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Luxury Sex Toys for Those Who Like to Give and Get the Best
June 13, 2011

Luxury sex toys is a term we're hearing more and more about these days and it's no surprise given that everyone seems to be looking for bigger and better. What sets luxury sex toys apart from the rest-aside from price-is the quality and attention to detail that goes into them. When I say detail, I'm not talking about getting all the ridges and veins right in a realistic vibrator but rather attention to how it works with the body as well as attention to the little details, like the packaging and little extras that come with the toys.

Whether you're looking to give or get something especially decadent and, well, luxurious; luxury sex toys are definitely up there. And, you can get 'em for all sexes too.

If you're not quite sure what toys would classify as luxury sex toys, here are a few to get you in the know:

Lovemoiselle is by far one of my favorite makers of luxury goodies. Their contours are absolute perfection and they feel unlike any other toy. Lovemoiselle toys are incredibly smooth because they're made of ceramic-something else that helps sets them above the rest. They look beautiful with their gorgeous designs and shapes, and they feel even better thanks to the combination of the ceramic shafts and various vibration modes. Some of their models worth checking out: Cecile, Elodie, Julianne, and Noemie.

Lelo Sex Toys are among the best known luxury sex toys thanks to their gorgeous aesthetics, high quality materials, and the research behind their creation. Some of Lelo's best toys: Mia, Iris, Elise, Billy, and Gigi.

Nexus is maker of high-end sex toys for men that include the Gyro and the O Max, just to name a couple.

Bullet Vibes: Easy Peasy and Perfect for Travel
June 02, 2011

With so many of you planning a summer getaway, be it time at the cottage or a trip to another part of the world, I thought it would be a good time to talk about my favorite travel-friendly toys: bullets in particular. In the past I've blogged about discreet sex toys that are incognito and easy to take with you without anyone being the wiser even when rifling through your bag at security, but today I've got bullets on the mind. Not only are they really tiny so you can pack them and use them just about anywhere, but, there's a lot of variety to be had in the world of bullet vibes too.

Bullet vibes used to be pretty generic: a smooth bullet-shaped vibrator used for clit play or hidden deep inside some other sex toy. Even the good ol' fashion bullet's got a lot to be said for it considering they tend to pack a lot of punch in their teeny-tiny shell but now, bullets have even more to offer coming in all kinds of new shapes and colors. One thing that hasn't changed about bullets though is their affordability because most still cost next to nothing. And, even though they're often marketed as being for clitoral stimulation, I for one know that they can be enjoyed on all body parts! (Note that I said "on" and not "in".) Glide them over any part of the body for instant shivers up and down the spine.

While all of the bullet vibes are perfectly compact and easy to travel with, there are a few that I am really lovin' right now and want to share with you in case you're looking to add some discreet buzz to your getaway.

Adrie's Bullet Vibe Picks

Club Vibe: It vibes to the beat of the ambient sounds which makes for an especially GREAT time at a nightclub!

Bullet Buddies XOXO: Pretty, simple, and fun. A real no fuss, no muss sex toy.

Sterling Silver Trple Tiered Bullet: Love the look and feel of this one!

Super Soft Plusheez Hummer: Powerful bullet vibe that doesn't look or feel like your run-of-the-mill vibe.

Ishtar by Dr. Laura Berman: It costs more than other bullets and is worth every penny! It's as amazing as you would expect from a Berman product.

Stop with the Same Ol’ Bachelorette Party Games Already!!!
May 23, 2011

I gotta say that I always used to poo-poo on the cheesy games played at bachelorette parties. It just seemed that every bachelorette I went to was a repeat of the last with all the same games being played. I finally figured out that the girls planning these parties were all either swapping ideas from other bachelorette parties they’d been too or randomly Googling them and choosing from the first few sites they came across. The remedy to this if you too are responsible for planning your friend’s farewell to the single life? Check out games that you can buy on sites like this one because not only is the selection way better but, you also end up with fun games that the guests haven’t already played in the last few rounds of stagettes they’ve attended.

Here are a few of the bachelorette party games that I personally find freakin’ hysterical and oh-so-entertaining:

BOOBIE DODGEBALL: This is not your run-of-the-mill bachelorette party game by any stretch! What can be funnier than a bunch of drunk women whipping boobs at each other while also trying to dodge a few shots?? H-I-L-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!

PAINT-A-PECKER: For your crafty friends or to add a little art to the soiree, this is a ceramic pecker that comes with a paint set for your guests to paint and personalize for the bride-to-be! Do it as a fun game by allowing the bride to choose her favorite for a prize, or just paint it for your bride to cherish forever…and ever…and ever.

