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Our Sexuality Blog
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May 29, 2014

It's about time that your playthings got an overhaul, don't you think? The most basic and well-known sex toy out there is the vibrator, but they have come quite a long way from the simple two-speeder that you've had hidden in your sock drawer for decades now. This handy little sex toy can be as large or as small as you like and as gentle or as powerful as you can handle. And, boys, this is no longer just a “girl thing.” Vibes come in so many different variations that you can find the perfect one that fits your needs and your body just right.

Perhaps you want something that will take care of you internally? Most women find immense pleasure in the use of a vibrating dildo. It is shaped to fit inside the vagina comfortably, but also, it can be used for external stimulation if desired. But what if that's not enough? Maybe you're the kind of person who needs that extra bit of sensation. Rabbit-style toys are all the rage now – thanks to Sex and the City – and for good reason. The ability to achieve simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation is something that our foremothers probably never dreamed of. But the feeling is real and you can have it if you want to.

Now, if you're looking for something that might go just a little deeper, look no further than a G-spot stimulator. If you've never had a squirting orgasm before, now is your chance. Any woman can do it; it's just a matter of time, patience, and finding the toy that will work best for you. Just be sure to clean up if you make a mess!

There are also toys out there on the market to aid in male masturbation as well. Vibrating butt plugs and prostate probes are excellent for both men and women who want to give a little more attention to the backside of things. But there are even more vibrating toys out there for men. Cock rings can be a fun and intense way for couples to prolong their pleasure and ride out some groovy waves. Even alone, a vibrating cock ring can be just the thing to make a man shiver with joy.

What else is there that can put a spring in your step or a buzz along your body? Ever tried a vibrating glove to give your partner an extra special massage? Or maybe a pair of nipple clamps that just don't want to stay still? Whatever toy you try, you are sure to find a new and intense way to pleasure yourself or your partner (or both of you at the same time!) in an exciting way. Just be aware of overuse: if you start to feel any numbness, give it a rest and try again a little later. Also, don't forget to be sure that you, your partner, or the both of you are properly lubed up. You'll definitely want to have a little friction to get yourself going.

So don't think that you've seen it all just yet. There is a whole world of buzzing sensations that are sure to do the job when you need to spice up your bedroom fun.

Make Your Man Feel Special with Male Sex Toys
August 11, 2013

The notion and idea of sex dolls have existed for a number of years, but traditionally they have always been female sex toys. But, as sexuality and exploration of sexuality has grown through the years, the idea of male sex toys have become increasingly popular in today's culture. Men are always looking for new and fun ways to enjoy themselves while alone, and it beats the traditional masturbation techniques that have gone on through the years. In addition, traditional and gay couples are introducing male sex toys in the bedroom to give men more ways to orgasm and enjoy the sexual experience.

For men, the world of sex toys for him has never been more active. male adult toys are growing faster and faster than ever, and the choices for men to explore themselves sexually has blasted off. From anal toys, bondage sex toys, cock rings, penis pumps & enlargers, and others now give men numerous ways to grow sexually. Male sex toys give the average man a new way to enjoy their bodies, and to grow with their loved one.

Cock Rings

For men, the concept of men’s toys has always been for gay men. That is 100% not true anymore; since they can be used for straight men either alone or with a female loved one. They allow the male to explore their body, Men can look at toys like anal toys that let them explore their anuses, cock rings that help them maintain erections, lotions that let them maintain their erections, and other male toys developed by men to help grow sexually.

Men can use Male adult toys either alone or with their partner, and that is a very important thing to remember. Many men purchase anal toys that are made to help explore their anuses, and stimulate their prostates. Other times, men are purchasing Fleshlight sex toys, which are custom made from a porn star's pussy and ass. These Fleshlight masturbators have sold in the millions and have huge followings in their popularity. Other times, men are purchasing pocket pussies to fuck while alone, a portable pussy that they can travel with while in a hotel on business, or cock rings that give them longer lasting erections with a partner. Sex toys for men are a huge and growing market, the numbers of toys are growing and growing, and that is a great thing for male sexuality as a whole.


The idea of a man just simply masturbating alone is now a cliché, and now they can get sex toys that are made for men, often times by men. They are not just for women anymore, and they help grow the sexuality comfort for men around the globe. No longer, are men handicapped with their choices for sexuality toys, and now have a number of choices available for them. If you want to buy your man a fun gift, then a male sex toy should be at the top of your shopping list. Be sure to visit our selection of male sex toys today.
The Pleasure of Using a Cock Ring
March 29, 2013

So you think cock rings are just for homosexuals and old guys who can’t get it up do you..? Well think again – the use of a cock ring goes back thousands of years and has been used by straight – gay and bi studs to not only giver a longer stronger - harder erection – but to also enhance the male orgasm. Trust me guys intercourse whilst wearing one will blow your minds!

What Type Should I Buy..?
Cockrings or penis rings as some folk call them - come in all shapes and sizes with the most popular being the stretch to fit, the lasso, metal and some that actually add even more pleasure by gently vibrating.

Why Buy One..?
As I mentioned earlier – more straight guys than you could imagine use a cock ring, not only to enjoy the awesome sensation of rock hard erections, but because of the extra pleasure it gives their partner. So it’s great to choose the perfect penis ring with the help of your lover. Not only is it good old fashioned sexy fun shopping for sex toys – it also builds up trust – and that can only lead to better sex!

What Are They Made Of..?
The very earliest were made over 2000 years ago using goats eyelids (seriously) but thankfully things have got a lot more hi-tech these days and are now made from completely safe materials. However try to avoid those which contain Phthalate – not only are they shoddily made - but many men are allergic to them and the last thing you want is an infected penis!

How Do I use One..?
I think they’re pretty straightforward to use lol – but if in doubt then all you need to do is simply slip the penis ring over your erect or semi-erect penis and let if fit snugly at the base. The use of a good quality water based lube to both help slip it on – and add a bit of lubrication is totally up to you. And to prolong the life of your penis enhancer it’s best to wash and let it air dry immediately after use. But guys do remember to give your partner a hug and cuddle before you jump out of bed and clean off your new sex toy – they like that kind of thing!

To Buy or Not to Buy a Cock Enhancer
Now you know a little bit more about the legendary penis enhancer should you buy one..? I say why not. It goes without saying all men whether they are gay – straight or bisexual know how good a huge throbbing rock hard penis feels. And why shouldn’t your partner know the pleasure of a rock hard cock!!!

Forget about all those pills and potions that contain God knows what and do pretty much nothing to enhance your erection. These awesome but simple sex toys are 100% safe and absolutely guaranteed to give you both total and absolute pleasure.

Now Go Choose The Perfect Cock Ring and Enjoy the Best Hard on of Your Life!

A Game of Two Halves
October 28, 2012

If you are expecting to read an article about the beautiful game of football – stop reading now! Whilst football may be the beautiful game, there are some games that can be even more enjoyable.

Adult games are fast becoming popular as couples look at ways of extending their pleasure in the bedroom. As with many things related to sex, adult games were often thought of as being a little bit cheap and nasty, but with people’s attitudes changing over the years and the sophistication that has been brought to adult games in recent years, they are now an acceptable and sought after source of entertainment for modern couples. Why are they games of two halves? Well I am sure you can work that out for yourselves really, but the first half is when you play the game itself as an aperitif for the main course and the second half is the main course, which will probably be greatly enhanced by what has gone on beforehand.

The worst thing that can happen to sex in a relationship is for routine to take over from spontaneity. This is true of most activities that are done regularly, but the impact that routine has on sex is more destructive. Finding a fun way to precede a night of passion is possibly the best way of getting stale relationships moving again. Don’t be fooled into thinking that sex games are only intended to refresh boring relationships. Using adult games as foreplay will probably stop a relationship going off the boil in the first place. The variety of games available ensures that there will never be a dull moment and as you play the games over time you will be able to change the rules for added variety. A couple that plays together, stays together. The most important ingredient in sex is fun. Sex is supposed to be fun and if it isn’t you need to change something fast.

Another way of emphasizing the fun aspect of sex can be seen in the huge range of adult gag gifts that are available these days. These are guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face and are a long way from the old sleazy adult gag gifts in the past. Of course, you can still get adult gag gifts that are designed to cause maximum embarrassment, but you can also obtain more sophisticated gags that are ideally suited as gifts for newlyweds or for giving at bachelor and bachelorette parties. Novelty gifts have always been popular and, whilst adult Gag gifts may raise some eyebrows initially, the chances are that they will be greatly appreciated in the privacy of the bedroom. That body massage kit that brought howls of laughter at the bachelorette party can bring a couple closer together, whilst spicing up their sex life right from the start.

There is no need to be embarrassed about giving and receiving adult themed games or adult gag gifts. Not only have we moved on considerably as a society, but the products have also grown in sophistication and cater for the modern couple in a way that is both fun and exciting.

Adult games and adult gag gifts are now firmly embedded in our way of life and all that remains for us to do is decide which ones we want and what we are going to do with them when we receive them. Remember that the seedy and tacky image that emerged towards adult themed games and adult gag gifts has all but disappeared and these are now viewed exactly for what they are – good clean (or in some cases dirty) fun.

Kids Don’t Have To End the Fun
July 30, 2012

If you have children, chances are your sex life has taken a significant dive. While children are often the result of the fun, it often goes away once they arrive. How do you maintain the passion in your relationship when there is little time to go around? Sometimes sex toys can be the solution for a relationship that is in danger of being overlooked.

Sex toys are a lot more than the loud clunky vibrators of days long ago. Toys have been made to be more discrete and efficient. If it has been a while since you’ve tried a sex toy don’t decide they aren’t for you just yet. If you have had kids since you’ve last looked and thought that you couldn’t possibly have sex toys now, think again.

