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Beginner Sex Toys Are Hotter Than Ever!
February 08, 2014

These days, sex toys are everywhere. They’re enjoyed by people of all races, classes, and orientations. Technology has inspired new designs, new functions, and toys made of new materials. It’s almost more than a novice can digest. That’s why beginner sex toys are so popular and so effective. They eliminate the perceived drawbacks of adult novelties while providing all the benefits!

Chains Of Love Bondage KitChains Of Love Bondage Kit

Beginner sex toys are a great way to introduce sex toys into your relationship. A lot of individuals and couples are nervous about trying sex toys, and that’s reasonable. Some of them are ... big, very very big. And today’s technology has become so advanced that even trying to select one from the plethora of vibrating sex toys could be enough to scare anyone off. But beginner’s toys aren’t as complex--they’re a bit more basic. They come in a variety of sizes and with variable power settings to please even the most sensitive user. Classics like the vibrating cock ring, the wand massager, pocket pussies, dildos, butt plugs, ben wa balls, and others are easy to use and are effective pleasure devices that are perfect for the uninitiated. Becoming familiar with them can become an act of intimacy in and of itself, and with beginner sex toys, that act is easy, fun, and fulfilling.

Sex toys are a great form of safe sex! The materials used to make today’s sex toys are easy to keep clean. They are also amazingly realistic and technologically advanced, which make them excellent alternatives to riskier forms of sexual release. Because sex toys can gratify a lone user, they can replace casual sex, which can be terribly dangerous in terms of one’s health and also one’s physical safety. Forget the stigma of previous generations--sex toys are now endorsed and recommended by psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, councilors, and other respected professionals.

Xtreme KitXtreme Kit

Beginner sex toys are generally more affordable than more advanced sex toys. Some of the basic sex toys are available for only $4.99! A variety of powerful and reliable beginner sex toys, including tongue teasers, waterproof finger-mounted models, vibrating bullets, rock-in waterproof massagers, probes, and various others can be had for less than $10 on any number of reliable, discreet, and easy-to-use websites.

Beginner sex toys are great for anyone, including those that are straight, bi, gay, and others. Prostate massagers, vibrating cock rings, and butt plugs are great for men and for the men and women who love them! Ben wa balls, blindfolds, velcro shackles, and plastic paddles are enjoyed by sex toy novices of every orientation and are ideal for use in pairs or groups.

H2h Cock Ring Double Metal MetalH2h Cock Ring Double Metal Metal

Beginner sex toys are ideal for use by both sexes. And when alone, both genders can enjoy any of the many affordable and reliable butt plugs, anal massagers, vibrators, lotions, and creams. There are wide ranges of products made specifically for men and for women, including masturbators of different gender-specific designs. Men can also enjoy prostate massagers and cock rings, while women may indulge in bullet vibrators designed especially for them. And of course, both men and women can enjoy being on either end of a sensual paddle or fur-lined pair of handcuffs.

All of the last generation’s preconceptions about sex toys are being eradicated by modern technology and expanding social mores. Instead of being associated with deviant practices, sex toys are now associated with good sexual health and are believed to promote safe sex and healthy social relationships. Instead of being expensive, they’re amazingly affordable. Instead of being used by isolated individuals, they’re now becoming a favored social practice, bringing people together and keeping them together. Instead of being for lone straight males, sex toys are for everyone, up and down the sexual and social spectrum. Everybody can enjoy today’s sex toys, and it’s never been easier, safer, or more respectable for beginners to take part in this golden age of adult novelties.
12 Sexy Days of Christmas Gift List from Discreet-Romance.com
December 07, 2013

T’is the season to be jolly, because sexy Christmas gifts are more plentiful, powerful and popular than ever! The angels won’t be the only ones singing once you find one of these under your tree, gifts sure to make your yule one you’ll never forget!

To help you fill out your list, you can visit any number of reputable online romantic gift sites, such as industry leader Discreet-Romance.com. And to help you remember, we’ve put together this fabulous 12 Sexy Days of Christmas Gift List so you’re sure to bring home the best, and get the best the season truly has to offer!

Body Painting ChocolateBody Painting Chocolate

On the First Sexy Day of Christmas, give your partner a treat that’s sure to kick off the holidays with a sweet start! Body painting chocolate is the newest way to satisfy that craving for something decadent, rich and creamy. A hint of vanilla and a touch of cubism -- you don’t have to be gifted to enjoy this sexy Christmas gift, just ready for some playful moments in the art of lovemaking. Washes of skin easily with soap and water. Priced from $9.96 - $11.78.
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Aphrodisiac Oil ChocolateAphrodisiac Oil Chocolate

On the Second Sexy Day of Christmas, delight your lover with sweet and delicious Aphrodisiac Oil chocolate. That warming sensation when blown on or licked off is sure to be a highlight of your holiday. Frosty won’t be the only one melting! Edible and safe to use with latex condoms, this romantic gift is a slick move this Christmas! The jeweltone liquid inside these boudoir-worthy glass bottles tastes as good as it looks. You’ll be licking your lips ... for a start. Priced from $12.12 - $14.78.
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Genie in a Bottle M Cup MasturbatorGenie in a Bottle M Cup Masturbator

On the Third Sexy Day of Christmas, the Genie in a Bottle M Cup Male Masturbator will make any man’s wishes cum true! The M-Cup is available in Fire and Ice, Hot Nights, Slip and Slide, Luscious Lips, Magic Carpet Ride and Back to Paradise variations, for whatever mood you’re in! Variety has never been so spicy. This sexy Christmas gift is sure to bring pleasure beyond measure. And it’s an effective method for increasing stamina! Priced from $18.88 - $23.03.
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Funzone Vulcan Love Skin MasturbatorFunzone Vulcan Love Skin Masturbator

On the Fourth Sexy Day of Christmas, step into the fun zone. The Funzone Vulcan Love Skin Masturbators, found at Discreet-Romance.com, comprise a line of waterproof marvels of penetration simulation made of realistic love skin. Different designs include Ripe or Tight or Wet Mouth, Vagina, and Anus. All are travel size -- discreet sex in a can! These are among the hottest -- and coolest -- sexy gifts in Santa’s sack this season! Priced from $16.14 - $19.69.
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Fifty Shades of GreyFifty Shades of Grey

On the Fifth Sexy Day of Christmas, bring home the classic erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Live the adventure for yourselves with every hair-raising turn of the page, and keep the sexy fun going with the thrilling sequels. More than just a romantic gift, it’s a genuine phenomenon! Priced from $18.86 - $23.01.
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Fifty Shades of Grey Party GameFifty Shades of Grey Party Game

On the Sixth Sexy Day of Christmas, play the new Fifty Shades of Grey party game, Reveal Your Inner Goddess. Bring the adventure to life in your own living room or bedroom with this sexy Christmas gift. You’ll learn more about how others see you, and how you see yourself. Change that, and you change the game forever ... in ways you can only imagine! There are a whole lotta laughs in this racy game, and that’s just the beginning of the fun. Priced from $30.10 - $41.73.
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Amour Be Mine Cuddle Massage KitAmour Be Mine Cuddle Massage Kit

On the Seventh Sexy Day of Christmas, snuggle up close with the Amour Be Mine Cuddle Massage Kit. You’ll dream and conspire a whole new fantasy with this array of sexy gifts, including exotic a romantic essence infused with antioxidants and pheromones, and a cozy plush toy whose worth more than just a cuddle! Plus, a waterproof power massager with 4 interchangeable tips, varying settings and silver plating makes this present one she’ll love to unwrap again and again. Priced from $19.67 - $24.00.
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The Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics - Mistress KitThe Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics - Mistress Kit

On the Eighth Sexy Day of Christmas, report to your mistress! The Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics - Mistress Kit features a feathered tickler, blindfolds and cuffs introduce you both to the world of sensual bondage in a soft and sexy tone that’s perfect for a little festive experimentation. Priced from $27.38 - $37.11.
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The Beginners Bondage Kit The Beginners Bondage Kit

On the Ninth Sexy Day of Christmas, show some restraint! The Beginners Bondage Kit includes satin love mask, leather whip, wrist and ankle restraints, body heat lotion and more! The finest materials ensure a comfortable and safe excursion into your favorite indulgence or your newest interest. There is no sexy Christmas gift that can better tie up your busy schedule, and for (more than) once you’ll be grateful. Santa Claus may not be a reality, but your kinkiest fantasies are about to be! Priced from $43.55 - $59.03.
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The Blue Delilah VibeThe Blue Delilah Vibe

On the Tenth Sexy Day of Christmas, tickle her fancy in more ways than one! The Blue Delilah Vibe is a phthalates-free stocking stuffer that can decorate the mantle or go straight up the chimney! This workshop superstar offers gentle rotation and stronger gyration. And the bullet extension makes this a two-in-one Christmas miracle! Speed control means you can make the holidays last all year long -- the sexy Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Priced from $97.54 - $129.35.
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The Courture Collection Pocket VibratorThe Courture Collection Pocket Vibrator

On the Eleventh Sexy Day of Christmas, the Courture Collection Pocket Vibrator is sure to make anyone’s Jingle Bells rock! Innovation, luxury, power and passion are the hallmarks of the popular and sophisticated waterproof massagers. Sleek and powerful, these wands deliver seven functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation. These flexible, pliable, seamless, and unscented wonders are discrete, convenient, safe and pure; the perfect romantic gift for the holidays! Priced from $34.36- $41.92.
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The Acuvibe Vibrator MassagerThe Acuvibe Vibrator Massager

On the Twelfth Sexy Day of Christmas, the Acuvibe Vibrator Massager is more than just a great and sexy Christmas gift, and a great way to shake things up. This revolutionary adult toy focuses one hundred percent of its energy into the tip and shaft, with none wasted or misdirected to tire out your hand. This handheld massager is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy for Santa to deliver all those countless hours of joy to the world! The different settings are vibration-dampened and whisper quiet, so this personal massager can be used anywhere on the body for instant relief. Priced from $54.96 - $70.58.
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Have your sexiest Christmas ever with this fun and easy-to-follow program and reliable resources like Discreet-Romance.com. And at no additional cost you’ll even get an extra present with both your names on it -- a new holiday tradition you’ll enjoy upholding for years to come!
The Myths and Realities of a Most Endearing Sex Toy
October 07, 2013

Dildos and vibrators are part of the long and noble human sexual tradition, and they show no signs of slowing down! But the science and the myth of this fabled phallus have made choosing the right dildo or vibrator tricky. Which design or materials are best for you? Let’s take a fresh look at the world’s most popular sex toy.