DELUXE SPIN THE BOTTLE: So what if you’re not really into women; playing a drunken round of spin the bottle is definitely one way to set your bachelorette party apart from the rest and make for one very interesting evening! Besides, most women are at least a little curious about what it would be like to kiss another woman, so why not buy this inexpensive game and live a little? You just may enjoy it!

MISS BACHELORETTE’S PICTURE IT: For all of you who enjoy the odd evening playing Pictionary, this is essentially the same game with a bachelorette theme to it. Not as crazy as the others but still definitely loads of fun and a great way to get people to interact with each other. Besides, it sure beats yet another game of 22 Questions.

Gift ideas for the Bride-to-Be or the Happy Couple
May 10, 2011

Wedding season is fast approaching which means that many of you are scrambling to find a gift for the bride-to-be or the happy couple. Opting to give a sexy wedding gift isn’t uncommon and while this sort of thing used to be reserved for showers and bachelorette parties, more and more friends who are close to the bride and/or groom are now venturing into this new way of offering their congratulations.

There are a few choices that require almost no real thought and are made just for an occasion like a wedding. These are kits containing goodies that cater to the new couple or are honeymoon-themed. These can usually be found in the ‘Romantic Gifts for Lovers’ category. For those of you who are a little more creative and willing to shop around to get a truly personalized gift; check out the various massage oils and lotions in the Lotions and Potions section as well as the Bed and Bath section where you can find some really decadent goodies for your gift. I make no secret of my love of the Kama Sutra oils and bath salts and I also absolutely adore their Honey Dust Powder.

If you want to add something a little risqué to your gift basket that compliments the lotions and bath products mentioned, then I recommend a waterproof vibrator. I would go with one that falls to the daintier side of the sex toy spectrum and steer clear of anything too, well, in-your-face. There are all kinds of little vibrators that are pleasing to look at and even elegant. My picks for the prettiest and bride-iest vibrators would have to be: Hearts of Heart, Mia Pink, Little Pearl, and Water Pearls.

If you want to go a slightly more traditional route while still keeping it sexy, then lingerie is the way to go. A beautiful piece of lingerie will make the bride feel beautiful and do a little somethin’-somethin’ for the groom too. A few worth checking out: Sweet Sensations White Lace Babydoll and Thong, Bridal Chemise with Veil, and Lace and Mesh Babydoll.

Have Green Sex
April 27, 2011

I know that we've just celebrated Easter weekend and I would generally try to cater my post to the holiday at hand, but we celebrated more than just Easter these past few days -- we also celebrated Earth Day (April 22nd). So, instead of a post about rabbit vibrators and eggs, I have decided to talk about green sex toys. That's right; you can get off green and feel even better about using sex toys thanks to non-toxic sex toys, rechargeable toys, and toys made of sustainable materials.

Most sex toy makers have been creating phthalate-free sex toys for your safety and the good of the earth, but did you know that you can also get your mitts on solar powered sex toys? Yes indeedy my friends; the Solar Bullet is a solar powered vibrating bullet that packs a mean punch in the way of hot orgasms without using up energy. This eco-friendly sex toy is safe, energy efficient and on sale! Then there's always the tried and true rechargeable sex toys like the Climax Twist, the Lily and NEA, and the Elise, all of which are phthalate-free and oh so pretty!

You can't enjoy your green sex toys without some equally green lube and thankfully there are now loads of them to choose from. Toko Lubricant Organica is a water-based lube made with pure vegetable glycerin and a natural corn by-product, both of which are certified organic. From the same makers there is also a range of organic sensual lotions and potions, a bunch of which you can enjoy all at once with the Garden Of Edo Organic Collection tin. This collection is incredibly decadent and contains massage oil, aphrodisiac oil, sea crystals, lubricant, and many more organic and earth-friendly goodies. (This one is actually on my 'Must Have' list at the mo'.)

If you wanna practice safe sex that's also safe for the environment, then you do have some choices. You'll be pleased to know that even though they tend to take a long time to break down, latex condoms are biodegradable. Lambskin condoms are the best choice as far as biodegradable condoms go, but remember that they don't protect you from STDs, including HIV.

Going green has never been more fun!

Miley Cyrus Sex Doll Hoopla
April 10, 2011

I knew as soon as I saw the Miley sex doll that there would be some stank about it, but I didn't expect it to make the news, you know, with all the turmoil in Japan and the Middle East and other newsworthy things going on in our world. After days of reading about the earthquake in Japan, the last thing I expected to have pop up on my homepage's news headlines was the Miley Cyrus sex doll. But since we're on the subject anyway, let's talk about the Miley Cyrus sex doll, Finally Miley, that's got some panties in a twist and boxers soaked to the bone. (Pun fully intended.)

