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Our Sexuality Blog
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Sale Sex Toys Full of Surprises
July 01, 2013

Anastasia's Rabbit Vibrator Pink

From the seriously sexy and sublime to erotic toys bought for just a bit of fun there’s a sex toy on sale right now that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Maybe this is your first time buying an adult toy or maybe you’ve heard of the very latest new fad and it’s got you all of a fluster and thinking you might like to try it out – but at the right price!

And that’s where the difference between cheap sex toys and premier sex toys at sale price really does mean low prices and superior quality NOT over-priced and shoddily made.

From top of the range male masturbation toys to the wildest and most prolonged vaginal orgasms you could ever imagine with deluxe female sex toys – checking out the sale section of an adult toy site can not only save your hard earned dollars – but open up a whole new world of sexual possibilities.

 Classix Duo Tone Ben Wa Balls Purple

And importantly sex toy sales doesn’t always mean end of line items or indeed products that have not proved popular – in fact far from it. Many of today’s huge sex toy manufacturers release their brand new adult toys at introductory prices – meaning you save an absolute fortune on the very latest sex toys so it’s always a good idea to get on an erotic toys site mailing list so you never miss the bargains!

 Vibrating Cock Ring Red

And of course it goes without saying that if you are dipping your toe into the wonderful and varied world of sex toys you might not want to splash the cash too soon. I mean just imagine spending a fortune on say an introduction to bondage only to have your partner running for the hills!!!

The same can be said for any other sex toys that might have caught your eye. As I said at the start the label ‘cheap sex toys’ does not necessarily mean ‘poor quality’ and finding a great sex toy at a knock down price can leave both your bank balance and indeed sex life a lot healthier than it was when you began!

Check Out Some of Sale Sex Toys here on Discreet Romance
Bondage Sex Toys: Shedding Light on the Dark Side
October 04, 2012

They say that fact is stranger than fiction don’t they. However, that all depends on the fiction, of course. I’ve read some pretty strange fiction in my time and written some too and it is difficult to see how it would translate to the real world. There are some pieces of fiction, though, that can easily be brought into real life situations and they could prove pretty interesting.

I am referring, of course, to the latest page-turner since Harry Potter, but this to me is definitely aimed at the adult market. Fifty Shades of Grey may not be hailed as the best literary work of art this decade, but it has certainly got people talking the world over.

What is it that makes this less than ordinary book so popular? It’s sex of course. The one pleasure that the government doesn’t tax – yet! Mind you, if they thought we were enjoying sex more, you can bet your bottom dollar they would tax it. The more pleasure you get, the more you have to pay. That’s probably why they don’t have a tax for it yet.

There are a lot of sexual relationships that are, quite frankly, bordering on the mundane. A book like Fifty Shades of Grey helps to show people that there are ways of making the sex process quite a lot more interesting.
For those of you that don’t know about the book (for example, people lost on desert islands with no contact with the outside world), the book dabbles in BDSM, which many believe to be the Dark Side of sex. THAT’S WHAT MAKES IT SO MUCH FUN! The important thing to know about BDSM is that it comes with its own set of deliciously scintillating toys.

You don’t have to be in a dungeon to get the most out of BDSM, there are many different levels of enjoyment. The simple use of a blindfold during sex is a BDSM thing. So is getting or giving a playful spanking. Of course, there are some who enjoy being suspended upside down with an apple in their mouth whilst their Dom/me whips them with a cat o’ nine tails, but it’s all down to personal choice.

Whatever your level of interest (and if you have read the book, there is bound to be an interest), there are sex toys available to either ease you in gradually or take it all on head first. Couples new to BDSM can buy a starter kit, with just enough stuff inside to let you tie and tease. All you have to do then is decide who is going to take charge. The other important thing is to take things gradually until trust has been built up because you need to play safely at all times.

By living out the scenarios you have been reading about (and secretly wanting to experience) you will be inadvertently spicing up your sex life and don’t be surprised if you experience more intense orgasms. Changing you routine makes things less predictable and that has got to be more interesting don’t you agree?
It doesn’t matter about age, looks or size, getting pleasure using BDSM sex toys is suitable for everyone. Once you are comfortable with being blindfolded and spanked, there are a whole load of options you can go for. If your partner likes their nipples being squeezed or pinched, you may want to opt for a set of nipple clamps. If receiving a red, warm bottom from a firm hand turns you on, be prepared to graduate to a paddle, flogger or riding crop, depending on how much you like that kind of chastisement. Placing a collar and lead around your partner’s neck will give them a sense of being ‘owned’ and submissive which means that they are in your hands and frees up their inhibitions.

