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Our Sexuality Blog
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Sex Toys and Swingers
May 30, 2006

When you’ve been swinging for a while, the question of adding a little something more to mix is inevitable. And it’s not because you’re bored necessarily, but it can be because you’re just looking to crank up the fun a little, and with all of the sex product stores and websites available, you might be wondering if adult toys are the route to go. Here are several reasons why sex toys and swingers do mix well together.

Good For Anytime

Not only can sex toys spice up swinging experiences, but they can also help you out when you’re on your own. Actually, some people find it rather arousing to watch someone pleasure themselves, or you can use it when you’re waiting to swing again.

Batteries Last Longer

When you’re trying to please someone orally, you may find that your stamina isn’t always at the peak of its worth. Using vibrators and other stimulators can help to keep the feeling going without causing your jaw to ache. Also, there are products for men that can enhance penis stimulation, and these toys can be used when your hands are busy doing something else so you get the best of all the stimulating words there are.

For Places You Can't Reach

For places that go out of reach at times, you can use toys to assist you. Also, if you’re a bit hesitant to go certain places (anal play is one example), there are toys that can do the stimulating for you while you help out in other areas.

One of You Is Too Tired

Of course, if one of you is too tired to keep up the action, then a vibrator or other stimulator can keep going. This is also a good thing to have if one person is in the mood, but another is not. Multiple orgasms are exhausting, so the less work that you need to do to help the other person achieve your bliss, the better.

Sex Toys Are Good For Your Healthy

This might be a bit of a stretch, but having an orgasm releases oxytocin into the bloodstream. This is a hormone that calms the body and prevents you from feeling pain. So, heck, why not try a toy to do your own research.

Learning Curve

Sex Toys can also be a great way to learn more about your partner or other person involved in swinging. By trying out new things together, you can build on the relationship that you’ve already begun, or you and your partner can try something out and then share it in a swinging setting.

What to Buy

One of the greatest things about the Internet is the anonymity. If you’ve never bought a sex toy before, you can go online and read user reviews as well as information to make the best decision. You will see that there are many more toys for women than for men, but that doesn’t mean that men’s toys aren’t any good. You just need to try a lot out to see what works for you. If at first you don’t find something that is pleasurable, then try again. Soon you’ll find something that will move you in the right direction and add a little something-something to your swinging experience.

While sex toys and swingers are a great mix, you can also see that sex toys are just a great addition to any relationships.

Eight Gates of Pleasure - Ultimate Oral Sex Technique
May 20, 2006

Oral sex is one of the most important part of the sexual foreplay for couples. This is especially true for women because the most sensitive and sexual pleasurable spot on women's body is the clitoris.

There are tons of articles on the internet teaching men and women on how to perform oral sex. What we have below is simply a technique that we found very exciting and pleasurable for both men and women. We call this technique "Eight Gates of Pleasure". (There isn't really an official name for it simply because not many people know of this technique.)


  1. One glass of ice water with 8 or 9 ice cubes inside.
  2. One glass of warm water (a little hotter than lukewarm).
  3. Clean towel

Perform Eight Gates of Pleasure:
  1. Spread clean towel on bed.
  2. Sip in some warm water, perform your normal oral sex routine on him or her (We assume you already know how to do this perfectly. :-)
  3. Stop after one minute and hold one ice cube in your mouth and perform the oral sex routine. (Trust us, it is not as cold as you think it will be. However, try not keep the ice cube on her or him directly for more than 5 seconds.)
  4. Stop after one minute and rotate back to the warm water routine. Perform this routation for 8 times (8 ice and 8 warm).
  5. Your partner should have experienced orgasms even multiple orgasms (her).

  • Try to hold water/ice cube in your mouth when performing oral sex. You should be able to perfect it after a few minutes of practice
  • Again, make sure you don't leave the ice cube on her clitoris or his penis for more than 5 seconds. Use your tongue to deliver the temperature change
  • Don't be afraid of getting things wet, this is where the fun is

This technique is one of the best that we found to work so far. If performed correctly. It usually brings some of the most intense orgasms for us. When we introduced this technique to some of our male friends, many of them can't last more than 5 gates. Give it a try with your partner tonight, and leave him/her ecstatically breathless.
Sex Toys - Tax Deductible?
May 16, 2006

Here is an interesting piece of news published around May 5th on NBC.com. Apparently prostitutes, strippers and lap dancers can claim tax deductions for adult toys and lingerie "in Australia", officials said Friday, as the Australian Taxation Office issued a list of deductible items for the sex industry.

