning for ages! The set comes with 100 scented rose petals to spread over the bed or any other surface you plan to wow on. It also has tea lights and a special invitation card to give your lover. Got a few more bucks to spare? Then I totally recommend the Bed of Roses Deluxe Edition which comes with 200 petals, tea lights, invitation, a massager, edible chocolate massage oil, and more!

Earthly Delights Gift Tin by Kama Sutra: Your lover will feel like the most special and pampered person on Earth when they see/smell/taste/feel the goodies in this kit! This tin contains all you need to top off a night of romance this Valentine's Day: sweet almond massage oil, honey almond massage cream, the original oil of love, pleasure balm and sweet honeysuckle dust. It also comes with a feather applicator for the dust which also works great for teasing your lover. For truly decadent treat for Valentine's Day and any other day you want to make someone feel incredible, there's nothing like the Kama Sutra line.

Sea Salts Aphrodisia: A simple way to add instant romance to Valentine's Day is to cap off your night with a luxurious bath for the two of you or even just as a special treat for her. These Sea Salts smell amazing and also make the water a pretty turquoise blue while making her skin feel incredible. Light a few candles in the bathroom, add a glass or wine or bubbly and you'll have the happiest lover around this Valentine's Day!

There you have it! Planning a special Valentine's Day for your lover has never been so freakin' easy!

Not into "romance"? Then check back next week for some naughty Valentine's Day gift ideas featuring sex toys, kink, and a whole lot more!

Last Post Before Christmas - Sexy Kits for You Last Minute Christmas Shoppers
December 20, 2010


As my last post before Christmas, I wanted to throw out some super easy and super sexy Christmas gift ideas for those of you who have left your shopping down to the wire and are scrambling to find something great for Christmas, and the rest of the year for that matter. This sexy and easy stuff I speak of is kits-all kinds of 'em.

The great thing about kits-aside from the fact that they take ALL the guesswork out of shopping for you-is that they offer versatility and a lot of bang for your buck. It doesn't matter what you and your lover are into because there's a kit for everyone: mixed sex toy kits, vibrator kits, massager kits, anal kits, and even bondage kits. You can find one that leans to the romantic side of the spectrum or go for the all-out raunch.

So, without further ado (because you only have a couple of days left!), here are a few kits that'll make sexy Christmas gifts or even be a great addition to your New Years Eve plans or winter getaway.

Geisha's Secret Kit: This little kit has it all and in convenient travel sizes which are not only great for holiday travels but also for sampling the different products before committing to the full size versions. This kit includes exotic fruit massage oil and bath gel, grape-flavored edible lube, clit cream, and edible body powder that you apply with the included feather applicator.

Bed of Roses Deluxe Edition Kit: Your lover will think you've been planning this romantic Christmas for ages thanks to this kit that comes with all you could possibly need to impress a romance-loving partner. Packed in an elegant black satin bag, you get over 200 scented silk rose petals, rose scented bubble bath, edible gourmet chocolate massage oil, a massager, 4 tea lights, and even an invitation card. Get ready to score major brownie points with this sexy gift idea!

Heart Throb Love Kit: This sex toy kit is a nice mix of romantic and naughty! It comes with a vibrating cock ring, finger bullet vibe, vaginal tightening gel, oral sex cream, flavored condoms, enhancement gel, and even a naughty scratch card!

Bullets Galore Kit: This kit is made up of 3 powerful bullets in different sizes and 3 different jelly enhancement sleeves so you can really mix it up! And, bullets are fun to use on ALL of your erogenous zones regardless of your sex.

Anal Teaser Kit: This kit is great if you and your partner are just starting to explore anal pleasure. It comes with one mini vibe and 3 jelly sleeves made for anal play.

AE Anal Adventure Kit: The ultra slim mini vibe is perfect for the anal beginner and the 2 extra sleeves are there to help the beginner move his or her way on up!

Bedroom Party Pack: What more could a gal ask for this Christmas than a 7 inch vibrator and 7 jelly vibrator sleeves that offer up everything from G-spot stimulation to anal fun! It's also cute and colorful too!

Couples Collection Kit: This is a vibrator kit and then some! You get: a 6 inch waterproof multi-speed vibe with 2 jelly sleeves, a mini massager with 4 different tips, a jelly g-spot sleeve, a cock ring, a cock sleeve, and if that weren't enough, you also get samples of lube, sex toy cleaner, chocolate body topping, and warming massage oil. A Merry Christmas indeed!

InfraRed Massager Kit: I've actually had the pleasure of reviewing this one and have owned and used my kit for a couple of years now. It is awesome!! While I'm sure it can easily be used for naughty pleasures, it is in fact a great massager that will help you relax and even ease sore and stiff muscles. Love it!

Aphrodite Rechargeable Massager: You can't go wrong with a massager made by the Berman Institute! This kit can be used for relaxation and stiff muscles or for sexual pleasure. A very versatile Christmas gift to say the least!

