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Our Sexuality Blog
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Today's Sex Toys: The Vibrator
May 25, 2012

The vibrator has a rich history in American culture, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. If you've thought that the little buzzer is hiding in our culture's dark corners, that is far from true. Self sexual gratification is becoming as commonplace as cable television, and you may soon even see basic models on the shelves of your local drug store.

The vibrator was created as a medical device used to treat a condition called female hysteria in the mid 1800s . Prior to its creation, doctors used manual stimulation to the vaginal region to treat physical and psychological disturbances in women. Although a common and simple procedure, doctors sought out ways to simplify the task.

The search to find an easier way to treat female hysteria led to the creation of a steam powered vibrator in the late 1800s. By the early 1900s, Hamilton Beach, the maker of many modern household appliances, patented an early version of today's modern vibrator. Now women no longer had to see a doctor to treat symptoms of female hysteria, they could treat it at home themselves.

By the 1920's, the household health appliance took on its more current persona as a sex toy when it appeared in pornography. At the same time, the condition of female hysteria was losing credibility. Now no longer seen as a medical device, and fueled by a sexual revolution, the vibrator returned to mainstream society in the late 1960s as a cordless device. Not until recently were its merits as a medical device reconsidered.

Today's vibrators have seen many improvements since first becoming cordless. They now can be found in a variety of shapes, and materials. Unlike the original vibrators, today's models are not limited to vaginal stimulation. These toys can also be used to provide vibration to the clitoris, anus and any other sensitive body parts such as nipples. Both women and men are able to choose from a large variety of designs to fit their sexual needs.

Some vibrator designs include:

Rabbit: A dual vibrator used to stimulate the clitoris and penetrate the vagina
G Spot: Shaped Vibator angled to reach the Gspot inside of the vagina
Clitoral: Wand like vibrator designed for external use
Anal: Slender vibrator with an angled end to prevent it from becoming enlodged.
Butterfly: Hands-free clitoral vibrator in the shape of a butterfly worn on the body
Egg: Hands-free vibrator in the shape on a egg that is inserted into the vagina

In addition to innovations in designs, vibrators have also made improvements in their selection of materials. Vibrators are now being made out of plastic, silicone, rubber, and synthetic materials known as jelly. These materials vary in their appeal to people. Some are popular because they can be sanitized, while others are drawn to materials that are smooth and flesh-like.

Other vibrator innovations include waterproof vibrators, rechargeable vibrators, glow in the dark vibrators, sound activated vibrators and remote control vibrators.

With all the options available, it is easy to not know what to buy. The most important thing to keep in mind is that a vibrator is not a one size fits all object. It's important to know your body and what you find pleasurable when choosing a vibrator design.

Although the vibrator may never return to its former glory as a cure all medical device for females, recent studies have supported claims of its health merits. Most doctors will agree, that as long as you find one that is not too powerful, and it is used in moderation, a vibrator is a healthy toy to have. While it may not make the cover of Woman's Home Journal again, the vibrator doesn't seem to be going away.

A Little Holiday Romance, Perhaps?
December 17, 2011


I realize that those of you in love may prefer something a tad more romantic to give than the gift ideas I shared in my last post. As much as I enjoy humor and raunch when it comes to gifts, I do also love a little romance so I thought I would give you some last minute gift ideas for that special someone.

Picking a romantic gift, as far as I'm concerned, is all about choosing something that you can enjoy together. Nothing says I love you better than showing that you want to spend a little quality time with someone over the holidays, right? The following are a few romantic Christmas gift ideas that you might want to consider if you're looking to give (and get!) a little love this holiday season.

CHOCOLATE ROMANCE GIFT BOX: Who doesn't love to indulge in some chocolate over the holidays! This gift box is romantic, sexy, and super sweet all at the same time! It comes with Sweet Touch Kissable Massage Oil, Deluxe Body Chocolate (body paint made with real Belgian chocolate!), a feather tickler, and a heart-shaped chocolate bath bomb. It's got everything you need to make for one very special Christmas Eve!