Condoms, lubricants, gels and oils are among a myriad of other items that these workers can claim against tax, according to a fact sheet issued on the office's Web site.

While they cannot claim deductions for fitness classes that keep them in shape, the tax office ruled they can claim the cost of dance lessons.

"You can claim the cost of replacing or repairing things like equipment, adult novelties and other apparatus used in your work," the office advises, under a section titled "tools of trade."

"This is just another one of our occupational lists that we put together to help people," a taxation office spokeswoman said on customary condition of anonymity.

This news is fairly interesting. We started to wonder immediately if the similiar tax law will be passed in the U.S. as well. However, the chance of this happening is extremely slim.

Sexual Positions to Re-ignite Your Sex Life
May 10, 2006

Sex should be everything but routine duty work. One of ten thousand reasons that sex becomes boring and blend for both partners is relying on a few plain old sexual positions.

It is very often that couples develop routines during sex, such as techniques, positions, and verbal languages. If partners really care about having great and prolonged excitements in their sex lives. they will have a place in this routine for “new and cool stuff”. Instead of whipping out the kama sutra book, here are a few dramatic change of place and position that will bring some fire into your sex life.

Bring sex out of the bedroom and try it on sofa or a chair in your living room. Believe it or not, having sex on a chair can be as varied as on the bed, gives the couple a whole new range of sensations, and can be fun as well. Here are few basic positions, and these have also their variants, and allows the couple to be very creative (giving a warm loving feeling as well). (Note: when using chairs, try to have padding on the wooden chair, or use soft leather chair instead)

Position One: Knelling on the Chair.

In the position you use a standard dining room chair, with high back. The girl kneels on the chair and faces the back of the chair holding on to start.

The man enters from the rear (a variant of the doggy-style pose) but with a lot of advantages. The guy can massage his partner, fondle her breasts, and stimulate her clitoris.

This allows for deep penetration, and slow and long trusting is advised. The girl can push back with her hands creating greater friction. This is a very sexy position, and almost always ends up in mutual orgasm.

Position Two: Seeing “eye to eye”

For this position you use either the sofa for an arm chair. The man sits down normally and the woman then sits on the man’s lap, but her legs over each of the arms of the chair. The man easily enters, and this position the couple are really eye to eye.

The man now supports his partner at her waste, and helps her move up and down. This position allows for both maximum clitoral and G-spot stimulation and can end in a dramatic orgasm for the woman.

Third Position: The Jack knife

Here the couple are assumed to be more or less athletic. The woman rests her arms to the elbow on the chair seat, and holds on the back of the chair. The man then lifts her legs, and supports her, and the woman will wrap her legs around the man’s waist and back. The man enters her, and there is no trusting, only deep penetration.

This has minimal clitoral or G-spot stimulation, but it is a very unique feeling and often the couple reach an orgasm quickly, as the movements are very intimate.

Fourth Position: Across the Sea

Here the woman lays across the arm chair, and not sitting on it. She is in a prone position, using one arm for a pillow and the other arm supporting her pelvic area.

The man enters from the rear, and the woman then, if she wishes, can bring her legs together, giving the man an exquisite feeling.

This allows for clitoral friction and some G-spot stimulation as the man’s penis will tend to trust downward. It is a wonderfully personal position, and allows for much intimacy between the couple.

Keeping your Sexlife alive does require variety, so give the above positions a try.

Chelsea Girl on Good Use of SmartBalls
May 05, 2006

Our blogger friend Chelsea girl has a new blog entry out with a reader's email talking about a good usage of

Smartballs are made by Fun Factory. We have always been a big fan of . Their sex toys are made with premium quality materials, and every toy is crafted to the smallest details.

Smartballs's total length is 3 inches and each ball is 1.5 inches in diameter. They are inserted into the vagina and can be worn for several hours. Smart Balls provide the user with quiet, secret pleasure. Every move made causes the metal balls in the Smartballs interior to vibrate causing the vaginal muscles to be stimulated and exercised.

Magenta and Red Smartballs even provide a targeted work out of the pelvic floor, which leads to more sexual stimulation with a partner. Smartballs can help prevent incontinence. Smartballs are made from a safe, hypo-allerganic silicone. The Smartballs are extremely durable and easy to clean. Smartballs have a unique design and a velvety surface. The structure is slightly elliptic and will noticeably enhance the thrill of the intimate massage.

A new patented manufacturing process enhances the silent run of the inner balls and makes Smartballs the quietest love balls in the World. Black Magenta Smartballs are manufactured by Fun Factory Sex Toys. Fun Factory the Erotic Rites of Quality! Every one of their vibrators and sex toys are crafted with German engineering and know how. Sex toys made to last!

