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Sex Toy Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day and Beyond
February 02, 2013

Well St Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us again and I expect the greetings card manufacturers, florists and chocolate sellers are rubbing their hands together in anticipation of the money about to come rolling in. Although chocolates, flowers and a romantic card are a very nice touch, they are quite fleeting things. Maybe the card could be preserved, but flowers don’t last forever and, if you are anything like me, chocolates don’t last as long as the flowers.

If you want to give a gift that will give pleasure time and time again, it might be worth taking a look at some of the really popular sex toys that are available and, as Valentine’s is a day to celebrate lovers, why not celebrate in style with something that will pleasure you both? These gift ideas will keep the love going well beyond Valentine’s Day and are also great gifts for other special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays or just to say ‘I love you’.

Adult Games

Adult games are always a good way to start an evening of fun and passion and can bring out the more adventurous side, suggesting different things to try. Don’t be surprised though if you get carried away half way through a game and don’t get to finish it. There is a wide selection of adult games available from simple dice games to full blown board games.


Sexy lingerie is always a popular choice for setting the mood. Our lingerie range includes everything from lacy baby dolls to leather fetish lingerie – something to suit every taste. Dressing to please can also enhance those adult games sessions. Wearing sexy lingerie and feeling sexy is bound to spark off some interesting bedroom activity. Lingerie is the perfect gift for every occasion and not just Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Gifts for Lovers

Celebrate the most romantic day of the year by giving a very romantic gift. What could be more romantic than a soothing, sensually scintillating massage? Choosing a Hot Love massage kit from the Amour range provides a relatively inexpensive experience that will leave you both tingling. Also from the Amour range is the Amour Playful Massager Romance Kit which incorporates massage oil with an adult game element in the shape of playful dice. The kit is completed with the multi-speed massager – which looks remarkably like a vibrator to me.

Adult DVDs

How about a nice glass of wine, candlelight and settling down to watch an inspiring adult DVD? Whether you want to just sit back and watch a dirty movie or learn how to improve your sexual techniques, there is a wide range of adult DVDs to choose from in our large selection. Some popular titles include Award Winning Sex Scenes, 101 Advanced Positions, Lesbian Sex, 22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn Ons, The G-spot & Female Ejaculation, and many more titles to entice, educate, and stimulate the mind and body.

Sex Toys for Her

Valentine’s Day is for spoiling your lover. A man can really make his woman’s Valentine’s Day very special with a Best Friend Forever Blue Dolphin. This powerful, waterproof, three speed G-spot and clitoral vibrator will have her eating out of his hand. Our range of Sex Toys for Her includes Rabbit Vibrators, G-Spot Teasers, Clit Stimulators, Ben Wa & Orgasmic Ball, and so much more. These extraordinary sex toys make for a great sexy gift for Valentine’s Day; or whenever you want say “I Love You” in your own erotic way.

Sex Toys for Him

What man wouldn’t enjoy receiving a pack of 69 Blow Me Strawberry Male Enhance Cream? Not only Is he going to get his cock massaged as she rubs the cream in, but he is also going to get a blow job to die for when she licks and sucks that delicious strawberry cream off.

For those of you who like to be a little more adventurous, you may wish to try out some of the things you may have read about in EL James’ exciting best seller “Fifty Shades of Grey”. If you haven’t read it, then you can buy it at discreet-romance.com too. If you do buy the book it may be worth investing in a Beginners Bondage Fantasy Kit at the same time.

The thing to remember is that sex toy ideas are great for Valentine’s Day, but then they are great for every other occasion as well. Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, Christmas or just an impulse purchase, sex toy gifts bring a lot of pleasure to both giver and receiver – but isn’t that always the way with good sex?

Don’t forget to place your order a week in advance to make sure your choice of gift arrives in time for the big day.