The sky is the limit with BDSM play and there is a toy for every occasion, from the simple blindfold to electric shock therapy. All you have to do is decide how far you both want to take it.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him
January 12, 2012

Choosing Valentine's Day gifts for him isn't easy. I blame Hallmark and anyone else who had a hand in setting all of these crazy expectations to what Valentine's Day should be and making us women feel like if we do anything short of an expensive candlelit dinner or weekend away for some lover's special at the Holiday Inn, that we're somehow being taken for granted and copping out! Breathe ladies, because choosing a Valentine's Day gift for your man that he'll actually enjoy usually has little to do with heart-shaped Belgian chocolates or a bed of roses. If you truly want to make him happy this Valentine's Day, then my suggestion is that you cater to his naughty side and choose something unexpected that will rock his world. Add a case of beer and voila-you're the best partner EVER!

Here are a few suggestions for Valentine's Day gifts for him that he's sure to enjoy;

Berman Mistress Kit: What guy wouldn't be ticked-freakin'-pink to be given a blindfold and cuffs and told that he was going to get tied up so you could have your way with him?? And better -let him tie you up afterwards so he could do as he pleases with you! A happy Valentine's Day indeed! Kit comes with fur-lined handcuffs, a blindfold, and a feather tickler.

Blowjob Coupons: Most guys want more blowjobs than they get which is what makes these coupons such an awesome gift. They're basically on-paper promises to suck him off when he wants you to! I suggest adding these with a few other goodies for the ultimate guy gift basket: A Blowjob Bib that says 'Blowjob Specialist' that'll make him laugh and blow his load all at once and some Dickalicious gel so you can enjoy a tasty treat while enhancing his experience.

USB Fleshdrives: This is basically giving him the gift of porn with convenience. These little flash drives can be plugged into the computer and enjoyed any place he pleases making them a nice little surprise for home or while he's away. You can buy all kinds of movies on these little keys featuring everything from amateur sex to fetish and gangbangs. There's definitely something for every taste! And think of how happy he'll be to be able to enjoy a little porn guilt-free!

Need a Valentine's Day Card For Him'

I couldn't write a Valentine's Day post and not mention the Ron Jeremy Valentine's cards after seeing them on Discreet-Romance.com! There is not a guy on earth who doesn't think that Ron Jeremy is, at the very least, kinda' awesome. These cards feature pics of him dressed as cupid (bahahaha!) along with funny greetings that'll have your guy in hysterics. I love them and he will too! Promise..

Sexy Goodie Bags for Your Holiday Party Guests
November 08, 2011

With the holidays on their way, I can't help but set my sights on Christmas and all of the parties my favorite time of year has to offer. As someone who loves to give as much as she loves to receive; goodie bags are always an absolute must when I throw a holiday party. As such, I've been scoping out fun little items to include in sexy loot bags for my guests-at least the ones with a naughty streak and a sense of humor.

Creating loot bags for your guests is easy and not very expensive at all if you do your homework and take a little time to find inexpensive items to include in your bag. I start with finding a fun gift bag and look for budget-friendly goodies to add to the bag. Setting a limit if you're on a budget is important and since most of us are strapped for cash over the holidays, I thought it would be nice to share some cheap items that are Christmas themed and perfect for making your friends smile without busting the bank. Have a peek at what I found while perusing Discreet-Romance.com:

Mistletoe and Condom: For less than $3 you can give your guests mistletoe to encourage a little holiday smooching along with a condom since you never know what a kiss will lead to!

12 Nights of Christmas Pillow Packs: What I love about this set is that it can be divvied up amongst all your favor bags making it especially affordable! The set includes 12 motion lotion pillow packs which works out to around $1.20 each!

Pecker X-mas Ornament: For just over 2 bucks you really can't go wrong with a pecker-shaped Christmas ornament that will give your friend a giggle and remind them of your awesome party every time they hang it on their tree.

If You Can Afford to Splurge A Little...

