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Green Sex Toys Your Path to Organic Orgasms
February 27, 2013

Did you know that helping to save the planet can be fun? You donít have to climb trees in protest or march on the Capital waving banners. There is no need to pelt politicians with rotten eggs (unless, of course, you really want to) and no need to chain yourself to any railings. All you have to do is have sex!

Green Sex toysThatís right; read that last bit again to make sure it really does say ďAll you have to do is have sex!Ē

I tell you what Ė that is my kind of protest; but itís not really a protest at all, it is just a case of putting a little thought into your next sex toy purchases. Look out for Eco-Friendly Sex Toys and play your part in protecting the planet whilst providing perfectly pleasurable palpitations for your partner.

ďGreen Sex Toys?Ē I hear you ask incredulously. Is there such a thing? Well of course there is. You may already use one without realizing it. In fact any sex toy that you are able to use over and over again is good for the planet (and obviously good for you too if you are constantly getting it out and having a go with it). When you bring rechargeable sex toys into the equation, the benefits to the planet really start to stack up, not to mention the fact that you can save a pretty penny into the bargain.

So where do you start looking for Green Sex Toys? Donít panic Ė they are all around you (well, not literally, but there are plenty of options to choose from). You could look for rechargeable sex toys, which have an immediate and obvious advantage. Then there are Eco-Friendly Sex Toys that are bio-degradable and also Green Sex Toys that are manufactured in an eco-conscious way.

Mia has a range of sensually superb rechargeable sex toys such as the Tenacious Bunny (mmmm a vibrator with attitude!), the SaSi and the Mia. Apart from being exquisite pleasure pulsators, these beauties actually recharge via the USB port of your computer Ė howís that for computer age sex? The Tenacious Bunny really lives up to its name with a wicked rotating shaft and naughty little bunny ears to really go to work on the clitoris.

Wood is a bio-degradable substance that you wouldnít ordinarily associate with sex toys (donít worry, thereís no chance of getting splinters from these beautifully crafted dildos), but Nob Essence has put this natural material to good use with a range of Organic Sex Toys. Furthermore, Nob Essenceís wooden sex toys not only feel good, but they also look good. The wooden sex toys are completely sealed and are fully washable. If the thought of wood does it for you, take a look at Nob Essenceís excellent Anal Toy Single, Turned G-Spot and Smooth S-Shape wooden dildos. Of course, when you buy a sex toy it also comes with a lot of packaging, so make sure that this is bio-degradable in order to do your bit in the fight or the planet.

You can tap into your eco-consciousness next time you buy a sex toy by checking that they are phthalate free, non-porous, hypo allergenic and can be sterilized. All these factors give a sex toy longevity which means not only will you be getting good value for money, but youíll also be keeping it out of the land fill for a lot longer. Tantus are a leading manufacturer of Eco-consciously manufactured sex toys such as the Small Silk and Ripple Probe dildos.
With all of these excellent ways to contribute towards your planetís well-being whilst enjoying the most basic of pleasures, there is no reason why you canít just lay back and take advantage of a multitude of organic orgasms.

Ring of Confidence
January 01, 2013

A very popular sexual enhancement for men these days is the humble cock ring. Who would have thought that such a simple device could be so effective? The truth of the matter is that, with a cock ring, there really is a ring of confidence, because it helps to keep the big fella going that little bit longer by restricting the blood flow and maintaining the erection. It can also make the penis more sensitive, increasing the pleasure of sexual activity considerably. These little circles of pleasure can be very effective when it comes to the self-satisfying business of masturbation, with the firmer erection and extra sensitivity making you putty in your own hands.

Of course, as you would expect in these modern, liberated times, there are many different varieties of cock rings available to the discerning gentleman and it is important to make sure that you find one that is comfortable, yet snug. The snugness is the method of prolonging the erection, but that would be no fun if it started to become uncomfortable to wear, would it?

Typical materials that are popular for cock or penis rings are silicone, metal, leather, rubber, nylon and even plastic and these are generally worn around the penis and scrotum for best effect. Of course, the choice of material is always down to personal choice, but a softer material such as silicone or rubber would probably be the best choice for someone new to the joys of jewelry for the genitals. The advantage of these softer materials is that, whilst providing the restricted blood flow necessary to make the ring effective, they are a lot easier to remove when the need arises which makes the wearer a lot more confident about the whole experience.

However, whatever material you decide on, you should remove your penis ring after around thirty minutes or sooner if your genitals start to feel numb or look pallid. On a positive note, however, wearing this type of sex aid can not only help to maintain an erection, but with the added confidence that knowledge brings, the door is opened to a compendium of delights.