If you have children and are concerned about having sex toys, it is important to remember that there are a lot of different types of sex toys to choose from. One thing to consider when purchasing toys in this type of situation is how they look. Sex toys do not have to look like sex. Consider purchasing toys that would be uninteresting to the unfamiliar eye if accidentally discovered. Simply put, avoid anatomically correct toys, and dispose of packaging with graphic descriptions.
Sex toys do not have to sound like sex toys either. If you are purchasing an electronic toy, purchase one that does not make too much noise. It is hard to explain a loud buzzing noise no matter what time it is. Many toys are designed to sound not louder than a cell phone. Research toys based on how loud they are and always consider the other people in the house when you use it.
One thing parents frequently do not have is time. Spend more time with your partner and not preparing your toys by purchasing toys that are easy to maintain. Save time in the bedroom by always having enough batteries on hand, or keeping rechargeable toys ready to go. Save after fun time by purchasing toy cleaner or wipes to make clean up a breeze.
Sometimes the best way to keep the fire going is to make the fire in unexpected places. A great way to keep the fun going on parent time is to play in the shower. For toys, this means purchasing toys that are waterproof. Not only do you have a fun place to have needed adult time, with waterproof toys cleanup is effortless.
Remote control toys are also a great way to take the fun outside of the bedroom. Many of these toys, such a vibrating panties or eggs are made to be worn and activated from a distance. No one will know that you are wearing them unless you tell them, and you and partner can keep the fun a secret. They are also a great way to engage in discrete foreplay during the day.

The most important rule to keeping toys after kids is having a safe place to store them. No matter how discrete your toys are, you don’t want to leave them out for others to discover. Invest in a good storage system for your toys. You may even want to consider a toy box that locks.
While kids can be time consuming, they don’t have to mean the end of fun in the bedroom. If you use toys that are discrete and easy to maintain, chances are it can be business as usual. For couples that need a little more help keeping the fun going, consider taking the fun out of the bedroom. Most importantly, make sure you have a good place to keep them. With these simple tips, the fun can go on!

My Top Halloween Costumes for 2011
September 14, 2011

I've never been a big fan of Halloween but admit that the recent arrival of my husband's new Halloween costume has got me a little excited and even got the what-am-I-gonna-dress-up-as juices flowing. What's his costume? A big dick. Seriously, my beloved is going as a 6 foot tall penis! Not the most flattering costume but certainly one of the funniest I've seen!

I get that some couples like to go in matching costumes or at least dress in a theme. So NOT my scene. Besides, in this case that would mean my either going as a big vagina or an anus which doesn't really offer up the sex appeal that I was hoping for. So what have I decided on? Nothing yet, though I have narrowed it down to 5 definite possibilities:

Beer Maiden/Beer Girl: Who can resist a short dress that showcases the boobs, cinches the waist with a corset, and looks hot holding a pitcher of beer??

Honey Bee: Think bee girl from the Blind Melon video only 18+ and sexy!

Lovely Lady Bug: This costume is the perfect mix of sweet and sexy thanks to the cute dots and antennae of a lady bug and the corset styling that makes ample curves even sexier or adds them where you don't have them!

Retro Stewardess: What can I say - as a former flight attendant myself, I still have a soft-spot for the look! Besides, with that new Pan Am show that everyone is talking about debuting soon, the Retro Stewardess costume could be the costume du jour!

Saloon Lady: This has got to be one of the most alluring costumes I have ever laid eyes on! It's got lace and satin, underwire cups, a corset bodice and a black tutu! Add the flirty feather headpiece, a choker and a garter, and you've got sex appeal oozing from every last inch of your body! So freakin' hot!

What do ya' think? Which would you choose?

More Reasons Why Women Should Have Balls
July 13, 2011

I personally think that women often have bigger balls than a lot of men, but that's a whole other blog post. This one in particular is about vaginal balls, also often referred to as orgasmic balls, Ben Wa balls, or fantasy balls.

The great thing about having a set of balls like these is that they actually serve a couple of purposes. Yes, they feel 'effin incredible and can really enhance your orgasm or add a little somethin' extra to your anal sex, but did you know that they're also great for your health? Vaginal balls can help to strengthen a woman's PC muscles so that they don't just make sex more enjoyable but also decrease a woman's risk of suffering from incontinence and even bladder/pelvic prolapses later in life. See - good for your health just like I said.

The way these hot little balls do this is by naturally encouraging a woman's pelvic muscles to contract and get stronger. This means a tighter pussy whether you're young or old and have had one child or several! This also means better control during sex as well as a more enjoyable experience as far as the friction factor goes-and who doesn't want that??

As for the pleasure aspect of orgasmic balls; you can have your partner roll them along your body for a sensual massage or insert then while you're doing just about anything at all in order to have a little naughty fun. The balls are usually hollow with a smaller ball inside so that there's a subtle vibration felt from the balls as you move. Some come in sets of two independent balls while others are joined together and have a string or pull handle for easy removal. Both kinds can be worn during oral or anal sex too, taking the experience to a whole other super-orgasmic level - hence the name "orgasmic balls".

Whatever your reason for wanting them; they're an inexpensive source of pleasure worth trying!

Miley Cyrus Sex Doll Hoopla
April 10, 2011

I knew as soon as I saw the Miley sex doll that there would be some stank about it, but I didn't expect it to make the news, you know, with all the turmoil in Japan and the Middle East and other newsworthy things going on in our world. After days of reading about the earthquake in Japan, the last thing I expected to have pop up on my homepage's news headlines was the Miley Cyrus sex doll. But since we're on the subject anyway, let's talk about the Miley Cyrus sex doll, Finally Miley, that's got some panties in a twist and boxers soaked to the bone. (Pun fully intended.)

Here's the deal; when the Beyonce sex doll came out, along with Britney Bitch, the Britney Spears sex doll; Dirty Christina, the Christina Aguilera sex doll; and my favorite, Furgee, the Fergie love doll; no one made a stink about it. Sure, there was the odd joke about the celebrity sex dolls floating around but aside from that, it didn't make the news. So what's all the hubbub about the Miley Cyrus sex doll? I'm guessing it's that people can't seem to get past the whole Hannah Montana thing and still see her as some sweet little kid. Picturing grown men wanting to plow a doll modeled after little Hannah Montana is most definitely pervie, but the reality is that Miley Cyrus is not sweet little underage Hannah Montana. As a matter of fact, Miley Cyrus is legal and, whether parents wanna admit it or not, pretty damn sexy as far as young starlets go. So what's the big deal? Geez.

Anyhoo, if celebrity-inspired love dolls are your thing then check out these other blow-up stars for your dirty pleasure:

Jessica Inflatable Love Doll: I guess they dressed this doll her blue jersey too soon seeing as how the real Jessica has switched teams and is now with yet another NFLer. Oh well, a hole's, a hole's, a hole.

J-Ho Fantasy Doll: You don't need to be P-Diddy or Ben Affleck to tap that hot, round, Latina bottom!

Kinky Kim: I guess her sex video just left them wanting more 'cause there's a 3-holed Kim sex doll too!

Paris Love Doll: I couldn't list Kim's sex doll without mentioning her BFF Paris' sex doll, could I?

Guidette Love Doll: Not sure what "celeb" this is? Maybe Pipedreams' product description will make it clear: She's the whore from the Jersey shore who always wants more! Meet Guidette, the filthy lil' pot-belly pig who loves balls on her chin more than the all you can eat buffet! When this pudgy porker ain't tanning or stuffing her face, she's busy blowin' every guido on the boardwalk with a tan and a tank top. Just add air and this little slut is the life of any party--be careful though, she's a real knockout when she gets drunk! What are you waiting for yo, give her your friggin' sauseege already kid! LOVE IT!!!!

Bling in the Holidays
November 09, 2010

The holidays are all about bling. What other time of year can you go nuts on the sparkle without looking like a Solid Gold dancer on crack? That's what I love about this time of year - being all about the bling without looking too nuts!
I've had a peek around to find the blingiest, shiniest, sparkliest and, of course, the sexiest goodies I can find for you or for someone special. Take a look!

Sparkly Pleasure

What more could a gal ask for than to give or receive the gift of sparkle and orgasm over the holidays! The Flex Tongue Sparkle gives you an oral-like experience while the Sparkle Softees G offers up some mind-blowing G-spot play. And, the All That Glitters Pleasure Set gives you bling and climactic goodness several times over thanks to a great little vibe and 2 hot sleeves. And for couples; the Glitter Jelly Vibro Ring will make for a VERY Merry XXX-Mas!

Pretty, Glittery Little Things

My favorites pretty little things this season happen to be as sexy as they are shiny. First off, there's nothing prettier or more erotic than surprising someone with bling in all the right places which is why I am in lust with the Cleopatra Clit Clip Crystal Clear. Adorning the nipples is another way to add a little extra sparkle to a holiday outfit that only you and select few will see. Check out the Tit Arouser in silver and gold for a naughty little treat. And, you don't need to have pierced nipples to enjoy these either. And, if you want even more shine, then I think the Babydoll Bow Tie, Thong & Game Silver may be worth a look. This sexy little silver number fits like a second skin and comes with a naughty game for some hot fun on a cold night. Finally, since nothing says Christmas more than sequins, I couldn't resist but mention the Red Sequined Panty & Pasties Set which I personally think looks delish with a Santa hat and some heels. *wink*

Sex Toys that Light Up Like a Christmas Tree

There's nothing more priceless than the look on someone's face when you give them a light up vibrator or sex toy for Christmas which I why I just had to mention these toys. While there are loads of light up sex toys that you can choose from, I have narrowed it down to my 3 faves: The Wicked Lights Stormy Vibro Dong that lights up and strobes, Teagan's Jelly Bendie Missle has got a flashing red light at the head that is very reminiscent of Rudolph's red nose, and my absolute fave is the Hyper Bunny. My love of rabbit vibrators is no secret and this one is awesome and offers up a light show with your orgasm. Love it!!