The vibrator currently comes in a variety of styles, including:

Realistic: These lifelike dildos tend to be soft, less firm than even jelly dildos. Rigorous cleaning is needed with this very porous material, but they do deliver a realistic and gratifying experience.

Rabbit: Perhaps the most widely known dildo today is the Rabbit, also called Jack Rabbit Vibrators. What makes the Rabbit instantly identifiable is also what makes it so special and so popular. This two-pronged design stimulates the vaginal wall and the clitoris simultaneously. Using a rotating or oscillating shaft and vibrating “bunny ears” to achieve this unique double stimulation, the Rabbit comes in a variety of shapes, materials, colors and design variations. This popular device also comes in a variety of strengths, for the inexperienced and the seasoned sensualist. Jack Rabbit vibrators combine the best of both worlds; vibrators and stimulators.

G-spot vibrators: Available in different materials and various strengths, this vibrator is designed to stimulate the g-spot through direct internal contact.

Clitoral stimulators:
Clitoral stimulators include; the teaser, the hummer, the exciter, the pump, the scoop, the oral sex simulator and many others. Butterfly vibrators are worn like panties. These products are generally designed for external stimulation only.

The Bullet: Bullets are popular for use alone or as a couples toy, with one partner holding the bullet and another works the controls. Also popular as the slightly larger Egg.

Vibrators off all the various styles come in an array of materials, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Hard plastic / acrylic: Hard, inflexible and non-porous, a dildo or vibrator made out of these types of material is a quick and easy tool when you don’t want a lot of hassle or cleanup.

Glass: Colorful blown glass and artful design make them look more like works of art. They’re safe to use and easy to clean. They’re non-porous to encourage hygiene. They can be heated or frozen to produce different effects during foreplay or penetration. They often cost a bit more, but they are built to last.

7th Heaven Platinum Beaded Rabbit Pearl

Silicone: These expensive models are often among the highest quality. They have a very realistic feel and retain body heat for added pleasure and realism. They are non-porous and hypoallergenic and are dishwasher safe.

Jelly: This affordable material is popularly used in making dildos. The extreme flexibility lends a unique sense of comfort. But they are extremely porous and must be cleaned thoroughly and consistently. Condom use is sometimes suggested with dildos of this sort.

Latex: Softer than silicone, but less expensive. Latex is also porous, and some women have proven to have allergic reactions.

Cyberskin: Usually a combination of silicone and PVC (polyvinyl chloride), this is a very effective simulation of the real deal. But extra care is required, as this material is very porous. As with other silicone-based products, only use a water-based lubricant.

Let’s take a brief at what led the vibrator to its place at the top of the sex toy chain. The world’s first dildo is believed to date back to 26,000 BCE, was eleven inches long and made of siltstone. Steam-powered “manipulators” appeared in the 1700s. Dildos have chained with every major technological shift, especially in the last fifty years, when the industrial revolution produced new and cheaper plastics. Today, dildos remain more popular than ever: roughly 36% of the sex toy industry’s $15 billion haul comes from sales of dildos and vibrators.

Along with all that history, inevitably, comes some myth; and the case of the dildo is no exception. Here are just a few unfortunate and unfounded concerns about vibrator use:

Will a vibrator make achieving orgasm through natural intercourse impossible? There is no evidence that using a vibrator will somehow spoil a woman for regular sex or render her clitoris unresponsive. Occupational safety studies, which investigate the impact on tissues of holding a vibrating tool for various lengths of time, prove it. After 30 minutes, the maximum recommended usage time of the average vibrator, no damage had been reported.

Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Aurora Kit

Another myth is that vibrator use is so effective that many women simply lose interest in men entirely. No. Men are valuable to women and attractive to them for reasons beyond their penises. No mere toy can truly replace human companionship for those who crave it.

Many associate dildo and vibrator use with people who are lonely or social outcasts. But over 50% of American women have used them, and married women are more likely to use them (roughly 50%) than single women (roughly 28%).

Always wash your vibrator with warm water and gentle liquid soap. Spray with a specialized anti-bacterial toy cleaner, making sure to get into the tiny crevices and parts of the toy your water washing may have missed. Always make sure to completely dry your dildo before putting it way to prevent mold or mildew. If you use a dildo made out of a porous material like Cyberskin, take extra care and diligence to wash it thoroughly, and then sprinkle a little cornstarch to keep it from getting sticky. If you use a silicon-type product, never use silicon-based lubricant, as it can break down the silicon material of your toy! If your vibrator is battery powered, take extra care around the battery housing. Never submerge electrical components in water. Also, check regularly for cracks. If the toy is damaged, simply replace it! With all the different materials and design styles, you may want to experiment with a few to see which suits you best!
Valentine's Day Gifts for Her
January 31, 2012

Valentine's Day gifts for her don't need to be a pain in the butt to get right. Forget all the pressure that's riding on you to get her the most expensive gift imaginable and instead just try to choose something that you really think she'd enjoy. Is it safe for me to assume that if you've come here looking for a Valentine's gift for her that she likes her gifts a little naughty? Then you, my friend, have come to the right place!

I've come across a few great Valentine's Day gift ideas for her that will appeal to her naughty side while also giving her a little something for the part of her that wants romance for Valentine's Day. Have a little looksee and see if there's anything you know your gal would love.

The Amour Collection of Goodies

This entire line offers up the perfect mix of romantic and sexy with little kits containing goodies that give you all you need for a romantic evening for two or for her to enjoy solo when the mood strikes. Some of my favorites for Valentine's Day are:

Amour Tease & Please Romance Kit: The set comes with a cute little teddy bear, G-string complete with feathers at the adjustable sides, and a micro bullet vibrator that's made to fit perfectly inside the G-string for some discreet fun.

Amour Be Mine Cuddle Kit: Another sweet little kit with a teddy bear, this one also comes with a powerful pocket vibrator with 4 interchangeable tips and a bottle of sensual massage oil.

Amour Playful Massager Romance Kit: I love this one because it's fun and sexy! It comes with a red vibrator, sensual massage oil, and sexy dice to encourage some naughty fun.

A Few Other Gift Ideas for Her

There are loads of inexpensive items that you can give on their own or paired with others for the perfect combination for her. Some suggestions:

Massage Candles: Massage candles smell delicious, make for some romantic ambience, and melt down into some very luxurious massage oil that feels incredible when you massage it into her skin while it's nice and warm.

Lingerie and Panties: Women love lingerie and there are styles for all women whether they're regular size or queen size and whether they like frilly lingerie like teddies and babydolls or something a little more low key like a bra and panty set or a cami and panties.

Games for Lovers: Resist the urge to get her a drinking game and instead try a romantic game for lovers that's made to bring you closer in and out of the bedroom. Women love hot sex but they also need to feel a connection and love anything that helps you bond. A few suggestions: 52 Weeks of Romance, Foreplay Your Way (since we can never get enough foreplay!), and Love Poker.
Gift ideas for the Bride-to-Be or the Happy Couple
May 10, 2011

Wedding season is fast approaching which means that many of you are scrambling to find a gift for the bride-to-be or the happy couple. Opting to give a sexy wedding gift isn’t uncommon and while this sort of thing used to be reserved for showers and bachelorette parties, more and more friends who are close to the bride and/or groom are now venturing into this new way of offering their congratulations.

There are a few choices that require almost no real thought and are made just for an occasion like a wedding. These are kits containing goodies that cater to the new couple or are honeymoon-themed. These can usually be found in the ‘Romantic Gifts for Lovers’ category. For those of you who are a little more creative and willing to shop around to get a truly personalized gift; check out the various massage oils and lotions in the Lotions and Potions section as well as the Bed and Bath section where you can find some really decadent goodies for your gift. I make no secret of my love of the Kama Sutra oils and bath salts and I also absolutely adore their Honey Dust Powder.

If you want to add something a little risqué to your gift basket that compliments the lotions and bath products mentioned, then I recommend a waterproof vibrator. I would go with one that falls to the daintier side of the sex toy spectrum and steer clear of anything too, well, in-your-face. There are all kinds of little vibrators that are pleasing to look at and even elegant. My picks for the prettiest and bride-iest vibrators would have to be: Hearts of Heart, Mia Pink, Little Pearl, and Water Pearls.

If you want to go a slightly more traditional route while still keeping it sexy, then lingerie is the way to go. A beautiful piece of lingerie will make the bride feel beautiful and do a little somethin’-somethin’ for the groom too. A few worth checking out: Sweet Sensations White Lace Babydoll and Thong, Bridal Chemise with Veil, and Lace and Mesh Babydoll.

Last Post Before Christmas - Sexy Kits for You Last Minute Christmas Shoppers
December 20, 2010


As my last post before Christmas, I wanted to throw out some super easy and super sexy Christmas gift ideas for those of you who have left your shopping down to the wire and are scrambling to find something great for Christmas, and the rest of the year for that matter. This sexy and easy stuff I speak of is kits-all kinds of 'em.

The great thing about kits-aside from the fact that they take ALL the guesswork out of shopping for you-is that they offer versatility and a lot of bang for your buck. It doesn't matter what you and your lover are into because there's a kit for everyone: mixed sex toy kits, vibrator kits, massager kits, anal kits, and even bondage kits. You can find one that leans to the romantic side of the spectrum or go for the all-out raunch.

So, without further ado (because you only have a couple of days left!), here are a few kits that'll make sexy Christmas gifts or even be a great addition to your New Years Eve plans or winter getaway.

Geisha's Secret Kit: This little kit has it all and in convenient travel sizes which are not only great for holiday travels but also for sampling the different products before committing to the full size versions. This kit includes exotic fruit massage oil and bath gel, grape-flavored edible lube, clit cream, and edible body powder that you apply with the included feather applicator.

Bed of Roses Deluxe Edition Kit: Your lover will think you've been planning this romantic Christmas for ages thanks to this kit that comes with all you could possibly need to impress a romance-loving partner. Packed in an elegant black satin bag, you get over 200 scented silk rose petals, rose scented bubble bath, edible gourmet chocolate massage oil, a massager, 4 tea lights, and even an invitation card. Get ready to score major brownie points with this sexy gift idea!

