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Our Sexuality Blog
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Gay and Lesbian Pleasure: We Got Your Back!
September 21, 2008

While all sex toys can be used by anyone and everyone regardless of sexual orientation; there are toys that tend to be more popular amongst the gay and lesbian crowd than others. Whether you?re looking for a little somethin?-somethin? for yourself or as a gift; it?s nice to be able to get to the stuff that?s better suited to his/her needs rather than having to sift through an endless array of those less-than-perfect for me/her/him/us items. So, for any of you who are on the market for toys that are the bomb with the gay and lesbian crowd; I give you my list of favorite gay and lesbian sex toy goodies?

Ideal for Hot Girl-on-Girl Play

Double-Header Dildos make for an awesome time because they can be used simultaneously by you and your partner or even used for double-penetration thanks to their ideal length and flexibility. Here are a few pretty ones for you gals who aren?t quite into the veiny and life-like cock replicas.

Basix Pink 16 inch Double Dong

Translucence Smooth 18 inch Double Dong

Bendable Double Dong (vibrating!)

Strap-Ons can be a way to not only penetrate your partner but to also enjoy the feeling of delicious control that washes over you as you 'take her' like a champ!

Check out Fetish Fantasy Heart Strap-On, Girl-on-Girl Strap-On, and Sister Strap-Ons

Fetish Fantasy Heart Strap-On

Girl-on-Girl Strap-On

Sister Strap-On

Vibrators offer a deeper and fuller penetration than you can get with fingers and can be great on their own or during oral. Again, here are some pretty ones as well as a couple of sexy bad-ass ones to suit any taste from butch to lipstick.

Flexor Stimulator Bunny

Pink Caress 8 inch (nubbed to perfection!)

Berman Intimate Basics Sienna

For the Boys Who Love Boys

Anal Toys are obviously first on my list, but since not all butts are created equal; having a nice variety of anal toys to choose from--plugs, probes, dongs--can make sure that you cover all of your bases? and his. *wink*

Bender Dong 8 inch

Anal Pleasures Kit

Anal Twist Probe

Colt Power Anal (waterproof)

Lube is an absolute must when you?re engaging in any sort of backdoor play and luckily you aren?t limited to the usual, generic lube. Play around with different flavors and types to see what tickles your fanny?oops!?fancy.

Anal Lube Cherry Flavor

Bottoms Up Butt Wax

Elbow Grease Hot Gel (heating lube!)

Male Sex Dolls--DON'T LAUGH! Take it from a woman who knows that a good man is hard to find and check out Male Sex Dolls for when you?re craving some action from someone who won?t piss you off!

Realistic Rafael Carreras Doll

Big John Vibrating Doll

Construction Man Doll

My Pick For Gay, Lesbian and Heterosexuals

I?ve raved about this one on here before as well as on other sites and I will continue to do it again and again! The Accommodator is a dildo that straps to the chin and allows for penetration and oral at the same time!! This works for vaginal and anal penetration so we can all enjoy this one. Yeah it looks a little ridiculous but you won?t notice that with your eyes rolling back into your head from ecstasy!

The Fascination With Anything BIG
September 12, 2008

What is it with talk of big dicks? Really?? It just seems that whenever the topic of sex comes up; talk of appendage size always follows. What is it with everyone?s quest to find the biggest one out there anyway? It?s not just when we?re talking about men but even sex toys. If I mention that I got a new vibrator, the first question to follow is usually something along the lines of, ?is it huge??

The funny thing is that it?s both men and women asking! I mean seriously, what is the big deal? How big a cock can one possibly handle anyway??! Maybe it?s like a challenge to some to see how big they can take? Another funny thing is that this longing for the biggest one out there isn?t only limited to penises, but to boobs as well. Men are always lookin? for the biggest tits, while women and gay men are always on the lookout for the biggest dick. Well, you?ve asked and now you shall receive.

I?ve given my two cents about penis size in the past and as far as I?m concerned size isn?t as important as ability, but for all of you on a quest to find the biggest dick possible or the largest tits this side of Dolly Wood; I am taking some of the work off of your hands by giving you a list of big one?s that are just a click away.