Halloween Costumes for Big Girls
September 17, 2010

Are you a little bootylicious? Well endowed in more places than just your bosom? You ain't alone sister! Having something other than a stick-figure shape can make it hard to find clothes that fit and this is especially the case when it comes to special items like costumes. Let's face it; Halloween isn't always a good time for us curvy girls because finding costumes in our size can be a little tricky which usually means resorting to frumpy costumes that are no more than just a couple slabs of fabric thrown together or a white sheet with a couple of holes! If you can relate then you're gonna be over the freakin' moon when you check out the selection of plus size costumes that I've come up with that are not only far from frumpy but just about the sexiest shit you or those lucky enough to look at you have ever laid eyes on! These costumes are so H-O-T and worthy of a biggy-sized beauty like you!

While we carries all kinds of sexy stuff for big girls as far as lingerie goes; their queen-size costume selection is equally impressive with costumes made for every comfort zone...well...comfort zones starting at sexy and ranging all the way up to indecent!
Here are my favorite picks for plus size Halloween costumes. To make it easy for you I have broken my list down to 3 categories: Cute, Sexy, and Downright Naughty. Which do you prefer??

Kitty Kat Mask & Ears: You can make these cute or ultra-sexy depending what you pair them with! Add them to any outfit for a playful and easy costume or pair them with a slinky cat suit and stilettos for instant sex appeal!
Eskimo Girl: In a 1x to 4x, this costume is cute and kinda' sexy at the same time - depending on how low you wear the zipper, of course. *wink*
True Blue Fairy: This one is a tad revealing but fairies are just cute, aren't they?

Border Babe: Who doesn't love a woman-in-charge?? This costume is a sexy alternative to the usual Police Woman costume. (Incidentally, both are available here and in plus sizes from 1x to 4x!)
Rhinestone Cowgirl: Well Yee-fucken-haw!!! This costume is blingy AND super sexy!
Robyn Da Hood: This sexy take on the classic Robin Hood get up gets sexed up a notch thanks to its short hemline, maximum cleavage and hot corset styling. Love it!

Naughty Little Girl: This one REALLY pushes the boundaries and may not be suitable for all Halloween parties depending on the venue! Whether you wear this plus size costume for Halloween or strictly for bedroom fun - it is freakin' HOT!!
Oh My Goddess: This barely-there Grecian Goddess getup is tight, white and covers just enough to keep you from getting arrested!
Office Tramp: This naughty gem would also work well as a sexy gangster girl costume if you're looking for that whole Bonny and Clide thing. (This one is my all-time fave!)

Think Animals and Sex Don't Mix?
August 25, 2010

Now before you get your panties in a twist and gasp; this blog is NOT about bestiality and I am in no way suggesting that you go out and have sex with anything other than a human...or a sex toy. What I'm actually talking about is the allure of animal prints and how you can incorporate the sexiness of a tiger or energy of a bunny into your sex life. That's all. No need to call the fuzz or report me to PETA!

The world of sex toys has really managed to bring animals and sex together in a way that is anything but offensive thanks to the use of not only animal prints but other creative uses for animal-inspired items as well. You've got vibrators with rabbit, beaver and even dolphin shaped clit stimulators, movies, and accessories for those into pony play, and collars and leashes for those into BDSM. If you can imagine it, then it's likely out there already!

You don't need to be a sex fiend to see the allure of animal-inspired adult toys and lingerie. As a matter of fact, people have forever found tigers and other wild animals to be somehow sexy. Chances are that you've purred, meowed or even roared a time or two in the bedroom yourself! And what about doin' it "doggie style"? Who doesn't love that, right? So for you and the many others like you, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the sexy goodies with an animal element to them that you can find right here.

Animal-Inspired Sex Toys and Lingerie
You don't even need to be an animal lover to enjoy these picks! I've listed my fave animal-inspired items so that you can bring out the animal in you and get your freak on...without getting arrested or accused of heinous acts. *wink*
Remote Control Tiger Panty: You can have fun anywhere with this one! Love it!!
Wireless Vibe Zebra Panty: See above cuz' this one's just as hot!
Fur Handcuffs in Tiger Print: To help you tame your favorite beast.
Seahorse Triple Action Vibe: Fun for all your holes and naughty bits in one!
Pony Play Butt Plug: This bum toy's great for anal beginners and has an attached whip that also happens to look an awful lot like a ponytail when left dangling there. Strangely hot!
Deluxe Rabbit Pearl: Still one of my favorite vibes EVER!

Cheetah Fur Paddle:

Funny, Sexy, Naughty - Gift Ideas for All Occasions
July 26, 2010

As I get older my love of shopping seems to be changing. Don't get me wrong, I still love to shop more than your average gal and could give a Tween a run for her money at the mall. What's changing is my new found love of one stop shopping and being able to find things for all kinds of occasions in one spot. After perusing the site this morning it occurred to me that with a little browsing and an open mind; one can find a gift for any occasion right here on this site! Yes, a sex toy site that's got something for everyone!

To show you just what I mean and give you a go-to list for the next time you need to buy a gift, I have listed several occasions that warrant gifts along with appropriate selections to help make your life a little easier.

Gifts for All Occasions

For the BBQ Host: Any one of these funny and sometimes naughty aprons make a great gift for a BBQ host or hostess or even for a housewarming party! Check out the Barbecue Buddy Grilling Apron that's bound to get some laughs! The "Where's the Beef??" Apron is another classic that a friend is sure to love. Or, bring your very own homemade pasta salad featuring a special ingredient that's sure to please: Booby Pasta!

Housewarming: I personally love coffee and have always thought that coffee mugs make a great little housewarming gift. There's just something about a hot cup of coffee that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and it just says home to me. Anyway; these mugs are practical, hysterical and a little naughty which makes them a great housewarming gift idea; the Bachelor's Beer Mug is great for a guy moving into his first place or who's recently become a bachelor again and moved out. The My Best Friend Pecker Mug will give your best gal pal a giggle every time she drinks her coffee thanks to the lovely sentiment printed on the outside and the surprise pecker on the inside!

For the Newlyweds: Sex toys are always one of the first gift ideas for newlyweds that come to mind but, there are other cute ideas worth checking out too. I personally think the Inflatable Jumbo Ball and Chain is a funny-ha-ha idea for any guy celebrating his wedding. And for the Mrs, I recommend the New Husband Voodoo Doll that's sure to put a wicked smile on her face every time her new hubby gets out of line! (Just to be fair; there's a New Wife Voodoo Doll too)

Birthdays: Pretty much anything goes when it comes to birthdays, but these are a few of my favorite gift ideas for a birthday party. First is the Birthday Challenge Spinner Game that is so cheap and oh so fun! It's "The Drinking Game of Dares and Tomfoolery", don't ya' know!! I'm also a big fan of Penis Birthday Candles because from experience, it's hilarious how long it takes each guest to realize that the birthday girl is actually blowing little penises and not regular candles on her cake! (Seriously, you'd think they'd be really obvious!)

Wanna Get Scorching Hot?
February 24, 2010

I don't know where you are, but we've been having the craziest weather where I am! One day I was walking around in the sunshine and feeling like spring was springing and the next day we had a snowstorm! Now, well, everything is frozen and I feel like I'm living in an ice castle-except less cool and exotic.

Anyway, I'm craving heat big time and lot's of it which is why I am dedicating today's post to all things hot, meaning goodies that heat up or somehow throw heat into the mix. Yeah, all sex toys are hot, but I'm meaning it in an even more literal way than that. You'll see what I mean...

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot

Liquid Heat: Warming lubes and oils are one quick and easy way to literally add some heat to your life. Use it alone or with someone else who's also craving the heat of summer! My picks for the best heating lubes, lotions and potions are: Body Heat in Pina Colada (these are so cheap you'll be able to splurge on all the flavors!), Hot Heaters Booby Oil - Sex on the Beach and Hot Stuff Strawberry (sugar-free, lickable and warming!).

Fire: If you want something that's hotter than hot then fire is what you need! Think candles that are made for lighting up and pouring or massaging onto your skin. The newest sex candles allow you to do everything from set the mood with candles that are infused with aromatic aphrodisiacs to making someone hurt so good with a little hot wax play. Here are my picks for the hottest sex candles: Bwarm Soy Massage Candles (they come in a bendable candle holder designed for pouring!), Edible Candle Strawberry (light up, pour massage and lick! How's that for heat!), Foreplay Candle Pheromone Candle.

Toys that Warm the Cockles: Self-heating toys are the shit lately and it's no surprise considering how, well, hot they are. There's nothing quite like sliding something warm inside or along your most sensitive bits. My faves as far as self-heating sex toys are: the Micro Heated Bullet, the Micro Heated Vibrating Nipple Clamps and one of THE best sex toys I have EVER come across in my entire life; the Body Heat Self-Warming Vibe which is a dual action, rabbit-style vibe that offers clit stimulation, hot penetration and G-spot fun thanks to its slight curve. This thing is effin' incredible and worth every penny!

Hope that holds you over until the warmer weather arrives!
Giving Thanks and Kicking Of the XXX-Mas Season
November 11, 2009

With Thanksgiving almost upon those living in the US, I wanted this blog to somehow relate to the day, but since anyone has yet to come up with a dual- action vibrator with a turkey face on it my options are a tad limited. I can however tell you what I am thankful for before moving on to the next holiday. I'm talking about the WOW Vibe by Pipedreams. Thank you Pipedreams!

Now, let's get onto my absolute favorite time of the year-Christmas! Yes, we're less than a month and a half away from the big day and there is no better time than now to start doing your naughty Christmas shopping or at least start thinking about unique gift ideas for your lover or yourself. Between now and Christmas I will be writing a few blogs dedicated to the most wonderful time of the year and each one will be full of hot ideas for gifts, XXX-Mas parties and much more.