Beginners Bondage Kit: Get everything you need for your foray into the world of bondage with this kit. It's seriously got it all from blindfold to restraints and even warming gel for teasing.

FF Extreme Compliance Kit: Perfect for the seasoned pro, the Extreme Compliance kit has EVERYTHING you need to keep your sub in line this Christmas and always.

Merry Christmas!
How to Make it A Naughty Christmas
December 14, 2010


Can you believe that we're less than 2 weeks away from Christmas?? This feels like it's coming especially fast this year! Where has the time gone?? Since we're getting to crunch time now, I wanted to write about some no-brainer Christmas goodies with a naughty twist. What makes these total "no-brainers" is that they are Christmas-specific so you know you can't go wrong. There's no guesswork and no wondering if they're a good idea for Christmas 'cuz' they were made just for Christmas - easy peasy! Make it a naughty Christmas without having to think too hard thanks to me and my list!

What we've got are Christmassy sex toys, gift wrap and gift bags, and even Christmas decorations and stocking stuffers. And yes - they're ALL a little naughty. So let's get started seeing as how we're almost out of time!


Santa's Lil' Helper Spot Vibe: A red and white candy cane-esque G-spot vibe that will give like Santa the whole year through!

Don Wands Candy Cane Glass Dildo: This decadent glass dildo looks just like a candy cane and gives you pleasure that can only come from a glass sex toy. Run it under warm water to heat up a cold night or cool it down for some spine tingling fun!

Candy Pak Glass Candy Cane & Stocking: This candy cane glass dildo set comes complete a stocking to put it in, some lube, and some mistletoe-not that you'll need it in order to get some action! It doesn't get sexier or more Christmassy than that!

Reflections Candy Cane Vibrator: This little glass candy cane vibrator gives you the luxurious feel of glass with the powerful vibrations you expect from a Doc Johnson vibe. The tip is curved just right for some G-spot fun for Christmas and every other day!


Mrs.Claus and Her Candy Cane: This cheesy little wind-up toy is the perfect little stocking stuffer for your favorite funny guy! Juts wind her up and watch her go to Christmas town with her candy cane vibe.

Naughty Secret Santa Tingle Gele Peppermint: I would love one of these in my stocking!! This jar of peppermint tingle gelee also comes with a vibrating cock ring so you can enjoy a buzz with a cool tingly treat this Christmas! And, it's great for him or her...or them. *wink*

12 Nights Of Christmas Pillow Packs: These motion lotion pillow packs will make your 12 days of Christmas merrier than ever or use them to ring in the first 12 nights of the New Year.


Boobie X-Mas Ornament: You can get these boobie-shaped ornaments in red and green. Hang 'em on your tree or use them along with condoms to decorate a wreath for your sexiest friend!

Pecker X-Mas ornament: It ain't a XXX-Mas without a pecker-shaped ornament! Hang one up or dangle it from a package for a dirty lil' twist on Christmas!

X-Mas Tree with 24 Naughty Ornaments: Naked Santa, fucking gingerbread men, and a penis-shaped stocking are just a few of the naughty ornaments you get with this tree! Fa-la-la-la-la!!


Christmas Balls Penis Gift Wrap: Deck the halls with, well, balls!

Christmas Balls Boobies Gift Wrap: Who wouldn't want to receive a Christmas gift wrapped in boobie paper?!

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Having Sex Gift Wrap: Even Santa likes it nasty sometimes! This gift wrap is AWESOME!

The Funniest and Most Awesome Gifts to Give Your Brotha' from Anotha' Brotha'
December 07, 2010


I know that a straight guy may find it hard to believe that you could get some really cool Christmas toys for your guy friends on a sex toy, but it's true! Seriously!!

The cool thing about buying your buds gifts from an adult site is that they're packed with all kinds of adult novelties which means uncensored, dirty, disgusting, and hilarious gifts. Throw in one or two that encourage drinking and not only have you got an awesome present for your friend but you'll benefit from it too - just have your camera ready cuz' the opportunity to get some blackmail pics for later is HIGH if there's enough beer involved.

I've taken it upon myself to find the most awesome gifts for your guy friends EVER. They're all inexpensive and sure to get a few good laughs. Will they get your pal laid? Some of them just might, but you'll have to skim the list to see...

Adrie's Picks for the Most Effin' Hilarious Gifts for Your Guy Friends

Wondering what makes me such an expert on what your straight guy friends will like? It's a combination of things: being raised in a house with two brothers, a super macho dad and a grandfather with awesome senses of humor, and jobs spent working closely with men and being just foul-mouthed enough that they never felt the need to censor themselves just cuz' there was a "lady present". Add to that thousands of hours logged watching porn and the fact that I have the sense of humor of a frat boy or sailor, and I'd say I'm a fucken pro at what straight guys will find hilarious. Now, here are my suggestions:

Inflatable Talking Sheep: Tell me your buddies wouldn't die laughing after receiving and inflatable sex sheep for Christmas! It's got a strategically placed hole and action-activated sound! Just think of the gestures you could use to get that thing baaing and your friends on the floor in tears of laughter!

