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Our Sexuality Blog
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Gettin' Sexy With Body Jewelry
July 27, 2008

Wanna know what's even sexier than being naked? Being naked with some body jewelry adorning your most intimate bits! You're probably flinching as your mind races with visions of unusually placed piercings, but the body jewels I speak of require no need for the painful puncturing of body parts as they are clip-ons.

I for one have seen girls with Britney-tight bellies adorned with navel rings and been envious that I can't pull off the look (ain't nothin?pretty about your bellybutton ring getting lost in your roll of chub!), but I CAN pull of having sexy bobbles dangling from my nipples! That's the great thing about jewelry for the bod; anyone can wear it!

Body jewelry isn't just limited to bellybutton or nipple wear; you can also get jewels to pretty your clit with gain, no piercing necessary. Most pieces can be worn on more than one part and you can choose from ones that dangle alluringly or smaller, more discreet and understated ones. They also don't need to be saved for sexy play either and can be worn at anytime of day or night. Personally I get a kick out of wearing them under my work clothes cuz there's nothing to help get you through the workday like having a naughty little secret tickling your clit every time you move! Wearing some sexy body jewels is also a nice way to surprise your lover when you'e looking to venture away from the usual lingerie.

If you'e looking for something that adds sex appeal AND works to arouse you as well; nipple clamps will do the trick. A pair of weighted clamps will help to bring out your buds and keep them looking hot and perky while providing you with a sensation like no other. Those with a well-placed chain do double duty and can be manipulated by you or someone else for an erotic experience.

Have a look at all my faves and see if any tickle your fancy?or anything else?

Bellybutton Jewelry:

Nipple Rings and Jewelry:

Jewelry for the Clit:

Body Jewelry With A BDSM Edge:
Pretty in Pink: My picks for the hottest in pink toys and lingerie
July 15, 2008

I'm a girly girl and admit that pink is my favorite color for several reasons; it ranges from soft and pretty to bright and vampy, it's similar to the color of skin, lips, sometimes nipples and most of the time our pretty vaginas! Pink is undeniably feminine and sexy.

I decided to have a look at the selection of pink goodies here and found HUNDREDS! So, if you're looking to literally tickle someone pink; I've managed to narrow it down to my 10 favorite sex toys and lingerie bits that are pretty in pink. Have a look at my faves and see what makes them so delicious. You'll also be pleased to know that I have covered items to pleasure every part of you! *wink*

RUFFLED LACE BABYDOLL: This is babydoll manages to be super-sweet and super-naughty at the same time. The soft pink, delicate fabric and ruffles makes it almost angelic, but the matching thong and almost peek-a-boo top makes it ultra- sexy. ** Also comes in sexy Queensize

DELUXE RABBIT PEARL PINK: Anyone who knows me or has read any of my reviews on other sites or my blog knows that I am a HUGE fan of this vibrator. I do have some sentimental attachment as the 'Deluxe' was my first rabbit-vibebut I am even more attached to the mind-blowing orgasms that this pink genius is has been responsible for! Various speeds, triple action and the ability to make you climax in seconds! Did I mention pretty and cheap too??

CHUBBY PLEASER: It's pink, it's pearly, it's chubby and comes with its own pink satin bag, what could be better?! Oh, and it's also under $20 which means anyone can afford a little 'Chubby' action. *wink*

ANIMAL INSTINCT COCKRING: Don't let the fem color fool you; this one is for both you and him to enjoy. This vibrating jelly cockring has a couple of different settings to choose from vibrating and throbbing to satisfy both your needs!

BUTTERFLY KISS PINK: This vibe is so cute that you're almost shocked by the punch it packs! It's stimulated your clit with a fluttering butterfly and reaches your g-spot at the same time for an orgasm like no other! Good thing it's waterproof. *wink*

BAD KITTY COLLAR: I'm not into BDSM myself, but I was still drawn enough to this collar to have to buy one! Made of pink leather sexy and sweet at it's finest; this can be work in and out of the bedroom.

LOVER's CANDY G-STRING: This g-string is made of red and pink candies, looks great and tastes even better! This is a surefire way to give your partner a sweet treat they'll never forget!

ONE TOUCH MICRO-VIBRO CLAMPS: Something pretty and pink for your nipples; these clamps go the extra mile to give you more than the usual clamps. They vibrate and are made of jelly so they're always comfy no matter how tight you wear them.

ANAL TEASER KIT: I'm all for anything that comes in a kit cuz? I like variety and quantity! This kit comes with a vibrator and 3 different sleeves specifically designed for anal play so you get to experiment with a few different sensations. And again under $20!

THE CONE: This is a unisex pleasure-maxing wonder!! Ride it, lie on it, stand up and press against it; you can do it all with this thing! It offers a smooth, silicone surface and 16 automated programs to choose from and is sooooooooo powerful thanks to its impressive 3 volt, 3000 RPM motor. A little pricer than the others but worth every penny. There's a reason why it's all the rage! (See video)


Making Sex Better
July 08, 2008

Yes, that's right; sex can be even better! It is true that even bad sex is good, but for those of us who would like to take it to new heights and make it as delicious, exciting and hot as can be; there are DVDs to help you step by yummy step!