They are made with the 100% Silicone. As is all Fun Factory products. Silicone is velvety soft yet firm, and gentle to the skin. German engineering makes these toys last a very long time!

Silicone based lubricants should not be used with this toy. We have tons of water based lubricants such as astroglide series.

You can check out chelsea girl's entry here: Chelsea Girl's Pretty Dumb Things.

Featured Bloggers Part II
May 05, 2006

We have many great blogger friends that write everyday erotically and creatively.

Magdelena at Myths and Metawhores - Sexual Homoeopathy blog is one of the best blog sites I have ever visited. The lost feeling of sensual eroticism can be rediscovered again. Definitely worth a visit.

Nina at Lazy Geisha describes herself Asian, Bisexual, Bondage, Brilliant, and Slut. Visiting her blog will give you a whole new perspective on how to blog erotica with your heart and soul.

Two more bloggers will be featured next week.

Can sex toys save your marriage?
May 03, 2006

Can sex toys save your marriage? To many people, the simple answer is "No" because marriage is not just about sex, many divorces happen because of other emotional and spiritual issues with the marriage. However, if your marriage is in trouble because of the sex life, then the answer to this question might just be a "Yes".

All of us are fully aware that marriage is a union of love, friendship and intimacy. In today's sexually liberated world, a healthy sex life is having a lot more impact on marriages than say 20,30 years ago. Many people don't realize that their marriages are falling apart because the trigger was bad sex life. Without communication with their partners, (many people don't communicate about this issue), other insignificant issues start to arise and eventually snowball into separation and even divorce.

Our hectic lifestyles aren't helping either. Sex is way down on the list of things to do, sadly being replaced by the longer hours at work, the shopping and the house work. Put frankly many don't have time for sex anymore and there must be an increase in the popularity of the use of the phrase 'I'm too tired'. I am almost positive that every single one of you have used that excuse before.
,br> Low sex marriages across the board often share the same symptoms; you only have sex a few times a month, sex is a chore, you schedule sex, you don't fantasize about your partner, there is no sense of adventure and neither of you are frisky anymore. Suffering these symptoms? If so a remedy is needed but it might not be what you are thinking.

So you might ask, what is the solution?

  1. Communication. A fundamental concept that needs to be grasped is that communication is paramount. How can you correct a problem if one half of your relationship doesn't know that one exists? It has been proven time and time again that couples who communicate well and share activities together often have a much more sexually active relationship.
  2. Consciously Make Time. Go take a couple's vacation for a weekend. Often couples that manage to escape the children for any substantial periods of time find that they have what can only be described as 'honeymoon sex'. The reduced workload and subsequent lower stress levels seem to remove inhibition and rekindle the slowly dwindling flame.
  3. Spice Up Your Bedroom. Change things around in your bedroom because it's the quickest and cheapest way to give you both a change of scenery and even a subtle hint like changing the usual light bulb for a shade of rouge can make a huge impact.
  4. Look in the toy box. Many still think of sex toys as being scary looking vibrating gizmos that can only be found in the dodgy back street sex shops found in the nasty side of town - not anymore. Sure you can still find these but when it comes to relationships sometimes it's better to take a more subtle approach.

When choosing any adult toys,try to start it off by choosing the ones that will offer the greatest chance of increased intimacy and not just something you can throw to your partner so he/she can get off. Generally the area of sex that offers amplified intimacy levels is foreplay. Concentrate on this area and get to know your partner all over again. Make it fun with a handful of accessories like the , some , or our number 1 spice it up toy . Imaging having it installed before your partner gets home...

There are tons of other sex toys you can buy for foreplay. If you want to please her, try . If you want to please him, try , or .

Keeping your choices to a selected few sex toys that will have the desired effect of keeping the focus on you and your partner and not the new additions. There's no point having the best sex toys that receive all the attention and hoping that your relationship will be ok, the focus should be on what they can add to your sex life, not be the central part of it.

Can sex toys save your marriage? It is up to you to see what is causing the problems in your marriage. Communicate with your partner, if it is sex life related. Try the toys, it never hurts to try.
Submit Your Reviews
May 02, 2006

We have a new category in our blog, "Reviews". Here you will find reviews for different sex toys. If you bought a sex toy from us or from other stores and would like to contribute a short review for that sex toy, please email us the review and we will put it up on our blog under "Reviews".

We will only display your name if you specify to show your name in the email.

We are not going to be biased and only accept positive reviews. If you feel that a toy does not live up to your standards, we are more than happy to take your negative reviews and put it up on our blog.

To submit a review, just go to Contact Us


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