You think you can handle these?

Kong the Realistic: This vibe looks soooooooo real -- even has pubes! It also has a suction cup base for easy riding. And it's size...prepare to gasp...9 inches long, 2.25 inches wide and a whopping 6.5 inches around!!

This one isn't too long, but boy is it fat!! - Fat Cock XXL: Looks and feels incredible too.

Giant Jumbo Jack XL: This really is a monster cock! Ideal for anyone looking for a true challenge as far as penetration goes cuz this baby is 15 inches long, 2.25 inches wide and... ready?...8.5 inches thick! Ouch! Or should I say 'Oooooh'...

Mucho Machismo 'El Gordo': Here's a little Latin 101 for you; it means 'the fat one'. Enough said.

For Those Looking for A Backdoor Challenge

Ass Master: This anal probe is 10 inches long which is QUITE impressive as far as anal play goes.

XL Butt Plug: Get out the lube for this one! This butt plug is 9 inches long and 5 inches in diameter!

Anal Twist: A super 12 inches long; this ribbed anal probe is definitely worth the climb!

Somethin' For All You Boob Men

Danni's Jiggly Fantasy Boobs: They're huge and soft and were modeled from the big 'FF' tits of pornstar Danni Ashes.

Just Juggs Doll: This is a lovedoll that has got boobs bigger than any other doll. Perfect for all you breast men!

Blow Up Boobs: Novelty item or dream-come-true for breat lovers? You decide!

And Finally...

I couldn't leave out those of you who enjoy a big ass. So, for you I reccommend the Bootylicious Love Doll. She's got an ass that puts J-Lo to shame!

It's Time to Stop Your Whining and Learn to Have Fun with Condoms
September 04, 2008

I've had it up to my eyeballs with people who either complain about condoms or just simply refuse to use them; putting themselves and their partners at risk. Wake up and smell the latex people! Condoms can save your life! Geez.

Hearing someone tell you that you should wear condoms and practice safe sex may sound like a broken record, but wouldn?t you rather that than a doctor telling you that you?ve got some nasty fun ? or worse?? I thought so.

My favorite complaint of all is from the guys who say that the condoms make them lose their boner. Yeah, that?s it ? must be the condoms. (Note the obvious sarcasm) The truth of the matter is that condoms cannot make you go limp and what actually makes it happen is your own hang ups about condoms. You need to stop seeing the condoms as a bad thing and see them for what they are: an absolute MUST if you?re going to have any kind of sex. Period.

So now, let me give you a few quick tips to help you get over your condom-hating ways and show you how fun and hot safe sex can be.

Put your money where your mouth is. Buying flavored condoms is the best way to go if you?re looking to make oral sex safer. Place on a penis before a blow job or cut one open and use instead of a dental damn when going down on her for a tasty treat! Use your lips to roll a flavored condom over his penis so there?s no chance of him going soft while prepping for sex and flavors like banana and chocolate and grape will make sex all the yummier for you too!

Mix it up. Condom makers have heard all the whiner?s pleas and come up with all kinds of cool condoms from textured to vibrating; you can pretty much find a condom to tickle any fancy. Buy a variety pack so you can really mix it up right!

Size ?em up. Have a schmooze through the different sizes available and choose the one that?s best for you. There are even tight-fit condoms for those who prefer a snugger fit.

Share the love. Buy an assortment of condoms and fill up a bowl for your next party and leave them out for the taking. Your friends will get a rise out of your generous party favors!

Pass on the latex. If you find yourself feeling not-quite-right down below after using condoms; you may be one of the many people who are allergic to latex. Ditch the usual condoms and try one of the other alternative non-latex condoms.

Condoms don?t have to be a drag and you owe it to yourself and your partner to do what it takes to make sex fun and safe. Make a point of experimenting with different types of condoms the way you would positions. Or try coming up with hot ways to put one on yourself of your partner. You can easily make condoms a part of your pleasure like foreplay with a little imagination.


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