Here's the deal; when the Beyonce sex doll came out, along with Britney Bitch, the Britney Spears sex doll; Dirty Christina, the Christina Aguilera sex doll; and my favorite, Furgee, the Fergie love doll; no one made a stink about it. Sure, there was the odd joke about the celebrity sex dolls floating around but aside from that, it didn't make the news. So what's all the hubbub about the Miley Cyrus sex doll? I'm guessing it's that people can't seem to get past the whole Hannah Montana thing and still see her as some sweet little kid. Picturing grown men wanting to plow a doll modeled after little Hannah Montana is most definitely pervie, but the reality is that Miley Cyrus is not sweet little underage Hannah Montana. As a matter of fact, Miley Cyrus is legal and, whether parents wanna admit it or not, pretty damn sexy as far as young starlets go. So what's the big deal? Geez.

Anyhoo, if celebrity-inspired love dolls are your thing then check out these other blow-up stars for your dirty pleasure:

Jessica Inflatable Love Doll: I guess they dressed this doll her blue jersey too soon seeing as how the real Jessica has switched teams and is now with yet another NFLer. Oh well, a hole's, a hole's, a hole.

J-Ho Fantasy Doll: You don't need to be P-Diddy or Ben Affleck to tap that hot, round, Latina bottom!

Kinky Kim: I guess her sex video just left them wanting more 'cause there's a 3-holed Kim sex doll too!

Paris Love Doll: I couldn't list Kim's sex doll without mentioning her BFF Paris' sex doll, could I?

Guidette Love Doll: Not sure what "celeb" this is? Maybe Pipedreams' product description will make it clear: She's the whore from the Jersey shore who always wants more! Meet Guidette, the filthy lil' pot-belly pig who loves balls on her chin more than the all you can eat buffet! When this pudgy porker ain't tanning or stuffing her face, she's busy blowin' every guido on the boardwalk with a tan and a tank top. Just add air and this little slut is the life of any party--be careful though, she's a real knockout when she gets drunk! What are you waiting for yo, give her your friggin' sauseege already kid! LOVE IT!!!!

Funny Sex News and An Info Piece for Peeps Who LOOOOVE Animals
March 30, 2011

Once in a while you come across a news story that's just too good to not share, like this one about Rondell Vereen, who just got out of prison after serving a two year sentence for having sex with a horse. Sure, he ain't the only guy out there sneaking sex from a horse, but he is one of the only that I know of who was stupid enough to get caught doing it twice. Yup, getting caught sneakin' some Sugar-that's the horse's name-wasn't bad enough. Oh no, lover boy just couldn't get enough of his sweet horsey fix and had to go in for seconds! In his defence, at least she was of age; Sugar is 21.

This got me to thinking about how many other people are doing the same thing and not getting caught. Is it really worth the risk? And come on - those poor horses...and sheep....and cows! Shouldn't they have a say in who they have sex with?? Anyway, I'm not here to knock anyone's tastes or anything, but rather to offer a safer suggestion for getting off with animals without risking a buggery charge or a lifetime nickname along the lines of, oh I dunno, horse fucker? Sick fuck? My suggestion: inflatable animals. That's right; you can safely anally, vaginally, or orally romance just about any animal you please so long as you stick to the inflatable variety. For just a few bucks (between $7 and $20) you can have the 3 holes of your favorite furry friend all to yourself to violate as you please. And, some even make animal noises so that you can really get into it and get the most from your experience!

Again, I ain't here to judge, but as a pet owner I can't help but be weirded out when a buggerer ends up back on our streets. Luckily for Sugar, Mr. Vereen has been ordered to keep his distance from her stable and to seek help. Maybe a nice inflatable Erotic Love Piggie could help him through this transition into society?

Just for shits and giggles, here are a few inflatable animals on sale:

Cathy the Mooing Cow: She comes complete with a rear entry and moo sounds when excited!

Screw Ewe Inflatable Love Toy: Umm...the name kinda' says it all.

Duck Off: Duzzy Duck's got rear love holes for your pleasure. Quack!


Never Too Old for Goodie Bags
March 17, 2011

Remember how much fun it was getting goodie bags/loot bags at birthday parties when you were a kid? I used to love the excitement that came from not knowing what was in the bag and loved rifling through all the stuff in it. It really didn't even matter what was in it because getting a bag of fun stuff was always cool. Well, as an adult my love of goodie bags hasn't changed and I still get a kick out of being given a bag of stuff-just ask my family who fills a gift bag with little presents for me every Christmas. Anyway, it turns out that goodie bags aren't just for kids. As a matter of fact, I found some goodie bags for adults that just may make you squeal like a fat kid getting a loot bag full of Tootsie Rolls!

