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Funny, Sexy, Naughty - Gift Ideas for All Occasions
July 26, 2010

As I get older my love of shopping seems to be changing. Don't get me wrong, I still love to shop more than your average gal and could give a Tween a run for her money at the mall. What's changing is my new found love of one stop shopping and being able to find things for all kinds of occasions in one spot. After perusing the site this morning it occurred to me that with a little browsing and an open mind; one can find a gift for any occasion right here on this site! Yes, a sex toy site that's got something for everyone!

To show you just what I mean and give you a go-to list for the next time you need to buy a gift, I have listed several occasions that warrant gifts along with appropriate selections to help make your life a little easier.

Gifts for All Occasions

For the BBQ Host: Any one of these funny and sometimes naughty aprons make a great gift for a BBQ host or hostess or even for a housewarming party! Check out the Barbecue Buddy Grilling Apron that's bound to get some laughs! The "Where's the Beef??" Apron is another classic that a friend is sure to love. Or, bring your very own homemade pasta salad featuring a special ingredient that's sure to please: Booby Pasta!

Housewarming: I personally love coffee and have always thought that coffee mugs make a great little housewarming gift. There's just something about a hot cup of coffee that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and it just says home to me. Anyway; these mugs are practical, hysterical and a little naughty which makes them a great housewarming gift idea; the Bachelor's Beer Mug is great for a guy moving into his first place or who's recently become a bachelor again and moved out. The My Best Friend Pecker Mug will give your best gal pal a giggle every time she drinks her coffee thanks to the lovely sentiment printed on the outside and the surprise pecker on the inside!

For the Newlyweds: Sex toys are always one of the first gift ideas for newlyweds that come to mind but, there are other cute ideas worth checking out too. I personally think the Inflatable Jumbo Ball and Chain is a funny-ha-ha idea for any guy celebrating his wedding. And for the Mrs, I recommend the New Husband Voodoo Doll that's sure to put a wicked smile on her face every time her new hubby gets out of line! (Just to be fair; there's a New Wife Voodoo Doll too)

Birthdays: Pretty much anything goes when it comes to birthdays, but these are a few of my favorite gift ideas for a birthday party. First is the Birthday Challenge Spinner Game that is so cheap and oh so fun! It's "The Drinking Game of Dares and Tomfoolery", don't ya' know!! I'm also a big fan of Penis Birthday Candles because from experience, it's hilarious how long it takes each guest to realize that the birthday girl is actually blowing little penises and not regular candles on her cake! (Seriously, you'd think they'd be really obvious!)

Learn How to Stimulate the G-Spot Right Here, Right Now
July 22, 2010

I am so sick of hearing endless stories about guys lookin' like lost puppies when it comes to finding a woman's G-spot. Seriously, it's not rocket science! Your penis may not be naturally curved to hit the magic spot but that doesn't mean it's mission impossible! With a little know how and in some cases, the right toy, finding the G-spot is easy. So, read on and learn how to find the G-spot and stimulate it for an experience that will confirm your standing as Lover of the Century!

What You're Looking For

Poke around all you want but until you know what it is that you're feeling around for you'll run the risk of irritating her! First, you need to know that the G-spot isn't deep inside-a common misconception. The G-spot is just inside the vagina along the front wall. What does the G-spot feel like? It's a ridged little spot that is about the size of a quarter and feels a lot like the little ridges on the roof of your mouth. Go ahead and have a feel right now.

How to Find the G-Spot

Now that you have an idea of what you're looking for and approximately where it is, it's time to learn the best way to find the G-spot. Start by having your gal lie on her back with a pillow under her butt. Have her bend her knees and spread her legs apart enough for you to get in there. Next, take your index and middle fingers and insert them slowly inside of her so that the pads of your fingers are facing up. Remember that you don't need to go in too deep to find it. Move slowly and feel around for a small bumpy and kinda' spongy spot. Don't be afraid to ask for a little help and have her tell you if you hit a spot that feels "different". Pressing down on her lower abdomen over where your fingers are can help you to feel it easier.