Heart Throb Love Kit: This sex toy kit is a nice mix of romantic and naughty! It comes with a vibrating cock ring, finger bullet vibe, vaginal tightening gel, oral sex cream, flavored condoms, enhancement gel, and even a naughty scratch card!

Bullets Galore Kit: This kit is made up of 3 powerful bullets in different sizes and 3 different jelly enhancement sleeves so you can really mix it up! And, bullets are fun to use on ALL of your erogenous zones regardless of your sex.

Anal Teaser Kit: This kit is great if you and your partner are just starting to explore anal pleasure. It comes with one mini vibe and 3 jelly sleeves made for anal play.

AE Anal Adventure Kit: The ultra slim mini vibe is perfect for the anal beginner and the 2 extra sleeves are there to help the beginner move his or her way on up!

Bedroom Party Pack: What more could a gal ask for this Christmas than a 7 inch vibrator and 7 jelly vibrator sleeves that offer up everything from G-spot stimulation to anal fun! It's also cute and colorful too!

Couples Collection Kit: This is a vibrator kit and then some! You get: a 6 inch waterproof multi-speed vibe with 2 jelly sleeves, a mini massager with 4 different tips, a jelly g-spot sleeve, a cock ring, a cock sleeve, and if that weren't enough, you also get samples of lube, sex toy cleaner, chocolate body topping, and warming massage oil. A Merry Christmas indeed!

InfraRed Massager Kit: I've actually had the pleasure of reviewing this one and have owned and used my kit for a couple of years now. It is awesome!! While I'm sure it can easily be used for naughty pleasures, it is in fact a great massager that will help you relax and even ease sore and stiff muscles. Love it!

Aphrodite Rechargeable Massager: You can't go wrong with a massager made by the Berman Institute! This kit can be used for relaxation and stiff muscles or for sexual pleasure. A very versatile Christmas gift to say the least!

Beginners Bondage Kit: Get everything you need for your foray into the world of bondage with this kit. It's seriously got it all from blindfold to restraints and even warming gel for teasing.

FF Extreme Compliance Kit: Perfect for the seasoned pro, the Extreme Compliance kit has EVERYTHING you need to keep your sub in line this Christmas and always.

Merry Christmas!
The Funniest and Most Awesome Gifts to Give Your Brotha' from Anotha' Brotha'
December 07, 2010


I know that a straight guy may find it hard to believe that you could get some really cool Christmas toys for your guy friends on a sex toy, but it's true! Seriously!!

The cool thing about buying your buds gifts from an adult site is that they're packed with all kinds of adult novelties which means uncensored, dirty, disgusting, and hilarious gifts. Throw in one or two that encourage drinking and not only have you got an awesome present for your friend but you'll benefit from it too - just have your camera ready cuz' the opportunity to get some blackmail pics for later is HIGH if there's enough beer involved.

I've taken it upon myself to find the most awesome gifts for your guy friends EVER. They're all inexpensive and sure to get a few good laughs. Will they get your pal laid? Some of them just might, but you'll have to skim the list to see...

Adrie's Picks for the Most Effin' Hilarious Gifts for Your Guy Friends

Wondering what makes me such an expert on what your straight guy friends will like? It's a combination of things: being raised in a house with two brothers, a super macho dad and a grandfather with awesome senses of humor, and jobs spent working closely with men and being just foul-mouthed enough that they never felt the need to censor themselves just cuz' there was a "lady present". Add to that thousands of hours logged watching porn and the fact that I have the sense of humor of a frat boy or sailor, and I'd say I'm a fucken pro at what straight guys will find hilarious. Now, here are my suggestions:

Inflatable Talking Sheep: Tell me your buddies wouldn't die laughing after receiving and inflatable sex sheep for Christmas! It's got a strategically placed hole and action-activated sound! Just think of the gestures you could use to get that thing baaing and your friends on the floor in tears of laughter!

Boobie Dodge Ball: Did your friend love the movie Dodge Ball with Vince Vaughan and Ben Stiller? Of course he did - that's some hilarious shit! I'm guessing that same friend loves tits or at the very least finds them amusing, right? Then you really can't go wrong with this very inexpensive boob-shaped dodge ball. Think of the endless hours of enjoyment he'll have playing with it and you'll have whipping it at him! Classic.

Boobie Water Gun: Is it a little juvenile? Hell ya! But funny nonetheless! Pick up a few of these for your next party and go nuts cuz' there's nothing funnier than a bunch of grown men ducking behind furniture and rolling all Starsky and Hutch-style across the room trying to get away from the spray of a boob-shaped water gun!

Merry Fucking Christmas Candy: Nothing says you care like a box of Merry Fucking Christmas Candy. Great for satisfying the munchies too. *wink*

1000 Drinking Games: Just add a case of beer or a bottle of JD and he'll be your buddy for life.

Batman XXX - A Porn Parody: Guys love Batman and they love porn. 'Nuff said.

A Hairy Pussy: Just in case the sheep isn't his thing or if he's been going through a bit of a dry spell, this Penthouse Hairy Pussy Anniversary Edition is pocket sized and funny enough to give as a gag gift but realistic enough that he can use it if he wants to. And it's by Penthouse, so you know you're getting your pal the Cadillac of pocket pussies! You are a GREAT friend!!

Now go drink beer, scratch your balls and so a little shopping for the guys!

Sexy Gifts For Him: A Gift Basket With More Raunch Than Romance
December 01, 2010


After covering great gift baskets for women-single and taken-it's only fitting that I offer up some equally great gift ideas for him. Truth be told, I am actually really enjoying this post as I do love choosing gifts for someone who is more likely to appreciate a little raunch over romance, as men tend to. God bless 'em.

The key to putting together a gift basket for the guy in your life starts off with the same advice that I gave when I wrote about creating a gift basket for her, and that is to keep his likes in mind when choosing the goodies. Just because you may long for romance doesn't mean that he does. And, since this gift basket is all about him, you really do need to focus on the things that will make him happy even if that means a little less love and a lot more lewd.

Putting Together a Gift Basket for Him

A great point to keep in mind whenever choosing sexy gifts for a man is that men are visual creatures by nature. This is not to say that a man wouldn't enjoy a book of sex stories, but the reality is that most would prefer to see the sex then merely imagine it. Ah, the perfect segway into my list of goodies to fill a gift basket for him with. Here goes:

DVDs: What better for our sexy visual creature than some sexy visual stimuli? Choosing an adult DVD for your guy isn't brain surgery, as chances are he'll just be thrilled that you're encouraging his love of porn! But, try to think of what sort of thing turns him on when choosing the DVD, whether you find it arousing or not. That means if he's into latex fetish porn or even if his idea of hot is a WKRP in Cincinnati porno rip-off , that's what you should look for.

Masturbators and Pocket Pussies: You know your guy jerks off-we all do. So, if you're gonna give him a hot DVD then why not throw in just what he'll need to work his magic while watching. Sure, he's always got his hand, but a masturbation toy adds a certain little something that his hand can't. Try one of these: The Fleshlight (a tried and true fave amongst cocks the world over!), Aria Cock Pleaser, and Deep Throat Stroker

Lube: Whether to use on you or use when he's playing with the "palm sisters", lube is a must in his gift basket. I recommend choosing an assortment that includes a sampling of different kinds of lubes, like regular lube, warming lube and even refreshingly cooling lube.

Something Playful: Raunch is great but, don't forget to throw in a little something playful too. Tis' the season after all! I suggest something like sexy coupons, dirty dice or even a fun sex game that you think he'd get a kick out of. When choosing a game as a sexy gift for him, be sure to choose something that is just as easy as it is fun because the last thing your guy needs is a complicated game that makes the time drag. Let him get to the good stuff ASAP!

Edible Undies: Yes, you did read that right! Edible undies may be a tad cheesy or cliche but they remain a favorite whether as a gag gift or otherwise. The great thing about the edible undies-aside from the massive belly laughs they're bound to cause-is that while they are for him to wear, they are for you to eat. Get it? *wink*

Hope that these sexy gift ideas for your man's naughty gift basket have inspired you to make your own. As long as you make it with an open mind and keep his wants at the forefront when compiling the goodies for the basket, then you're sure to have a winning combo on your hands. And, if you're finding my suggestions to tame, then feel free to raunch it up with some anal sex toys, a promise to master the prostate massage or even a game for groups of naughty people if branching out is what you're cool with! The dirtier the better my saucy gift-giver!!

Happy Holidays!
Romantic Gift Ideas for Her This Christmas
November 24, 2010


If you're looking for romantic gift ideas for her this Christmas then you are in luck because I am going to help you put together a personalized gift that will warm her cockles and likely get yours some action too! I'm talking about a romantic gift basket that you can cater to her wants and desires, making you seem like the most wonderful/considerate/amazing guy in the world this Christmas.

Getting Started

The first thing you're gonna need-duh!-is a basket. Pick any basket of ample size so that you have the space you need to fill it with her favorite goodies. And, don't worry about it being too big cuz there's always basket filler if need be. Choose something pretty that she can re-use at home if she likes. (I personally love decorative metal baskets.)

Next you want to cover a few basics. Since this is all about "romantic gift ideas for her", there are a few items that are a must in your basket, like a small bottle of champagne and a romantic card. Make it a really smooshy and sentimental one for extra brownie points! Now, onto the romantic-but-very-sexy goodies...

Remember that these are just suggestions that I am offering but they should give you the general idea of the kinds of things to include in your basket. Be sure to choose based on what you believe she'll really love.

Lingerie: Resist the urge to choose something too overt that screams "I got you this so you'll fuck me." Make it pretty and somewhat practical, like a sexy chemise that she can sleep in. Choose a luxurious fabric that feels great against the skin and save the leather and PVC for another time. My lingerie picks: Mesh Chemise & G-String, Chemise & Thong w/ embroidery detail, Babydoll Thong Bag W/petal White (SO pretty!)