Before starting their shopping most people kick off the season with some decorating, so for y'all I've taken a peek around Discreet Romance to see what kind of Christmas decorations I could find for those who like a good laugh or to sex things up a tad Yule-style. Here's what I've found:

X-Mas Tree with Ornaments: This is waaaaay cute for those with the right kind of sense of humor anyway. This 2 foot tall tree is ready to be decorated with 24 dirty ornaments for your enjoyment!

Pecker Ornament: You can hang this festive pecker on your tree or attach it to gifts along with a bow. Whatever you do with it you're sure to get a good ho-ho-ho out of it! (Check out the matching Boobie Ornament too)

Dicky X-Mas Ornaments: This pack of 3 flesh-colored lil' cocks will be a hit on any Christmas tree! Get ready for a giggle!

Santa & Girlfriend Wind-Up Toy: Talk about the ideal icebreaker! This little Santa goes to town on his hot GF once you wind 'em up. Place this on your coffee table for a funny homage to the fat man in the red suit!

Like the Christmas decorating ideas? Then you'll love my next blog on ways to sex up your holiday parties.

Let the most wonderful time of the year begin with a bang-literally! **wink**

A Hard Lesson
September 15, 2009

Even as adults this time of year when the weather is changing and school is starting brings out a little something special in all of us. We can't help but to reminisce and think back to our own school days. Some even wish they could go back in time or recapture a little bit of that good ol' back-to-school feeling.

So, what better time to learn a lesson or even teach one than September when the smell of rulers, freshly sharpened pencils and detention is in the air? And for those of you who enjoy a hard lesson there are loads of goodies to help you play teacher and student in the comfort of your own home-or should I say private classroom?

For starters, a naughty student needs to be disciplined and what better way to do this than with a paddle. Teaching or learning a lesson is a lot more successful when that lesson is driven home with a fur lined, leather or wooden paddle. I recommend the Leather Paddle W/Black Fur, the Slut Leather Paddle Kit or the Triple Leather Slapper.

If you like to kick it ol' school, then you may want to check out rulers and canes that were also commonly used to discipline a bad student back in the day. The Yard Dick Penis Shaped Ruler or the Singapore Stinger Cane are perfect for teaching them the right way as they did back when corporal punishment was the norm in schools.

And should a student deserve a little praise for doing as teacher says, then you may enjoy rewarding them with the Twinkle Silver Star Riding Crop. It's not a gold star but it's close enough, no?

And for the ultimate punishment for the student that has been really really bad - the Punishment Anal Plug. This baby will put a naughty student in their place at first site thanks to the attached whip! Don't forget to stock up on lube with this one. You wanna punish not destroy!

If you happen to prefer simpler methods of pusnihment there's nothing like a good ol' fashioned spanking to drive your point home and really teach a lesson your naughty student won't soon forget! Before you lay one on them though you may be interested to know that there are a few lessons that even the teacher can learn! Check out Nina's Guide to Spanking or Spanking 101 for techniques that'll help you teach the hard lesson you crave.
Isn't Back-to-School Time Sexy?
August 31, 2009

I love back-to-school time even though it's been a couple years since I was a student...more like a few years...many, many years actually.

It's that feeling of a fresh start mixed with possibility. Then there is that unmistakable fall scent in the air that comes about the second September hits. For those of you who have kids, this time of year is great when you consider all of the private time you get back once the rug rats are busy with school, homework, cheerleading practice, etc.

To celebrate this lovely time of the year I figured there was no better way than to give you what you need to really make the most of this time and enjoy a few naughty lessons of your own! So, get ready to play dirty teacher and naughty student because I found a whole bunch of back-to-school goodies for adults only.

I'm sure you know that there is always a naughty schoolgirl costume readily available on a site like this, but after doing a little digging it turns out that there are a few great outfits for your back-to-school role-playing fun! Check these out;

School Girl Costume: This is a super naughty spin on the classic schoolgirl uniform with plaid mini, matching tie and a white color - that's it! Can you say hot??

Boarding School Girl Costume: I always thought that boarding schools were for the wealthy, but it seems that someone couldn't afford the full uniform! This ultra-sexy costume has got a stretchy white bandeau bikini top, teeny-tiny plaid skirt that just barely covers the goodies, sexy stockings and then a nice matching tie and collar to make it complete-as complete as near-naked can be!

Darque School Girl: This black and red get up is naughty schoolgirl with an edge! It's got a sexy black crop top, plaid tie and sexy plaid mini with corset lacing on it. Where was this when I was in school??

Remember how your mom used to harp on you to not forget your school bag? Well, she probably wasn't talking about the Naughty School Girl Bag but it's great advice just the same! This bag o' goodies contains a vibrating hair brush, lipstick vibe, plaid G-string and tie and even some pecker hair ties for your putting your hair in pigtails - just the way your teacher likes it!

If you've been there done that as far as the naughty schoolgirl costume goes, then another hot back-to-school get up to consider for your next romp in the land of sexy make-believe should be a cheerleader costume. Take your pick from Varsity Cheerleader or Head Cheerleader (this one comes with knee pads!) And if you happen to be someone who always wanted to do a cheerleader but never got the chance in school, there are a couple of hot little love dolls to have some fun with that are decked in the sexy cheerleader gear that no guy-or girl-can resist! Check out blond Chrissy the Co-ed Cheerleader or brunette Wicked Girl Kristen Cheerleader. Rah-rah-rah!!

And somethin' else for the guys to enjoy back-to-school time with; Bad Ass Schoolgirl Stroker. This kit contains a ribbed pussy stroker that also comes with a soft core DVD featuring what else? Naughty schoolgirls - all legal of course.

And finally, since back-to-school time wouldn't be complete without books, you might enjoy Parker School Punishment 101.

Who knew that back-to-school time could be so hot!

Swingin' Good Times: Cool Ideas for Swingers Parties At Home
August 17, 2009

I've recently done some writing about the world of swinging and realized that not only are there far more people doing it and looking to do it-literally-than I would have guessed, but I've also never written anything catering to swingers on this blog! Shame on me! It's not like me to miss such a large and uber sexy population so I'll try to make up for it here by offering some fun ideas for a good ol' night o' swingin'.

If you're finding swingers clubs a little stale there's always the option of staying in and planning your own swingers' party. Taking the time to choose some fun games and goodies will help make sure that your party isn't a dude. Okay, okay - when is sex ever really a dud, right? I'm just saying that to set your party above all the rest and make it fun for those who've been in the scene as well as newbies it'll require a little more than just makin' a few extra beds. Think fun, think sexy and think about your guests and getting them to interact in a way that will encourage a more upbeat and playful vibe.

Here are a few things worth picking up for your swingers' party;

Condoms: This should soooo go without saying but I wanted to remind you anyway since safe sex is a MUST no matter how well you think you know someone. Try filling a bowl with condoms so your guests can grab 'em as needed without having to fumble around. You can mix things up in the safe sex department by choosing different types of condoms for different sensations. Also, don't forget to pick up a flavored pack or two because they've great for blowjobs and can cut down the center and opened up to use when going down on a woman. Much tastier than the usual dental dam that's for sure!

Sex Toys for All: If you don't already have a fun collection of sex toys then consider picking up a few to share with your guests! You don't need to get anything too expensive. Check out sale items! Opt for small, fun and colorful sex toys. Don't forget to get stuff for the girls AND boys; mini vibrators, cock rings, anal beads and plugs and maybe even a hot double-header dildo for some hot two on one action! (By 'on one' I mean on one dildo!) And don't forget to have plenty of sex toy cleaner on hand and to throw a condom on your vibes and dildos when sharing!

Party Favors: The idea of part favors at a swingers' party may sound a little off but who doesn't like to receive little goodies? There are loads of things like gag gifts and other favors that are far from PG-Rated and just right for your naughty-minded guests. And if your swinger's party also happens to be in honor of a birthday or holiday like Christmas there are party items that cater to all those themes and more.

Games: Who says games are for kids?? We all love to play and that'll be especially true when you pull out games that encourage some very sexy times! Whether you go for an all-out adult board game or opt for some simple naughty dice; a game geared to adults and sex is the perfect way to break the ice and get the party started with some good laughs and sexy ideas. And don't forget - the winner gets to...well, you decide!

Massage Oils: I know -- soooo cliche for swingers to have massage oils and other lotions and potions! Seriously though, they make for great massages and can be LOADS of fun if poured allover the body and a latex or plastic sheet for some slippery-slidey fun!

Gettin' Lucky: Hot St.Paddy's Day Ideas
March 06, 2009

I'm all about the special occasions and makin' them as sexy as can be no matter what they are! St.Paddy's Day is up next and while it's usually all about the green beer and doin' the jig with your friends, I figured that with a little thought and the right goodies that I would be able to help you all find a way to make the most of the day while infusing it with some delectable sex while still managing to keep the day filled with green goodies, clovers and even some good ol' Irish luck that would make a Leprechaun proud!!

If you're heading out to a bar, having a party or simply just celebrating with your lover at home, you can make any drink look Irish AND sex it up by swiggin' it out of this green penis shooter glass. You don't really need green beer when you've got a green shooter!

If your man insists on spending the evening drinking at a noisy and crowded bar to celebrate, you can always keep yourself amused and still be part of the Irish fun by wearing this remote controlled Four Leaf Clover vibrator under you clothes! Just think of how hot it'll be sitting there and enjoying a sexy buzz on your clit without anyone being the wiser. There's nothin' quite like enjoying your own little naughty secret, especially one that is sure to result in an orgasm or two! For some added fun you can hand the remote to your partner and let him take charge of your pleasure!

If you're looking for something low key to enjoy or something to unwind with after your night of partying, there's always Love Licker Irish Screamer'a warming oil that you can massage your lover with to celebrate the sensual way.

If you want to look festive and 'ber sexy at the same time, you can always use some green liquid latex on your skin for just enough sexy coverage to get your best parts noticed! Or make him wanna stay home and drink some of your special brew by serving him while wearing this super hot Beer Girl costume!