These are perfect for those who can afford to spend a little more on favors for their Christmas party guests:

I Rub My Duckie Holiday Ball Santa: What's better than a rubber duckie, vibrator, and Christmas ornament all-in-one??

Reflections Candy Cane Glass Vibe from Doc Johnson: This gorgeous glass vibrator is perfectly curved for G-spot action. Your friends will thank you for years to cum if you include this sex toy in their goodie bags!

Penis or Boobie Xmas Stocking: These cute plush Christmas stockings are too adorable to pass up! Just over $10 too!

Sexy Plus Size Halloween Costumes
October 06, 2011

It's hard not to want to gush about the many sexy Halloween costumes for girls with curves because the selection seems to be bigger than ever! Maybe it's the recent influx of TV shows featuring gorgeous plus size women, like Big Sexy or Drop Dead Diva? Maybe it's just that people are finally starting to see how sexy curves really are. Whatever the reason; finding sex plus size costumes has never been easier or more fun!

I trolled the many queen size costume options here at Discreet-Romance and have come up with the 5 that I personally find the sexiest of the bunch. I'm a fan of anything fun and flirty that also happens to flatter a girl's best assets and found that these do it best.

Prep School Girl plus size costume (also available in regular sizes) is very oops-i-did-it-again, if you know what I mean? Very naughty and every guy's fantasy! Too bad we didn't have curves like this when we were in school!

Robyn Da Hood is a modern day take on the classic with a sexy slant! This is the ultimate plus size Halloween costume because it's shaped to show off all your favorite bits. It's cut low for just enough cleavage, short enough to show off those legs, and the faux leather corset belt flatters the waist like nothin' else! I really LOVE this one!

Trouble At Sea is the ultimate curvy girl pirate costume! It's got everything a girl needs to make a pirate getup feminine: ruffles, a flirty shape, and va-va-va-voom!

Saloon Girl is sexy without being over-the-top which is great if you still want to look sexy but aren't quite as comfortable as I am with showin' the goods! The fit and flair shape is gorgeous and flattering and the lace and ruffles are super feminine.

Beer Maiden is a costume that I recommend for big and regular size girls alike because of what it does for the body. It flatters and enhances the curves of a big girl and manages to create curves where you want 'em on a less curvy frame.

Bullet Vibes: Easy Peasy and Perfect for Travel
June 02, 2011

With so many of you planning a summer getaway, be it time at the cottage or a trip to another part of the world, I thought it would be a good time to talk about my favorite travel-friendly toys: bullets in particular. In the past I've blogged about discreet sex toys that are incognito and easy to take with you without anyone being the wiser even when rifling through your bag at security, but today I've got bullets on the mind. Not only are they really tiny so you can pack them and use them just about anywhere, but, there's a lot of variety to be had in the world of bullet vibes too.

Bullet vibes used to be pretty generic: a smooth bullet-shaped vibrator used for clit play or hidden deep inside some other sex toy. Even the good ol' fashion bullet's got a lot to be said for it considering they tend to pack a lot of punch in their teeny-tiny shell but now, bullets have even more to offer coming in all kinds of new shapes and colors. One thing that hasn't changed about bullets though is their affordability because most still cost next to nothing. And, even though they're often marketed as being for clitoral stimulation, I for one know that they can be enjoyed on all body parts! (Note that I said "on" and not "in".) Glide them over any part of the body for instant shivers up and down the spine.

While all of the bullet vibes are perfectly compact and easy to travel with, there are a few that I am really lovin' right now and want to share with you in case you're looking to add some discreet buzz to your getaway.

Adrie's Bullet Vibe Picks

Club Vibe: It vibes to the beat of the ambient sounds which makes for an especially GREAT time at a nightclub!

Bullet Buddies XOXO: Pretty, simple, and fun. A real no fuss, no muss sex toy.

Sterling Silver Trple Tiered Bullet: Love the look and feel of this one!

Super Soft Plusheez Hummer: Powerful bullet vibe that doesn't look or feel like your run-of-the-mill vibe.

Ishtar by Dr. Laura Berman: It costs more than other bullets and is worth every penny! It's as amazing as you would expect from a Berman product.