Ring of Confidence
January 01, 2013

A very popular sexual enhancement for men these days is the humble cock ring. Who would have thought that such a simple device could be so effective? The truth of the matter is that, with a cock ring, there really is a ring of confidence, because it helps to keep the big fella going that little bit longer by restricting the blood flow and maintaining the erection. It can also make the penis more sensitive, increasing the pleasure of sexual activity considerably. These little circles of pleasure can be very effective when it comes to the self-satisfying business of masturbation, with the firmer erection and extra sensitivity making you putty in your own hands.

Of course, as you would expect in these modern, liberated times, there are many different varieties of cock rings available to the discerning gentleman and it is important to make sure that you find one that is comfortable, yet snug. The snugness is the method of prolonging the erection, but that would be no fun if it started to become uncomfortable to wear, would it?

Typical materials that are popular for cock or penis rings are silicone, metal, leather, rubber, nylon and even plastic and these are generally worn around the penis and scrotum for best effect. Of course, the choice of material is always down to personal choice, but a softer material such as silicone or rubber would probably be the best choice for someone new to the joys of jewelry for the genitals. The advantage of these softer materials is that, whilst providing the restricted blood flow necessary to make the ring effective, they are a lot easier to remove when the need arises which makes the wearer a lot more confident about the whole experience.

However, whatever material you decide on, you should remove your penis ring after around thirty minutes or sooner if your genitals start to feel numb or look pallid. On a positive note, however, wearing this type of sex aid can not only help to maintain an erection, but with the added confidence that knowledge brings, the door is opened to a compendium of delights.

In order not to take away any attention from your partner, cock rings are also available that are complete with little vibrating bullets that not only provide a scintillating buzz to her clitoris, but also sends those powerful pulsations down your penis and imagine how a more sensitive cock would react to that! Make sure that you don’t waste that prolonged erection by ejaculating too soon because you’re that much more aroused. A little self-control is always a good thing when it comes to making sexual pleasure last for a long time.

If you like a little bit of BDSM or bondage, a leather cock ring is an ideal little accessory which will tick all the boxes. If you are Dom, then the longer lasting erection reinforces your superior stance, whilst, if you are the submissive type, having your Master or Mistress put a leather ring on your cock would give that feeling of being owned and restrained. Of course, leather rings aren’t the sole domain of the BDSM and bondage world. You may choose leather because you like the feel of it. Another advantage of using leather rings is that they are more adjustable making it easier to find a comfortable fit more quickly.

It may be a simple device, but the cock or penis ring is a very effective item to have in your sexual toolbox. Whether you want to play solo or fly with a friend; even if it’s not an all-singing, all-vibrating wonder, it will potentially provide you with a longer lasting erection giving you longer to enjoy what we all love best.
Oiling the Wheels of Sensuality
December 03, 2012

Whether you are looking to add a hint of sensuality to your foreplay, or you are in need of a little help when it comes to entering those delicious pleasure zones, there comes a time when you will need to employ a little lubricant to keep the wheels of sensuality turning. Of course, like many of the wonderful aids we use for our sexual pleasures, sex lubricants have enjoyed a little less than glamorous reputation in the past, not least because of their unimaginative nature. Lovemaking kind of loses a little of its romantic appeal when the proceedings are halted mid-session in order to apply a little spit to gain access.

The whole world of sex lubes has opened up into a panorama of evocatively named products that cater for more than just the obvious and your imagination can embark on wonderful adventures bringing a sensual variety of things to try either on your own or with your lover.

The emphasis is on pleasure and it makes perfect sense to make that pleasure last for as long as possible. Couples find that using sex lubes and sex oils greatly enhances their love life, prolonging those intimate encounters so that each can gain fulfillment. With names like Kama Sutra Body Soufflé, it is certainly obvious what mood the product is designed to evoke. What could be more erotically suggestive than ‘Kama Sutra’ and what could be more deliciously wicked than a ‘body soufflé’?

From beautifully scented aromatherapy oils, to mouthwatering flavored body gels, discreet-romance.com can offer you the best range in modern sex oils and sex lubricants.

