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How to Throw a Playboy Themed Halloween Party
October 20, 2010

I've always had a fascination with Playboy and the "bunnies" in particular. It may not have been the most appropriate fantasy for a 5 year old, but I remember watching something on television featuring the Playboy Bunnies in their full getup and wanting an outfit just like that so badly. They were just so gorgeous and glamorous, and the outfits-super cute! While I never did get the chance-or the right body-to become a Playboy Bunny; Costumes have made it possible for me and other awestruck girls to be Bunnies at Halloween and otherwise.

This morning I came across this Club Bunny costume while perusing the site and it got me to thinking of how cool it would be to throw a Playboy themed Halloween Party. I'm not just talking about a few bunnies trolling about in their high heels and tails but rather going all-out with the guys encouraged to dress like Hugh and decking your place out like the Playboy mansion or Playboy Club-circa 1970 to boot! I'm talking leather and velvet to the max and maybe even a little casino action. (Peekaboo Poker and Sex Casino can be a lot of fun if you've got an open-minded or tipsy group of people!)

You can also get this super sexy Club Bunny outfit in plus sizes ranging from 1X to 3X. For the guys, you can sport a smoking jacket or robe, ascot, and cigar a la Hugh Hefner or be the ultimate 70's player/playboy/greasy orgy guy with a big mustache, polyester shirt unbuttoned uncomfortably low and white patent dress shoes. Add an afro wig and you're all set! If you're looking for something a tad more risque, then you could always try this Groom Willie B Long costume which is what I think, very close to the male version of the Playboy Bunny costume. It's got a tuxedo style boxer brief that also comes with a collar with a bow tie and French cuffs. Hand the guy a tray and make him your very own Playgirl Bunny!!

Some final touches to help you throw a Playboy Bunny Club themed party; be sure to have loads of champagne on hand along with other very decadent party goodies like oysters and caviar, and don't forget a sexy soundtrack featuring what I think are some of the sexiest (and cheesiest) songs of the 70's when the Playboy Club and bunnies were in their heyday:

. Love to Love You by Donna Summer
. Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
. Groove Me by King Floyd
. Sex Machine by James Brown
. Let's Go Somewhere and Make Love by Jackie Moore
. Pillow Talk by Sylvia
. Hot to Trot by Wild Cherry (Cheesiness alert and absolute must!!)

My final suggestion is to send your guests home with some party favors that they'll never forget, like oils, lotions and potions which are easily found in sample sizes and kits that can be divvied up to keep your guests happy and costs low. Throw in some back issues of Playboy to really drive the theme home. You can find these online for next to nothing but you might wanna check your dad's shed or garage for a stash first!!

Happy Halloween!

Play Time for Grownups
October 11, 2010

Don't you often wish that you could go back to being a kid again? Being able to act silly, laugh a lot and play with reckless abandon? Being a kid was fun, but I suppose there's something to be said about being able to stay up as late as you want, eat whatever and whenever you want and be able to buy booze. Too many adults stop knowing how to or simply just don't let themselves have fun and be silly once they get past a certain age. But, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? Well, I'm gonna give you some fun-and I mean really fun-ways to have a good time, play and be silly, and enjoy a few good belly laughs, all while having some adult fun. Kinda' like kid's play with an adult twist!

Sexy, Silly, Playful Fun

When was the last time you played dress up or did something so silly that it made you laugh till your sides hurt? Take a bubble bath and play with rubber duckies? How about finger painting? You probably, like most of us, haven't done any of that since you were ten, right? Well here's how to enjoy all of those things now;


Glow Bubbles is a fun little product that allows you to enjoy a fun bubble bath while staying up way past your bedtime and well into the dark night. Just pour it in to the bath and turn out the lights for a bubble bath that glows in the dark! Add to that one of my favorite vibes-I Rub My Duckie-and you're in for a very fun bath time! Not a rubber duck sorta' person? Then try any one of the hundreds of waterproof sex toys instead.