In order not to take away any attention from your partner, cock rings are also available that are complete with little vibrating bullets that not only provide a scintillating buzz to her clitoris, but also sends those powerful pulsations down your penis and imagine how a more sensitive cock would react to that! Make sure that you donít waste that prolonged erection by ejaculating too soon because youíre that much more aroused. A little self-control is always a good thing when it comes to making sexual pleasure last for a long time.

If you like a little bit of BDSM or bondage, a leather cock ring is an ideal little accessory which will tick all the boxes. If you are Dom, then the longer lasting erection reinforces your superior stance, whilst, if you are the submissive type, having your Master or Mistress put a leather ring on your cock would give that feeling of being owned and restrained. Of course, leather rings arenít the sole domain of the BDSM and bondage world. You may choose leather because you like the feel of it. Another advantage of using leather rings is that they are more adjustable making it easier to find a comfortable fit more quickly.

It may be a simple device, but the cock or penis ring is a very effective item to have in your sexual toolbox. Whether you want to play solo or fly with a friend; even if itís not an all-singing, all-vibrating wonder, it will potentially provide you with a longer lasting erection giving you longer to enjoy what we all love best.
Feel The Vibe
August 29, 2012

Letís face it, sex is fun. If it isnít, then quite frankly you are not doing it properly. The reason sex starts becoming less interesting is quite often because it gets repetitive or the spark seems to fizzle out or even both. Trying out different things is essential to keep that spark alive and to spice up your sex life. Short of leaping off the wardrobe dressed in a loin cloth covered in goose grease to liven things up, you may wish to introduce sex toys into your bedroom play scene and the easiest and favourite sex toy to bring things back to life is the trusty old vibrator.

These little beauties come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are designed for out and out pleasure. By the way guys, itís not just the ladies who can benefit from these pulsating pleasure powerhouses. There are certain parts of the male anatomy that literally get a buzz from being stimulated by a vibrator.

Vibrators are amazingly popular and are very commonplace today being the number one selling sex toy, but it may come as a surprise to you that these things have been around since the late 19th century using steam power no less! The remarkable thing about these ancient devices is that they were used by doctors to treat women with various ailments. No wonder they came away from the doctorís surgery feeling a whole lot better after the medical men had mindfully masturbated them to mollify a malady!

!902 saw the first patent for an electric vibrator for retail sale and many major stores stocked them Ė that is until they started being featured in pornography and these early devices were withdrawn from stores in the 1920s.
By the late 60s multi-speed controls had been developed making the whole thing hugely more exciting. As the humble vibrator evolves into an all singing, all dancing, personal orgasm creator, it would be interesting to be part of the research and development teams Ė and who gets the prime job as test pilot?

As far as tips on using a vibrator are concerned, the rule of thumb should be to find a part of the body that feels very good when stimulated by a vibrator and turn the power up as far as you can take it. On a serious note, however, a couple of good tips are to keep your favourite toy out of sight, especially if you already have children and make sure that you keep it clean. Another serious tip is to keep some lubricant handy if itís a tight fit.

There is a wide range of vibrators to choose from these days and you can take your choice from a powerful mini pocket rocket to a full-on, mains powered job that pulls no punches.

Besides helping to spice up a coupleís sex life, or allowing a lady to sample the sweet pleasures of life on her own, vibrators fulfil the role of providing orgasms to those unfortunate women who have difficulty attaining a climax through sexual intercourse of manual masturbation.

The vibrator has come a long way since its first incarnation as a mighty steam machine to relieve the medical troubles of distressed ladies. One can only imagine how often these medical troubles cropped up in a week. Nowadays steam power has been replaced by battery power and the popularity of vibrators must seem a huge boon to the battery manufacturers. I wonder if itís conceivable that in fifty yearsí time there may be nuclear powered vibrators in existence. Regardless of what fuel runs it, the vibrator has and will remain the first choice in sex toys.

Luxury Sex Toys for Those Who Like to Give and Get the Best
June 13, 2011

Luxury sex toys is a term we're hearing more and more about these days and it's no surprise given that everyone seems to be looking for bigger and better. What sets luxury sex toys apart from the rest-aside from price-is the quality and attention to detail that goes into them. When I say detail, I'm not talking about getting all the ridges and veins right in a realistic vibrator but rather attention to how it works with the body as well as attention to the little details, like the packaging and little extras that come with the toys.