Of course, when ‘flying solo’, there is absolutely no need to compromise and the use of your favorite sex lube in conjunction with your favorite sex toy makes for an extremely enjoyable combination.

How do you know which product is right for you? The simple answer is, “Suck it and see.” That is quite literal advice when it comes to the terrific range of flavored oils and gels available, all of which are designed to make your foreplay an extremely tasty experience.

So you can see that sex lubes have come a very long way since the days of spit and KY Jelly and they offer so much more than just a little lubrication. Massage and aromatherapy oils allow you and your partner to experience both relaxation and arousal at the same time, as your hands explore each and every part of one another’s body as part of your foreplay, bringing the body into a heightened state of awareness when the passion takes over. Of course, flavored gels and oils are designed for oral consumption and consequently should only be applied to parts of the body that are likely to be licked or sucked to gain the fullest effect. Using these products also signals intent that you are likely to be concentrating on certain parts of your partner’s anatomy and this will indeed help to intensify the effect of whatever it is you are proposing to do.

Lubrication is no longer something that has to be done before you can enjoy penetrative sex, but is now almost an art form in sensuality. It is a way of expressing yourself in a way that gives maximum stimulation to you and your partner, whilst showing an almost untamed desire to give pleasure, which will be gratefully appreciated when it comes to the final act of love making.

Next time you feel the desire to treat your partner to a little sensual indulgence, the world of sex oils and lubes will open up a wealth of opportunities to make them feel special, pampered and loved. It is a pretty safe bet that you will reap the benefits of your actions too.
A Game of Two Halves
October 28, 2012

If you are expecting to read an article about the beautiful game of football – stop reading now! Whilst football may be the beautiful game, there are some games that can be even more enjoyable.

Adult games are fast becoming popular as couples look at ways of extending their pleasure in the bedroom. As with many things related to sex, adult games were often thought of as being a little bit cheap and nasty, but with people’s attitudes changing over the years and the sophistication that has been brought to adult games in recent years, they are now an acceptable and sought after source of entertainment for modern couples. Why are they games of two halves? Well I am sure you can work that out for yourselves really, but the first half is when you play the game itself as an aperitif for the main course and the second half is the main course, which will probably be greatly enhanced by what has gone on beforehand.

The worst thing that can happen to sex in a relationship is for routine to take over from spontaneity. This is true of most activities that are done regularly, but the impact that routine has on sex is more destructive. Finding a fun way to precede a night of passion is possibly the best way of getting stale relationships moving again. Don’t be fooled into thinking that sex games are only intended to refresh boring relationships. Using adult games as foreplay will probably stop a relationship going off the boil in the first place. The variety of games available ensures that there will never be a dull moment and as you play the games over time you will be able to change the rules for added variety. A couple that plays together, stays together. The most important ingredient in sex is fun. Sex is supposed to be fun and if it isn’t you need to change something fast.

Another way of emphasizing the fun aspect of sex can be seen in the huge range of adult gag gifts that are available these days. These are guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face and are a long way from the old sleazy adult gag gifts in the past. Of course, you can still get adult gag gifts that are designed to cause maximum embarrassment, but you can also obtain more sophisticated gags that are ideally suited as gifts for newlyweds or for giving at bachelor and bachelorette parties. Novelty gifts have always been popular and, whilst adult Gag gifts may raise some eyebrows initially, the chances are that they will be greatly appreciated in the privacy of the bedroom. That body massage kit that brought howls of laughter at the bachelorette party can bring a couple closer together, whilst spicing up their sex life right from the start.

There is no need to be embarrassed about giving and receiving adult themed games or adult gag gifts. Not only have we moved on considerably as a society, but the products have also grown in sophistication and cater for the modern couple in a way that is both fun and exciting.

Adult games and adult gag gifts are now firmly embedded in our way of life and all that remains for us to do is decide which ones we want and what we are going to do with them when we receive them. Remember that the seedy and tacky image that emerged towards adult themed games and adult gag gifts has all but disappeared and these are now viewed exactly for what they are – good clean (or in some cases dirty) fun.

