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Our Sexuality Blog
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Get On to Get Off!
October 14, 2008

I've discovered that the best way to really enjoy fantasizing and self play is to use a toy that you can enjoy and almost forget about while you're doing it. I personally love all toys and can find a mood and a time for any type of toy, but when you really wanna get some and there's no one insight; the most realistic experience is what you're after. And what's the best way to get that, you ask' Go for a ride on something sexy!

Just think about it; if you can slide yourself down onto a toy and ride it without having to use your hands or anything else; you're not only free to use your hands on yourself but your mind can really wander and let you get right into your fantasy so you really do feel as if you're riding some hot stud'like George Clooney'Brad Pitt'Mmm'Russell Crowe' **drooling**

So as far as I'm concerned; the best way to get off is to get on! Here are some hot toys made for taking you on a wild ride.

In the shower

Since a good chunk of the female population confesses to masturbating in the bath or shower (probably because that's the only time they can get some uninterrupted privacy), I've selected a few waterproof goodies that will easily mount to the wall of the shower or even the floor or ledge of the tub so that you can ride it till your heart's content!

Waterproof Clitterific: This ultra real feeling dildo will send tingles through your body with its great vibrations while the suction cup base allows you to ride it in the shower or bath.

Wall Bangers Waterproof Deluxe: This lifelike vibrating dildo feels incredible and is waterproof which makes bath time LOADS of fun! Especially thanks to the clit stimulator!

Basix Blue 10 inch Dong: There is nothing 'basic' about the Basix! This is 10 long and delicious inches of waterproof, riding fun!

Against the wall or on a chair

These hot cocks are equipped with super-strong suction cup bases so you can stick them to the wall, bend over and take them from behind or attach them to a chair and ride them like a real woman rides her cowboy!

Glitter Royale: Stick it to a chair and ride as you imagine your fantasy guy lying underneath you all hard and sexy.

Cole Ryder Sensafirm Penis: Ryder indeed!! Modeled after the star's wonder-schlong; you can stick this to anything and feel what other porn stars have been lucky to enjoy! This one is VERY realistic right down to his beautiful balls.

White Boy Rota Cock: This one has a base that allows you to not only stick it to the surface of your choice and ride it; the base also allows you to rotate on it which means being able to achieve any angle you crave so that you get off just right.

Made for ridin' and bouncin'

These toys were made for you to hop on and take advantage of them! No need to look for a spot to stick them to or support yourself on; these have taken care of that and are ready to take care of you!

Realistic w/ E-Z Rider Ball: This toy lets you hop on and ride and ride and ride! The ball was made for bouncing and makes it easy for you to ride for as long as you crave while taking some of the pressure off.

E-Z Rider w/Butt Plug: Let's you enjoy some anal lovin' with just enough support, cushion and bounce to keep you going for a long time!

Hannah's Hot Seat: What can I say? This baby was made for riding!! This seat really is HOT with a capital 'H'!!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself onto one of these goodies and RIDE!!!!!!!!!!

Giddy up!

Sexy Ways to Woo Her
October 02, 2008

There's a fine line between sexy and trashy and depending on your gal's taste; crossing that line could happen before you know it. If you want to give her a sexy gift but don't want to risk offending her or coming across as a selfish perv, then consider these tips.

3 Tips for Staying On the Right Side of Sexy

Remember the gift is for her and not you. The biggest mistake men make when choosing gifts for their partners is selecting something based on their own tastes and wants. You may like the idea of her dressed in a naughty schoolgirl outfit, but give that to her as a gift and you're likely to get slapped and depending on her mood; accused of being a jerk who wants a younger woman! Think of her style and taste and you should be fine.

Be subtle if you're trying to get her to open up to something new. Just because you're all gung-ho about the idea of trying BDSM, that doesn't mean that she is. So instead of opting for full-on bondage gear worthy of its own dungeon; try a beginner's kit or one of the many more 'vanilla' versions available.

Think pretty and if that fails, then think pink. There's something about pink that can make the most hardcore sex toys all of a sudden look dainty and cute. Even that mammoth 12inch dildo can enlist a high-pitched 'awwww' when bought in pink! So if you're lost for what to buy for your gal; consider a pretty pink toy to appeal to her girly side.

For those of you that will have trouble resisting the urge to buy something that is more for you than for her when left to your own devices; I give you my list of things made with the ladies in mind. Stray from the list and you risk the wrath of an upset and offended woman. Not good.

Some Sexy Things Just for Her

Panties: You can never go wrong with a pair of pretty panties and thankfully they come in regular and queen size. My pick would be one of the pearl thongs for a unique and decadent gift.

Body Jewelry: This is a great choice because you don't have to worry about sizes. Just be sure to choose something that you really believe she'd wear and enjoy. A clit ring may not be everyone's cup of tea so maybe opt for a navel ring (they have clip-ons for those who aren't pierced!)

DVDs: No, this is not your chance to get that 'Mexicunts' collection you've been dreaming of! Depending on her tastes, she'll likely enjoy some of the porn geared at women. The Nina Hartley collection is instructional, but a fave among the girly crowd.

Erotic Books: Women are naturally more turned on by mental stimulation than visual which is why erotica for women is so popular. A copy of the Kama Sutra with paintings as opposed to a really graphic book of positions is also a good way to go.

Pretty Sex Toys: I'll narrow it down to a select few, but you can click here for a blog dedicated to my favorite pretty and pink toys. My first pick is the Deluxe Rabbit Pearl because this vibe can coax and orgasm out of a gal in seconds! It is definitely made just for her. My other two picks are Emma's Garden Lilly Pink and Passion Flower which is so cute that it doesn't even look like a vibrator!

Romantic Gifts: When all else fails then think romance. There are kits made for lovers and romance and they take all the guess work out of what to buy because it's all in there! Check out: Bed of Roses Deluxe, Enchanted Evening or the Romantic Gift Set.

So now that you know what to give her in order to make her really happy and feel special, I suppose it's okay to tell you that in the end; taking the time to choose something just for her will benefit you too since she'll be all raring to show her gratitude for the thoughtful gift. Now how's that for incentive!


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