Whether you're looking to give or get something especially decadent and, well, luxurious; luxury sex toys are definitely up there. And, you can get 'em for all sexes too.

If you're not quite sure what toys would classify as luxury sex toys, here are a few to get you in the know:

Lovemoiselle is by far one of my favorite makers of luxury goodies. Their contours are absolute perfection and they feel unlike any other toy. Lovemoiselle toys are incredibly smooth because they're made of ceramic-something else that helps sets them above the rest. They look beautiful with their gorgeous designs and shapes, and they feel even better thanks to the combination of the ceramic shafts and various vibration modes. Some of their models worth checking out: Cecile, Elodie, Julianne, and Noemie.

Lelo Sex Toys are among the best known luxury sex toys thanks to their gorgeous aesthetics, high quality materials, and the research behind their creation. Some of Lelo's best toys: Mia, Iris, Elise, Billy, and Gigi.

Nexus is maker of high-end sex toys for men that include the Gyro and the O Max, just to name a couple.

Never Too Old for Goodie Bags
March 17, 2011

Remember how much fun it was getting goodie bags/loot bags at birthday parties when you were a kid? I used to love the excitement that came from not knowing what was in the bag and loved rifling through all the stuff in it. It really didn't even matter what was in it because getting a bag of fun stuff was always cool. Well, as an adult my love of goodie bags hasn't changed and I still get a kick out of being given a bag of stuff-just ask my family who fills a gift bag with little presents for me every Christmas. Anyway, it turns out that goodie bags aren't just for kids. As a matter of fact, I found some goodie bags for adults that just may make you squeal like a fat kid getting a loot bag full of Tootsie Rolls!

Some sex toy makers have been smart enough to cater to those of us who can't resist a bag full of goodies and have come up with bags o' fun made for naughty adults like you and I. Check these out:

For the Girlz Pipedream Bag: So perfect for a night of girl-on-girl sex, this silver bag is packed with all the essentials, like a double-ended dildo, strap-on harness and rubber dong, tightening cream, lube, a mask, and so much more! The sexual possibilities are endless with this oh-so cute little bag! Great for the bi-curious gal or any girl who enjoys playing with other girls.

Rabbit Top Hat Bag: If you've read about my love of Rabbit vibrators then you won't be surprised to know that I totally recommend this bag. What may surprise you is the price - it's on sale for around $16!! How freakin' awesome is that?? The cute top hat shaped bag is FULL of goodies: Waterproof Wabbit Vibe, Silicone Rabbit Finger Sleeve, Bunny Mini-Mite, Rabbit Sleeve, Edible Body Paint, Bubble Bath, Flavored Moist Lube, Antibacterial Toy Cleaner, Keychain Lube, Lock & Key and Satin Love Mask. What a great deal! Think of all the orgasms you can have for well under 20 bucks!!

Pipedream Bag of Love: This cute little heart-shaped bag makes the perfect gift for a lover and has so many sex items that it's sure to blow your mind! It's got: Heart Warmer Massager, Mini-Mite Massager, Bondage Tape, Satin Love Mask, Heart-Shaped Love Ring, Toy Cleaner, Liquid Love, Basix Mini Butt Plug, Love Beads, Lover's Lotto Cards, and an On-The-Go Keychain. Whoa!!

Party Girl Toys in the Bag: This corset-shaped bag comes in red or pink and is filled with everything you need for your party for two...or more! It's got flavoured lube, a vibrator, a bullet, cocking, and even anal beads and pleasure balls! I personally have handed these out as loot bags at a bachelorette I threw for a friend and they were, of course, a total hit!

Naughty School Girl Bag: Way cheaper than creating the school girl fantasy from scratch, this kit's got all you need for less: tartan G-string and tie, 2 pecker hair ties for your pig tails, a naughty note pad, vibrating hair brush, a whip key chain, and more.


Valentines Mini-series: Chapter IV - Double Your Pleasure this Valentine's Day!
January 24, 2011

Who wouldn't wanna double their pleasure, and especially on Valentine's Day?? For those who love quantity just as much-if not more-than quality, then have I got the toys for you to give! Today's blog is all about giving and getting double the pleasure this February the 14th and, it's for all you straight, gay, and lesbian lovers! That's right, today we're talking about double-ended dildos, butt toys, and more!

I've gone through all the sex toys and selected the ones that I believe are most worth giving if you're looking for a little DP (that's double penetration for those that aren't down with the lingo), or couples fun. So have a look at how you could really steam things up this Valentine's Day by giving and getting double the fun.