Bondage Sex Toys: Shedding Light on the Dark Side
October 04, 2012

They say that fact is stranger than fiction don’t they. However, that all depends on the fiction, of course. I’ve read some pretty strange fiction in my time and written some too and it is difficult to see how it would translate to the real world. There are some pieces of fiction, though, that can easily be brought into real life situations and they could prove pretty interesting.

I am referring, of course, to the latest page-turner since Harry Potter, but this to me is definitely aimed at the adult market. Fifty Shades of Grey may not be hailed as the best literary work of art this decade, but it has certainly got people talking the world over.

What is it that makes this less than ordinary book so popular? It’s sex of course. The one pleasure that the government doesn’t tax – yet! Mind you, if they thought we were enjoying sex more, you can bet your bottom dollar they would tax it. The more pleasure you get, the more you have to pay. That’s probably why they don’t have a tax for it yet.

There are a lot of sexual relationships that are, quite frankly, bordering on the mundane. A book like Fifty Shades of Grey helps to show people that there are ways of making the sex process quite a lot more interesting.
For those of you that don’t know about the book (for example, people lost on desert islands with no contact with the outside world), the book dabbles in BDSM, which many believe to be the Dark Side of sex. THAT’S WHAT MAKES IT SO MUCH FUN! The important thing to know about BDSM is that it comes with its own set of deliciously scintillating toys.

You don’t have to be in a dungeon to get the most out of BDSM, there are many different levels of enjoyment. The simple use of a blindfold during sex is a BDSM thing. So is getting or giving a playful spanking. Of course, there are some who enjoy being suspended upside down with an apple in their mouth whilst their Dom/me whips them with a cat o’ nine tails, but it’s all down to personal choice.

Whatever your level of interest (and if you have read the book, there is bound to be an interest), there are sex toys available to either ease you in gradually or take it all on head first. Couples new to BDSM can buy a starter kit, with just enough stuff inside to let you tie and tease. All you have to do then is decide who is going to take charge. The other important thing is to take things gradually until trust has been built up because you need to play safely at all times.

By living out the scenarios you have been reading about (and secretly wanting to experience) you will be inadvertently spicing up your sex life and don’t be surprised if you experience more intense orgasms. Changing you routine makes things less predictable and that has got to be more interesting don’t you agree?
It doesn’t matter about age, looks or size, getting pleasure using BDSM sex toys is suitable for everyone. Once you are comfortable with being blindfolded and spanked, there are a whole load of options you can go for. If your partner likes their nipples being squeezed or pinched, you may want to opt for a set of nipple clamps. If receiving a red, warm bottom from a firm hand turns you on, be prepared to graduate to a paddle, flogger or riding crop, depending on how much you like that kind of chastisement. Placing a collar and lead around your partner’s neck will give them a sense of being ‘owned’ and submissive which means that they are in your hands and frees up their inhibitions.

The sky is the limit with BDSM play and there is a toy for every occasion, from the simple blindfold to electric shock therapy. All you have to do is decide how far you both want to take it.

Feel The Vibe
August 29, 2012

Let’s face it, sex is fun. If it isn’t, then quite frankly you are not doing it properly. The reason sex starts becoming less interesting is quite often because it gets repetitive or the spark seems to fizzle out or even both. Trying out different things is essential to keep that spark alive and to spice up your sex life. Short of leaping off the wardrobe dressed in a loin cloth covered in goose grease to liven things up, you may wish to introduce sex toys into your bedroom play scene and the easiest and favourite sex toy to bring things back to life is the trusty old vibrator.

These little beauties come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are designed for out and out pleasure. By the way guys, it’s not just the ladies who can benefit from these pulsating pleasure powerhouses. There are certain parts of the male anatomy that literally get a buzz from being stimulated by a vibrator.

