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Mother’s Day Magic
April 25, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!! - Sex Toys For Her

Cleopatra Clit Clip-crystal Clear

Tantric Oil Nirvana 1 Oz.
Ben Wa Gold Balls
Classix Butterfly Strap-On

Give the special woman in your life a Mother’s Day to remember. This selection of items is the perfect way to pamper your lover as she’s never been pampered before. She works hard to care for you all year long, so why not make this a day she will always remember.

Before you begin your magical day, wrap each gift in distinctive wrapping (all but the massage oil… save that for later). Start her morning off with a smile. Give her the clit clip first, before she’s dressed for her day. If she doesn’t know what it is or needs a little extra reassurance as you put it on her, tell her that it is just a reminder of how truly special she is to you. Take your time helping her get the clip situated comfortably and be sure to offer lots of compliments on how it enhances her natural beauty. Use your imagination to help her relax as you lay her back on the bed and gently spread her legs to attach the clip… maybe a little stimulation or lubrication would help make things a little easier?

Once the clip is in place, hand her the wrapped Ben Wa balls. As she unwraps them, tell her to keep her legs spread. Stay down there between her legs and once she’s opened the package, tell her to take them out and roll them between her palms. Feel their weight and their magical jungle as she tried to imagination how they feel embedded deep in her pussy. Tell her to hand them to you and then let her lay back and enjoy your touch as you ease them deep inside, one by one.

Next comes the butterfly… be sure that you’ve already added two fully-charged AA batteries so that it’s as ready to fly as she is… help her ease it up over her hips and then help her to her feet. As she dresses for the day, tell her to enjoy the feel of the Ben Wa balls inside her pussy. Let her know that she can remove them if she finds them too uncomfortable, but she is to keep the butterfly on as she goes about her day… and she is to wear no underwear.

If possible, as the day unfolds, try to stay in frequent contact with her, whispering naughty things sensuously into her ear or even using email if need be. Keep her wet and hot and exhilarated, knowing that the best part of the day is still to come… once the daily obligations are all fulfilled for both of you.

Later that evening, when it’s time for just the two of you, ask her how she felt as she went through her day. Did she turn up the intensity of the butterfly once? Twice? More? Did she enjoy the thrill of orgasm in the presence of others? How did wearing it make her feel inside? Hot? Excited? Wanting? Needy?

Kiss her passionately and let her know that her time has come… light some scented candles, dim the lights and put on some soft romantic music as you fill the tub full of hot, steamy scented bubbles. Wash her hair for her and then make sure she is not only squeaky clean all over but feeling fully loved and pampered. Let your hands linger in all the right places, but not too long… after all, the adventures are just beginning.

Towel her dry with the biggest, softest, fluffiest towel you can find and then lay her back on the bed, completely naked and fully wanting. Ease the Ben Wa balls back into her pussy as you kiss her passionately on the mouth, easing your lips down to graze and nibble at her nipples. Then, in your most commanding voice, quietly tell her to turn over onto her belly. Tuck a pillow under her head for comfort and make sure the room temperature is not too warm or cold for her naked body.

Now it’s time to open the massage oil. It comes in a Nirvana scent. Nirvana is a state of perfect bliss achieved by the soul, and it is time to see if you can really make your lover fly. Glide the oil sensuously over her body, beginning at her neck. Ease the tension from her neck and shoulders as you luxuriate in feeling and intuitively sensing her pleasure. All her cares will fade away as your hands work their magic. Don’t let a single part of her body go untouched… try a variety of massage techniques and let her body tell you what works best.

By now, your lover will be starting to float, feeling as if she is in a trance. Her physical boundaries will dissolve as time disappears and her worries and problems are now forgotten altogether. As your hands massage her back and bottom, gliding over all her smoothest, most feminine curves, allow your fingers just the slightest detour between her legs to feel the moisture waiting for you there.

When you’ve massaged all the way down to her toes, eased all the stress from her tired, aching legs and feet, whisper to her to roll over. Kiss her softly as your fingers gently swirl around her face, easing tension from every square inch of her beautiful body. Be sure to replenish the oil on her body as needed, keeping your hands moving easily over her, and making her skin feel like velvet beneath your fingers.

By now, every touch of your hands will lift her higher on her own wings of ecstasy, and as your massage her breasts and arms, belly and thighs, down to her feet and then back once more, nestle yourself contentedly between her legs. You’ve reached the pinnacle of her pleasure and her thighs will open instinctively to your tongue as her hips lift gently upward. Use your hands and fingers and tongue to stroke and tease and explore her most delicate area as never before. Do it as if you are doing it all for the very first time. Take your time, make it last, for both of you. Ease a finger inside her and move the balls around inside her pussy, gyrating her senses and heightening her pleasure with every turn.

How you end the evening, and when, is obviously up to you, the two of you. But there is one certainty. She will never, ever forget this magical day!

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Private Party
April 15, 2007

Female Nude Playing Cards
Booby Dares Game
Chocolate Tease Foreplay Game

Have yourselves a private party with this basket of consensual goodies. Explore your lover’s body as you never have before and dare to go beyond your normal routine with these zany ideas and yummy treats to share. Make it a night neither of you will ever forget!

How about starting off with a game of strip poker, using your new female nude playing cards? Women’s bodies are aesthetically pleasing to women as well as men, so these cards are certain to enhance the pleasure of the game for both of you. Don’t play poker? Well, that’s OK… there is nothing stopping you from turning a boring game of rummy or spades or even go fish into the kinkiest introduction to a night of orgasmic delights.

You can play however you like, all the choices are yours together for this special evening of fun and fantasy. One item of clothing per hand? Or loser bares all? Or maybe the winner gets to remove the clothing from the loser? Of course, there are no winners or losers in these games since no matter how you play, in the end, you will both be naked and ready for more.