Posable G-Spot Double Dong: Wanna share the G-spot love with another deserving gal? This sex toy will definitely do the trick! And when there's no other girl to play with, you can still enjoy some G-spot fun in the way of a hot solo DP!

Double Dong with Balls: This one's a pleaser for all! While it can totally be enjoyed vaginally, the placement of the balls also creates the ideal plug or stopper to make this one a hot and safe choice for two guys to enjoy anally without worry that it's gonna creep up there too far for comfort!

Jr. Veined Dbl Header-bender, Black 12" Cd: What sets this one apart from the rest is its shape. Sure, the shape may resemble some sort of plumbing tool but it works well if you want to use it with another and mix it up as far as position goes. It'll work with well with both you lying/sitting face-to-face or with one going doggy.

Rascal Double Dong Fister: Something for the boys this Valentine's Day! This double fister is super slick and gets real slippery when you add even just a hint of lube, making it perfect for a little bum lovin'. The difference in the position of each fist also offers up a little variety so you can enjoy thick and thicker as you please.

Double Dong Veined Grape: I admit to choosing this one because it smells like grape-yummy! It's also super bendy, long enough to really work with, and priced well. This one is great for all: ww/mm/mw.

Executive Double Dong Harness: Not your traditional double header; this is a strap-on with a leather harness that has a 7" dong for giving it to him or her while a little 2" dong sits in the harness and nestles perfectly in your pussy so you get a little somethin' while you bang your lover! Fully adjustable for all sizes too!

Hope you're totally turned on and ready to make it a Happy, Happy Valentine's Day with one or more of these double header toys. Check back next week for more sexy gift ideas for Valentine's Day!

How to Make it A Naughty Christmas
December 14, 2010


Can you believe that we're less than 2 weeks away from Christmas?? This feels like it's coming especially fast this year! Where has the time gone?? Since we're getting to crunch time now, I wanted to write about some no-brainer Christmas goodies with a naughty twist. What makes these total "no-brainers" is that they are Christmas-specific so you know you can't go wrong. There's no guesswork and no wondering if they're a good idea for Christmas 'cuz' they were made just for Christmas - easy peasy! Make it a naughty Christmas without having to think too hard thanks to me and my list!

What we've got are Christmassy sex toys, gift wrap and gift bags, and even Christmas decorations and stocking stuffers. And yes - they're ALL a little naughty. So let's get started seeing as how we're almost out of time!


Santa's Lil' Helper Spot Vibe: A red and white candy cane-esque G-spot vibe that will give like Santa the whole year through!

Don Wands Candy Cane Glass Dildo: This decadent glass dildo looks just like a candy cane and gives you pleasure that can only come from a glass sex toy. Run it under warm water to heat up a cold night or cool it down for some spine tingling fun!

Candy Pak Glass Candy Cane & Stocking: This candy cane glass dildo set comes complete a stocking to put it in, some lube, and some mistletoe-not that you'll need it in order to get some action! It doesn't get sexier or more Christmassy than that!

Reflections Candy Cane Vibrator: This little glass candy cane vibrator gives you the luxurious feel of glass with the powerful vibrations you expect from a Doc Johnson vibe. The tip is curved just right for some G-spot fun for Christmas and every other day!


Mrs.Claus and Her Candy Cane: This cheesy little wind-up toy is the perfect little stocking stuffer for your favorite funny guy! Juts wind her up and watch her go to Christmas town with her candy cane vibe.

Naughty Secret Santa Tingle Gele Peppermint: I would love one of these in my stocking!! This jar of peppermint tingle gelee also comes with a vibrating cock ring so you can enjoy a buzz with a cool tingly treat this Christmas! And, it's great for him or her...or them. *wink*

12 Nights Of Christmas Pillow Packs: These motion lotion pillow packs will make your 12 days of Christmas merrier than ever or use them to ring in the first 12 nights of the New Year.


Boobie X-Mas Ornament: You can get these boobie-shaped ornaments in red and green. Hang 'em on your tree or use them along with condoms to decorate a wreath for your sexiest friend!

Pecker X-Mas ornament: It ain't a XXX-Mas without a pecker-shaped ornament! Hang one up or dangle it from a package for a dirty lil' twist on Christmas!

X-Mas Tree with 24 Naughty Ornaments: Naked Santa, fucking gingerbread men, and a penis-shaped stocking are just a few of the naughty ornaments you get with this tree! Fa-la-la-la-la!!


Christmas Balls Penis Gift Wrap: Deck the halls with, well, balls!