Some sex toy makers have been smart enough to cater to those of us who can't resist a bag full of goodies and have come up with bags o' fun made for naughty adults like you and I. Check these out:

For the Girlz Pipedream Bag: So perfect for a night of girl-on-girl sex, this silver bag is packed with all the essentials, like a double-ended dildo, strap-on harness and rubber dong, tightening cream, lube, a mask, and so much more! The sexual possibilities are endless with this oh-so cute little bag! Great for the bi-curious gal or any girl who enjoys playing with other girls.

Rabbit Top Hat Bag: If you've read about my love of Rabbit vibrators then you won't be surprised to know that I totally recommend this bag. What may surprise you is the price - it's on sale for around $16!! How freakin' awesome is that?? The cute top hat shaped bag is FULL of goodies: Waterproof Wabbit Vibe, Silicone Rabbit Finger Sleeve, Bunny Mini-Mite, Rabbit Sleeve, Edible Body Paint, Bubble Bath, Flavored Moist Lube, Antibacterial Toy Cleaner, Keychain Lube, Lock & Key and Satin Love Mask. What a great deal! Think of all the orgasms you can have for well under 20 bucks!!

Pipedream Bag of Love: This cute little heart-shaped bag makes the perfect gift for a lover and has so many sex items that it's sure to blow your mind! It's got: Heart Warmer Massager, Mini-Mite Massager, Bondage Tape, Satin Love Mask, Heart-Shaped Love Ring, Toy Cleaner, Liquid Love, Basix Mini Butt Plug, Love Beads, Lover's Lotto Cards, and an On-The-Go Keychain. Whoa!!

Party Girl Toys in the Bag: This corset-shaped bag comes in red or pink and is filled with everything you need for your party for two...or more! It's got flavoured lube, a vibrator, a bullet, cocking, and even anal beads and pleasure balls! I personally have handed these out as loot bags at a bachelorette I threw for a friend and they were, of course, a total hit!

Naughty School Girl Bag: Way cheaper than creating the school girl fantasy from scratch, this kit's got all you need for less: tartan G-string and tie, 2 pecker hair ties for your pig tails, a naughty note pad, vibrating hair brush, a whip key chain, and more.


Valentines Mini-series: Chapter IV - Double Your Pleasure this Valentine's Day!
January 24, 2011

Who wouldn't wanna double their pleasure, and especially on Valentine's Day?? For those who love quantity just as much-if not more-than quality, then have I got the toys for you to give! Today's blog is all about giving and getting double the pleasure this February the 14th and, it's for all you straight, gay, and lesbian lovers! That's right, today we're talking about double-ended dildos, butt toys, and more!

I've gone through all the sex toys and selected the ones that I believe are most worth giving if you're looking for a little DP (that's double penetration for those that aren't down with the lingo), or couples fun. So have a look at how you could really steam things up this Valentine's Day by giving and getting double the fun.

Posable G-Spot Double Dong: Wanna share the G-spot love with another deserving gal? This sex toy will definitely do the trick! And when there's no other girl to play with, you can still enjoy some G-spot fun in the way of a hot solo DP!

Double Dong with Balls: This one's a pleaser for all! While it can totally be enjoyed vaginally, the placement of the balls also creates the ideal plug or stopper to make this one a hot and safe choice for two guys to enjoy anally without worry that it's gonna creep up there too far for comfort!

Jr. Veined Dbl Header-bender, Black 12" Cd: What sets this one apart from the rest is its shape. Sure, the shape may resemble some sort of plumbing tool but it works well if you want to use it with another and mix it up as far as position goes. It'll work with well with both you lying/sitting face-to-face or with one going doggy.

Rascal Double Dong Fister: Something for the boys this Valentine's Day! This double fister is super slick and gets real slippery when you add even just a hint of lube, making it perfect for a little bum lovin'. The difference in the position of each fist also offers up a little variety so you can enjoy thick and thicker as you please.

Double Dong Veined Grape: I admit to choosing this one because it smells like grape-yummy! It's also super bendy, long enough to really work with, and priced well. This one is great for all: ww/mm/mw.

Executive Double Dong Harness: Not your traditional double header; this is a strap-on with a leather harness that has a 7" dong for giving it to him or her while a little 2" dong sits in the harness and nestles perfectly in your pussy so you get a little somethin' while you bang your lover! Fully adjustable for all sizes too!