Valentines Mini-series: Chapter III - Adrie's 14 Favorite Sexy Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day
January 12, 2011

Since Valentine's Day falls of the 14th of February, I thought that 14 would be a nice, well-rounded number for a list of sexy gift ideas made up of my favorite adult goodies, all of which can be found right here so you don't have to work too hard. I've tried to include a little something for everyone here so I'm sure you'll find something that speaks to you...in a suggestive and higly provocative way. So let's get started...

1. G Vibe G Rabbit: I make no secret of my love of rabbit vibrators, so finding one at the top of my list of favorite gifts was just a given. This new rabbit vibe is just as pretty as it is effective and it's got all the bells and whistles your gal deserves this Valentine's Day. Give her the gift of fast and easy orgasms with this baby!

2. L'Amour Silicone Dual Vibro Ring: Perfect for couples, this pretty little cock ring vibrates like no other and stretches for the right fit. But all those great qualities aside; I chose it for the name. What's more Valentinesy than the word "l'amour"?? (There are actually a few really awesome sex toys in the L'Amour collection, if you're interested.)

3. Booby Eye Mask: A funny Valentine's gift may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those of you who wanna give someone a good laugh-and a good night's sleep!-this Booby Eye Mask is hysterical!

4. Orgasmixxx: Some adult games can be a tad cheesy, but I personally find this one more erotic than cheesy. If you want an inexpensive but super sexy Valentine's Day gift idea, then this one is worth checking out. This definitely falls into the gifts-that-keep-on-giving category.

5. Strawberries & Champagne Treasure Trove: This kit is by Kama Sutra-my all time favorite line of lotions and potions. The set makes for a gift that is erotic and romantic which will work for all your lovers! *wink*

6. The Kama Sutra: Everyone should own a copy of the Kama Sutra! What makes this one such a beautiful Valentine's Day gift is that it is a gorgeous hardcover that features,from India, the finest collection of Kama Sutra paintings ever published and it's 176 pages are bound in Japanese silk and printed on the highest quality paper. An incredible gift to say the least!

7. AE Cyberskin Pink Lips Pussy Stroker: Though he likely won't admit it to you, most guys have thought about using a masturbator/pocket pussy/vibrating vagina and the likes. Why not be the coolest GF or wife ever and get him one so he can enjoy a little something special the next time he goes it solo! This pussy lips stroker is simple and sexy, as well as affordable. He'll love you forever for being so cool!

8. Threesomes 4GB USB Fleshdrive: More couples should enjoy a little porn together. Why not start this Valentine's Day?? This USB stick full of hot threesome fun is an easy way to enjoy everyone's most common fantasy in the comfort of home...and without actually having to go through with a threesome if you're not ready.

9. Lace and Mesh Babydoll: Lingerie is a classic gift idea for Valentine's Day that most women will enjoy. I chose this particular babydoll because, though still very sexy, it's not too overt or skanky which let's face it, would look like you bought it more for you than for her! This is stretchy and fits most sizes so you don't have to worry there. And, it's comfortable enough to be worn to bed so she can enjoy more than just one night's use out of it.

10. Asian Hearts Nipple Rings: Every girl loves jewelry and if you're girl's got a naughty side, then she'll love these! They're little red heart jewels that clip onto the nipples and look fanfuckingtastic! For under 10 bucks for bling, you really can't go wrong!

11. Penthouse Couples Satin Scented Bondage Kit: This little kit's got all you need to enjoy a little teasing and mild bondage this Valentine's Day. Gift ideas like this are always a hit, trust me!

12. Heart Throb Love Kit: This little kit's got everything you need for night of adult-only fun: flavoured condoms, lubes, finger vibe, cock ring...loads of erotic little goodies and for well under $20!!!

13. Massage Therapy Kit: An erotic massage is a simple way to make your lover feel incredible and set the mood for a romantic night in bed. This kit by Kama Sutra, includes 4 different massage oils that feel, smell, and taste decadent.

14. AE Bum Buddies Silicone Smooth Anal Beads: Whether you're into anal play or want to try it for the first time, these beads are perfect! They make a hot little Valentine's gift not only because they feel great but also because they're red and have a heart-shaped grip. What says Happy Valentine's Day better than a heart-themed anal toy??!

Hope you've enjoyed the list! Check back next week for even more Valentine's gift ideas!