Christmas Balls Boobies Gift Wrap: Who wouldn't want to receive a Christmas gift wrapped in boobie paper?!

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Having Sex Gift Wrap: Even Santa likes it nasty sometimes! This gift wrap is AWESOME!

Get An Early Start with Some HOT Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
January 05, 2009

With Christmas out of the way, I figured it was time to start focusing on the next big day'the sexiest day of 'em all'Valentine's Day! What better day than February 14th to really take it to the next level in the bedroom than the day that is dedicated to couples!

You all know that this is one day where your partner expects you to go the extra mile and really put forth the effort to woo and surprise them, so why not really blow their minds with a surprise of the naughtiest kind? My suggestion is to introduce something new into your sex life and I don't just mean going from guy-on-top to girl-on-top but rather something completely new to you! Here are some ideas to start considering over the next month?

Sexual Positions
If you've been stuck in a position rut, then why not make it your mission to introduce your lover to some new moves and maybe even play a game of 'try as many as we can' on Valentine's Day and everyday from there on! There are all kinds of books, complete with blazing color pics that offer you hundreds of new positions to choose from. Some of my faves; the Kama Sutra is ALWAYS a great one. I also quite like the tried and true Sexual Positions. If you'd prefer to see this positions play out in front of you on your television screen, then try the Kama Sutra DVD or 101 Advanced Positions DVD.

Bondage for Beginners
If you're sex life has always leaned to the safe/vanilla side of the spectrum, then venturing into some light bondage could really heat things up this Valentine's Day and open up a whole new world of pleasure! Some kits that make bondage a breeze for newbies, like the Vanilla Bondage Kit which is packaged in what looks like a vanilla ice cream container and holds the basics; silky ties, blindfold'all in vanilla white of course. The other one that tops my list is the Fetish Fantasy Beginner Bondage Kit because it comes with cuffs, ties, blindfold and even candles. What a great (and cheap!) way to get your freak on!

A Sex Toy for Two
Valentine's Day is a great excuse to finally try out a sex toy made for two. Consider a vibrating cock ring like the Passion Ring. Or maybe something like a double-header dildo if you dare! Try the Bendable Double Dong or the Double Trouble Slender Bender (great for his and her anal!) They are top sellers for a reason'or two!

Up The Romance
There's nothin? like the day of Cupid to get even the most cynical of us craving some romance. A no-brainer way to do romance right would be to use a lover's kit since they've got all the bases covered for you! Check out the Kama Sutra Bedside Lover's Tool Kit (you know I am a Kama Sutra product junkie!) or the Bed of Roses Deluxe Edition for romance at it's finest.

With all of these great tips, you really have no good reason for not making this upcoming Valentine's Day the best one ever!

Hottest Addition to Our Sex Toys Collection - iBuzz Music Vibrator
October 09, 2006

We have just added a hot sex toy to our collection called iBuzz Music Vibrator.

It changes the vibration level as the music plays, and it is a perfect companion to your favorite iPod music player. This player is so hot, get them while we have them IN STOCK!

Using iBuzz is easy! Connect iBuzz to your music player, turn on your favourite tune and let the vibrations take you to heaven. iBuzz vibrates in time to your music so you can get off while getting down.

Use the his-and-hers attachments to add extra excitement! Turn him into a vibrator with the stretchy ring and use the soft sleeve for sensitive stimulation.

No music player? You can still use the iBuzz for orgasmic fun. Just turn on and enjoy the 7 amazing vibration patterns - press the arrow buttons until you find the one that suits your mood!

iBuzz is a must have as a sensual holiday gift for couples.

Chelsea Girl on Good Use of SmartBalls
May 05, 2006

Our blogger friend Chelsea girl has a new blog entry out with a reader's email talking about a good usage of

Smartballs are made by Fun Factory. We have always been a big fan of . Their sex toys are made with premium quality materials, and every toy is crafted to the smallest details.

Smartballs's total length is 3 inches and each ball is 1.5 inches in diameter. They are inserted into the vagina and can be worn for several hours. Smart Balls provide the user with quiet, secret pleasure. Every move made causes the metal balls in the Smartballs interior to vibrate causing the vaginal muscles to be stimulated and exercised.

Magenta and Red Smartballs even provide a targeted work out of the pelvic floor, which leads to more sexual stimulation with a partner. Smartballs can help prevent incontinence. Smartballs are made from a safe, hypo-allerganic silicone. The Smartballs are extremely durable and easy to clean. Smartballs have a unique design and a velvety surface. The structure is slightly elliptic and will noticeably enhance the thrill of the intimate massage.

