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Our Sexuality Blog
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The Deets on Phthalate-Free Products
November 24, 2008

You've surely seen the headlines recently warning about 'Toxic Sex Toys' or 'Killer Vibrators', etc. This has been due to a study that found a link between phthalates, which are the chemicals used to soften hard plastics and several health risks. This study sparked a lot of interest in the topic of sex toys as well as several other studies with confusing results, so here's the deal: phthalates may not be good for you, so do your best to avoid them.

Thankfully there are many toys that are already phthalate-free and makers of sex toys are being pressured to stop using the harmful chemicals all together, but until that happens, here are some facts about the phthalate free toys.

One way to tell if the goodies in your toy box contain phthalates is through smell. Those that do contain the chemical have a very strong plastic or chemical odor when you first buy them that tends to stick around over some time. Also, the jelly toys are the ones which most often contain the chemicals. This is not to say that you should toss out your beloved toy just yet. I recommend using a condom on them instead which is a good idea with jelly toys anyway as they are difficult to disinfect because of their porous surface.

Reading the packaging before you buy your toy will tell you if it's phthalate-free or not. These days thanks to all of the hype; many toys makers are pleased to include a big 'Phthalate-Free' or "PR" emblem, front and centre. Sometimes a little digging may be required, so read the ingredients, ask our great sales staff or you can even drop me an email! I would loooooove to answer any of your sex toy questions! Too shy? Check out our forum and see what you can find out through other naughty shoppers!

Discreet Romance carries an amazing selection of phthalate-free toys in all shapes and sizes for your naughty and safe pleasure. Some of my favorite phthalate-free goodies are:

- 'Softees' Collection by Swedish Erotica
- Devilish Desire (AWESOME vibe!)
- Toys by Tantus (They have EVERYTHING from anal toys to gag balls!)
- Pipedream's Basix Line ( Dildos and Dongs and Vibes for every taste!)

There are also toys made from some other materials that are phthalate-free, so now may be the perfect opportunity to try out an entirely new and delicious feel! For instance, glass toys are inexpensive but oh so luxurious! (Check out my blog on glass toys for help choosing the hottest glass toys!) And the adorable and ultra-effective Rub My Duckie series by Big Teaze Toys are also phthalate-free.

With so many safe and sexy options, there's no need to worry which just leaves you more time for enjoying!

Say Hello to My Little Friend: Introducing Him to Anal Pleasure
November 11, 2008

I've written about anal play on a few occasions now and even touched on the topic of bum play for guys. After giving it a little more thought, I think it's time to really dive in and cover all you need to know about introducing your guy into the wonderful world of backdoor fun.

I know that a lot of guys cringe at the idea of having anything slipped into their butt, but truth be told; a little bum action on a guy can feel incredible, if approached with care of course. So the goal of this week's blog? To give you a few tips that will help you get your guy started on some super-hot bum play and open up a whole new world of orgasmic fun that'll have him screaming your name like never before!

Getting' Started

Tread carefully. You can be sure that your guy is bound to be a little gun shy at first if this is his first experience with anal play, so from the moment you bring it up to the second that you begin; you need to move slowly, gently and carefully to avoid bruising anything from his body to his sex drive!

Use lube'lots of it! This is a super tight and super sensitive spot we're talking about so lube will help to make things go as smoothly as can be! Use it on your finger or small anal toy as well as the anus.

Have a bath. I suggest this for a couple of reasons. First it'll help him to relax and second, being as clean as can be will help with any fears that either of you may have regarding the cleanliness issue since this is a guy's ass we're talking about.

Help him relax and get aroused. The more turned on he is, the more relaxed his backside will be so take the time to get him really tuned on before hand pulling out all his favorite spots, like kissing, stroking or even blowing.

Get comfortable. First let him figure out which position he's most comfortable in, whether on his stomach or on his back or even on all fours. Then, you should find the best angle for you to get the job done right! You need easy access so you can avoid poking all the wrong spots!

Anal play will feel best if enjoyed at the same time as other stimulation. If you pleasure him anally while stroking his penis or even while going down on him, you're sure to really blow his mind! So, once you've gotten the hang of penetrating his anus with your finger or a toy, work on multitasking by continuing to play with his bum while you jerk him off or go down on him.

Another tip in terms of technique is to know that there isn't one universal move that just does it for every guy. Listen to him while you touch him and you'll know what feels best for him. And if in doubt'ask!

Great Toys for Your Bum Tease Debut
If you'd rather not use a finger or maybe have already and are lookin' to move onto something new, there are loads of great anal toys on the market that are not only made with beginners in mind, but also ones that are NOT exact replicas of cocks which may have your 'straight' partner running for the hills! Check out these that would be ideal for your man.

Anal Invader CD

Tushy Twister

Swizzle Stick

Vivid Renegades

Beginners Butt Plug

My Lube Picks
I can't stress enough how important lubrication is when indulging in bum play! The more the better! So to make things a little easier, I've chosen my favorite lubes for bum fun. Some are just great lubes and others work not only to lubricate but also to desensitize so that you can minimize any pain or discomfort that may happen the first time that you explore the dark side, so to speak.

Anal Blue

Anal Ease

Elbow Grease (try regular or hot!)

Fruity Booty

Pjur Analyse Me

Now that you've got the best tools and the advice; it's time to get in there and introduce him to a whole new kind of pleasure!

Happy Probing!!


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