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Edible Masterpiece
March 28, 2007

Lovin Hot Body Paints 4-1oz Hot Flavors
Color Me Sexy Face & Body Pens
Sensual Hot Wax

Are you in the mood for more than love? How about creating your very own original masterpiece, using your lover’s body as your canvas? Just imagine the thrill of creating your very own private, living, breathing artwork… and best of all, the paints are even edible so when you’re all done, the clean up is twice as much fun.

Entice your lover onto the bed slowly and gently, being sure to use lots of kissing and caressing to enhance the mood. Slip off their clothing and enjoy the touch and feel of their body as your hands ease the tension from their shoulders and back.

Start with the face and body pens… what kind of mood are you in? Do you want to claim your lover’s body as your own? If so, perhaps you could draw your initial or some sentimental phrase that is special to the two of you. Or perhaps cover their body in hearts and flowers or red lips as if they had been kissed from head to toe and everywhere in between.

Concentrate on your craft but be sure to focus just as much on your subject’s reaction as you turn their body into a work of art. You might even want to take some erotic photographs to preserve your masterpiece for posterity. Photography can enhance the mood, too, so be sure to give your lover plenty of opportunity to interact with the camera while fully immersing themselves in the experience at hand.

When you’re both ready, move on to the body paints… colorful, edible delights for your benefit and theirs. Finger painting has never been this much fun before! Use your fingers and hands to dab into the paint and create a variety of effects as you swirl, drip and blend colors all over your lover’s body.

If you don’t like the way something looks, the fix is simple and fun for you both… just lick it off and start over. Each color offers a unique taste sensation! You will have your lover begging you to make mistake after mistake in no time! Just imagine the possibilities! Paint a bright red heart around her pussy or turn his penis into a yummy yellow banana.

Don’t forget to click the shutter on that camera fro a few frames of the finished product, before moving on to the piece de resistance… the hot wax.

Light the candles just as you’re adding the finishing touches to your edible masterpiece. Then have your subject (lover) lay completely still as you hold a candle over their body and carefully and sensuously drip the hot wax onto their waiting skin. Be sure to start in a less sensitive place, such as the arm or leg, before moving on to even more intimate and sensitive areas.

Watch your lover closely for any signs of discomfort and be sure that their initial shock turns into pleasure as they allow their body and mind to absorb the sensations. This will be an experience to treasure!

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Double Wammy
March 19, 2007

The Plug-MS
Jesse's Triple Stimulator Waterproof
Wet Platinum 25ml

Are you ready for the thrill of a lifetime? Whether you are playing with a partner or flying solo, this dynamic duo is a sure-thing. So strap yourself in for one wild ride!

Get comfortable and settle down with Jesse's Triple Stimulator to start things off… be sure to go ahead and insert the batteries in both toys before beginning. Have the tube of Wet Platinum handy, too, so you don’t have to worry about looking for things later.

Start by using the Triple Stimulator to tease and tantalize yourself (or your partner). Try using it all over the body, getting a good feel for the variety of sensations to be discovered and evoked from this buzzing wand of pleasure. Don’t forget to experiment with the three different heads for the toy, as each brings its own sense of relaxation and ecstasy. Be sure to spend extra time focusing on more sensitive areas such as the nipples before easing the vibe down between your legs.

Now squirt a little Wet Platinum onto your fingers and use it to further moisten yourself in all the right places. Ease the Triple Stimulator back down between your legs and tease yourself as much as you can. If the sensations become too powerful, just simply back off and move the vibe to some other part of your body, perhaps your inner thigh or belly, for just a moment.

When you can hardly stand it for another minute, thoroughly lubricate yourself and the Plug, then turn over onto your hands and knees or prop yourself up on your belly over a few pillows. Ease the Plug inside your bottom, being sure to go nice and slow, allowing your body time to adapt to the sensations and expand to fit snugly around your newest buzzing pleasure toy.

As you start the insertion, turn the Plug on low to make everything more amenable for your body and at the same time, use the Triple Stimulator to tease your clit as you bury the Plug deep in your bottom. As you turn up the intensity on the Plug, allow the sensations to wash over you. Then slide the Triple Stimulator back inside your pussy, pressing it deep and feeling it vibrate and churn against the Plug on the other side.

By now you will be awash in pleasure and you can use the toys separately or together to bring on earth-shaking orgasms over and over again.
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Dressed for Success
March 14, 2007

Contour Vibe Panties
Climax Nipple Gel
Liquid V

Are you a woman on the go? So caught up in the every day hustle and bustle to find time for yourself? Having a hard time slowing down, let alone relaxing? Then this is for you, all for you… just for YOU. Discreet, quiet, immensely self-satisfying, and completely flexible and transportable! So before you slide into your most captivating business attire, take a few moments to add a few additional touches underneath. Here’s how:

First, start by massaging just a tad of the Climax gel to your nipples, Enjoy the feel of the gel gliding across your most sensitive skin. Feel your arousal build as you pinch and tug lightly at each as you apply the gel. Then feel itr start to work… the warmth and titillation quickly spreads as you put on your bra and blouse.