Valentines Mini-series: Chapter II - Some like it HOT for Valentine's Day
January 04, 2011

For those of you who think that the epitome of Valentine's Day romance is more about raunch than roses, this blog is for you! While I do like the odd sappy romantic gesture, I have to admit that my preference does tend to lean to the naughtier side of things. I think Valentine's Day provides us with the perfect excuse to pick up something sexier than ever and try something new when it comes to sex. What better day to live out a fantasy or encourage your lover to really let loose and try something that will blow their minds??

This post is all about sexy things to do this Valentine's Day, complete with the goodies to help you.
Try Some Role Play
Think "dirty doctor" or even "good cop bad cop"! Get you and your partner some sexy costumes so you can enjoy a Valentine's night like no other by playing make-believe. When it comes to role play, you really can be anyone and you'd be surprised to see just how easy it is to let go of your inhibitions when you're playing someone else!

Let Them Watch What They REALLY Want
There's no better way to get into the mood or even just open the lines of sexual communication than through a dirty DVD. Pick a DVD that relates to their deepest sexual fantasy and set the mood with some dim lighting and their favorite bevies and then pop in the movie and let nature take its course. Remember that you're choosing the movie for them, so keep your opinions to yourself and don't judge whether it's a DVD on girl-on-girl sex, group sex, or even humiliation.

Take the First Step to Exploring a Fantasy
If you and your lover have toyed with the idea of living out a certain naughty fantasy, then why not take this special day to get the ball rolling on making your most erotic fantasy a reality! Not sure where to begin? An instructional DVD or sex guide may be a good start. For instance, you can learn how to start swinging, plan an orgy, have a threesome or even explore spanking and bondage using instructional DVDs or books.

Explore Backdoor Pleasure
Men and women all wonder about anal play at some point or another. We know it feels good but may be a little gun-shy to give it a whirl. If you think that your partner might enjoy a little anal play, then an anal toy for a beginner may be a hot little gift for him or her this Valentine's Day! Anal beads are a fun and pretty start, as is a small butt plug. The Anal Teaser Kit in Pink would make a sexy Valentine's Gift for an anal play beginner too! And don't forget the lube!!!

Say Happy Valentine's Day with a New Sex Toy
Whether your lover has a trunk of sex toys or has only ever thought of owning a sex toy; getting him or her a sex toy for Valentine's Day is bound to be a pleaser! Don't skimp when it comes to your sex toy Valentine's Day gift and be sure to get them something that really shows how much you care about them...or at least their orgasm. *wink* Rabbit vibrators are always a no-brainer for the ladies. Or, if you're looking for something for the two of you to play with, then try a vibrating cock ring or remote controlled sex toy. Want something for him? Masturbators and pocket pussies are forever faves.

Hope I've managed to get your dirty little juices flowing and inspired you to really heat things up this Valentine's Day! Check in next week for some more sexy gift ideas for Valentine's Day.

Valentines Mini-series: Chapter I - It's Never Too Early for Some Valentine's Romance
December 30, 2010

I know-Santa's reindeer's skid marks are still warm and already I'm talkin' about Valentine's Day, right? The thing is that it's really never too early to start thinking of what to get your lover for this day dedicated to lovers. As a matter of fact, we all get so swamped with the stuff that got shoved aside for the holidays that we often forget to pick up a Valentine's gift which you know is always bad news. You don't need months of planning or oodles of cash to wow your special someone for Valentine's Day. The key is to shop early to make sure you have time to choose a gift so great that they don't notice that you didn't get reservations at their favorite restaurant or whisk them away for a romantic weekend. And better still, I'm going to offer you some truly no-brainer ideas as far as romantic gifts for Valentine's Day go.

3 Easy-Peazy Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Since romance is the idea here, check out these 3 super-easy, no-brainer, can't-possibly-go-wrong gift ideas for Valentine's Day:

Bed of Roses: Great for the lover on a budget, this kit comes with what you need to set the mood for romance in a way that will make your lover think you've gone out of your way and have been planning for ages! The set comes with 100 scented rose petals to spread over the bed or any other surface you plan to wow on. It also has tea lights and a special invitation card to give your lover. Got a few more bucks to spare? Then I totally recommend the Bed of Roses Deluxe Edition which comes with 200 petals, tea lights, invitation, a massager, edible chocolate massage oil, and more!