Bath Goodies: What woman doesn't love a long sensual hot bath? The Kama Sutra line of oils and bath goodies is my absolute fave because their products are so rich and luxurious. Try one of the many Oils of Love in scents like Vanilla Creme, Strawberry and Tropical Mango-just to name a few. They also have incredible little sensual kits and other bath products, like bath salts. Did I mention most of their stuff is edible and very tasty? *wink*

Scented Massage Candle: An absolutely delish scented candle to accompany her special bath is a must. I suggest one of the many massage oil candles because they not only smell great but are also decadent massage oil once melted. It's like two romantic gifts for her in one. For the most soothing effect, try Lava Lotion Lavender, Massage Candle Desire Vanilla, Tantric Soy Candle in Passion Fruit.

Great Extras: These are a few really great extras worth throwing in if you have a little extra space in your basket to fill. The first is the Pleasure Mitt Deluxe Pink, which is a soft jelly massage mit for use in or out of the bath. It feels great! Next, I think the I Rub My Duckie Paris is a sweet and kinda' funny little extra. It puts a sexy spin on the usual rubber duckie by offering some really intense vibration. She can use it to relax her stiff muscles or for some erotic fun! And finally, no romantic gift basket or Christmas celebration would be complete without some chocolate. Depending on what your lady enjoys, you can buy some of her favorite chocolate or opt for chocolate with a naughty edge, like chocolate treats in the shape of a penis or perhaps some chocolate whip cream for some erotic fun to help her get all dirty before her bath! Throw in some chocloate body paint and she just may invite you in for some artistic experimentation!

**Remember that all of these suggestions come in various flavors and colors so you can pick and choose according to what she loves for the ultimate romantic gift idea for her!

Happy Shopping!!
The Ultimate Single Girl's Gift Basket - Peek at What I Put in Mine
November 21, 2010

I was thinking about my single days today and realizing how easy it is to become one of those smug marrieds who seem to forget what it's like to be single and forget about her single friends. I don't want to be that person and, in fact, would like to be the one who rises above marital bliss long enough to celebrate my single friends and remind them that as wonderful as it is to have someone amazing in your life, you shouldn't forget how great it is to be you AND single. Where am I going with this? Well, in having all of these thoughts, I set my sights to fun ways to celebrate my single friends this holiday season. That's when I came up with the ultimate single girl gift basket idea!

I think that filling a basket with fun and flirty goodies for your favorite single friend is a great way to say you care...and envy her a little sometimes. You can cater the basket to her specific tastes and throw in some things that only she would get, like a mini condom just like the one she sent you (me!) in a letter one summer while you were away in Europe, or a blow up doll that resembles her ex or caters to her love of construction men...or firemen...or even President Obama! The basket is your oyster and you can do with it as you please! This means that you could give all your single friends the ultimate single girl's gift basket and personalize each one. How fun is that??

Here's a peek at what I'm putting in my basket. Hopefully it'll give you some great ideas for your friends and inspire you to say you care with sex toys, lotions and potions, and other funny/sexy/crazy items this Christmas.

My Ultimate Single Girl's Gift Basket

Kama Sutra's Oil of Love in Vanilla Creme: This has always been my favorite indulgence for bath time and sexy time! A couple drops in the bath make the water smell great and your skin feel incredible. Perfect for those who actually still have time for a long relaxing bath.

Condoms: Every single girl MUST have condoms on hand. I don't want my friend wrapping any of her lips around a strange guy's dick without some sort of safety barrier! So, I'm adding a 3 pack of my favorite Durex Love condoms as well as a pack of Endurance Spearmint Flavored condoms for dates with guys worthy of some oral action. (They'll leave you minty fresh even after oral!)

Berman Romeo G-Spot Vibe: This is my go-to vibe for G-spot play. A gal shouldn't have to wait for a guy to find her G-spot when she can pull Romeo out of her goody drawer and do it herself!

Bullet 80mm Vibe: Everyone should have a compact, no fuss no muss go-to vibrator that packs a mean punch and gets you off fast. This one does that...and it's shiny. *smile*

Sexy Bra and Panty Set: This was chosen for my plus sized friend because I think it's a sin how hard it is to find sexy bras and panties for big girls in stores. This is a sexy underwire bra with matching panties that are anything but your grandma's panties. And even better - the set is under $20 which makes it way cheaper than any set you'll ever find in a plus size shop!

Best Friend Pecker Mug: I just had to throw in a cheesy gag gift that refers to the fact that she's my BFF! This mug has a pecker in it. I couldn't ask for more.

The Portable Orgasm ' A Look at Hands-Free Toys
May 06, 2009

It was while sitting through a bad movie the other day that I came to the conclusion that the movie theater would be a lot more fun if I had something to keep me amused when the movie isn't doing the trick. Bad movies are an inevitable part of life because there is always at least one friend who has terrible taste in or a boyfriend who thinks a good film is something starring the likes of Jean Claude Van Dame or that other greasy jerk'what's his name'Stephen Segal' Okay, the names may be a tad retro but they get the point across, which is that sometimes you get stuck sitting through shitty films as a courtesy to someone else. But why should it be an entirely wasted evening when there are plenty of hands-free toys you can bring along and use for an orgasm or two without anyone being the wiser!
The key to finding the right remote controlled sex toy for your truly discreet and impromptu pleasure is to find one that can be worn under your clothes and controlled without any obvious moves like a hand rubbing furiously between the thighs. You need a sex toy that you can strap on or wear and control using a discreet remote that fits in your pocket or purse. You also need to consider the noise factor since most vibrators do 'buzz' while they work. You don't need to be on the hunt for a completely silent sex toy ' that would be next to impossible. You may want to consider where you'll be using said toy though. Luckily though, most places that you may want to bring your portable orgasm-maker will be just noisy enough that no one will notice anyway! And where would these places be? Just about anywhere! Airports, movie theaters, malls, parks, beaches, restaurants?
And, if you get sick of playing with yourself you can always hand the remote to your lover to have a go at getting you off! Fun!
While there are all kinds of hot remote controlled sex toys available, the ones that are small, strap-on or are built into panties are your best choices for portable play. Check these out:
Climax Remote Buzzkini: A vibrating panty that is sure to cause a buzz wherever you go!
Casey Parker Flutter Bug: A strap-on toy that can easily be worn under a dress or even your tightest jeans!

Remote Control Arouser: I have this and I love it!! It's convenient, adjustable to accommodate all booty sizes, discreet and got a lotta umph!

Remote Control Fantasy Panty Plus Size: So HOT for all you big girls that like to get freakay!

Remote Control Wabbit: Don't let the cuteness full you. This one'll really make you cum like a champ!

Bubble Buzz
September 08, 2007

Love Bubbles-Passion
Tub Massager Waterproof

Are you and your partner rushing around so fast that you barely get any one-on-one time? Is it hard to coordinate scheduling time just for the two of you? Quality, intimate YOU time? If you’re like most couples these days, by the time you do get to be alone together, one or both of you is too exhausted to do anything but offer a peck on the cheek and collapse into bed.

Well, here’s a sweet little package just for you! In fact, you can even tell your partner that you’ve found a whole new way to multi-task… combining bathing and loving in all sorts of new ways. True to form, the two items in this package work together or separately, but when combined with your mutual passion and creativity, well, you just can’t go wrong.

Plan your bubby adventure for the end of the day, when the chores are done and the house is quiet. Fill the tub with warm, soothing, scented water as you add a capful or two of Passion Love Bubbles to the spray. Undress each other slowly, taking your time to linger over every curve, revealing your lover’s body slowly and sensuously.

As the tub fills, immerse yourselves in the bubbly brew, easing down into the depths as you face each other. Feel the heat and passion scent melt away all your thoughts and worries. This is your time… to do absolutely nothing but luxuriate in each other.

Let the water and the mood guide your next step… talk, whisper sweet nothings or don’t say a single word. Maybe let your hands and mouth do your talking for you. Pick up the tub massager and use it to further caress away the last of your partner’s cares. Feel the nubbies knead away everything but love and peace and tranquility, igniting the passion that lurks beneath the surface.

Use the bubbles to tickle and tease your partner as you slide deeper into the water. Grasp onto each other with all the desperation you can muster… see just how closely you can merge and meld your bodies to become one. How many new positions can you create within the parameters of your tub of love? Who knows? You might just figure out a few new moves along the way!

If your water starts to cool, just run a bit more hot water into the mix and continue to heat up the action in your own unique ways. Explore your lover’s body as if you’ve never felt it before. Take turns closing your eyes and just giving yourselves up to each other’s kisses, touches and caresses. Nothing is off-limits and it’s all up to you, the two of you together. Go where the moment takes you!

Take turns with the massager, being sure to give lots of extra-special attention to all those most intimate places. Use your hands and mouth, fingers and tongue (and anything else you like) to heighten the sensations and launch you both into climactic orbit. And don’t forget, this is just the beginning… what you choose to do after your bath is entirely up to your imagination!

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Twin Peaks of Pleasure
June 23, 2007

Danni's Fruity Nipple Lickers

Nipple Lick'ems-chocolate
Sta Erect Nipple Gel
Nipple Suckers

Let’s face it: breasts are cool, but they are highly under-rated. After all, once foreplay has started, they are quickly forgotten. How about trying this tiny basket of titillating, tasty teases to turn the focus back to those tantalizing twin peaks?

Personally, I’d suggest gently but firmly binding your lover’s wrists with velvet ribbons before unveiling the toys within this love basket. You might even consider a nice broad, soft and dark blindfold, too, just to make absolutely sure that her mind is focused solely on the activities and sensations at hand. While you are removing her clothing, whether it be just from the waist up or every last stitch, whisper plenty of hints to her.

Tell her that you realize you tend to overlook some of her finer points on a regular basis. You’ve seen the error of your ways and now you intend to show her just how appreciative you really are. Remind her to just lay back and let herself feel everything that is about to happen to her.

Kiss her deeply just before applying the blindfold, then sit back and take a moment to watch her body. By now, she is no doubt writhing in anticipation, stretching out toward you, maybe even whimpering or moaning softly for your touch. Think about all those times you rushed through this part of the “ambience” just to get to the height of the action… slow down, take your time. It will all be very much worth the wait, for both of you.

Start with your fingers. Take the time to explore each and every inch of your woman’s beautiful breasts, each of them. Caress, tweak, massage, knead and tease her over and over again, watching the flush extend down her throat to her chest. Focus only on her breast… not just her nipples, but her breasts. Feel their fullness, pinch her nipples one at a time or both together and hear her gasp as your hands bring her ever closer to ecstasy.