Vibrators are amazingly popular and are very commonplace today being the number one selling sex toy, but it may come as a surprise to you that these things have been around since the late 19th century using steam power no less! The remarkable thing about these ancient devices is that they were used by doctors to treat women with various ailments. No wonder they came away from the doctor’s surgery feeling a whole lot better after the medical men had mindfully masturbated them to mollify a malady!

!902 saw the first patent for an electric vibrator for retail sale and many major stores stocked them – that is until they started being featured in pornography and these early devices were withdrawn from stores in the 1920s.
By the late 60s multi-speed controls had been developed making the whole thing hugely more exciting. As the humble vibrator evolves into an all singing, all dancing, personal orgasm creator, it would be interesting to be part of the research and development teams – and who gets the prime job as test pilot?

As far as tips on using a vibrator are concerned, the rule of thumb should be to find a part of the body that feels very good when stimulated by a vibrator and turn the power up as far as you can take it. On a serious note, however, a couple of good tips are to keep your favourite toy out of sight, especially if you already have children and make sure that you keep it clean. Another serious tip is to keep some lubricant handy if it’s a tight fit.

There is a wide range of vibrators to choose from these days and you can take your choice from a powerful mini pocket rocket to a full-on, mains powered job that pulls no punches.

Besides helping to spice up a couple’s sex life, or allowing a lady to sample the sweet pleasures of life on her own, vibrators fulfil the role of providing orgasms to those unfortunate women who have difficulty attaining a climax through sexual intercourse of manual masturbation.

The vibrator has come a long way since its first incarnation as a mighty steam machine to relieve the medical troubles of distressed ladies. One can only imagine how often these medical troubles cropped up in a week. Nowadays steam power has been replaced by battery power and the popularity of vibrators must seem a huge boon to the battery manufacturers. I wonder if it’s conceivable that in fifty years’ time there may be nuclear powered vibrators in existence. Regardless of what fuel runs it, the vibrator has and will remain the first choice in sex toys.

Kids Don’t Have To End the Fun
July 30, 2012

If you have children, chances are your sex life has taken a significant dive. While children are often the result of the fun, it often goes away once they arrive. How do you maintain the passion in your relationship when there is little time to go around? Sometimes sex toys can be the solution for a relationship that is in danger of being overlooked.

Sex toys are a lot more than the loud clunky vibrators of days long ago. Toys have been made to be more discrete and efficient. If it has been a while since you’ve tried a sex toy don’t decide they aren’t for you just yet. If you have had kids since you’ve last looked and thought that you couldn’t possibly have sex toys now, think again.

If you have children and are concerned about having sex toys, it is important to remember that there are a lot of different types of sex toys to choose from. One thing to consider when purchasing toys in this type of situation is how they look. Sex toys do not have to look like sex. Consider purchasing toys that would be uninteresting to the unfamiliar eye if accidentally discovered. Simply put, avoid anatomically correct toys, and dispose of packaging with graphic descriptions.
Sex toys do not have to sound like sex toys either. If you are purchasing an electronic toy, purchase one that does not make too much noise. It is hard to explain a loud buzzing noise no matter what time it is. Many toys are designed to sound not louder than a cell phone. Research toys based on how loud they are and always consider the other people in the house when you use it.
One thing parents frequently do not have is time. Spend more time with your partner and not preparing your toys by purchasing toys that are easy to maintain. Save time in the bedroom by always having enough batteries on hand, or keeping rechargeable toys ready to go. Save after fun time by purchasing toy cleaner or wipes to make clean up a breeze.
Sometimes the best way to keep the fire going is to make the fire in unexpected places. A great way to keep the fun going on parent time is to play in the shower. For toys, this means purchasing toys that are waterproof. Not only do you have a fun place to have needed adult time, with waterproof toys cleanup is effortless.
Remote control toys are also a great way to take the fun outside of the bedroom. Many of these toys, such a vibrating panties or eggs are made to be worn and activated from a distance. No one will know that you are wearing them unless you tell them, and you and partner can keep the fun a secret. They are also a great way to engage in discrete foreplay during the day.