Earthly Delights Gift Tin by Kama Sutra: Your lover will feel like the most special and pampered person on Earth when they see/smell/taste/feel the goodies in this kit! This tin contains all you need to top off a night of romance this Valentine's Day: sweet almond massage oil, honey almond massage cream, the original oil of love, pleasure balm and sweet honeysuckle dust. It also comes with a feather applicator for the dust which also works great for teasing your lover. For truly decadent treat for Valentine's Day and any other day you want to make someone feel incredible, there's nothing like the Kama Sutra line.

Sea Salts Aphrodisia: A simple way to add instant romance to Valentine's Day is to cap off your night with a luxurious bath for the two of you or even just as a special treat for her. These Sea Salts smell amazing and also make the water a pretty turquoise blue while making her skin feel incredible. Light a few candles in the bathroom, add a glass or wine or bubbly and you'll have the happiest lover around this Valentine's Day!

There you have it! Planning a special Valentine's Day for your lover has never been so freakin' easy!

Not into "romance"? Then check back next week for some naughty Valentine's Day gift ideas featuring sex toys, kink, and a whole lot more!

My Sexy Christmas Wants List - The Early Edition
November 02, 2010

I know that Halloween has just barely passed and that Thanksgiving is still around the corner for my American friends, but here in Canada with these two occasions gone and November finally here, I can't help but start setting my sights to Christmas! Yes, I said Christmas. Ho-ho-ho and fa-la-la-la-la! As juvenile as it may seem to some, I still write a wish list for Christmas. First of all, it's fun and a great way to get into the spirit and it's also a great way to get what you actually want for Christmas and avoid things like tools and electronics-of the hardware variety that is.

I've already started my PG-rated list which is the one that goes out to my family and fainthearted friends, so now it's time to get crackin' on the naughty one which goes to my hubby and sits here on this site for my readers (adoring fans) and generous editors and sex toy clients to see. This is the list where I choose the latest must-have goodies in the sex toy world, sexy stocking stuffers, sex toys that I'm simply just curious about, and on occasion, a toy to replace one that I've, um, worn out.

Have a peek at my sexy Christmas gift list and see if there's anything that you might wanna steal for your list...

My Sexy Christmas Gift Picks

Nea White or Nea black: These are still, as far as I'm concerned, the most elegant looking vibrators around. They're curved to perfection, purr like magic and just look and feel incredible! Would love a replacement for mine, which seems to have gone missing, and am sure that any woman would LOVE this for Christmas.
4 Play Rabbit Vibe: I want this one for a few reasons; I've heard great things about it, it's got different heads so you can mix it up, and a girl always needs a good rabbit vibrator in her toy box.

Voice Activated Rabbit: I will happily take one of these in any style: Rabbit, Hunk or Slim & Sultry. A voice activated vibrator is a fucking dream come true for a screamer like myself! This is definitely one that's on my list for curiosity's sake.

Pink Kink Kit: What can I say? It's pink and kinky and a great way to get freaky when you're curious about bondage.

Santa's Lil' Helper Spot Vibe: It's a candy-cane colored g-spot vibe that also offers quite the buzz as far as clit stimulation goes thanks to the same g-spot friendly curved tip. Perfect stocking stuffer!

Absolutely Angelic Waterproof Bullet: I love an aesthetically pleasing toy that is also compact and super powerful like this one. It's a no fuss, no muss toy for getting off quick and right when you're short on time and high on arousal (which seems to happen to me at around 3 o'clock every afternoon when I'm trying to write!).

Body Shimmer Sunkissed Gold: This is the one time of year where you can never be too shimmery or sparkly and this stuff really delivers when it comes to giving your skin a hint of shimmer and a radiant glow. I like it on my legs and decolletage both in and out of the bedroom.


The Santa's Coming Bag is one of the coolest Christmas-themed adult gift ideas that I have stumbled across in a long time! It's got everything AND is as Christmassy as a sexy kit can get with goodies like a cockring, butt plug, finger vibe, and vibrating egg-all in holiday-appropriate colors! Then there are the various lotions and potions and finally, the super cute stocking shaped carry bag! So worth checking out! Did I mention it's on sale right now?? Awesome gift idea for a couple or your lover, fo' sho'!