HOME BAKED MASSAGE OIL CANDLE: This delectable candle smells just like home baked cookies and melts into moisturizing massage oil for hours of sensuous fun. Great stocking stuffer!

SENSUAL TRIO GIFT SET: This is one of those gifts that's more for her but can easily be enjoyed together. Give her this set containing Vanilla Body Mist, Skinny Dip Body Hand Lotion and Bubble Bath, and a Suntouched Candle in Earthly Body Glow, that melts into a sensual massage oil. She'll feel like a pampered princess when you give her this great little set and offer to lavish her body in it. Can you say brownie points??!!

LUST GAME: This inexpensive little game is made for lovers and super easy to play! What better way to spend your nights over the holiday than playing a sexy game that encourages you to explore physical and romantic intimacies with your partner?

I hope I've managed to help you make the holidays a little more romantic with these suggestions.

Happy Holidays!
The Low Down on Penis Extensions
July 09, 2010

I can see how a guy may think that using a penis extension is somehow a cop-out or an insult to the size of his junk, but if you could just stop for a second and hear me out, you'll see that using a penis extension can actually be a compliment to your sack skills-no matter what size your package is.

While a penis extension does exactly that-add an extension to the penis-it doesn't mean that your penis isn't sufficient or even that you need the help of a piece of plastic to satisfy your woman. Adding some extra length and girth to the head of even the biggest dick is just like using any other sex toy in that it mixes things up a tad and offers something different from the usual. Does a woman need a super long or thick cock? As a woman, I can tell you the answer is no. Is it nice once in awhile to experiment with a new sensation? Hell yeah! That's what a penis extension does.

Not all penis extensions are made to only add some length. There are loads of them that give you something that no man has; external clit stimulators, pleasure nubs and even vibrating heads. They give you and your penis the power to pleasure a woman like a super sex toy! And by being willing to use one of these you're actually proving yourself as an even better lover because it shows that you're thinking of her and her pleasure; willing to try different things to heighten her pleasure. Ain't nothin' wrong with that my friend! Just imagine her delight when you surprise her with an extra sumthin'-sumthin'!

Now that you got the skinny on penis extensions, it's time to find out which ones to choose for your desired result. Here are my suggestions:

For a realistic extension: Try the 2 inch Penis Extension or the Latex Extension 4 inch for a little extra length that feels oh so real.

For some good vibrations for you and your partner: Give the 3 In 1 Vibrating X-tra Cock Penis System a go! Another great one is the Real Feel Penis Enhancer which is sure to equal some orgasmic fun for you and her.

For a clit-tastic time: Try the Pleasure Sleeve for Couples whose vibes will please the both of you. I also recommend the Pipedreams 2"penis Ext W/ Clit Stimulator Purple which not only add length but also stimulate her clit with its special ticklers at the same time. She'll love you for it!!

For maximum girth: If extreme thickness is what your partner craves, then try the Cyberskin 2" Xtra Thick Penis Extension. The Girth Enhancer will also get the job done just right.

For G-Spot Pleasure: Since a man's penis just isn't curved right to hit the G-spot effectively, the G-Spot Extension Clear will do the impossible for you. Wow - a G-spot orgasm for just over 5 bucks!

So, get over yourself and give one of these penis extensions a try. You've got nothing to lose and only rock hard erections and mind-blowing orgasms for her to gain!

Submit Your Reviews
May 02, 2006

We have a new category in our blog, "Reviews". Here you will find reviews for different sex toys. If you bought a sex toy from us or from other stores and would like to contribute a short review for that sex toy, please email us the review and we will put it up on our blog under "Reviews".

We will only display your name if you specify to show your name in the email.

We are not going to be biased and only accept positive reviews. If you feel that a toy does not live up to your standards, we are more than happy to take your negative reviews and put it up on our blog.

To submit a review, just go to Contact Us


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