The most important rule to keeping toys after kids is having a safe place to store them. No matter how discrete your toys are, you don’t want to leave them out for others to discover. Invest in a good storage system for your toys. You may even want to consider a toy box that locks.
While kids can be time consuming, they don’t have to mean the end of fun in the bedroom. If you use toys that are discrete and easy to maintain, chances are it can be business as usual. For couples that need a little more help keeping the fun going, consider taking the fun out of the bedroom. Most importantly, make sure you have a good place to keep them. With these simple tips, the fun can go on!

Sex Toys Aren't Just For Going Solo
June 28, 2012

For many people, when they think of a sex toy, they think of a woman alone in her bedroom with a vibrator. While that is often the case, sex toys don't always have to be a one person activity. There are many sex toys available that are great for couples. There is such a variety, that nowadays, even the most vanilla couples can integrate adult toys in their relationships.

Why use sex toys in your relationship? One good reason is because it may be good for you! While there aren't any studies showing a direct link between sex toys and health, studies have shown that sex can help your heart, improve your immune system and reduce stress. Studies have also shown that sex toys can help you have better sex.

So how do you introduce sex toys into your relationship? The first step is to talk about it. Sex is a natural part of any adult relationship, and an open dialogue is key to a healthy relationship. Little steps like verbally introducing the topic or even shopping together, not only eases nervous partners into the idea, it also considers the feelings and desires of both parties. If you aren't sure what your partner would like, ask them. Chances are the discussion might serve as foreplay on its own.

Some sex toy users wouldn't dream of sharing their toys with their partner out of fear of it damaging their relationship. If you are concerned that your partner might be a little jealous of your sex toys, don't be! There are plenty of toys that are enhanced by a partner rather than replacing them.

For couples new to sex toys, or perhaps even intimidated by it, a cock ring is a good place to start. Cock rings or worn by males, and benefit both the male and female. They are great for beginner couples because they do not interfere with the normal process of intercourse. A cock ring provides stimulation to the penis, by restricting the blood flow. This can increase performance, benefiting the recipient, and also increase pleasure, benefiting the wearer. There are even cock rings that have textures designed to stimulate the clitoris, and vibrations to stimulate both partners.

While vibrators can be enjoyed solo, remote control vibrators are best played with by two. These toys are made to be worn by one person while controlled by another. Because the wearer is at the whim of the remote holder, these toys encourage trust between the couple, while rewarding mischievousness. Remote controlled vibrators are also handy for taking bedroom activities outside the bedroom. With these toys, a busy couple with work or children can continue to play while tending to their day to day responsibilities.

Cock rings and remote control vibrators are excellent sex toys for any couple, but for the sexually adventurous bondage toys are a great way to introduce novelty into a relationship. These toys are great for both beginners and the advanced because they are so varied. Bondage toys can be as innocent as a satin blindfold and tickler, or as restrictive as a full on restraint system. These toys even often come in kits so couples can try a variety of toys out before they commit to one type.

Regardless of whether you start with a cock ring, blindfold, or remote control vibrator, sex toys can work wonders for any relationship. Not only are they fun, they encourage communication, foreplay, and exploration of your partner's body. Even toys that are traditionally for solo play can be enjoyed by couples if both are committed to causing their partner pleasure. If your relationship could use a little spice, or you're looking for your next toy don't limit yourself to going at it alone.

Today's Sex Toys: The Vibrator
May 25, 2012

The vibrator has a rich history in American culture, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. If you've thought that the little buzzer is hiding in our culture's dark corners, that is far from true. Self sexual gratification is becoming as commonplace as cable television, and you may soon even see basic models on the shelves of your local drug store.

The vibrator was created as a medical device used to treat a condition called female hysteria in the mid 1800s . Prior to its creation, doctors used manual stimulation to the vaginal region to treat physical and psychological disturbances in women. Although a common and simple procedure, doctors sought out ways to simplify the task.