A new patented manufacturing process enhances the silent run of the inner balls and makes Smartballs the quietest love balls in the World. Black Magenta Smartballs are manufactured by Fun Factory Sex Toys. Fun Factory the Erotic Rites of Quality! Every one of their vibrators and sex toys are crafted with German engineering and know how. Sex toys made to last!

They are made with the 100% Silicone. As is all Fun Factory products. Silicone is velvety soft yet firm, and gentle to the skin. German engineering makes these toys last a very long time!

Silicone based lubricants should not be used with this toy. We have tons of water based lubricants such as astroglide series.

You can check out chelsea girl's entry here: Chelsea Girl's Pretty Dumb Things.

Featured Sex Toy: Hitachi Magic Wand
April 28, 2006

The Hitachi Magic Wand is one of the most widely recognized vibrators. It is an integral part of vibrator history and a reluctant pioneer in the category of quality, main stream massagers.

Before the was introduced, most sex toys were cheap, poorly made and were considered "novelties"...products to be used a few times for kicks and then discarded. In an attempt to appeal to the main stream, Hitachi initially marketed the Magic Wand as a "muscle massager". However, word of its pleasure producing capabilities quickly spread, and nowadays most Magic Wands are purchased for more erotic activities in mind. Due to its size the Hitachi Magic Wand is primarily used as a clitoral stimulator. The tennis ball sized head is about 2-Ĺ" in diameter and is capable of powerful vibrations. There are several attachments available that turn the Magic Wand from an external to an internal stimulator. Two of the most popular are the Hitachi G-Spot Attachment and the Hitachi Probe Attachment. The handle is over 9-inches long and makes it easy to maneuver during solo and partner play, and a two speed control switch allows you to adjust between the "low" and a very powerful "high" setting quickly on the fly.

This sex toy is also highly recommended by Dr. Laura Berman, a sex educator and therapist, "A great choice for novices and the more experienced, especially if genital sensation or arousal has become an issue. Many find the shape reassuring because it could just as easily be a back massager as a vibrator, and the stimulation is quite strong. I often recommend the Magic Wand as a great beginning vibrator."

Featured Sex Toy of the Week - Under the Bed Restraint System
April 16, 2006

One of the most interesting for beginners or experts will have to be the "".

Let's start off with a quick description of this bondage toy:
Turn any size bed into a place of binding pleasure, restraint straps quickly fit beneath matress or frame without hooks. Restrain your partner's arms or legs from the sides or the top and bottom of the bed. Portable and travel-sized. The system includes four 60Ē nylon restraint straps, one connector strap, and four Sportsheets cuffs. These bondage cuffs are made of a heavy-duty nylon strap with a Neoprene backing and a Velcro closure. They are very adjustable and comfortable, easy to put on and remove. They can also be linked together end-to-end and worn as a collar or thigh cuff. Each cuff features an O-ring as a point of attachment, and a small snap hook is also attached to one of the cuffs for clipping the cuffs together.

What's so cool about this system is that to experience one of the most frequently performed bondage activities, you don't need anything but a regular bed. This bed does not need to be specially framed or have bedpost on the corners. This system will let you turn the bed that you have your average boring sex on into a restraint heaven. Simply slide the straps under any mattress, and position them around the bed to create various bondage possibilities. I mentioned in my previous postings that you need to bringing the sexual fantasies out of your partner, this system will definitely be one of these "surprise toys" you can buy for that spice up.

You can buy this sex toy here

Featured Sex Toy of the Week - The Jack Rabbit
April 11, 2006

New sex toys shoppers might not know it, the best selling sex toy at every adult store is the . It was introduced on the hit TV show "Sex and the City" by Samantha (who else) to Charlotte. After Charlotte realized how great this sex toy is, she disappeared in her apartment for a week. I am not going to go into details now, but you can see it wasn't picked by the director for no reason.

This rabbit is about 7 and half inches long in total length, and the penetration length is about 6 inches. It has all the functionalities a basic rabbit vibrator needs. The control is connected to the base via a cord, and you can change vibration intensities of the rabbit ear and the shaft separately on the control. The Jack Rabbit is light, made in jelly, and the vibrations are powerful. Most importantly, it is only $24.29 at our store. It is almost an ideal sex toy for a girl to start with. According to many customers, this is the first that they have orgasms with over and over again.

Some customers complained about the rotating beads in the center have a tendency to jam. I personally haven't had this problem yet. However, make sure you treat it gently, it is a bunny after all. :-)


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