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Our Sexuality Blog
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Think Animals and Sex Don't Mix?
August 25, 2010

Now before you get your panties in a twist and gasp; this blog is NOT about bestiality and I am in no way suggesting that you go out and have sex with anything other than a human...or a sex toy. What I'm actually talking about is the allure of animal prints and how you can incorporate the sexiness of a tiger or energy of a bunny into your sex life. That's all. No need to call the fuzz or report me to PETA!

The world of sex toys has really managed to bring animals and sex together in a way that is anything but offensive thanks to the use of not only animal prints but other creative uses for animal-inspired items as well. You've got vibrators with rabbit, beaver and even dolphin shaped clit stimulators, movies, and accessories for those into pony play, and collars and leashes for those into BDSM. If you can imagine it, then it's likely out there already!

You don't need to be a sex fiend to see the allure of animal-inspired adult toys and lingerie. As a matter of fact, people have forever found tigers and other wild animals to be somehow sexy. Chances are that you've purred, meowed or even roared a time or two in the bedroom yourself! And what about doin' it "doggie style"? Who doesn't love that, right? So for you and the many others like you, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the sexy goodies with an animal element to them that you can find right here.

Animal-Inspired Sex Toys and Lingerie
You don't even need to be an animal lover to enjoy these picks! I've listed my fave animal-inspired items so that you can bring out the animal in you and get your freak on...without getting arrested or accused of heinous acts. *wink*
Remote Control Tiger Panty: You can have fun anywhere with this one! Love it!!
Wireless Vibe Zebra Panty: See above cuz' this one's just as hot!
Fur Handcuffs in Tiger Print: To help you tame your favorite beast.
Seahorse Triple Action Vibe: Fun for all your holes and naughty bits in one!
Pony Play Butt Plug: This bum toy's great for anal beginners and has an attached whip that also happens to look an awful lot like a ponytail when left dangling there. Strangely hot!
Deluxe Rabbit Pearl: Still one of my favorite vibes EVER!

Cheetah Fur Paddle:

Back to School Fun for Adults
August 17, 2010

I can't believe that it's almost back-to-school time already! While watching summer nearing an end is a little heartbreaking, this time of year is a happy time for adults who have kids and miss the 'alone time' that school allows them. It can be hard to feel sexy and get yer' freak on when the kids are kicking around the house all day. Back to school means they'll be out of the house all day and busy with homework and in bed earlier on school nights so that you can relax and enjoy a little private time with yourself or your partner. I don't have kids myself but I sure am excited for those of you that do!

This post is all about back to school fun for adults and I'm going to offer up a few suggestions on how to make the most of any free time that you're about to come into.

When the Kids Are Away...
It's time to play! Taking advantage of the time you have away from the kids is important for your relationship and your sanity. Everyone needs to indulge a little and I'm all about finding even just a little bit of time to do something that feels good and keeps your juices flowing and your stress down. My suggestions for you;
Take the time to relax. Something as simple as lighting a deliciously scented candle and reading something erotic can work wonders on your overall mood. Try a long bath using some scented oil to encourage a little fantasy feast or pick up some massage oil and take turns giving each other a sensual massage if you're coupled up.

Watch a movie that isn't for the kids! All you need to enjoy a little porn is an hour or two and whether you do this solo or with a partner; watching an adult film is a great way to heat things up quick and get your release in a way that is strictly for grownups. A welcome change from all the Disney movies you may have had to endure over summer vacation!

Play with yourself! Seriously; masturbation is fun and healthy and something that you don't often get to do enjoy when the kids are home. Pick up a sex toy and play without fear of them walking in or even just get some great lube to enhance some finger fun if that's what you prefer. If you're looking for suggestions on some great toys for those precious moments without the kids, I recommend a finger vibes or eggs and bullets because they're discreet, easy to use and super powerful so you don't waste any of that precious time you have! Rabbit vibrators are also a great option because they give you so much bang for your buck and satisfy your insides as well as your clit. A guaranteed orgasm in a short period of time!
Play an adult game. You've spent the summer playing games with the kids, so now it's time to play games with your partner. There are loads of adult games to choose from that are not only sexually stimulating but also a great way to open the lines of sexual communication with your partner and keep things interesting. Try something simple like Dirty Dice or opt for an elaborate sex game like, Exploring Ultimate Fantasies. Either way, everyone's a winner!

Does Your Partner Suck at Oral? Do You??
August 13, 2010

Let's face it; oral sex is an acquired taste that also requires a certain amount of skill. As much as we may love getting it, not everyone is keen on giving it and those who are may not always be all that great at it. Where am I going with this? South of your border! I've got some ideas and suggestions that will help you give and get better oral sex so that you can enjoy lickee-dee-doo like you should deserve to! So whether you're not happy with the quality or quantity of oral sex in your life; I've got what you need!

For Those Who Don't Like to Go Down

If you don't like to go down on your partner or are involved with someone who doesn't enjoy it; there are things you can get to make oral sex easier on the palette and a little less icky overall. Flavored lubes will be your best friend if taste is your only issue with giving oral. Pick up flavored lubes, which come in flavors ranging from fruity to chocolaty, and you've got yourself the tastiest and sexiest treat around! These can be used on dicks, pussies and anywhere else you may want to slip your tongue! Flavored lubes I recommend: Banana Dickalicious, Doc's Cocktails Cosmopolitan flavor, and Lick Me Licker in Tropical Fruit.

Another alternative for those who find oral sex less than appetizing is flavored condoms. This is an especially great one for those of you who are especially icked out by oral because it offers flavor PLUS a barrier. And, of course, this is also a safer way to have oral and protect yourself from STIs, including HPV which is commonly transmitted through oral sex. Using a condom on a guy is a no-brainer. If you want to use it to go down on a woman; snip it up the center, open it up and place it over her pussy for a safe and tasty oral session. I recommend picking up a few of the Tastee's 3 Packs in different flavors so you can mix it up a little or find your favorite flavor. They've got banana, chocolate, mint and even grape flavored Tastee's! Yum!

For Those Who Aren't Getting Enough Oral

If you're craving oral but there's none insight, have no fear because there are plenty of sex toys to give you the feel of soft lips or a talented tongue-all without needing to have an actual partner!

Guys can enjoy the sensation of a hot blow job using masturbators that are shaped like mouths or even love dolls. And for all you insatiable ladies there are tongue toys that simulate oral so well that you'll wonder if any human partner can actually top them!

For the guys, I recommend: Cyberskin Cyber Suck, Lori Mouth (Sexy red lips AND cheap!!), and Electronic Stroke Master.

For the gals, my picks for the best oral sex toys are: The Tongue 2 Vibe (turns out it does get better than the original! Who'd have thunk??!), Tongue Tickler (Cheap and oh so good thanks to a nose that nuzzles you just right!), and Wallbanger Waterproof Tongue.


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