Now move on to the nipple lickers… pick your poison. You have your choice of banana, strawberry, pina colada and cherry… why not mix and match a few delectable drops onto each nipple. Apply a few drops, then enjoy swirling and blending them with your fingers before licking them slowly and seductively up with your tongue. Add the chocolate lick’ems to the mix, merging and blending the sensations and the tastes for both you and your lover.

Pinch and tweak and bite her nipples until they are standing as proudly as possible, just begging for attention. When you’ve licked your fill of delectable edibles, massage a large dose of nipple gel onto each of her nipples, teasing them to their absolute most erect. Then slide the nipple suckers over her nipples and squeeze. Alternate squeezing with easing up on the tension repeatedly… see how much it will take to make her beg for more.

No doubt, this will be just the beginning of your fun, unless you both have nerves of steel, but what a way to reconnect and remind yourselves of the simplest of pleasures!

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Make His Day
June 18, 2007

Adult Wrapping Paper
Door Hanger Wer Kind A Busy
Female Ice Tray
X Rated Coupon Booklet

Make your man’s day in more ways than even he could ever imagine in his wildest fantasies. You don’t need a special occasion to let him know how much you care… why not do it today? Unleash his wild side (and yours) with this nifty little package of feel-good fun.

The big event will need a little advanced planning so be sure to open the ice tray and freeze up a pack of sexy iced hotties to cool his favorite drink. Wrap the thumbcuffs and coupon booklet in the adult wrapping paper (don’t worry, even HE will get the idea). Then, to top it all off, before he comes over, hang the door hanger on the door.

Not only will this guarantee the date starts with a laugh, but you will catch him completely off guard. Besides, there just might be the added bonus of your neighbors knowing exactly how lucky you are getting at that very moment!

Before he gets there, treat yourself to the luxury of a long, slow, steamy bubble bath to get yourself in the mood. Spritz on your sexiest body spray or perfume and take a little extra time to do your hair and add those little touches of makeup that play up the highlights in your eyes and the fullness of your lips. Even if you wouldn’t normally do the makeup thing, go for it, just for tonight… take a chance and see where it leads!

Come on, this is the time to unleash your inner slut… finally, greet him at the door wearing nothing but a smile, and hand him a glass of “special” ice and his favorite drink.

As he sits down to get comfortable, bring the gifts over and sit at his feet as he opens them… let him pick which to open first, while you open a very special gift of your own. Unzip his trousers and help him get “more comfortable.” Once he’s opened the coupon book, tell him to pick a coupon or two for the evening… anything he would like. If he needs any encouragement at this point, offer it with your lips, tongue and fingers. Don’t worry, you’ll have him drooling soon enough.

Then, when he opens the thumbcuffs, hold your hands up to him submissively and ask him to please put them on you for the rest of the evening. Give yourself up completely to his wildest ideas. Let your mind go, thinking of nothing but his deepest desires and the multitude of ways you can (and will) please this man of your dreams.

Use your mouth and tongue to please him in as many ways as you possibly can. Try some things you’ve never done before. Visualize all the ways you can bring him to ecstasy and then do each and every one of them. Make every second of the evening the very hottest, steamiest and sexiest night that you’ve ever shared with anyone. Leave all your inhibitions behind and allow yourself the luxury of getting wild and crazy.

Give him the night of his life, and rest assured that he will do the same for you!

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Tickle Her Fancy
May 28, 2007

Pink Play Heart Paddle
Gigi's Feather Love Duster
Lover's Ribbon Red

Show your lover just how much she means to you… use this package of goodies to warm her body, heart and soul. Laughter is healthy and with this magical combo, you’ll have her unsure whether she should laugh or scream in pleasure.

Start with the lover’s ribbon. Strip her naked, slowly and seductively, taking your time to explore her body with your hands and your mouth. Lay her back onto the bed and gently, methodically, bind her wrists (and ankles) in a comfortable position that allows you plenty of access to all her very best and most intimate assets.

When she is properly bound and fully at your mercy, give her one last kiss before covering her eyes with a silken scarf. Whisper to her to feel the sensations, to give in to your touch and her body’s responses. Remind her to trust you to tease her to total ecstasy.

Glide the love duster across her body, light as a feather, touching, swirling, teasing every inch of her. Glide it sensuously over her arms, across her neck, tickling her nipples with soft caresses. Glide down her thighs, across her legs, and finally, tickle her lightly, oh, so lightly, between her thighs. Just give her a hint of what is to come…

Take your time marveling in her body’s response to you. Watch her movements, hear her moans. Delight in the pleasure you are giving her. When you have both had your fill thus far, have her roll over onto her belly, maybe sliding a thick, comfortably pillow under her hips and another at her head to heighten her comfort.

Pick up the love duster again and renew your explorations. Slide it across her shoulders, down her back, up her thighs and finally, across her bottom. Urge her to spread her legs wide so you can dip your fingers down to feel her arousal. Urge her on to even more excitement by whispering how much you’re enjoying this, how strong and dominant you are feeling, how beautiful she looks bound in your love.

In one smooth move, drop the duster and pick up the paddle, allowing it to glide across her nether cheeks softly. Give her time to absorb the feel and adapt to the new sensations, sliding it down across the backs of her thighs and all over her butt before raising it quickly. Bring it down sharply on the fleshiest part of her cheek. Without stopping, quickly match that smack with another on the opposite side, then sit back and watch the shade of her ass turn from alabaster to pink before your eyes.

She may be moaning now, or protesting, but shush her softly, reminding her to trust you and just let go. Tell her to turn the pain into pleasure, to feel the warmth and love behind each stroke. Give her more, but warm her up slowly, letting her adapt to the feelings and senses… this will not only heighten her pleasure and ultimate release, but will enable her to take a much harder and longer paddling without ill effects.

End the event however you see fit… perhaps taking her strongly and suddenly from behind, pulling her hips to yours as you fill her with your love. Be sure to give her lots of love and cuddles afterward… she will be flying on endorphins. Untie her as soon as you are finished and be sure to keep her warm, wrapped safely and contentedly in your love!

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Chocoholic Frenzy
May 15, 2007

Edible Bra-chocolate
Edible Thong Chocolate Strawberry
Edible Undies Male Chocolate
Chocolate Fantasy Finger Paints
Nipple Lick'ems-chocolate

Are you a chocoholic? Why not indulge your deepest, darkest chocolate cravings with virtually no adverse effects to your tummy and thighs. Better yet, share your passion for chocolate with your passion for your partner. Merge yourselves, body and soul, in a chocolate feast for the senses… all the senses.

Why not plan a private dessert feast for just the two of you. You could start by inviting your beloved out for a romantic candlelight dinner. But before you go, be sure to give him (or her) the edible undergarments to be worn on your special evening out. As you dine, whisper sweet nothings and pour on the passion with lots of tasty hints of what is to come once the meal is over.

When the time is right and you’re tummies are full, satiate your other passions by leading your lover by the hand to the bedroom. Have your tasty treats close by so all is ready when you are. Turn on some romantic music and turn down the lights, maybe opting for candlelight and incense to further enhance the mood. Sweeter things are yet to come, in more ways than one.

Undress each other slowly, all but the edibles, but be sure to use your fingertips to tease around the edges and entwine themselves into all those forbidden places. Lay your lover back gently onto the bed, surrounded by pillows and ready for love. Feel the desire surge from your bodies as your lips touch in an intimate kiss. Allow your hands to roam freely, exploring one another’s bodies as if for the very first time.

Be sure not to rush… you have all night, after all, and so much fun lies just ahead. Dab the edible chocolate nipple lick’ems onto each other and savor the sensations as they are slowly and meticulously licked clean once more. Use the edible finger paints to create montages and collages of beauty on one another’s bodies, in all sorts of unimaginable places and locations. Delight in the flavor and feel of your lover’s skin blending scrumptiously with the chocolate as you lick and tease everywhere all at once.

Finally, it is time for the piece de resistance… the slow, erotic, and oh, so intensely edible “removal” of the last of your clothing. Use your tongue to swirl and twirl and stroke and savor every last lick of covering off your lover and then lay back and rejoice in the afterglow as they do the same to you. Bear in mind that every inch of each of your undies is edible… everything. And the more you eat, the better it tastes. The more you savor, the more you will crave. Try experimenting, sampling tastes from top to bottom and back to front, then back again, keeping your lover guessing where your mouth will land next.

Try merging the finger-paints with the edible undies, teasing some paint just inside the delicate folds along the edges of the panties or dipping your fingers inside the edible bra to tease more nipple lick’ems onto your partner’s most private parts. Or maybe add a new dimension… try dotting the chocolate paint all over yourself, wherever you want your partner to lick, then indulge them in doing the same. And keep in mind that this is just the beginning… go wherever the evening takes you!

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Mother’s Day Magic
April 25, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!! - Sex Toys For Her

Cleopatra Clit Clip-crystal Clear

Tantric Oil Nirvana 1 Oz.
Ben Wa Gold Balls
Classix Butterfly Strap-On

Give the special woman in your life a Mother’s Day to remember. This selection of items is the perfect way to pamper your lover as she’s never been pampered before. She works hard to care for you all year long, so why not make this a day she will always remember.

Before you begin your magical day, wrap each gift in distinctive wrapping (all but the massage oil… save that for later). Start her morning off with a smile. Give her the clit clip first, before she’s dressed for her day. If she doesn’t know what it is or needs a little extra reassurance as you put it on her, tell her that it is just a reminder of how truly special she is to you. Take your time helping her get the clip situated comfortably and be sure to offer lots of compliments on how it enhances her natural beauty. Use your imagination to help her relax as you lay her back on the bed and gently spread her legs to attach the clip… maybe a little stimulation or lubrication would help make things a little easier?

Once the clip is in place, hand her the wrapped Ben Wa balls. As she unwraps them, tell her to keep her legs spread. Stay down there between her legs and once she’s opened the package, tell her to take them out and roll them between her palms. Feel their weight and their magical jungle as she tried to imagination how they feel embedded deep in her pussy. Tell her to hand them to you and then let her lay back and enjoy your touch as you ease them deep inside, one by one.

Next comes the butterfly… be sure that you’ve already added two fully-charged AA batteries so that it’s as ready to fly as she is… help her ease it up over her hips and then help her to her feet. As she dresses for the day, tell her to enjoy the feel of the Ben Wa balls inside her pussy. Let her know that she can remove them if she finds them too uncomfortable, but she is to keep the butterfly on as she goes about her day… and she is to wear no underwear.