The search to find an easier way to treat female hysteria led to the creation of a steam powered vibrator in the late 1800s. By the early 1900s, Hamilton Beach, the maker of many modern household appliances, patented an early version of today's modern vibrator. Now women no longer had to see a doctor to treat symptoms of female hysteria, they could treat it at home themselves.

By the 1920's, the household health appliance took on its more current persona as a sex toy when it appeared in pornography. At the same time, the condition of female hysteria was losing credibility. Now no longer seen as a medical device, and fueled by a sexual revolution, the vibrator returned to mainstream society in the late 1960s as a cordless device. Not until recently were its merits as a medical device reconsidered.

Today's vibrators have seen many improvements since first becoming cordless. They now can be found in a variety of shapes, and materials. Unlike the original vibrators, today's models are not limited to vaginal stimulation. These toys can also be used to provide vibration to the clitoris, anus and any other sensitive body parts such as nipples. Both women and men are able to choose from a large variety of designs to fit their sexual needs.

Some vibrator designs include:

• Rabbit: A dual vibrator used to stimulate the clitoris and penetrate the vagina
• G Spot: Shaped Vibator angled to reach the Gspot inside of the vagina
• Clitoral: Wand like vibrator designed for external use
• Anal: Slender vibrator with an angled end to prevent it from becoming enlodged.
• Butterfly: Hands-free clitoral vibrator in the shape of a butterfly worn on the body
• Egg: Hands-free vibrator in the shape on a egg that is inserted into the vagina

In addition to innovations in designs, vibrators have also made improvements in their selection of materials. Vibrators are now being made out of plastic, silicone, rubber, and synthetic materials known as jelly. These materials vary in their appeal to people. Some are popular because they can be sanitized, while others are drawn to materials that are smooth and flesh-like.

Other vibrator innovations include waterproof vibrators, rechargeable vibrators, glow in the dark vibrators, sound activated vibrators and remote control vibrators.

With all the options available, it is easy to not know what to buy. The most important thing to keep in mind is that a vibrator is not a one size fits all object. It's important to know your body and what you find pleasurable when choosing a vibrator design.

Although the vibrator may never return to its former glory as a cure all medical device for females, recent studies have supported claims of its health merits. Most doctors will agree, that as long as you find one that is not too powerful, and it is used in moderation, a vibrator is a healthy toy to have. While it may not make the cover of Woman's Home Journal again, the vibrator doesn't seem to be going away.

Everything you need to know about Lubes
April 29, 2012

Have you ever considered anal? If you have, you are probably aware of the usefulness of a quality lubricant. For all types of sexual encounters, lubricants can improve the experience, increase stimulation, and even assist with performance. They also help with the longevity of toys.

For the most part, lubricants come in three varieties: water based, oil based, and silicone based. Each of them work the same, but might be better for different scenarios. Water based lubricants are easily absorbed and work well with all types of toys. Oil based lubricants include natural oils that moisturize the skin and can double as massage oil. Silicone lubes coat and create a silky, moisturizing effect that often last long enough for multiple uses. Choosing which lube to use can depend on rather you want all around moisture, something to use with toys or heavy duty lubrication for anal play.

Lubricants can also be used to create a little extra spice in the bedroom. Arousal gels added to the vagina or penis before intercourse help bring additional blood flow and excitement to already sensitive areas. Arousal gels can be used for all types of sexual intercourse as well as simply applied directly to the body.

Similar to how arousal gels help in the bedroom by increasing stimulation, prolonging gels work their magic by decreasing stimulation. Desensitizing spray lubes and gels are used to assist with anal penetration, oral sex, and early ejaculation. These special lubricants remove some of the sensation so the user can spend more time doing what they love.

If providing a little extra moisture, adding some more sensation, or prolonging the experience isn't reason enough to use lubes, prolonging the life of toys might be. Many dolls, strokers and dildos last longer when a quality water based lube is used with it. So if you don't already have a little extra liquid in your closet, now is the time to stock up.

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