How to Throw a Playboy Themed Halloween Party
October 20, 2010

I've always had a fascination with Playboy and the "bunnies" in particular. It may not have been the most appropriate fantasy for a 5 year old, but I remember watching something on television featuring the Playboy Bunnies in their full getup and wanting an outfit just like that so badly. They were just so gorgeous and glamorous, and the outfits-super cute! While I never did get the chance-or the right body-to become a Playboy Bunny; Costumes have made it possible for me and other awestruck girls to be Bunnies at Halloween and otherwise.

This morning I came across this Club Bunny costume while perusing the site and it got me to thinking of how cool it would be to throw a Playboy themed Halloween Party. I'm not just talking about a few bunnies trolling about in their high heels and tails but rather going all-out with the guys encouraged to dress like Hugh and decking your place out like the Playboy mansion or Playboy Club-circa 1970 to boot! I'm talking leather and velvet to the max and maybe even a little casino action. (Peekaboo Poker and Sex Casino can be a lot of fun if you've got an open-minded or tipsy group of people!)

You can also get this super sexy Club Bunny outfit in plus sizes ranging from 1X to 3X. For the guys, you can sport a smoking jacket or robe, ascot, and cigar a la Hugh Hefner or be the ultimate 70's player/playboy/greasy orgy guy with a big mustache, polyester shirt unbuttoned uncomfortably low and white patent dress shoes. Add an afro wig and you're all set! If you're looking for something a tad more risque, then you could always try this Groom Willie B Long costume which is what I think, very close to the male version of the Playboy Bunny costume. It's got a tuxedo style boxer brief that also comes with a collar with a bow tie and French cuffs. Hand the guy a tray and make him your very own Playgirl Bunny!!

Some final touches to help you throw a Playboy Bunny Club themed party; be sure to have loads of champagne on hand along with other very decadent party goodies like oysters and caviar, and don't forget a sexy soundtrack featuring what I think are some of the sexiest (and cheesiest) songs of the 70's when the Playboy Club and bunnies were in their heyday:

. Love to Love You by Donna Summer
. Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
. Groove Me by King Floyd
. Sex Machine by James Brown
. Let's Go Somewhere and Make Love by Jackie Moore
. Pillow Talk by Sylvia
. Hot to Trot by Wild Cherry (Cheesiness alert and absolute must!!)

My final suggestion is to send your guests home with some party favors that they'll never forget, like oils, lotions and potions which are easily found in sample sizes and kits that can be divvied up to keep your guests happy and costs low. Throw in some back issues of Playboy to really drive the theme home. You can find these online for next to nothing but you might wanna check your dad's shed or garage for a stash first!!

Happy Halloween!

Play Time for Grownups
October 11, 2010

Don't you often wish that you could go back to being a kid again? Being able to act silly, laugh a lot and play with reckless abandon? Being a kid was fun, but I suppose there's something to be said about being able to stay up as late as you want, eat whatever and whenever you want and be able to buy booze. Too many adults stop knowing how to or simply just don't let themselves have fun and be silly once they get past a certain age. But, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? Well, I'm gonna give you some fun-and I mean really fun-ways to have a good time, play and be silly, and enjoy a few good belly laughs, all while having some adult fun. Kinda' like kid's play with an adult twist!

Sexy, Silly, Playful Fun

When was the last time you played dress up or did something so silly that it made you laugh till your sides hurt? Take a bubble bath and play with rubber duckies? How about finger painting? You probably, like most of us, haven't done any of that since you were ten, right? Well here's how to enjoy all of those things now;


Glow Bubbles is a fun little product that allows you to enjoy a fun bubble bath while staying up way past your bedtime and well into the dark night. Just pour it in to the bath and turn out the lights for a bubble bath that glows in the dark! Add to that one of my favorite vibes-I Rub My Duckie-and you're in for a very fun bath time! Not a rubber duck sorta' person? Then try any one of the hundreds of waterproof sex toys instead.


Forget the usual dinner party and instead try to have a fun party reminiscent of those you had when you were kids...with some R to X-rated fun thrown in, of course! I suggest silly party favors like Blow Me Bubbles so you can see who can blow the biggest bubbles using this pecker-shaped container or Boobie Water Guns so you can really jump out of your grownup shell and play like a bunch of kids! And, when you're done playing with your party favors you can move on to a super fun game for adults-only, like the Cock Toss Game which is just like ring toss only a lot funnier! Want something a little less kindergarten and more junior high? Then Deluxe Spin the Bottle is worth a try to up the fun and the heat level!