If possible, as the day unfolds, try to stay in frequent contact with her, whispering naughty things sensuously into her ear or even using email if need be. Keep her wet and hot and exhilarated, knowing that the best part of the day is still to come… once the daily obligations are all fulfilled for both of you.

Later that evening, when it’s time for just the two of you, ask her how she felt as she went through her day. Did she turn up the intensity of the butterfly once? Twice? More? Did she enjoy the thrill of orgasm in the presence of others? How did wearing it make her feel inside? Hot? Excited? Wanting? Needy?

Kiss her passionately and let her know that her time has come… light some scented candles, dim the lights and put on some soft romantic music as you fill the tub full of hot, steamy scented bubbles. Wash her hair for her and then make sure she is not only squeaky clean all over but feeling fully loved and pampered. Let your hands linger in all the right places, but not too long… after all, the adventures are just beginning.

Towel her dry with the biggest, softest, fluffiest towel you can find and then lay her back on the bed, completely naked and fully wanting. Ease the Ben Wa balls back into her pussy as you kiss her passionately on the mouth, easing your lips down to graze and nibble at her nipples. Then, in your most commanding voice, quietly tell her to turn over onto her belly. Tuck a pillow under her head for comfort and make sure the room temperature is not too warm or cold for her naked body.

Now it’s time to open the massage oil. It comes in a Nirvana scent. Nirvana is a state of perfect bliss achieved by the soul, and it is time to see if you can really make your lover fly. Glide the oil sensuously over her body, beginning at her neck. Ease the tension from her neck and shoulders as you luxuriate in feeling and intuitively sensing her pleasure. All her cares will fade away as your hands work their magic. Don’t let a single part of her body go untouched… try a variety of massage techniques and let her body tell you what works best.

By now, your lover will be starting to float, feeling as if she is in a trance. Her physical boundaries will dissolve as time disappears and her worries and problems are now forgotten altogether. As your hands massage her back and bottom, gliding over all her smoothest, most feminine curves, allow your fingers just the slightest detour between her legs to feel the moisture waiting for you there.

When you’ve massaged all the way down to her toes, eased all the stress from her tired, aching legs and feet, whisper to her to roll over. Kiss her softly as your fingers gently swirl around her face, easing tension from every square inch of her beautiful body. Be sure to replenish the oil on her body as needed, keeping your hands moving easily over her, and making her skin feel like velvet beneath your fingers.

By now, every touch of your hands will lift her higher on her own wings of ecstasy, and as your massage her breasts and arms, belly and thighs, down to her feet and then back once more, nestle yourself contentedly between her legs. You’ve reached the pinnacle of her pleasure and her thighs will open instinctively to your tongue as her hips lift gently upward. Use your hands and fingers and tongue to stroke and tease and explore her most delicate area as never before. Do it as if you are doing it all for the very first time. Take your time, make it last, for both of you. Ease a finger inside her and move the balls around inside her pussy, gyrating her senses and heightening her pleasure with every turn.

How you end the evening, and when, is obviously up to you, the two of you. But there is one certainty. She will never, ever forget this magical day!

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Private Party
April 15, 2007

Female Nude Playing Cards
Booby Dares Game
Chocolate Tease Foreplay Game

Have yourselves a private party with this basket of consensual goodies. Explore your lover’s body as you never have before and dare to go beyond your normal routine with these zany ideas and yummy treats to share. Make it a night neither of you will ever forget!

How about starting off with a game of strip poker, using your new female nude playing cards? Women’s bodies are aesthetically pleasing to women as well as men, so these cards are certain to enhance the pleasure of the game for both of you. Don’t play poker? Well, that’s OK… there is nothing stopping you from turning a boring game of rummy or spades or even go fish into the kinkiest introduction to a night of orgasmic delights.

You can play however you like, all the choices are yours together for this special evening of fun and fantasy. One item of clothing per hand? Or loser bares all? Or maybe the winner gets to remove the clothing from the loser? Of course, there are no winners or losers in these games since no matter how you play, in the end, you will both be naked and ready for more.

Move on whenever you’re ready, maybe trying the booby dares game next… there are all sorts of creative ideas etched into the game pieces and trust me, you will both enjoy the rewards and hands-on interactive ability of this nifty little game. It will set not only heighten your playful mood but perk up all sorts of things, he, he, he. Be sure to play it plenty of times, trying out all the possibilities at least once or twice before moving on. Try mixing and matching the order of the activities, so you can see how each is further enhanced by your mutual sharing of experiences. Remember, too, that guys enjoy having their nipples tweaked, too, so there is no reason to keep all the fun just on the girl’s end as far as receiving pleasure is concerned.

By now you’ve undoubtedly gravitated toward the bedroom, and of course you are both naked and poised for more direct contact. Now is the perfect time to pop open the chocolate tease foreplay game. After all, isn’t it time for dessert? Take your time following the instructions for the game, but mostly just enjoying your mutual exploration of each other’s bodies, followed by the lickable delights and tongue-tingling tastes of spreading the chocolate seductively on each other before slowly, oh, so slowly, licking up every last drop. Yum!

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Reversal of Fortune
April 09, 2007

Pecker Leash
Bamboo Cane (36")
Elbow Grease Hot Quickies Cream (1 oz.)

How about a little role-play reversal to spice up your sex life? Does your man usually take charge of your sexual play? Well, if so, why not turn the tables on him with an evening of erotic fun that is most definitely not what he might anticipate?

Give your guy an evening to remember in whatever way you most prefer. Maybe start with a nice, romantic dinner for just the two of you. Be sure to dress in your sexiest, most provocative outfit and spritz on a little perfume or body spray to entice him even further.

Allow him to charm you in all the old ways, and respond as sensuously as you can. But don’t let him take full control of the atmosphere or mood. Whisper sweet nothings coupled with promises of an unexpected nature soon to follow. You’ll soon have him drooling and begging for more, as the power of your sexual dominance intoxicates his mind and overwhelms his body.

When the evening’s events finally move into the bedroom, tell him that you are in control, just for tonight. You have the power and you want to show him magic like he’s never known before. If he is a bit reluctant, just tell him that if he opens his mind to the experience, it will lead to amazing sensations and pleasures for both of you. Don’t worry. By now, he will do just about anything to get you in his arms and into bed.

Undress him slowly, taking your time enjoying his increasing nakedness. Slide your hands erotically over his arms and back, feeling the muscles tremble beneath your grasp. When he has been stripped bare of every last stitch of clothing, caress his body all over with your fingers and your tongue. Tease him into increasing excitement and feel it coursing through him as you take him into your mouth. Stroke him with your tongue and taunt his balls with your fingers as your hands wander over his ass cheeks and down his thighs.

When he is hard as a rock and begging for release, tell him to stand up and close his eyes. Slide the cock strap over his erect member and tighten it down as far as it will go. If he dares to open his eyes in shock, remind him that YOU are in control and he needs to do exactly what he is told.

Use the leash to tug him toward you, kissing him deeply and allowing him to stroke your erect nipples if he chooses. Then use the leash to lead him firmly toward the bed. Tell him to get on his hands and knees and serve you orally until you have your own release. As he is pleasing you, be sure to tug on the leash every so often to remind him who is in charge.

When you are fully satisfied, have him assume the position in the middle of the bed. Tell him to get up on his knees and lean forward onto his elbows. Assert your position of authority and command him firmly not to move or resist in any way. Tell him to close his eyes and keep them closed until you say otherwise.

Start with the lotion, stroking and caressing his most private areas with just a touch of lotion on your fingertips. The warmth will spread across his body and begin to emanate through his pores and you will both feel and sense his increasing arousal beneath your hands. Make sure he continues to stay hard by teasing his balls and shaft until he can hardly stand it. Warn him that he is not to come until you give him permission, until you have used him to your satisfaction.

Take a fingerful of lotion and ease it slowly into his bottom, teasingly working it deep inside, a little at a time. By now he should be squirming with a tantalizing blend of discomfort and desire. It’s time for the grand finale. Make sure he is positioned exactly as you want him, with his bottom high in the air and his head resting comfortably on the mattress. Be sure his eyes are closed and his bottom is filled with an agonizing supply of warming lotion.

Then lay the cane gently on his ass cheeks, allowing it to rest there. If he dares to open his eyes in the silence that follows, remind him that he has now disobeyed his Mistress and will be soundly punished. No worries… if you lay the cane on his bottom and then back silently away for a few minutes, watching him without speaking, he WILL open his eyes. It’s inevitable.

Start the caning slowly… keeping in mind that he has probably not experienced such an event before. Tap the cane lightly but firmly on the fleshiest part of his cheeks. Do this repeatedly until his skin begins to adapt to the sensations and his bottom warms with desire and need. His pain will soon inevitably turn to pleasure.

For the final climax, reach around him and feel how hard he is… he will be like granite now and fairly bursting from his cock collar. Stroke him all over and pull on his shaft and tickle his balls, maybe even pinching him just a little. Then announce how many strokes he will receive for his disobedience.

Deliver them strongly, one at a time. Allow plenty of time between strokes, for him to adjust to the sensations that will threaten to overwhelm him and push him over the edge. But don’t wait too long. Take your time and admire your handiwork. Your reward will be not only an increasingly colorful display of red stripes across his pale nether cheeks and upper thighs, but also his guttural moans of pleasure. Finish strongly and then be sure to quickly unbuckle his collar and allow him to climax in whatever way you see as most fitting.

Who knows? This may be the beginning of a whole new aspect of play for the two of you… or maybe the next time around, he will take you soundly over his knee…

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Edible Masterpiece
March 28, 2007

Lovin Hot Body Paints 4-1oz Hot Flavors
Color Me Sexy Face & Body Pens
Sensual Hot Wax

Are you in the mood for more than love? How about creating your very own original masterpiece, using your lover’s body as your canvas? Just imagine the thrill of creating your very own private, living, breathing artwork… and best of all, the paints are even edible so when you’re all done, the clean up is twice as much fun.

Entice your lover onto the bed slowly and gently, being sure to use lots of kissing and caressing to enhance the mood. Slip off their clothing and enjoy the touch and feel of their body as your hands ease the tension from their shoulders and back.