Move on whenever you’re ready, maybe trying the booby dares game next… there are all sorts of creative ideas etched into the game pieces and trust me, you will both enjoy the rewards and hands-on interactive ability of this nifty little game. It will set not only heighten your playful mood but perk up all sorts of things, he, he, he. Be sure to play it plenty of times, trying out all the possibilities at least once or twice before moving on. Try mixing and matching the order of the activities, so you can see how each is further enhanced by your mutual sharing of experiences. Remember, too, that guys enjoy having their nipples tweaked, too, so there is no reason to keep all the fun just on the girl’s end as far as receiving pleasure is concerned.

By now you’ve undoubtedly gravitated toward the bedroom, and of course you are both naked and poised for more direct contact. Now is the perfect time to pop open the chocolate tease foreplay game. After all, isn’t it time for dessert? Take your time following the instructions for the game, but mostly just enjoying your mutual exploration of each other’s bodies, followed by the lickable delights and tongue-tingling tastes of spreading the chocolate seductively on each other before slowly, oh, so slowly, licking up every last drop. Yum!

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Reversal of Fortune
April 09, 2007

Pecker Leash
Bamboo Cane (36")
Elbow Grease Hot Quickies Cream (1 oz.)

How about a little role-play reversal to spice up your sex life? Does your man usually take charge of your sexual play? Well, if so, why not turn the tables on him with an evening of erotic fun that is most definitely not what he might anticipate?

Give your guy an evening to remember in whatever way you most prefer. Maybe start with a nice, romantic dinner for just the two of you. Be sure to dress in your sexiest, most provocative outfit and spritz on a little perfume or body spray to entice him even further.

Allow him to charm you in all the old ways, and respond as sensuously as you can. But don’t let him take full control of the atmosphere or mood. Whisper sweet nothings coupled with promises of an unexpected nature soon to follow. You’ll soon have him drooling and begging for more, as the power of your sexual dominance intoxicates his mind and overwhelms his body.

When the evening’s events finally move into the bedroom, tell him that you are in control, just for tonight. You have the power and you want to show him magic like he’s never known before. If he is a bit reluctant, just tell him that if he opens his mind to the experience, it will lead to amazing sensations and pleasures for both of you. Don’t worry. By now, he will do just about anything to get you in his arms and into bed.

Undress him slowly, taking your time enjoying his increasing nakedness. Slide your hands erotically over his arms and back, feeling the muscles tremble beneath your grasp. When he has been stripped bare of every last stitch of clothing, caress his body all over with your fingers and your tongue. Tease him into increasing excitement and feel it coursing through him as you take him into your mouth. Stroke him with your tongue and taunt his balls with your fingers as your hands wander over his ass cheeks and down his thighs.

When he is hard as a rock and begging for release, tell him to stand up and close his eyes. Slide the cock strap over his erect member and tighten it down as far as it will go. If he dares to open his eyes in shock, remind him that YOU are in control and he needs to do exactly what he is told.

Use the leash to tug him toward you, kissing him deeply and allowing him to stroke your erect nipples if he chooses. Then use the leash to lead him firmly toward the bed. Tell him to get on his hands and knees and serve you orally until you have your own release. As he is pleasing you, be sure to tug on the leash every so often to remind him who is in charge.

When you are fully satisfied, have him assume the position in the middle of the bed. Tell him to get up on his knees and lean forward onto his elbows. Assert your position of authority and command him firmly not to move or resist in any way. Tell him to close his eyes and keep them closed until you say otherwise.

Start with the lotion, stroking and caressing his most private areas with just a touch of lotion on your fingertips. The warmth will spread across his body and begin to emanate through his pores and you will both feel and sense his increasing arousal beneath your hands. Make sure he continues to stay hard by teasing his balls and shaft until he can hardly stand it. Warn him that he is not to come until you give him permission, until you have used him to your satisfaction.

Take a fingerful of lotion and ease it slowly into his bottom, teasingly working it deep inside, a little at a time. By now he should be squirming with a tantalizing blend of discomfort and desire. It’s time for the grand finale. Make sure he is positioned exactly as you want him, with his bottom high in the air and his head resting comfortably on the mattress. Be sure his eyes are closed and his bottom is filled with an agonizing supply of warming lotion.

Then lay the cane gently on his ass cheeks, allowing it to rest there. If he dares to open his eyes in the silence that follows, remind him that he has now disobeyed his Mistress and will be soundly punished. No worries… if you lay the cane on his bottom and then back silently away for a few minutes, watching him without speaking, he WILL open his eyes. It’s inevitable.

Start the caning slowly… keeping in mind that he has probably not experienced such an event before. Tap the cane lightly but firmly on the fleshiest part of his cheeks. Do this repeatedly until his skin begins to adapt to the sensations and his bottom warms with desire and need. His pain will soon inevitably turn to pleasure.

For the final climax, reach around him and feel how hard he is… he will be like granite now and fairly bursting from his cock collar. Stroke him all over and pull on his shaft and tickle his balls, maybe even pinching him just a little. Then announce how many strokes he will receive for his disobedience.

Deliver them strongly, one at a time. Allow plenty of time between strokes, for him to adjust to the sensations that will threaten to overwhelm him and push him over the edge. But don’t wait too long. Take your time and admire your handiwork. Your reward will be not only an increasingly colorful display of red stripes across his pale nether cheeks and upper thighs, but also his guttural moans of pleasure. Finish strongly and then be sure to quickly unbuckle his collar and allow him to climax in whatever way you see as most fitting.

Who knows? This may be the beginning of a whole new aspect of play for the two of you… or maybe the next time around, he will take you soundly over his knee…

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