Enjoy some Irish tunes on this special day, whether Celtic or U2 by loading up your iPod with some great ones and then using it along with the NaughtiNano iPod Vibrator in green! It vibes along to the beat of your tunes and is small enough to fit in your purse if you want to enjoy it on a night out and about.

No plans for St. Patrick 's Day' No worries! There are all kinds of goodies to help you celebrate with yourself and make it a night to remember even without the crowds of people. Here are a few of my green faves that are just right for the occasion at hand and any others.

Emerald Lips Pocket Pal (For Him)

Emerald Screw Vibe Dong

Green Orgasms Galore

G Girl Green (Yay for G-Spot fun!!)

See, who needs a crowded bar and overpriced beer when you an stay in and really get lucky the Irish way!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Inspiring An Early Spring Fever
February 25, 2009

Now that we're past the holidays and Valentine's Day I figure instead of giving into the winter blahs it's a great time to start looking ahead to spring and summer! Ahh, hot sunny days spent splashing around at the beach and even hotter nights spent enjoying the nakedness that summer brings'mmm'

Spring fever is a very real part of the season that I personally look forward to because it's when I feel more alive than I have in months. What else does it do to me? It gets me thinking about all the hot and naughty ways that I can enjoy myself and all the things I can do to share my favorite time of year with my lover. One of the best ways to start getting that sexy ol' summer time feelin' long before the snow melts is to incorporate some goodies into your day that inspire that feeling; things that have the lush tropical scents that make you feel like you're lying on a beach and enjoying a pina colada or even something fun for your bath that can make a little tub break feel like a mini holiday by the seaside.

Here are some goodies to kick start your spring fever and inspire some extra hot lovin' that's bound to keep you and your partner feelin hot, hot, hot until the real spring thaw starts!

To Tease Your Senses: You can fill the air around you with the scents of summer with candles that are not only made to tease your senses but also warm your skin thanks to melting into a perfect scented massage lotion like Suntouched Candles in Skinny Dip or Bikini Beach or Massage Candle Libido/Exotic Fruits.

Better Than Suntan Lotion: Everyone loves the smell and feel of lotion rubbed onto their warm skin, but even with no sun in sight you can enjoy that same lux and warm feeling thanks to products like Eden Tropical Oils, Razzels Tropical Teeze Warming Lube and Love Drops Seduce Me Coconut.

Even Sexier Than the Sea: You don't need to be splashing around in the ocean to enjoy the feeling and scent of salt water. All you need is a bathtub and any of these amazing products; Bath Salts Sweet Coconut, Sea Salts Ocean Breeze, Treasure of the Sea.

Make Your Own Waves: You can make plenty of waves in your very own bathtub with the right toys. Here are a few of my waterproof faves that all have a tropical flair: Tropical Vibrations Collection, Tropical Vibrations Pear, Eden Tropical G Wave, Climax Gems Ocean Ripples and the Sea of Love Couples Kit.

Instead of Sippin' Coladas: Who says you need a fruity cocktail to make you feel like you're a billion miles away in a tropical paradise?? These flavored lubes and aphrodisiacs will not only tantalize your taste buds but also give you that lovin' feelin' with just one swig! Check out Sex Water Tropical Punch or Jo Flavored Lube in Tropical Passion.

Look Like A Beach Bunny: Nothing can make you look and feel quite as sexy as some sun kissed, glistening skin and you can have that even when it's snowing outside thanks to body shimmer lotions like Body Shimmer Sunkissed Gold or Body Shimmer Tan.

See, with a little imagination and the right inspiration you can be feeling the delightful glee of spring fever today!

Love Is In the Air
February 10, 2009

Love is definitely in the air now that Valentine's Day is just a few days away. In honor of this day dedicated to lovers, I thought it would be nice to spread some love by giving you a list of things that would make awesome gifts this Valentine's Day so you too could spread some love'and other things...

A List of All Things Love

Bathtub Love: This little set comes with plastic bubbles that you throw into the tub. Each bubble contains naughty acts inside. How you play; your lover chooses a bubble and then you perform the act listed! Take turns for double the fun!

'Love' Impression Slapper: This hot little paddle is 12' of naughty fun. What does it have to do with love aside from being able to use it on the one you love? It's a 2 flap slapper made of sleek black leather with the one 'Love' cut out on one and three little hearts cut out on the other. Every slap leaves the impression of the words all over your lover's bottom.

Aphrodisia Music of Love CD: Here are some sensual sounds to set the right mood as you celebrate Valentine's Day.

Chains of Love Bondage Kit: Keep your lover tied up all night for the sexiest Valentines ever!

Crystal Love Beads: For under $5 you can have your lover writhing in ecstasy this Valentine's Day with these hot little beads that are perfect for vaginal and anal play.

Heart Throb Love Kit: This kit comes with everything you need for a hot night of naughty lovin?! Vibrating cock ring, Frisky Finger bullet vibe and all kinds of lotions and potions and more'all in one kit!

'I Love You' Surprise Gift Bag: Who doesn't love a surprise?! This kit comes with candles, sexy love dice and scratch and win love coupons so you can continue to shower your lover with surprises all night long.

Love Bump Wand: Your lover will be thrilled to receive this exquisite glass wand with little love bumps all over for maximum pleasure.

Love Machine: If you're looking to go all out this Valentine's Day, this love machine would be the great way to go all out'and in'and out'and in'

Love Vibes Kit: This great little vibe and strawberry warming oil is bound to make for some great orgasms. It's the gift that will keep on giving and giving and giving.

8 Levels of Love: I have a feeling that you'll be able to reach a lot more than just 8 levels of love with this baby!! It comes with a multispeed bullet, 3 interchangeable heads and a strap on clit tickler. Meow!

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about over-the-top plans or expensive gifts! The day is dedicated to celebrating love in every delicious way you can think of. I hope you get to enjoy these hot and affordable items this February 14 and for may other days to come.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Gay and Lesbian Pleasure: We Got Your Back!
September 21, 2008

While all sex toys can be used by anyone and everyone regardless of sexual orientation; there are toys that tend to be more popular amongst the gay and lesbian crowd than others. Whether you?re looking for a little somethin?-somethin? for yourself or as a gift; it?s nice to be able to get to the stuff that?s better suited to his/her needs rather than having to sift through an endless array of those less-than-perfect for me/her/him/us items. So, for any of you who are on the market for toys that are the bomb with the gay and lesbian crowd; I give you my list of favorite gay and lesbian sex toy goodies?

Ideal for Hot Girl-on-Girl Play

Double-Header Dildos make for an awesome time because they can be used simultaneously by you and your partner or even used for double-penetration thanks to their ideal length and flexibility. Here are a few pretty ones for you gals who aren?t quite into the veiny and life-like cock replicas.

Basix Pink 16 inch Double Dong

Translucence Smooth 18 inch Double Dong

Bendable Double Dong (vibrating!)

Strap-Ons can be a way to not only penetrate your partner but to also enjoy the feeling of delicious control that washes over you as you 'take her' like a champ!

Check out Fetish Fantasy Heart Strap-On, Girl-on-Girl Strap-On, and Sister Strap-Ons

Fetish Fantasy Heart Strap-On

Girl-on-Girl Strap-On

Sister Strap-On

Vibrators offer a deeper and fuller penetration than you can get with fingers and can be great on their own or during oral. Again, here are some pretty ones as well as a couple of sexy bad-ass ones to suit any taste from butch to lipstick.

Flexor Stimulator Bunny

Pink Caress 8 inch (nubbed to perfection!)

Berman Intimate Basics Sienna

For the Boys Who Love Boys

Anal Toys are obviously first on my list, but since not all butts are created equal; having a nice variety of anal toys to choose from--plugs, probes, dongs--can make sure that you cover all of your bases? and his. *wink*

Bender Dong 8 inch

Anal Pleasures Kit

Anal Twist Probe

Colt Power Anal (waterproof)

Lube is an absolute must when you?re engaging in any sort of backdoor play and luckily you aren?t limited to the usual, generic lube. Play around with different flavors and types to see what tickles your fanny?oops!?fancy.

Anal Lube Cherry Flavor

Bottoms Up Butt Wax

Elbow Grease Hot Gel (heating lube!)

Male Sex Dolls--DON'T LAUGH! Take it from a woman who knows that a good man is hard to find and check out Male Sex Dolls for when you?re craving some action from someone who won?t piss you off!

Realistic Rafael Carreras Doll

Big John Vibrating Doll

Construction Man Doll

My Pick For Gay, Lesbian and Heterosexuals

I?ve raved about this one on here before as well as on other sites and I will continue to do it again and again! The Accommodator is a dildo that straps to the chin and allows for penetration and oral at the same time!! This works for vaginal and anal penetration so we can all enjoy this one. Yeah it looks a little ridiculous but you won?t notice that with your eyes rolling back into your head from ecstasy!

The Fascination With Anything BIG
September 12, 2008

What is it with talk of big dicks? Really?? It just seems that whenever the topic of sex comes up; talk of appendage size always follows. What is it with everyone?s quest to find the biggest one out there anyway? It?s not just when we?re talking about men but even sex toys. If I mention that I got a new vibrator, the first question to follow is usually something along the lines of, ?is it huge??

The funny thing is that it?s both men and women asking! I mean seriously, what is the big deal? How big a cock can one possibly handle anyway??! Maybe it?s like a challenge to some to see how big they can take? Another funny thing is that this longing for the biggest one out there isn?t only limited to penises, but to boobs as well. Men are always lookin? for the biggest tits, while women and gay men are always on the lookout for the biggest dick. Well, you?ve asked and now you shall receive.

I?ve given my two cents about penis size in the past and as far as I?m concerned size isn?t as important as ability, but for all of you on a quest to find the biggest dick possible or the largest tits this side of Dolly Wood; I am taking some of the work off of your hands by giving you a list of big one?s that are just a click away.