Start with the face and body pens… what kind of mood are you in? Do you want to claim your lover’s body as your own? If so, perhaps you could draw your initial or some sentimental phrase that is special to the two of you. Or perhaps cover their body in hearts and flowers or red lips as if they had been kissed from head to toe and everywhere in between.

Concentrate on your craft but be sure to focus just as much on your subject’s reaction as you turn their body into a work of art. You might even want to take some erotic photographs to preserve your masterpiece for posterity. Photography can enhance the mood, too, so be sure to give your lover plenty of opportunity to interact with the camera while fully immersing themselves in the experience at hand.

When you’re both ready, move on to the body paints… colorful, edible delights for your benefit and theirs. Finger painting has never been this much fun before! Use your fingers and hands to dab into the paint and create a variety of effects as you swirl, drip and blend colors all over your lover’s body.

If you don’t like the way something looks, the fix is simple and fun for you both… just lick it off and start over. Each color offers a unique taste sensation! You will have your lover begging you to make mistake after mistake in no time! Just imagine the possibilities! Paint a bright red heart around her pussy or turn his penis into a yummy yellow banana.

Don’t forget to click the shutter on that camera fro a few frames of the finished product, before moving on to the piece de resistance… the hot wax.

Light the candles just as you’re adding the finishing touches to your edible masterpiece. Then have your subject (lover) lay completely still as you hold a candle over their body and carefully and sensuously drip the hot wax onto their waiting skin. Be sure to start in a less sensitive place, such as the arm or leg, before moving on to even more intimate and sensitive areas.

Watch your lover closely for any signs of discomfort and be sure that their initial shock turns into pleasure as they allow their body and mind to absorb the sensations. This will be an experience to treasure!

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Double Wammy
March 19, 2007

The Plug-MS
Jesse's Triple Stimulator Waterproof
Wet Platinum 25ml

Are you ready for the thrill of a lifetime? Whether you are playing with a partner or flying solo, this dynamic duo is a sure-thing. So strap yourself in for one wild ride!

Get comfortable and settle down with Jesse's Triple Stimulator to start things off… be sure to go ahead and insert the batteries in both toys before beginning. Have the tube of Wet Platinum handy, too, so you don’t have to worry about looking for things later.

Start by using the Triple Stimulator to tease and tantalize yourself (or your partner). Try using it all over the body, getting a good feel for the variety of sensations to be discovered and evoked from this buzzing wand of pleasure. Don’t forget to experiment with the three different heads for the toy, as each brings its own sense of relaxation and ecstasy. Be sure to spend extra time focusing on more sensitive areas such as the nipples before easing the vibe down between your legs.

Now squirt a little Wet Platinum onto your fingers and use it to further moisten yourself in all the right places. Ease the Triple Stimulator back down between your legs and tease yourself as much as you can. If the sensations become too powerful, just simply back off and move the vibe to some other part of your body, perhaps your inner thigh or belly, for just a moment.

When you can hardly stand it for another minute, thoroughly lubricate yourself and the Plug, then turn over onto your hands and knees or prop yourself up on your belly over a few pillows. Ease the Plug inside your bottom, being sure to go nice and slow, allowing your body time to adapt to the sensations and expand to fit snugly around your newest buzzing pleasure toy.

As you start the insertion, turn the Plug on low to make everything more amenable for your body and at the same time, use the Triple Stimulator to tease your clit as you bury the Plug deep in your bottom. As you turn up the intensity on the Plug, allow the sensations to wash over you. Then slide the Triple Stimulator back inside your pussy, pressing it deep and feeling it vibrate and churn against the Plug on the other side.

By now you will be awash in pleasure and you can use the toys separately or together to bring on earth-shaking orgasms over and over again.
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Dressed for Success
March 14, 2007

Contour Vibe Panties
Climax Nipple Gel
Liquid V

Are you a woman on the go? So caught up in the every day hustle and bustle to find time for yourself? Having a hard time slowing down, let alone relaxing? Then this is for you, all for you… just for YOU. Discreet, quiet, immensely self-satisfying, and completely flexible and transportable! So before you slide into your most captivating business attire, take a few moments to add a few additional touches underneath. Here’s how:

First, start by massaging just a tad of the Climax gel to your nipples, Enjoy the feel of the gel gliding across your most sensitive skin. Feel your arousal build as you pinch and tug lightly at each as you apply the gel. Then feel itr start to work… the warmth and titillation quickly spreads as you put on your bra and blouse.

Then, allow just a few drops of Liquid V to fall onto your fingers and dip your hand down between your legs. As you begin to massage the silky liquid all around your pussy, let your fantasies run wild. Feel the warmth and wanting build as you concentrate on your clit, focusing on that long-forgotten little love nub for just a few moments before reluctantly withdrawing your hand while the sensations continue to build slowly but persistently.

Finally, slide the Contour panties over your hips and turn them on as you reach for your skirt or slacks. No worries about your private pleasures being heard… the micro-vibe is ultra-quiet but extremely powerful. Take a moment to adjust the level of vibration and make sure the panties are situated in precisely the right place. Feel the vibe renew and refresh the warmth and excitement that is being emitted from the cream and gel as you finish getting dressed for your day.

Just imagine how wonderful, truly, wildly, erotically wonderful, your ride to work will be today! Whether you walk, drive, ride or fly, you will be transported to that stressful environment on waves of pleasure, and when you arrive, your coworkers will be awestruck by the contented smile on your face. If they only knew…

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Bad Girl! - Part III (Final Part)
March 06, 2007

Anal-Ease Cream - .5 OZ.
Pure White Pleasure Plug
Variations Leatherette Studded Paddle
Viper's Tongue

Once again I was surprised to see that not only did she maintain her position somehow, but she managed to keep that plug inserted nearly as deeply as it began. I tossed the paddle aside and gently rubbed and kneaded her blistered ass, knowing the massage would bring new pain but also the reassurance of my touch. Her face was streaked with tears and the blankets were soaked beneath her face from all her crying.

I told her that I was proud of her for taking her punishment thus far like a good girl. I told her that I realized how much control it took for her to maintain position and also keep the plug firmly in place. But then I reminded her that was exactly why she was now being punished so severely… for lack of self-control. She had a choice and she willfully chose to disobey me and because of that choice, she would now face the full force of the .

Sliding my hand between her thighs for just a moment, I felt her wetness and her desire. But I pretended not to notice as I used that hand to push her legs ever so slightly farther apart and reminded her to keep them there for the duration of her punishment. It was time to finish what she had started with her willful disobedience. I moved away from her, lifting the off the bed and feeling its strength and power in my hands.

I admired the weight of it and swished it against my calf a few times just to get a feel for its potential. Then, without further ado, the bit into my precious’ ass and a scream erupted simultaneously. Be quiet, brat! You’ve got this coming and you are going to get it all, but you better damn sure not make another sound or you will really know the meaning of sorry!

She buried her face in the covers and hung her head in presumed resignation as I raised my arm and took careful aim across the exact same spot. Somehow she held off this time and took the pain in silence, making only low, throaty, guttural noises into the blankets. I could see the tension building in her body and that was what I wanted to release. I wanted her to give herself up to me, to once and for all truly submit herself to my will, to trust me completely to know what was best for her.

I raised the Viper again and once more brought it down across the same spot. And she screamed again. I grinned a little as I felt her spirit beginning to break. I quickly and sternly reminded her that she would now be receiving additional punishment and that she had better be silent for the rest of the strapping. Nodding her head almost convulsively, she seemed to understand, so my next blows landed fast and hard on the crease between her ass and thighs, one right on top of the other. She took them in silence but I felt the dam spill open as I heard her sobs begin to shake her entire body.

She cried openly for the remainder of the spanking but I didn’t lessen any of my blows. I worked her from ass to thighs and back again, aiming straight and true. I was delighted with the performance of both punishment toys, and felt sure they would receive regular use in the days, weeks and years to come. I laid down the last four strokes with all the power that I could muster, directly across the tops of her thighs.

Her tears had slowed by now and her body was relaxed. She had gone into that special sub-space where everything was surreal and pain becomes pleasure. She was open and accepting and truly and deeply apologetic. She was also completely unaware that I had laid the Viper down momentarily and had stopped strapping her. I rubbed her bottom and thighs lightly as I reassured her that it was almost over.

In fact, it would now be over were it not for her lack of control. I eased the plug out of her bottom and told her to turn over onto her back. She was sniffling quietly and reaching out for me but I couldn’t hold her just yet. There was that one last act of disobedience to address first. As she rolled over, she winced at the pain of her bottom and thighs making contact with the bed. I told her to slide all the way up onto the bed and straighten her legs out, spreading them as far apart as she could.

Then I sat beside her on the bed and picked up the Viper again. I let it trail slowly and gently across her belly and bare breasts, down between her legs and down even lower to the tops of her thighs. I nudged her legs a little farther apart and reached over to grasp the inside of her left thigh with one hand as I raised the with the other.

Four on each side should take care of this, I would hope. She shut her eyes just before the fell, but somehow stifled her scream even as the pain washed across her face. Red welts rose immediately beneath the lashes as I raised it three more times on that side, delivering stripes that stretched across her inner thighs, all the way down to disappear between her legs.

I slowly walked to the other side of the bed and held her opposite thigh open in the same way. She withdrew into herself even deeper as those final four strokes were delivered, and as the last one fell, I swear I could literally feel her soul merge with mine.

It’s all over baby, I said as I tossed the Viper off the bed and lay down beside her to cradle her in my arms. As she slid herself into my grasp and rested her head on my shoulder, she quietly said, “I’ll never disobey you again, I swear.” And happy as I was to hear her say that, and as certain as I am that she believed every word at the time, we both know it isn’t true. Thank goodness…

The end

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Bad Girl! - Part II (Sex Toys in a Basket)
February 25, 2007

Anal-Ease Cream - .5 OZ.
Pure White Pleasure Plug
Variations Leatherette Studded Paddle
Viper's Tongue

Take the knife and open the package, I said sternly. And do NOT look at me. With trembling fingers, she took the knife from my hand and slit the top of the box open. As she sifted through the packing foam, she gasped audibly. Be silent! I admonished her hurriedly. Remove all four of the items from the box and lay them on the bed. Do it NOW!