What to Do When You Find Her G-Spot

The best way to stiulate the G-spot is to curl your fingers in that "come here" sorta' way and just keep repeating it against the G-spot. This is a super sensitive spot that doesn't always feel great right off the bat so be sure to be gentle and only increase the speed or pressure of your strokes as she wants you to. Continue on and BAMN! A squirt-fest awaits!!

Making it Even Easier

G-spot sex toys can make finding and stimulating the G-spot a lot easier so, if you're on a mission to discover and conquer this mysterious spot, then consider one of these G-spot sex toys:

The Butterfly G Bliss Vibe is perfect for G-spot fun because it's not only shaped right for hitting the spot but it also offers clit stimulation at the same time - a winning combo if you want maximum results! TIP: Stimulating the clit can help arouse a gal enough so that her g-spot feels more prominent and easier to find.

The Classix Slim G and the Crystal Chic G are both no fuss-no muss G-spot vibrators that are easy to maneuver and known for no-brainer G-spot stimulation.

The Curve is not only an elegant toy that she'll absolutely love but it's also shaped for easy G-spot fun thanks to its ideal curve and handy-dandy little loop handle so you can get a good grip while you play.

The Flexems Bendable Flame may look a little odd but boy, does it sure get the job done! It's very flexible and able to bend in ways that you could only dream of! Its flexibility makes it a sure thing when it comes to finding and stimulating her magical spot.


. Take your time
. Listen to her
. Don't be afraid to use a toy if your finger isn't quite hitting the spot right
. Use lots of lube!
. If she says she feels like she needs to pee, then chances are that you've found the spot!

The Low Down on Penis Extensions
July 09, 2010

I can see how a guy may think that using a penis extension is somehow a cop-out or an insult to the size of his junk, but if you could just stop for a second and hear me out, you'll see that using a penis extension can actually be a compliment to your sack skills-no matter what size your package is.

While a penis extension does exactly that-add an extension to the penis-it doesn't mean that your penis isn't sufficient or even that you need the help of a piece of plastic to satisfy your woman. Adding some extra length and girth to the head of even the biggest dick is just like using any other sex toy in that it mixes things up a tad and offers something different from the usual. Does a woman need a super long or thick cock? As a woman, I can tell you the answer is no. Is it nice once in awhile to experiment with a new sensation? Hell yeah! That's what a penis extension does.

Not all penis extensions are made to only add some length. There are loads of them that give you something that no man has; external clit stimulators, pleasure nubs and even vibrating heads. They give you and your penis the power to pleasure a woman like a super sex toy! And by being willing to use one of these you're actually proving yourself as an even better lover because it shows that you're thinking of her and her pleasure; willing to try different things to heighten her pleasure. Ain't nothin' wrong with that my friend! Just imagine her delight when you surprise her with an extra sumthin'-sumthin'!

Now that you got the skinny on penis extensions, it's time to find out which ones to choose for your desired result. Here are my suggestions:

For a realistic extension: Try the 2 inch Penis Extension or the Latex Extension 4 inch for a little extra length that feels oh so real.

For some good vibrations for you and your partner: Give the 3 In 1 Vibrating X-tra Cock Penis System a go! Another great one is the Real Feel Penis Enhancer which is sure to equal some orgasmic fun for you and her.

For a clit-tastic time: Try the Pleasure Sleeve for Couples whose vibes will please the both of you. I also recommend the Pipedreams 2"penis Ext W/ Clit Stimulator Purple which not only add length but also stimulate her clit with its special ticklers at the same time. She'll love you for it!!

For maximum girth: If extreme thickness is what your partner craves, then try the Cyberskin 2" Xtra Thick Penis Extension. The Girth Enhancer will also get the job done just right.

For G-Spot Pleasure: Since a man's penis just isn't curved right to hit the G-spot effectively, the G-Spot Extension Clear will do the impossible for you. Wow - a G-spot orgasm for just over 5 bucks!

So, get over yourself and give one of these penis extensions a try. You've got nothing to lose and only rock hard erections and mind-blowing orgasms for her to gain!


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