You think you can handle these?

Kong the Realistic: This vibe looks soooooooo real -- even has pubes! It also has a suction cup base for easy riding. And it's size...prepare to gasp...9 inches long, 2.25 inches wide and a whopping 6.5 inches around!!

This one isn't too long, but boy is it fat!! - Fat Cock XXL: Looks and feels incredible too.

Giant Jumbo Jack XL: This really is a monster cock! Ideal for anyone looking for a true challenge as far as penetration goes cuz this baby is 15 inches long, 2.25 inches wide and... ready?...8.5 inches thick! Ouch! Or should I say 'Oooooh'...

Mucho Machismo 'El Gordo': Here's a little Latin 101 for you; it means 'the fat one'. Enough said.

For Those Looking for A Backdoor Challenge

Ass Master: This anal probe is 10 inches long which is QUITE impressive as far as anal play goes.

XL Butt Plug: Get out the lube for this one! This butt plug is 9 inches long and 5 inches in diameter!

Anal Twist: A super 12 inches long; this ribbed anal probe is definitely worth the climb!

Somethin' For All You Boob Men

Danni's Jiggly Fantasy Boobs: They're huge and soft and were modeled from the big 'FF' tits of pornstar Danni Ashes.

Just Juggs Doll: This is a lovedoll that has got boobs bigger than any other doll. Perfect for all you breast men!

Blow Up Boobs: Novelty item or dream-come-true for breat lovers? You decide!

And Finally...

I couldn't leave out those of you who enjoy a big ass. So, for you I reccommend the Bootylicious Love Doll. She's got an ass that puts J-Lo to shame!

Yummy Sex: Edible Treats to wet Your Pallet
August 27, 2008

There is no question that food and sex seem to go hand-in-hand. When we speak of food and sex; visions of the delectable Mickey Rourke seductively feeding the hot Kim Basinger in the movie 9 ? Weeks comes to mind, but the truth is that food has been linked to since the beginning of time. Think of how many men would base their choice of bride on her ability to cook! You can even see this in the insect world when male ants bring tiny pieces of food to the females when ?courting?. There is just something undeniably sexy about eating and sex.

While you can always head to the fridge for inspiration; there are other alternatives when it comes to edible goodies for sex. Incorporating the tease of eating something off of your lover?s body is about as arousing as it gets and can make foreplay out of this world! Think; covering her body in a chocolate syrup or licking away at his cock as if it were some sort of fruity lollipop thanks to some flavored lube. Mmm?yummy indeed.

Sites like this one contain a lot more than just sex toys; they give you what you need to make your partner?s body a buffet that is good enough to eat! You can turn a massage into something incredible by using a flavored dusting powder so that each glide of your hand can be followed by a slide of your tongue. Consider surprising your man by rubbing some flavored lube all over your most intimate spots and then inviting him in for a taste. You can also add an element of fun with things like a bikini made of candy or a pair of edible undies worn under your skirt when you go out to dinner. And lets not forget how flavored creams or condoms can make even the most timid of squeamish partner enjoy oral sex! There are even some unique treats like flavored temporary tattoos and yummy pasties!

Check out some of my favorite goodies that are made for some sexy munching:

Flavored Body Dust

Kama Sutra Honey Dust (several flavors)

Think Pink Lust Dust

Love Stuff Body Dust (several flavors)

Flavored Lube

ForPlay Succulents

XOXO Hugs & Kisses Edible Lubes

Astroglide Strawberry

Oral Sex Creams

Banana Dickalicious

Blow Job Drops

I Love BJ Kit (fruity or mint collections)
Flavored Massage Oil

Love Drops Oil (various flavors)

Kama Sutra Oil of Love (various flavors AND my all time favorite product ever!)

Making Love Oil (various flavors)

Candy Treats You Can Wear

Candy Bra

Candy Posing Pouch

Edible Gummy Panties

Candy G-String

Celebrity Sex Toys and Other Tinsel Town Fun
August 20, 2008

We are forever in awe of celebrities or curious at the very least. We look at them; all picture perfect and sexy in magazines and DVDs and wonder what it would be like to be them or just be with them and this goes for adult stars as well. You can?t help but imagine what it would be like to be in bed with a woman or man that you?ve seen in action on screen?especially when we?re talking about blazing, full-color sex action! When it comes to adult stars, the opportunity to feel a little closer to them is just a click away thanks to an endless array of products that these stars play a hand in creating. These products include dildos and vibrators sculpted from the most well endowed porn star?s penis to soft, lifelike moulds of the asses and pussies of some of the hottest female adult stars around.

The most common sex fantasies usually include a celebrity, so it?s no doubt that these types of sex toys are as popular since they really do their part in enhancing a fantasy. The detail is incredible; with every little ridge, vain and even hair accounted for! If you watch Adam Glasser?s (a.k.a. Seymour Butts) show, Family Business; you may have caught the episode where he has the mould of his dick made for a line of sex toys. That right there shows you how up-close and personal these stars really do get to the toys that they endorse and call their own!

While these toys offer up a hot time no matter how you use them, I suggest really going for the ultimate in the celebrity sex experience and watching one of their videos while you do yourself with that big, hard dildo or give it to her in her soft and ever-so-realistic pussy!

Check out some of the celebrity sex toys available for your pleasure:

Jenna Jameson Extreme Doll

Belladonna?s Extreme Pussy and Ass

Savanna Samson Pussy and Ass

Jamie Lynn Cyberskin Doll

Jessica Drake Talking Love Doll

Jeff Stryker Cock

Brandon Lee Dildo

Tommy Blade Sensafirm Penis

Gettin' Sexy With Body Jewelry
July 27, 2008

Wanna know what's even sexier than being naked? Being naked with some body jewelry adorning your most intimate bits! You're probably flinching as your mind races with visions of unusually placed piercings, but the body jewels I speak of require no need for the painful puncturing of body parts as they are clip-ons.

I for one have seen girls with Britney-tight bellies adorned with navel rings and been envious that I can't pull off the look (ain't nothin?pretty about your bellybutton ring getting lost in your roll of chub!), but I CAN pull of having sexy bobbles dangling from my nipples! That's the great thing about jewelry for the bod; anyone can wear it!

Body jewelry isn't just limited to bellybutton or nipple wear; you can also get jewels to pretty your clit with gain, no piercing necessary. Most pieces can be worn on more than one part and you can choose from ones that dangle alluringly or smaller, more discreet and understated ones. They also don't need to be saved for sexy play either and can be worn at anytime of day or night. Personally I get a kick out of wearing them under my work clothes cuz there's nothing to help get you through the workday like having a naughty little secret tickling your clit every time you move! Wearing some sexy body jewels is also a nice way to surprise your lover when you'e looking to venture away from the usual lingerie.

If you'e looking for something that adds sex appeal AND works to arouse you as well; nipple clamps will do the trick. A pair of weighted clamps will help to bring out your buds and keep them looking hot and perky while providing you with a sensation like no other. Those with a well-placed chain do double duty and can be manipulated by you or someone else for an erotic experience.

Have a look at all my faves and see if any tickle your fancy?or anything else?

Bellybutton Jewelry:

Nipple Rings and Jewelry:

Jewelry for the Clit:

Body Jewelry With A BDSM Edge:
Making Sex Better
July 08, 2008

Yes, that's right; sex can be even better! It is true that even bad sex is good, but for those of us who would like to take it to new heights and make it as delicious, exciting and hot as can be; there are DVDs to help you step by yummy step!

I'm sure that most of you head straight for the porn when you check out the site's DVD collection and likely bypass anything with the word instructional on it's okay do it too. *wink* But, these instructional videos are your best bet for detailed, graphic sex tips so that you can take your pleasure where it's never gone before. There are videos that focus on positions, others that focus on technique and some that cover it all, even including sex toys.

Most people, well, men; think that they'e in the know when it comes to all things sex and sadly, these are usually the guys whose idea of foreplay is rubbing a woman's clit as if he were scrubbing the grime off a barbeque! We can all stand to learn something new and what better place to want to excel than sex; especially when you're been with your partner for years and are looking to spice things up a touch. And don't think that age makes you an expert either! You'e never too old a dog to learn a new trick or two! *wink*

Check out some of these DVDs for some hot inspiration and education:

For those looking to bend it like Beckham?sort of?not really?/strong>

101 Advanced Positions: This covers it all from massage to bondage and everything in between, using real life and, might I add, attractive couples!

The Modern Kama Sutra: Again, real life gorgeous couples show you how to have great sex using a variety of positions found in the Kama Sutra.

Better Sex Series:
Sexplorations 4 Disc Collection: Four videos of sex positions and techniques galore!

For The Girls

Nina Hartley's Guide to Porn Star Sex Secrets: Learn how to be sexy and blow his mind with tips from the Mistress herself.

Nina's Hartley's Guide to Multiple Orgasms: Multiple orgasms?? Yes please!

The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation: This DVD features real life couples who demonstrate how to stimulate the G-Spot for a mind-blowing orgasm.

For the Boys

Great Sex Over 50 ?For Men: Real couples show you how to keep things hot in the bedroom even after years together.

Planet Sex: A raw and real look at sex around the world with everything from live sex to the weirdest in sex practices.

Something Sensual

Modern Tantra: Learn how to share a full body, mind and spirit connection with your lover through the art of Tantric Sex.

The Joy of Erotic Massage: Massage techniques to take your sensual pleasure to new heights.

The Art of Oral Loving: The most intimate act of foreplay is explored in detail to help you blow your partner's mind. (Pun fully intended!)

Pushing Boundaries with Something Different

Nina's Guide to Threesomes: Learn how to take it beyond just a fantasy and make it your delicious reality.

Nina's Guide to Strap-On Sex: Wow! Nina is a busy lady! Check out how to enjoy strap-on fun and really take your sex to a whole new level!

Sex Guide to Erotic Dancing: Learn how to turn him on with a sultry striptease. Music included.

