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Our Sexuality Blog
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Secret Sex Toys: Discreet Vibes You Can Take Anywhere!
January 26, 2008

I was reminded of a potentially embarrassing moment recently where I blurted out something less-than-appropriate at a baby shower. Leave it to me to be at a wholesome function and squeal in delight at the site of a rubber duckie because I quickly assume that it is actually an 'I Rub My Duckie' Vibrator! Luckily, I managed to save face before too many of the guests even caught the word “vibrator” shooting from my lips. I realized then how great the new breed of discreet sex toys really are since in a room full of ladies, I was the only one whose mind even went there which I suppose makes sense as I was likely the only sex writer in attendance. I have since started my own collection of duckie vibes and can't tell you how great it is to not have to hide them before company arrives!
It's no secret that sex toys are far more “acceptable” than they were years back. More women and couples are enjoying sex toys than ever—whether they're willing to admit it or not, so for the squeamish or shy; discreet vibrators are a Godsend! Not only can you leave them at your bedside even when the in-laws are staying over, but you can also carry them with you for use just about anywhere because they look like everyday items. Now who would question you slipping a “lipstick” deep into your pocket in the middle of dinner or a movie? And pulling out a mini "flashlight" in the car—maybe you've lost something down on the floor between your legs that requires some “light” to find! And sliding his “cell phone” back into his front pocket while his hands are busy eating or driving—nothin' odd bout' that! The possibilities of pleasure are endless regardless of where you are!

If you're looking for some discreet vibes or sex toys incognito, these are some of the gems available here at Discreet Romance:

'Vibra Phone' which looks just like a cell phone

Lipstick Vibrator

'It's A Life Saver' Novelty Vibrator (just as the name states!)

Make Up Brush

'Flashlight Key Chain' – not only is it conveniently on a key chain but it's also waterproof!

'I Rub My Duckie' has a style for everyone: Paris Duckie, Travel Duckie, Bondage, Little Red Devil

'Mini Lady Bug' is so cute that it looks like a kid's toy!

First-Time Anal Sex Woes
January 05, 2008

Is anal sex makin’ a comeback or somethin’?? It just seems that every time I pop by my favorite porn sites all I’m seeing is anal sex! As well as having it in my face on these sites, I recently noticed an influx of friends who are admitting their backdoor experiences or fascination—I’m talking anal sex, a love of a finger or two in the area and even prostate milking their mates and some tucas-lingus or “tongue-around-the-anus”!

Anyway, a close friend of mine decided to share with me her first-time anal woes and I’m pretty sure that she isn’t alone in her dilemma. It seems that as sexually charged as the moment was and as great a lover as her hubby is; after awhile of trying to “get it in there” he lost his erection which made it impossible to go on. So, being the lovely friend that I am, I decided to come up with some suggestions for her and anyone else making their first attempt at anal sex.

First off, you’ve gotta make sure that you have lube—lots of it! To keep the pain to a minimum, try a desensitizing cream (also helps to prolong erection!) Another great idea would be to engage in a little anal lovin’ leading up to the main event, cuz’ as we know; Rome wasn’t built in a day! Starting off with the finger is probably the best first step, followed by some of the smaller anal toys. Personally I think Anal Beads are kinda’ hot! These small beads on a string are inserted into the anus and then pulled out slowly during climax which feels incredible for men and women alike. You can then graduate to Anal Plugs which range in size from really small to super-sized. These can be inserted and then left in during foreplay and good ol’ vaginal intercourse and will help to “stretch” you out. Once pulled out, your anus will be dilated enough to begin penetrating with the penis.

I know that not all of us are quite that patient and when you decide you want something; you want it RIGHT NOW! For you, I would recommend the Anal ESE Kit. I think everyone—whether using it or not—has heard of Anal ESE; it’s one of the most popular desensitizers out there for anal sex. Well they’ve created a little kit (that is only $13.75!) that contains all you need for an anal session: Anal ESE cream, 3 cock rings and a runner erection-keeper ring to help keep you nice and hard non matter how long it takes. The makers of Anal ESE are all about the bum-play and know that this isn’t a two minute job, so it’s no wonder that they have created something to help you from start to finish.

Check it out here if you’re ready to venture into the wonderful world of bum sex.

** And don't forget to practice safe sex no matter what kind of sex you're having!!**


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