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Some of The Most Ridiculous Looking Toys That Will Get You Off Right!
February 20, 2008

Though I am a lover of all things sexy; I will be the first to admit that some sex toys just look downright ridiculous upon first glance and some of the names are over-the-top enough to make anyone roll their eyes. For some; a sweet little bunny face, a dolphin or a beaver do absolutely nothing in terms of arousal and may even illicit a chuckle or two, but, don’t let the appearance of some of these toys fool you and do take the time to figure out what purpose they serve because chances are that you will be very pleasantly surprised by what these odd looking items will do in terms of vamping up your sex life and getting you off!

I’m going to share with you some of the strangest yet most amazing creations in adult toys that I have come across so that you can save yourself some time and heat things up with some of the greatest toys around… once you stop laughing of course.

The first one is the SnugglePuss—the name does it to me every time! This toy not only has a name that can’t help but give you a giggle but it’s also shaped much like a lobster claw and isn’t particularly sexy in appearance, but let me tell you that in terms of function; this toy is the bomb! When inserted properly, this bendy and nubby toy rubs your G-spot just right!

The next one is the Honey Bunny Cock Ring. Personally; I think the name and adorable appearance are sweet selling points, but upon showing this one to a man friend; the reaction I got was a mixture of laughter and disgust. He just could not get over the fact that this toy looked like a girly pink pet! Well let me tell you that I offered it to him to test out with his girlfriend and within a day he was singing a very different tune! Don’t let the cute exterior or name mislead you here because this bunny offers a serious vibe that managed to get them both off.

While we’re on the subject of bunnies; I will admit that I was immediately a skeptic of the Rabbit Vibrators in spite of the hype brought on by Sex and the City. I just couldn’t see how a vibe with a bunny on it could be sexier than one shaped like a big beautiful penis, but being the sport that I am; I tested it out in the name of research and was turned to putty when the Deluxe Rabbit Pearl managed to make me orgasm within mere seconds of turning it on! It is to this day my favorite vibrator—bunny face, pearls and all!

Finally, the one that to this day has gotten the biggest belly laugh out of me has also proven to be one of the greatest inventions in sex toys ever as far as I’m concerned! I’m talking about the Accommodator which is a strap-on dildo that straps on to the face. Yes, the face.

The first time I laid eyes on this one I swear that I was rolling on the floor in hysterics within seconds, but once I managed to get back up and the stitch in my side from laughing so hard disappeared; I was able to really get the sheer genius of it all. This super-dildo straps on to the chin and is inserted into your partner while you go down on them. Hello! Penetration and licky-dee-doo? An amazing combo indeed! This toy—as odd as it looks—can be used on men and women. Genius. Absoulutely genius.

Can’t get over how strange/funny/ridiculous they look? No worries; just close your eyes, lie back and enjoy!
A Happy Valentines Day For The Sweet Or The Sinful!
February 01, 2008

News Alert! For this Valentines month, all US orders over $100 will receive free upgrade from UPS Ground to UPS 2nd day air, offer ends February 20th

Valentines Day is coming which means that it’s time to start thinking of ways to celebrate your love and lust… or either or! Valentines Day is the one day of the year where nooky is pretty much guaranteed, so why not take the time to make it as memorable as possible—so memorable that in fact that you’ll be thanked for it for days and days after the 14th is long gone. *wink*

Thinking a little outside the box is all it takes to make it an extra special day because after all; there is more to Valentines Day than just roses and chocolate! Sexing up the day will be appreciated whether after a romantic dinner or as a start to a long and luscious day of nothing but slippery sex, and since we get that thinking outside the box doesn’t come naturally to everyone; for you especially, there are products to help you score… brownie points with your mate on this special day!

I suppose we should cover the more romantic options first since romance is on everyone’s mind when it comes to this day, but don’t worry my fellow I-heart-non romantic-sex friends; I will get to some great options for us as well!

Bed of Roses: It’s no big surprise that rose-pedals strewn allover a bed are the ultimate in setting the scene for a very romantic night of passion, but have you ever tried real rose pedals on a bed? They stain the sheets!! So opting instead for “Bed Of Roses” will get you all of the same oohs and ahhs without the ruined sheets. This kit comes with 100 scented silk rose pedals, a tea light and an invitation card for your mate! And a bonus: it’s on sale!
Earthly Delights Gift Tin: Nothing says romance like taking the time to pamper your loved one which is why this set is the best. Kama Sutras products are like no others in terms of quality and this set gives you all that you need for a sexy and slippery day or night of sensual fun with the power of aromatherapy on your side! The Oil of Love warms your skin, the almond oil and massage cream tickle your senses and are the only layer that should be between the skin of you and your lover, while the honeysuckle body dust sweetens the deal and your skin! Sensuality at its best.

Honeymoon For Lovers Kit: What better day to relive a honeymoon than Valentines Day?? This kit covers romance and sex at its most delicious with strawberry flavored massage oil, a 5 inch vibrator, a good ol’ fashioned wooden massager, some almond massage oil and Raspberry Sunshine Love Suds for some bath play as well as some feathers to further tickle the senses… and then some!

Erotic Love Notes: These 69 heart-shaped notes allow you to surprise your lover with all kinds of sexy suggestions! Slip one in his briefcase for a mid-day treat or leave one under her pillow for a wake up she’ll never forget! Great not only for Valentines Day but for any other day as well.

Now some suggestions for those of you who are looking to forgo romance in exchange for some down and dirty erotic fun on the day of lovers:

Body Swing: It doesn’t get hotter than this my sexy friends! The body swing is unlike all of the others because rather than suspending from the ceiling; it hangs from the body and offers a whole new slant to your sex—literally!

Kinky Bingo: This game allows you to turn Valentines Day into a naughty adventure for two or more! Invite your friends over and make things hot with a sexy spin on this classic game complete with 250 kinky bingo chips, 60 sexy calling cards and 12 kinky bingo cards!

Love Pillow: This inflatable pillow is designed to maximize your pleasure with its ideal shape and size and increase your position repertoire with its book of “Love Positions”! An inexpensive addition to your night of naughty fun!

Sex Card Game: How easy this makes it for you to plan out 100 possible sex fantasies together that you can then enjoy acting out till your heart’s content! A very inexpensive way to explore your most intimate fantasies! This set comes with 50 explicit sex cards, 3 Rule Cards and 1 Unleash Your Fantasy Sex Card… endless possibilities for just over $5!

There are an endless number of items on sale that you can add to your bag of sexy tricks this Valentines Day to make it one that your lover (or lovers!) will never forget


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