Then, allow just a few drops of Liquid V to fall onto your fingers and dip your hand down between your legs. As you begin to massage the silky liquid all around your pussy, let your fantasies run wild. Feel the warmth and wanting build as you concentrate on your clit, focusing on that long-forgotten little love nub for just a few moments before reluctantly withdrawing your hand while the sensations continue to build slowly but persistently.

Finally, slide the Contour panties over your hips and turn them on as you reach for your skirt or slacks. No worries about your private pleasures being heard… the micro-vibe is ultra-quiet but extremely powerful. Take a moment to adjust the level of vibration and make sure the panties are situated in precisely the right place. Feel the vibe renew and refresh the warmth and excitement that is being emitted from the cream and gel as you finish getting dressed for your day.

Just imagine how wonderful, truly, wildly, erotically wonderful, your ride to work will be today! Whether you walk, drive, ride or fly, you will be transported to that stressful environment on waves of pleasure, and when you arrive, your coworkers will be awestruck by the contented smile on your face. If they only knew…

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Bad Girl! - Part III (Final Part)
March 06, 2007

Anal-Ease Cream - .5 OZ.
Pure White Pleasure Plug
Variations Leatherette Studded Paddle
Viper's Tongue

Once again I was surprised to see that not only did she maintain her position somehow, but she managed to keep that plug inserted nearly as deeply as it began. I tossed the paddle aside and gently rubbed and kneaded her blistered ass, knowing the massage would bring new pain but also the reassurance of my touch. Her face was streaked with tears and the blankets were soaked beneath her face from all her crying.

I told her that I was proud of her for taking her punishment thus far like a good girl. I told her that I realized how much control it took for her to maintain position and also keep the plug firmly in place. But then I reminded her that was exactly why she was now being punished so severely… for lack of self-control. She had a choice and she willfully chose to disobey me and because of that choice, she would now face the full force of the .

Sliding my hand between her thighs for just a moment, I felt her wetness and her desire. But I pretended not to notice as I used that hand to push her legs ever so slightly farther apart and reminded her to keep them there for the duration of her punishment. It was time to finish what she had started with her willful disobedience. I moved away from her, lifting the off the bed and feeling its strength and power in my hands.

I admired the weight of it and swished it against my calf a few times just to get a feel for its potential. Then, without further ado, the bit into my precious’ ass and a scream erupted simultaneously. Be quiet, brat! You’ve got this coming and you are going to get it all, but you better damn sure not make another sound or you will really know the meaning of sorry!

She buried her face in the covers and hung her head in presumed resignation as I raised my arm and took careful aim across the exact same spot. Somehow she held off this time and took the pain in silence, making only low, throaty, guttural noises into the blankets. I could see the tension building in her body and that was what I wanted to release. I wanted her to give herself up to me, to once and for all truly submit herself to my will, to trust me completely to know what was best for her.

I raised the Viper again and once more brought it down across the same spot. And she screamed again. I grinned a little as I felt her spirit beginning to break. I quickly and sternly reminded her that she would now be receiving additional punishment and that she had better be silent for the rest of the strapping. Nodding her head almost convulsively, she seemed to understand, so my next blows landed fast and hard on the crease between her ass and thighs, one right on top of the other. She took them in silence but I felt the dam spill open as I heard her sobs begin to shake her entire body.

She cried openly for the remainder of the spanking but I didn’t lessen any of my blows. I worked her from ass to thighs and back again, aiming straight and true. I was delighted with the performance of both punishment toys, and felt sure they would receive regular use in the days, weeks and years to come. I laid down the last four strokes with all the power that I could muster, directly across the tops of her thighs.

Her tears had slowed by now and her body was relaxed. She had gone into that special sub-space where everything was surreal and pain becomes pleasure. She was open and accepting and truly and deeply apologetic. She was also completely unaware that I had laid the Viper down momentarily and had stopped strapping her. I rubbed her bottom and thighs lightly as I reassured her that it was almost over.

In fact, it would now be over were it not for her lack of control. I eased the plug out of her bottom and told her to turn over onto her back. She was sniffling quietly and reaching out for me but I couldn’t hold her just yet. There was that one last act of disobedience to address first. As she rolled over, she winced at the pain of her bottom and thighs making contact with the bed. I told her to slide all the way up onto the bed and straighten her legs out, spreading them as far apart as she could.

Then I sat beside her on the bed and picked up the Viper again. I let it trail slowly and gently across her belly and bare breasts, down between her legs and down even lower to the tops of her thighs. I nudged her legs a little farther apart and reached over to grasp the inside of her left thigh with one hand as I raised the with the other.

Four on each side should take care of this, I would hope. She shut her eyes just before the fell, but somehow stifled her scream even as the pain washed across her face. Red welts rose immediately beneath the lashes as I raised it three more times on that side, delivering stripes that stretched across her inner thighs, all the way down to disappear between her legs.

I slowly walked to the other side of the bed and held her opposite thigh open in the same way. She withdrew into herself even deeper as those final four strokes were delivered, and as the last one fell, I swear I could literally feel her soul merge with mine.

It’s all over baby, I said as I tossed the Viper off the bed and lay down beside her to cradle her in my arms. As she slid herself into my grasp and rested her head on my shoulder, she quietly said, “I’ll never disobey you again, I swear.” And happy as I was to hear her say that, and as certain as I am that she believed every word at the time, we both know it isn’t true. Thank goodness…

The end

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