She did as she was told and I could see her eyes getting bigger with every object she removed from the box. Naturally, the smallest items were packed on top, so she first removed the small tube of Anal-Ease Cream, followed by the Pure White Pleasure Plug, the Variations Leatherette Studded Paddle and the wicked-looking ’s Tongue.

Now, pile the pillows in the center of the bed and get over them now, on your hands and knees. I want your ass high in the air and your head against the mattress, with your arms stretched out in front of you, elbows and knees on the bed. And make sure those knees are as far apart as you can manage or else I’ll be forced to tie you down. When you get into position, do not move until I tell you that you may. Do it now.

When she was in position, I once again admired not only my view but her predicament. She would never forget this evening, of that I could be very, very sure. I was tempted to dip my hand between her thighs just to see how wet she was at this point but I didn’t want to bring her any pleasure at all until this was over. No, she simply didn’t deserve it. Not yet, anyway.

I opened the tube of lubricant and squirted a very large dollop into my fingers before sliding my hand directly to her ass. I smeared the lube generously all around her tight little pink hole and felt her begin to resist my touch but then reconsider. Somehow she managed to maintain the position in spite of herself. Hmmm… so the little brat does indeed have selective self-control, eh? Well, we will just see how far I can push her before she breaks!

I slid my middle finger all around her bottom hole and then rather forcefully pushed my way inside, just a little, but suddenly enough to cause her to whimper and recoil slightly. Enough! I shouted harshly. No more moving and no this right now, my naughty precious… you will never resist or deny me again. Ever!

With that, I drove my middle finger all the way inside her bottom, and despite herself, she somehow managed not to launch off the bed. I teased her for a few moments, sliding my finger in and out at will, sometimes just a little way in or out, other times ramming it home with full force. Then, in an instant, I withdrew my finger and quickly lubed up the plug as thoroughly as I could manage, adding another generous dollop of lube to her bottom as well.

I positioned the plug tight against her puckered hole, pressing it against her but not inside, not just yet. I relished the moment before ordering her to push back hard against me, as hard as she could manage. The poor dear didn’t realize that would only make the plug slide into her more forcefully and deeply and quickly… and you should have heard the sound she made as it plunged into her very core.

Leave it there, I growled, my voice filled with venom and menace. If it comes out, even a little bit, I will start all over again. Do not test me tonight, my precious. Hold onto that plug with every ounce of energy you can muster. Show me that you can do just this one small thing for me tonight.

Now, little girl, we are going to begin. But I want you to know what to expect, even though I probably shouldn’t tell you, because you know that you don’t deserve it. You will receive 30 HARD strokes of the paddle, directly on your ass, followed by 20 HARD strokes of the on your ass and the backs of your thighs. Let me remind you just this once that if you resist or move from this position, I will start all over again. And that means that you will be back in the corner for another 20 minutes before repeating this entire ordeal over again, only with double the strokes of each implement. Now, prepare yourself for your very first punishment paddling.

I began with gusto, holding back nothing and delivering almost every stroke full-force on the fleshiest part of her ass. I delivered strokes alternately to each cheek but then would change my rhythm and double or even triple spank one side before going back to the other. I alternated fast and slow, so she could never anticipate when or where the paddle would fall next.

As I spanked, I marveled at the change in the color of her lower cheeks as the paddle welted her bottom. Pink turned to rose and rose turned to red and red turned to crimson and crimson turned to bluish-purple as the paddling continued. I delivered the last four strokes with all the strength that I could muster, hitting hard and fast, left, right, left, right. And then it was done. At least the first part of her paddling.

To be continued...

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Bad Girl! - Sex Toys in a Basket 2nd Edition - Part I
February 18, 2007

Anal-Ease Cream - .5 OZ.
Pure White Pleasure Plug
Variations Leatherette Studded Paddle
Viper's Tongue

You’ve been bad… you knew it even before you acted. You knew you shouldn’t have done it but you just couldn’t seem to stop yourself.

Why do you always do that? You think before you act but then decide to do it anyway, regardless of the consequences, regardless of the risks, regardless of the worry it causes those who love you.

Regardless of me. Because I love you more than life, more than anyone or anything. But that doesn’t matter to you at times like this, does it? Not really…

Well, you’ve crossed the line for the last time and tonight you are going to find out that I meant what I said. I meant it each and every time I threatened and warned and begged and pleaded and cajoled. Isn’t it funny how each and every time I knew in my gut that you were still going to be bad? Well, you can plainly see that no one is laughing now.

In fact, in just a few minutes, I can promise you that smirk on your face will be replaced with tears. The tables are turned now, aren’t they, my precious? Very, very soon you will be begging and pleading and cajoling me. But your words will fall on deaf ears, just as you have ignored my pleas for far too long. Tonight everything changes.

Lower your head in shame, my naughty precious, for you do not deserve to look at me. Not until after this is all said and done and your debt to me is paid in full. Come here and hold your arms up over your head as I unzip your skirt and pull your blouse off over your head. Do not say a word. Not until this is done. Not one word.

You may nod that you understand what I am saying and that you know what is about to happen. That is all. Nothing more. Keep your arms up now as I reach behind you and unclasp your bra, sliding it quickly off your full breasts, leaving you shivering in just your panties. Are your goose bumps from nervous anticipation or the evening chill or maybe a little of both. Don’t answer that… it was, of course, a rhetorical question.

Keep those arms up as I hook my fingers into the waistband of your skimpy little panties and in one smooth motion pull them down off your hips and watch with satisfaction as they fall at your feet. The time of your reckoning is at hand, my bad, bad precious love.

Step out of those panties now and go to the corner. Put your nose against the wall and your hands on the walls on either side of you, above your head. Spread your legs as far apart as you can manage, so each foot is touching the wall closest to it. Now, girl, stick your ass out as far as you can.

Are you wet, my naughty, naughty girl? I whisper low in your ear and my hot breath sends shivers down your spine. I can’t help but smile to myself again. I am going to enjoy this night, very, very much. By the time I am done, you will be one very contrite and sorry young lady. But I will finally possess your soul, take my rightful place in your heart. And you will never, ever disobey me again without being very, very sure of what will await you when you come home.

OK, precious, here is how it is going to work. You are going to spend the next 20 minutes in this corner, nose to the wall. If you move out of this position or dare to turn around, or if your nose comes away from the wall, your punishment will be doubled. ALL of your punishment will be doubled. Do you understand? Good. I’ll be back in a few minutes. I have a few surprises for you tonight, my precious.

As I wandered out of the bedroom and headed toward the hall closet, I smiled from ear-to-ear in anticipation of the night to come. My poor darling precious. She has no idea what is about to happen to her, or with what. I reach up to the top shelf and pull down the unopened parcel waiting there. Time to get down to business. I grab a knife from the kitchen and head silently back to the bedroom.

I’m pleasantly surprised to see that my precious has obeyed my orders and is standing exactly as I left her. I enter the room silently and admire the view from behind my lover… her alabaster cheeks and supple flesh, the slight tremble running through her body, accompanied by a slight sniffling sound. Could she really be crying? Tears of contrition or tears of fear? I wondered as I set the package on the bed and told her to turn around and come to me with her eyes lowered. To be continued...

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Sweet Escape - Sex Toys in a Basket First Edition!!
February 14, 2007

Banana Pulsabath - $11.55
Cindy Crawford's Luv Bunny - $27.10
Cosmopolitan Clitoral Enhancer (Pretty Kitty) - $8.08

Are you in need of a little self-loving and a mini-vacation for one? This little bundle of pleasure is all yours. And there is no need for you to share! Cast your worries aside, close your blinds, lock your door and take the phone off the hook. This experience is just for you.

Before you begin your night of passion, be sure to insert the batteries into your new Luv Bunny and Pulsabath. Light some candles, burn some incense and get out of your clothes as you fill your tub with warm, bubbly water. Let the heat and bubbles wash away all your stress and ease your tired, aching muscles with your Pulsabath.

Slide it behind your neck and down across your shoulders as you close your eyes and let yourself be carried away. Lather the Pulsabath up to a soapy delight and use it’s vibrating motion to remove all the tension from every muscle in your body. Take your time! There’s no hurry tonight.

But when you’ve teased and touched yourself long enough that your water is beginning to cool and your toes are starting to shrivel up, towel yourself dry with the plushest towel you can find. Then lay back on a pile of plush pillows on your bed and let yourself float on the wings of your wildest fantasies. As you see the images dancing in your mind, lay back and touch yourself, ever so lightly, all over. Reacquaint yourself with your body. It’s probably been far too long since you’ve been so kind to yourself and you are long overdue.

Let your fingertips play lightly across your nipples. Feel them grow firm and erect beneath your touch. Pinch them a little harder and watch as they pucker and swell. Slide your hands down your belly, across the insides of your thighs. Feel how soft the skin is there… lose yourself in your touch and in the sensations you are bringing to your own body.

Slide the Luv Bunny straps over your legs and slowly up your thighs, until the loving little bunny is comfortably secured between your legs. Feel the penis-shaped shaft tickle and tease your pussy until you can hardly stand it for another minute. Add a little lubricant to the shaft and then ease it slowly into your eager and yearning pussy, burying it to the hilt deep inside. Turn the dial, and relax into the fullness inside of you. are perfectly placed right on your clit, while the penis-shaped plug fills you with pulsating pleasure.

Feel the bunny's soft jelly ears taunt and toy with your clit, pushing you ever closer to orgasmic bliss with pulsating pleasure. But remember to relax, take your time, enjoy each and every sensation. If you feel your legs begin to tense with an approaching orgasm, consciously relax them. Relax every muscle in your body… remember, this experience is about letting it all go.

But first, you have to take it all in, feel it, absorb it. Now, spread your legs a little wider and tweak your nipples again, harder this time. Pinch and pull them and feel those sensations radiate down deep into your pussy and straight to your clit, all at once. Spread just a little Clitoral Enhancer onto your fingers and massage it gently onto the hood of your clit, working it slowly, oh, so slowly, down in between the sensitive folds. But don’t stop touching yourself, not just yet.

Let your mind drift back and relive some of the most erotic encounters of your life. Feel them all over again as you touch yourself as only you know how to do. Feel the heat build in your clit and pussy as the toy and cream help to bring you to the edge of orgasm. As your body finally pushes itself over the edge of orgasm and radiates with heat and pulsations, feel it all. Experience it. Live it. Remember it always, just like this. This is your time!

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