Sex Toys and How to Use Them

Toys for Great Sex: Exactly as it sounds!

Nina's Advanced Guide to Sex Toys: More info from the Master... Mistress.

With all of this expertise kickin around in blazing color, you really have no excuse for becoming a slouch in bed! Start exploring new ways to pleasure yourself and each other.

Feeling Sexy At Any Size: Queen Size Lingerie
July 03, 2008

A friend recently confided in me that her sex drive has gone down the tubes since she's out on some extra weight. This is a common complaint that I just don't understand! While I can sympathize to an extent and know what it's like to want to be model-thin, I certainly don't understand why one would even allow it to get in the way of enjoying one of life's greatest pleasures. Big or small, we all deserve to have a fulfilling sex life! Besides, if you've got it, flaunt it—no matter how much you've got!

Sophia Loren (a.k.a. the sexiest woman EVER!) once said regarding sex appeal that it's “fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got”. Smart woman! Confidence counts when it comes to the way others see you, so if you see yourself as sexy, then others will too. How can you start to feel sexy again if you've been down about your weight? One good start is to buy yourself the kinds of things that would make anyone feel sexy: lingerie!

Long gone are the days when sexy little under-things only came in teeny tiny sizes—queen size lingerie is everywhere these days, including right here! And by that I'm not talking about the likes of granny panties, but rather lace, mesh and even leather! Most of the lingerie that they carry here comes in regular and plus sizes so you can rock your world and then your partner, no matter what size you are.

Lingerie also tends to be used wrong in the sense that many women buy it to please their mates. While wanting to surprise him is always sweet; lingerie should really be a treat for you before anything else! Try wearing some vampy red lace under your business suit to feel sexy all day. Or prance about the house in a silky little number as opposed to sweats or flannel. Feeling sexy will make you more attractive to yourself as well as your mate and everyone else around you for that matter. But, if you insist on a gift for him and are so inclined; a sexy cheerleader costume could prove fun!

I personally enjoy garters and stockings under my everyday work clothes; kinda' like having my own naughty little secret! There's nothing quite like the feel of some luxurious delicates against your skin to get you in the mood for some sexy time later on. *wink*

Just for shits and giggles, here is my little lingerie wish list to help give you some ideas of the sexy-bits we've got:

Babydoll Stretch Lace With Thong

Sensua White

Booty Camp

When Quality and Quantity Are Possible at The Same Time
May 12, 2008

“Two heads are better than one” is a saying that can easily translate into sex and the world of sex toys. I’m not just talking about double-ended dildos or using two vibrators at once, but rather quantity in general. While I do believe in the old saying “quality over quantity” when it comes to some things; I tend to be a big fan of quality and believer that sometimes you are lucky enough to find both. This came to me after perusing the site on this quiet Sunday afternoon and noticing the amount of ‘kits’ that we carry. I love kits!! It’s like Christmas when you order a kit and get to open a box containing several goodies in one shot!

Kits can be great for anyone who is a little unsure of what exactly what they want or in some cases need. For example, for a couple looking to try out some mild bondage for the first time; a kit like the Beginner’s Bondage Fantasy Kit comes with all the things a newbie needs and takes the guesswork out of the experience. And speaking of guesswork; kits can be a no-brainer way for a guy who is not-quite-so-romantic, to impress his partner and treat her to a night of romance without the aggravation that could well ruin the experience. My personal faves for romantic couple play are: Bed of Roses Deluxe Edition, Basket of Love (so cheap!) and Kama Sutra Weekender Kit (I am all about anything Kama Sutra!).

It’s not just the romantic nights you plan that are easier with kits; a night o’ naughty pleasure is easily arranged with a kit no matter what your fancy! I absolutely loooooove kits containing a load of little vibes or sleeves because they allow you to sample a few different toys which is not only great for mixing things up and keeping them from getting boring during your night/weekend sex-fest, but they help you and your partner try stuff out and really help you get in touch with what turns you on. I’m diggin’: 4 Piece Clit Stimulator, Bedside Orgy Kit and Colossal Kit (this thing is AWESOME!).

Finally, one of the kits that really blew me away and made me wish I had searched the word ‘kit’ back when I was a maid of honor; the Bachelorette Party Box. This baby comes with everything but the stripper! If you’re not sure of what you need to put together a bachelorette party or simply don’t want the hassle of running from place to place to find just the right supplies; this kit really does cover it all which would make you look like the best stagette party hostess ever!

Now, I’m off to shop for a kit for my upcoming weekend away…

Couples Who Play Together, Stay Together
May 08, 2008

A conversation with a divorced friend about the lack of sex during the final years of the marriage just reinforced my opinion that sex really is extremely important in a relationship. Don’t get me wrong; love is number one, but without sex, let’s face it; you may as well be siblings!!

It’s a common complaint that after several years together; the sex just isn’t what it used to be and sadly, too many people are willing to just lie back and accept this sad state of affairs as opposed to doing anything about it. I’m a firm believer that sex never needs to get stale between two people and that there are all kinds of things that you can do to keep things from flat lining. I took it upon myself to peruse some of the goodies that can help you keep from ever being the stereotypical couple that just doesn’t seem to do it anymore.

An open mind and a positive attitude are just a given, but in terms of props, I think the best options by far for perkin’ things up are games. All work and no play does make Jack a dull boy after all! Games offer you the opportunity to be a little playful in an otherwise serious world. Sex games also encourage communication and offers new naughty things to try that you may not have thought of otherwise.

One of the quickest and easiest things that you can do to stir things up a tad is to break out of the missionary or lazy-sex-on-your-side positions that tend to be the only ones making appearances after a few years together. An inexpensive deck of cards like 52 Sex Positions is a great and easy way to go. With 52 positions, you could have a new one every week for a year or have exciting couple of months ahead of you! Another one of my inexpensive faves are the good ol’ Erotic Dice which encourages you to reach out and touch someone, a few different ways, all with the rolling of the dice. (Check out Oral Sex Dice and Anal Sex Dice too!)

Another sure fire way to inject some heat into a relationship is to communicate your sexual desires. Sharing fantasies is something that many couples find difficult to do, so when you have a tool like a game that encourages you to share and explore your fantasies; you can’t go wrong! For that we’ve got: Exploring Ultimate Fantasies Game and Canoodling which is geared at opening the lines of communication in the bedroom.

I don’t want to bombard you with too many games as your “To Do” list must be getting pretty full, but another key factor that is missing in many relationships that don’t work is the ability to laugh together. There’s nothing like a naughty version of Twister to get you rolling about and laughing as you try to maneuver your bodies into unnatural positions! I personally like Hands On Body Twister and Between The Sheets.

I’m feeling inspired! Think I may have to make it a game night! *wink*

Toys For Teasin’
April 29, 2008

I have decided that teasing has become sort of a lost art. Life is just so rushed in general that many people even have to hurry sex or worse yet; schedule it in like some chore on a To-Do list! When you’re working against time, it’s very easy to get straight to it and forget about all the good stuff that leads up to the final act, like the tease… the sweet, delicious tease.

Whether you’ve got all the time in the world to please your partner or your time is limited; building up a little anticipation and teasing them to the point of submission is a sweet must! Come on; you don’t always have to make it about the intercourse—not right away anyhow. Taking the time to really work your partner’s body into a frenzy will not only feel amazing for them but also heighten pleasure for you. Watching the goose bumps form along his body as he becomes harder and harder or the absolute delight of watching her nipples turn to stiff little buds as she writhes around in torturous pleasure at your mercy is bound to work some magic on you as well. How can you illicit such intense sensations you ask? Simple; with a few minutes a prop or two!

One of my favorite ways to tease a mate starts of with a blindfold. There is nothing like blindfolding someone to automatically heighten all of their other senses; leaving them to rely on sound, sight and feel to know what’s going on. I’m not at all into BDSM but I do also enjoy tying my partner’s hands so he is at my mercy. A little game of “how much can you handle” is what ensues once things are tied nicely in place. This is a fun game for all! The deal is that you get to do as you wish to your partner but they are not allowed to touch you as you do it. Running a feather strip down the center of his/her body is a nice start. Take the time to linger ever so softly over their most special spots to really drive them wild! Changing sensations by switching from feathers to a tickler or small rubber whip, effortlessly ups the level of eroticism. I’m not saying you need to whip your mate senseless and induce pain—unless you are so inclined, but the feel of the rubber strips along already tingly skin will feel amazing on anyone no matter how adventurous or vanilla their tastes may be!

Taking the time to tantalize your lover will be an erotic and highly pleasurable experience for you both and therefore worth a little time and effort. Luckily, kits like the Barely Bonds Kit, Vanilla Bondage and The Bernan Mistress Kit , make it easy to add a little tease to your sex life because they contain all you need from the blindfold to the feathers! We’ve also got quite the selection of ticklers ( I loooove the Vibrating Feather Tickler!) and whips to choose from whether you’re looking for a gentle caress or the lingering sting of a good, sexy whoopin’!

Happy New Years from Discreet-romance.com
January 03, 2007

Discreet-romance.com staff wish all of our customers an exciting 2007. We are hoping to introduce more sensual and quality adult toys for our loyal customers. In addition to better selection of sex toys, we will also introduce several new website features such as Gift Certificates, which should be live just in time for Valentines Day.

We will also be hand selecting some of our best selling Valentines Day adult toys and display them in the featured sex toy section.

Turning your phone into a sex toy?
September 05, 2006

Ever thought of using your cellphone as a sex toy? Apparently, enough people have thought of this idea that developers actually made it happen.

a British company is selling software that transforms java enabled nokia cellphones into vibrating sex toys. According to the company, they call the new functionality as a "discrete, vibrating massager."

"Its tender purring vibrations provide perfect company on even the loneliest winter nights!" champions the website.