Boobie Dodge Ball: Did your friend love the movie Dodge Ball with Vince Vaughan and Ben Stiller? Of course he did - that's some hilarious shit! I'm guessing that same friend loves tits or at the very least finds them amusing, right? Then you really can't go wrong with this very inexpensive boob-shaped dodge ball. Think of the endless hours of enjoyment he'll have playing with it and you'll have whipping it at him! Classic.

Boobie Water Gun: Is it a little juvenile? Hell ya! But funny nonetheless! Pick up a few of these for your next party and go nuts cuz' there's nothing funnier than a bunch of grown men ducking behind furniture and rolling all Starsky and Hutch-style across the room trying to get away from the spray of a boob-shaped water gun!

Merry Fucking Christmas Candy: Nothing says you care like a box of Merry Fucking Christmas Candy. Great for satisfying the munchies too. *wink*

1000 Drinking Games: Just add a case of beer or a bottle of JD and he'll be your buddy for life.

Batman XXX - A Porn Parody: Guys love Batman and they love porn. 'Nuff said.

A Hairy Pussy: Just in case the sheep isn't his thing or if he's been going through a bit of a dry spell, this Penthouse Hairy Pussy Anniversary Edition is pocket sized and funny enough to give as a gag gift but realistic enough that he can use it if he wants to. And it's by Penthouse, so you know you're getting your pal the Cadillac of pocket pussies! You are a GREAT friend!!

Now go drink beer, scratch your balls and so a little shopping for the guys!

Sexy Gifts For Him: A Gift Basket With More Raunch Than Romance
December 01, 2010


After covering great gift baskets for women-single and taken-it's only fitting that I offer up some equally great gift ideas for him. Truth be told, I am actually really enjoying this post as I do love choosing gifts for someone who is more likely to appreciate a little raunch over romance, as men tend to. God bless 'em.

The key to putting together a gift basket for the guy in your life starts off with the same advice that I gave when I wrote about creating a gift basket for her, and that is to keep his likes in mind when choosing the goodies. Just because you may long for romance doesn't mean that he does. And, since this gift basket is all about him, you really do need to focus on the things that will make him happy even if that means a little less love and a lot more lewd.

Putting Together a Gift Basket for Him

A great point to keep in mind whenever choosing sexy gifts for a man is that men are visual creatures by nature. This is not to say that a man wouldn't enjoy a book of sex stories, but the reality is that most would prefer to see the sex then merely imagine it. Ah, the perfect segway into my list of goodies to fill a gift basket for him with. Here goes:

DVDs: What better for our sexy visual creature than some sexy visual stimuli? Choosing an adult DVD for your guy isn't brain surgery, as chances are he'll just be thrilled that you're encouraging his love of porn! But, try to think of what sort of thing turns him on when choosing the DVD, whether you find it arousing or not. That means if he's into latex fetish porn or even if his idea of hot is a WKRP in Cincinnati porno rip-off , that's what you should look for.

Masturbators and Pocket Pussies: You know your guy jerks off-we all do. So, if you're gonna give him a hot DVD then why not throw in just what he'll need to work his magic while watching. Sure, he's always got his hand, but a masturbation toy adds a certain little something that his hand can't. Try one of these: The Fleshlight (a tried and true fave amongst cocks the world over!), Aria Cock Pleaser, and Deep Throat Stroker

Lube: Whether to use on you or use when he's playing with the "palm sisters", lube is a must in his gift basket. I recommend choosing an assortment that includes a sampling of different kinds of lubes, like regular lube, warming lube and even refreshingly cooling lube.

Something Playful: Raunch is great but, don't forget to throw in a little something playful too. Tis' the season after all! I suggest something like sexy coupons, dirty dice or even a fun sex game that you think he'd get a kick out of. When choosing a game as a sexy gift for him, be sure to choose something that is just as easy as it is fun because the last thing your guy needs is a complicated game that makes the time drag. Let him get to the good stuff ASAP!

Edible Undies: Yes, you did read that right! Edible undies may be a tad cheesy or cliche but they remain a favorite whether as a gag gift or otherwise. The great thing about the edible undies-aside from the massive belly laughs they're bound to cause-is that while they are for him to wear, they are for you to eat. Get it? *wink*

Hope that these sexy gift ideas for your man's naughty gift basket have inspired you to make your own. As long as you make it with an open mind and keep his wants at the forefront when compiling the goodies for the basket, then you're sure to have a winning combo on your hands. And, if you're finding my suggestions to tame, then feel free to raunch it up with some anal sex toys, a promise to master the prostate massage or even a game for groups of naughty people if branching out is what you're cool with! The dirtier the better my saucy gift-giver!!

Happy Holidays!


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