Hope you're totally turned on and ready to make it a Happy, Happy Valentine's Day with one or more of these double header toys. Check back next week for more sexy gift ideas for Valentine's Day!

Valentines Mini-series: Chapter III - Adrie's 14 Favorite Sexy Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day
January 12, 2011

Since Valentine's Day falls of the 14th of February, I thought that 14 would be a nice, well-rounded number for a list of sexy gift ideas made up of my favorite adult goodies, all of which can be found right here so you don't have to work too hard. I've tried to include a little something for everyone here so I'm sure you'll find something that speaks to you...in a suggestive and higly provocative way. So let's get started...

1. G Vibe G Rabbit: I make no secret of my love of rabbit vibrators, so finding one at the top of my list of favorite gifts was just a given. This new rabbit vibe is just as pretty as it is effective and it's got all the bells and whistles your gal deserves this Valentine's Day. Give her the gift of fast and easy orgasms with this baby!

2. L'Amour Silicone Dual Vibro Ring: Perfect for couples, this pretty little cock ring vibrates like no other and stretches for the right fit. But all those great qualities aside; I chose it for the name. What's more Valentinesy than the word "l'amour"?? (There are actually a few really awesome sex toys in the L'Amour collection, if you're interested.)

3. Booby Eye Mask: A funny Valentine's gift may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those of you who wanna give someone a good laugh-and a good night's sleep!-this Booby Eye Mask is hysterical!

4. Orgasmixxx: Some adult games can be a tad cheesy, but I personally find this one more erotic than cheesy. If you want an inexpensive but super sexy Valentine's Day gift idea, then this one is worth checking out. This definitely falls into the gifts-that-keep-on-giving category.

5. Strawberries & Champagne Treasure Trove: This kit is by Kama Sutra-my all time favorite line of lotions and potions. The set makes for a gift that is erotic and romantic which will work for all your lovers! *wink*

6. The Kama Sutra: Everyone should own a copy of the Kama Sutra! What makes this one such a beautiful Valentine's Day gift is that it is a gorgeous hardcover that features,from India, the finest collection of Kama Sutra paintings ever published and it's 176 pages are bound in Japanese silk and printed on the highest quality paper. An incredible gift to say the least!

7. AE Cyberskin Pink Lips Pussy Stroker: Though he likely won't admit it to you, most guys have thought about using a masturbator/pocket pussy/vibrating vagina and the likes. Why not be the coolest GF or wife ever and get him one so he can enjoy a little something special the next time he goes it solo! This pussy lips stroker is simple and sexy, as well as affordable. He'll love you forever for being so cool!

8. Threesomes 4GB USB Fleshdrive: More couples should enjoy a little porn together. Why not start this Valentine's Day?? This USB stick full of hot threesome fun is an easy way to enjoy everyone's most common fantasy in the comfort of home...and without actually having to go through with a threesome if you're not ready.

9. Lace and Mesh Babydoll: Lingerie is a classic gift idea for Valentine's Day that most women will enjoy. I chose this particular babydoll because, though still very sexy, it's not too overt or skanky which let's face it, would look like you bought it more for you than for her! This is stretchy and fits most sizes so you don't have to worry there. And, it's comfortable enough to be worn to bed so she can enjoy more than just one night's use out of it.

10. Asian Hearts Nipple Rings: Every girl loves jewelry and if you're girl's got a naughty side, then she'll love these! They're little red heart jewels that clip onto the nipples and look fanfuckingtastic! For under 10 bucks for bling, you really can't go wrong!

11. Penthouse Couples Satin Scented Bondage Kit: This little kit's got all you need to enjoy a little teasing and mild bondage this Valentine's Day. Gift ideas like this are always a hit, trust me!

12. Heart Throb Love Kit: This little kit's got everything you need for night of adult-only fun: flavoured condoms, lubes, finger vibe, cock ring...loads of erotic little goodies and for well under $20!!!

13. Massage Therapy Kit: An erotic massage is a simple way to make your lover feel incredible and set the mood for a romantic night in bed. This kit by Kama Sutra, includes 4 different massage oils that feel, smell, and taste decadent.

14. AE Bum Buddies Silicone Smooth Anal Beads: Whether you're into anal play or want to try it for the first time, these beads are perfect! They make a hot little Valentine's gift not only because they feel great but also because they're red and have a heart-shaped grip. What says Happy Valentine's Day better than a heart-themed anal toy??!

Hope you've enjoyed the list! Check back next week for even more Valentine's gift ideas!

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