The software, which costs UKGP 1.50 (about $2.35), is downloaded straight to the phone via a WAP link. Once installed, it has just two controls: Start and Pause. While running, an image of a contented cat is displayed on the phone's screen.

Does it really work? I guess you will have to try and find out (although it is in UK, we think you might be able to install it onto US phones as well.) What do we think of this new way of creating sex toys? We are not really a big fan of using cellphones on your body considering how we recommend thorough cleaning of sex toys before every use.

Read more here: Sex Toy - Cellphone

Too old for Sex?
June 19, 2006

Is 50 too old for men to enjoy sex and perform as well as younger men?

While most of us look forward to the honor and privilege of turning 21, some say that some men are now eagerly anticipating "The Big 5-0. So, what’s so good about turning 50? No, it’s not that 50 is the new 40 or 30, but rather if you’re one of the guys, you can look forward to "the best sex you’ve ever had".

You must think that's a crazy statement. Well, forget about the fables praising 18 year old (young) bucks for being the best between the sheets, it now seems (according to studies) that more mature "stallions" have more fun in bed. In fact research shows that men in their 50 have better sex lives than those in their 30s or 40s and just as good (if not better) than those in their 20. That’s because, say experts, men at this age are settled in their lives and careers and have the confidence they need to enjoy sex with comfortable confidence instead of trying to live up to or exceed expectations often stressing them out about frequency and performance.

Also according to recent research, not only do men in their "younger" years have too much stress and anxiety over sex (as well as relationships, family life, and careers), they are also too overwhelmed and "immature" to enjoy it (when it happens). Especially if they are in a stable relationship and/or have been for a while, these mature men, not only have peace of mind about who and what they are, but exude a quite and subtle "sex appeal" that draws their mate closer to them and that allows them to (finally) allow their body and mind to relax and (pardon the pun) enjoy the ride.

What is slightly "ironic" though is that the results also showed a significant correlation between age and reduced sexual functioning, but increased sexual satisfaction. To increase your "sexual functioning", try exercising regularly, don't be afraid of using pills such as viagra, or cialis. Consult your doctor first before trying any kind of sexual enhancement drugs.

Sex Toys and Swingers
May 30, 2006

When you’ve been swinging for a while, the question of adding a little something more to mix is inevitable. And it’s not because you’re bored necessarily, but it can be because you’re just looking to crank up the fun a little, and with all of the sex product stores and websites available, you might be wondering if adult toys are the route to go. Here are several reasons why sex toys and swingers do mix well together.

Good For Anytime

Not only can sex toys spice up swinging experiences, but they can also help you out when you’re on your own. Actually, some people find it rather arousing to watch someone pleasure themselves, or you can use it when you’re waiting to swing again.

Batteries Last Longer

When you’re trying to please someone orally, you may find that your stamina isn’t always at the peak of its worth. Using vibrators and other stimulators can help to keep the feeling going without causing your jaw to ache. Also, there are products for men that can enhance penis stimulation, and these toys can be used when your hands are busy doing something else so you get the best of all the stimulating words there are.

For Places You Can't Reach

For places that go out of reach at times, you can use toys to assist you. Also, if you’re a bit hesitant to go certain places (anal play is one example), there are toys that can do the stimulating for you while you help out in other areas.

One of You Is Too Tired

Of course, if one of you is too tired to keep up the action, then a vibrator or other stimulator can keep going. This is also a good thing to have if one person is in the mood, but another is not. Multiple orgasms are exhausting, so the less work that you need to do to help the other person achieve your bliss, the better.

Sex Toys Are Good For Your Healthy

This might be a bit of a stretch, but having an orgasm releases oxytocin into the bloodstream. This is a hormone that calms the body and prevents you from feeling pain. So, heck, why not try a toy to do your own research.

Learning Curve

Sex Toys can also be a great way to learn more about your partner or other person involved in swinging. By trying out new things together, you can build on the relationship that you’ve already begun, or you and your partner can try something out and then share it in a swinging setting.

What to Buy

One of the greatest things about the Internet is the anonymity. If you’ve never bought a sex toy before, you can go online and read user reviews as well as information to make the best decision. You will see that there are many more toys for women than for men, but that doesn’t mean that men’s toys aren’t any good. You just need to try a lot out to see what works for you. If at first you don’t find something that is pleasurable, then try again. Soon you’ll find something that will move you in the right direction and add a little something-something to your swinging experience.

While sex toys and swingers are a great mix, you can also see that sex toys are just a great addition to any relationships.

Sex Toys - Tax Deductible?
May 16, 2006

Here is an interesting piece of news published around May 5th on NBC.com. Apparently prostitutes, strippers and lap dancers can claim tax deductions for adult toys and lingerie "in Australia", officials said Friday, as the Australian Taxation Office issued a list of deductible items for the sex industry.

Condoms, lubricants, gels and oils are among a myriad of other items that these workers can claim against tax, according to a fact sheet issued on the office's Web site.

While they cannot claim deductions for fitness classes that keep them in shape, the tax office ruled they can claim the cost of dance lessons.

"You can claim the cost of replacing or repairing things like equipment, adult novelties and other apparatus used in your work," the office advises, under a section titled "tools of trade."

"This is just another one of our occupational lists that we put together to help people," a taxation office spokeswoman said on customary condition of anonymity.

This news is fairly interesting. We started to wonder immediately if the similiar tax law will be passed in the U.S. as well. However, the chance of this happening is extremely slim.

Sexual Positions to Re-ignite Your Sex Life
May 10, 2006

Sex should be everything but routine duty work. One of ten thousand reasons that sex becomes boring and blend for both partners is relying on a few plain old sexual positions.

It is very often that couples develop routines during sex, such as techniques, positions, and verbal languages. If partners really care about having great and prolonged excitements in their sex lives. they will have a place in this routine for “new and cool stuff”. Instead of whipping out the kama sutra book, here are a few dramatic change of place and position that will bring some fire into your sex life.

Bring sex out of the bedroom and try it on sofa or a chair in your living room. Believe it or not, having sex on a chair can be as varied as on the bed, gives the couple a whole new range of sensations, and can be fun as well. Here are few basic positions, and these have also their variants, and allows the couple to be very creative (giving a warm loving feeling as well). (Note: when using chairs, try to have padding on the wooden chair, or use soft leather chair instead)

Position One: Knelling on the Chair.

In the position you use a standard dining room chair, with high back. The girl kneels on the chair and faces the back of the chair holding on to start.

The man enters from the rear (a variant of the doggy-style pose) but with a lot of advantages. The guy can massage his partner, fondle her breasts, and stimulate her clitoris.

This allows for deep penetration, and slow and long trusting is advised. The girl can push back with her hands creating greater friction. This is a very sexy position, and almost always ends up in mutual orgasm.

Position Two: Seeing “eye to eye”

For this position you use either the sofa for an arm chair. The man sits down normally and the woman then sits on the man’s lap, but her legs over each of the arms of the chair. The man easily enters, and this position the couple are really eye to eye.

The man now supports his partner at her waste, and helps her move up and down. This position allows for both maximum clitoral and G-spot stimulation and can end in a dramatic orgasm for the woman.

Third Position: The Jack knife

Here the couple are assumed to be more or less athletic. The woman rests her arms to the elbow on the chair seat, and holds on the back of the chair. The man then lifts her legs, and supports her, and the woman will wrap her legs around the man’s waist and back. The man enters her, and there is no trusting, only deep penetration.

This has minimal clitoral or G-spot stimulation, but it is a very unique feeling and often the couple reach an orgasm quickly, as the movements are very intimate.

Fourth Position: Across the Sea

Here the woman lays across the arm chair, and not sitting on it. She is in a prone position, using one arm for a pillow and the other arm supporting her pelvic area.

The man enters from the rear, and the woman then, if she wishes, can bring her legs together, giving the man an exquisite feeling.

This allows for clitoral friction and some G-spot stimulation as the man’s penis will tend to trust downward. It is a wonderfully personal position, and allows for much intimacy between the couple.

Keeping your Sexlife alive does require variety, so give the above positions a try.

Featured Bloggers Part II
May 05, 2006

We have many great blogger friends that write everyday erotically and creatively.

Magdelena at Myths and Metawhores - Sexual Homoeopathy blog is one of the best blog sites I have ever visited. The lost feeling of sensual eroticism can be rediscovered again. Definitely worth a visit.

Nina at Lazy Geisha describes herself Asian, Bisexual, Bondage, Brilliant, and Slut. Visiting her blog will give you a whole new perspective on how to blog erotica with your heart and soul.

Two more bloggers will be featured next week.

A question asked by many women
April 15, 2006

A post on improveyoursexlife blog:

Dear Lucia,
I'm sleeping with this guy who I originally got involved with because I knew he was not the type to commit to one girl. I just wanted sex with no strings attached.

Now we're hanging out, cuddling and spending the night together. He's the one initiating all of this and I'm starting to like him. I think he feels the same way, but it's so hard to read through the game and I know the game because I've done it too. Should I break it off before I end up having feelings for him and getting hurt? Or, should I keep doing what we're doing and see if his actions are really sincere?


See the answer here Lucia's Answer

Adult Bloggers
April 13, 2006

Out of all the adult blogs on the internet these days, 90% of them are junk. Find a good adult oriented blog is as hard as trying to find a man who can give more than 20 minutes of foreplay. It is refreshing to stumble onto a adult blog that is updated often and have great content. We looked around for months and found two so far worth mentioning.

First one is the Erotic Porn Blog. If you are looking for some original erotic stories or interesting adult related news, you might want to give it a visit. Author started writing Janurary of this year, I am expecting a lot of good contents in the future. Give them a bookmark!

Then there is Jennas Blog. If you visit them now, you will be rewarded with a great erotic story "The Neon Moon", it is about a girl met a guy in a bar... (I believe this is one of you guys ultimate fantasies.). If you read on, you will find great reviews on different products and different websites. Keep up the good work guys.

(More bloggers to come...)


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