Forget the usual dinner party and instead try to have a fun party reminiscent of those you had when you were kids...with some R to X-rated fun thrown in, of course! I suggest silly party favors like Blow Me Bubbles so you can see who can blow the biggest bubbles using this pecker-shaped container or Boobie Water Guns so you can really jump out of your grownup shell and play like a bunch of kids! And, when you're done playing with your party favors you can move on to a super fun game for adults-only, like the Cock Toss Game which is just like ring toss only a lot funnier! Want something a little less kindergarten and more junior high? Then Deluxe Spin the Bottle is worth a try to up the fun and the heat level!


Remember finger painting? How good it felt to be allowed to be messy for a change and really get your hands dirty and then laugh at what you're created? You can do it as an adult too, except now you get to use a body as a canvass instead! For some finger painting with a grownup twist, try Kama Sutra's Lover's Paint Box (I'm a sucker for the any of the products from the Kama Sutra line!). For less sensual and more flash, try Glow Finger Paints. And, if you want to make finger painting even more fun, then make a game of it for you and your partner or even you and a room full of your favorite friends with Hot Spots Body Paint Game.


Playing dress up can be even more fun as an adult because you have lots more ideas as to what to do once you're all dressed up like the doctor and the nurse. If you wanna play dress up, have a costume party or dirty doctor, then the Surgeon Costume in Blue and White is the way to go for him. For her, try the Bedroom Nurse Costume which is just sexy enough to make your doctor's day but not quite X-rated enough to get you arrested at a costume party!

And, since laughing your ass off and being super-silly is what we're really trying to accomplish here; one look at the Squeaker Elephant G-String or the Flasher Costume by Pipe Dreams is sure to get you rolling on the floor and gurgling like a fat, laughing baby!

Wanna Be a Sex Professional? This Blog Just May Help You!
October 06, 2010

So it's been a big week for those working as sex professionals in Ontario, Canada now that the prostitution laws have been struck down. Prostitutes are now able to round up business freely and run their business out of their homes without fear of being arrested. I personally support this decision because it will help keep a lot of women off the dangerous streets and allow them to earn their living in the safety of a home or brothel. Sure beats winding up dead and buried on a pig farm in B.C., like 49 other prostitutes did!
In honor of this ruling, let's look at some must-haves for those of you looking to run a brothel or work independently from home. Yes, that's right; I'm helping you get started as a sex worker if that's what you're looking to be.

Hmm...It's been a few seconds since I typed that and I haven't yet been struck down by lightening and see no sign of a locust infestation outside my window. Guess that means it's safe for me to proceed...

First on my list of must-haves if you're planning to take advantage of this new ruling is condoms. Safety first! To be the hostess with the mostess, it's a good idea to have a few kinds of condoms on hand to cater to all tastes and situations. Flavored condoms will be your best friend when it comes to oral sex. I shouldn't need to remind you that even oral sex poses dangerous health risks. And, for those less-than-savory clients, a flavoured condom can make the job a whole lot easier!

Next on my list is lube. You just gotta have lube! I'm guessing that since not all clients are going to resemble the likes of George Clooney, a little help in the lubrication department may be needed. And, lube is also a must when it comes to anal, should that be one of the services offered. Remember that there are different lubricants for different tastes and types of sex. Have some super-slick anal lubricant around for those backdoor clients and a whole lot of condom-safe lube for every other need. To mix it up and offer your favorite clients a little somethin' extra, warming lube is a nice touch.

And finally, some lingerie is always nice. Since the quality of your client base and extent of your success will depend on your image; looking good is important. I personally think that class-over-trash is the way to go when choosing your lingerie because ideally you want an upscale client base. Let's face it; having a lucrative business is key so do all that you can to brand the right kind of image for yourself. This being said though, there will always be that lawyer or doctor who loves it naughty and dirty, so maybe one piece of vampy red lingerie-or a dare-I-say slutty-costume may be worth having around...just in case. And, for those men who have a stocking fetish, a few pairs of sexy stockings and garters are sure to be a worthy investment to your new business venture in the oldest business in the world.


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