I'm sure that most of you head straight for the porn when you check out the site's DVD collection and likely bypass anything with the word instructional on it's okay do it too. *wink* But, these instructional videos are your best bet for detailed, graphic sex tips so that you can take your pleasure where it's never gone before. There are videos that focus on positions, others that focus on technique and some that cover it all, even including sex toys.

Most people, well, men; think that they'e in the know when it comes to all things sex and sadly, these are usually the guys whose idea of foreplay is rubbing a woman's clit as if he were scrubbing the grime off a barbeque! We can all stand to learn something new and what better place to want to excel than sex; especially when you're been with your partner for years and are looking to spice things up a touch. And don't think that age makes you an expert either! You'e never too old a dog to learn a new trick or two! *wink*

Check out some of these DVDs for some hot inspiration and education:

For those looking to bend it like Beckham?sort of?not really?/strong>

101 Advanced Positions: This covers it all from massage to bondage and everything in between, using real life and, might I add, attractive couples!

The Modern Kama Sutra: Again, real life gorgeous couples show you how to have great sex using a variety of positions found in the Kama Sutra.

Better Sex Series:
Sexplorations 4 Disc Collection: Four videos of sex positions and techniques galore!

For The Girls

Nina Hartley's Guide to Porn Star Sex Secrets: Learn how to be sexy and blow his mind with tips from the Mistress herself.

Nina's Hartley's Guide to Multiple Orgasms: Multiple orgasms?? Yes please!

The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation: This DVD features real life couples who demonstrate how to stimulate the G-Spot for a mind-blowing orgasm.

For the Boys

Great Sex Over 50 ?For Men: Real couples show you how to keep things hot in the bedroom even after years together.

Planet Sex: A raw and real look at sex around the world with everything from live sex to the weirdest in sex practices.

Something Sensual

Modern Tantra: Learn how to share a full body, mind and spirit connection with your lover through the art of Tantric Sex.

The Joy of Erotic Massage: Massage techniques to take your sensual pleasure to new heights.

The Art of Oral Loving: The most intimate act of foreplay is explored in detail to help you blow your partner's mind. (Pun fully intended!)

Pushing Boundaries with Something Different

Nina's Guide to Threesomes: Learn how to take it beyond just a fantasy and make it your delicious reality.

Nina's Guide to Strap-On Sex: Wow! Nina is a busy lady! Check out how to enjoy strap-on fun and really take your sex to a whole new level!

Sex Guide to Erotic Dancing: Learn how to turn him on with a sultry striptease. Music included.

Sex Toys and How to Use Them

Toys for Great Sex: Exactly as it sounds!

Nina's Advanced Guide to Sex Toys: More info from the Master... Mistress.

With all of this expertise kickin around in blazing color, you really have no excuse for becoming a slouch in bed! Start exploring new ways to pleasure yourself and each other.

Feeling Sexy At Any Size: Queen Size Lingerie
July 03, 2008

A friend recently confided in me that her sex drive has gone down the tubes since she's out on some extra weight. This is a common complaint that I just don't understand! While I can sympathize to an extent and know what it's like to want to be model-thin, I certainly don't understand why one would even allow it to get in the way of enjoying one of life's greatest pleasures. Big or small, we all deserve to have a fulfilling sex life! Besides, if you've got it, flaunt it—no matter how much you've got!

Sophia Loren (a.k.a. the sexiest woman EVER!) once said regarding sex appeal that it's “fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got”. Smart woman! Confidence counts when it comes to the way others see you, so if you see yourself as sexy, then others will too. How can you start to feel sexy again if you've been down about your weight? One good start is to buy yourself the kinds of things that would make anyone feel sexy: lingerie!

Long gone are the days when sexy little under-things only came in teeny tiny sizes—queen size lingerie is everywhere these days, including right here! And by that I'm not talking about the likes of granny panties, but rather lace, mesh and even leather! Most of the lingerie that they carry here comes in regular and plus sizes so you can rock your world and then your partner, no matter what size you are.

Lingerie also tends to be used wrong in the sense that many women buy it to please their mates. While wanting to surprise him is always sweet; lingerie should really be a treat for you before anything else! Try wearing some vampy red lace under your business suit to feel sexy all day. Or prance about the house in a silky little number as opposed to sweats or flannel. Feeling sexy will make you more attractive to yourself as well as your mate and everyone else around you for that matter. But, if you insist on a gift for him and are so inclined; a sexy cheerleader costume could prove fun!

I personally enjoy garters and stockings under my everyday work clothes; kinda' like having my own naughty little secret! There's nothing quite like the feel of some luxurious delicates against your skin to get you in the mood for some sexy time later on. *wink*

Just for shits and giggles, here is my little lingerie wish list to help give you some ideas of the sexy-bits we've got:

Babydoll Stretch Lace With Thong

Sensua White

Booty Camp


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