Remember finger painting? How good it felt to be allowed to be messy for a change and really get your hands dirty and then laugh at what you're created? You can do it as an adult too, except now you get to use a body as a canvass instead! For some finger painting with a grownup twist, try Kama Sutra's Lover's Paint Box (I'm a sucker for the any of the products from the Kama Sutra line!). For less sensual and more flash, try Glow Finger Paints. And, if you want to make finger painting even more fun, then make a game of it for you and your partner or even you and a room full of your favorite friends with Hot Spots Body Paint Game.


Playing dress up can be even more fun as an adult because you have lots more ideas as to what to do once you're all dressed up like the doctor and the nurse. If you wanna play dress up, have a costume party or dirty doctor, then the Surgeon Costume in Blue and White is the way to go for him. For her, try the Bedroom Nurse Costume which is just sexy enough to make your doctor's day but not quite X-rated enough to get you arrested at a costume party!

And, since laughing your ass off and being super-silly is what we're really trying to accomplish here; one look at the Squeaker Elephant G-String or the Flasher Costume by Pipe Dreams is sure to get you rolling on the floor and gurgling like a fat, laughing baby!

Back to School Fun for Adults
August 17, 2010

I can't believe that it's almost back-to-school time already! While watching summer nearing an end is a little heartbreaking, this time of year is a happy time for adults who have kids and miss the 'alone time' that school allows them. It can be hard to feel sexy and get yer' freak on when the kids are kicking around the house all day. Back to school means they'll be out of the house all day and busy with homework and in bed earlier on school nights so that you can relax and enjoy a little private time with yourself or your partner. I don't have kids myself but I sure am excited for those of you that do!

This post is all about back to school fun for adults and I'm going to offer up a few suggestions on how to make the most of any free time that you're about to come into.

When the Kids Are Away...
It's time to play! Taking advantage of the time you have away from the kids is important for your relationship and your sanity. Everyone needs to indulge a little and I'm all about finding even just a little bit of time to do something that feels good and keeps your juices flowing and your stress down. My suggestions for you;
Take the time to relax. Something as simple as lighting a deliciously scented candle and reading something erotic can work wonders on your overall mood. Try a long bath using some scented oil to encourage a little fantasy feast or pick up some massage oil and take turns giving each other a sensual massage if you're coupled up.

Watch a movie that isn't for the kids! All you need to enjoy a little porn is an hour or two and whether you do this solo or with a partner; watching an adult film is a great way to heat things up quick and get your release in a way that is strictly for grownups. A welcome change from all the Disney movies you may have had to endure over summer vacation!

Play with yourself! Seriously; masturbation is fun and healthy and something that you don't often get to do enjoy when the kids are home. Pick up a sex toy and play without fear of them walking in or even just get some great lube to enhance some finger fun if that's what you prefer. If you're looking for suggestions on some great toys for those precious moments without the kids, I recommend a finger vibes or eggs and bullets because they're discreet, easy to use and super powerful so you don't waste any of that precious time you have! Rabbit vibrators are also a great option because they give you so much bang for your buck and satisfy your insides as well as your clit. A guaranteed orgasm in a short period of time!
Play an adult game. You've spent the summer playing games with the kids, so now it's time to play games with your partner. There are loads of adult games to choose from that are not only sexually stimulating but also a great way to open the lines of sexual communication with your partner and keep things interesting. Try something simple like Dirty Dice or opt for an elaborate sex game like, Exploring Ultimate Fantasies. Either way, everyone's a winner!

If You Love A Warm and Chubby Pussy - This One's for You!
June 30, 2010

Now that I am back from getting married and honeymooning I can finally get back to the real world-one of fake vaginas and penises. Today I'm not just going to talk about any random fake pussy but rather one modelled after someone who I absolutely adore; April Flores.

We are now carrying the April Flores Cyberskin Pussy. I personally ain't into the pink and prefer a dick myself, but having had the pleasure of communicating with April on a few occasions and enjoying some of her super hot pictures and truly erotic films, it's easy to see what makes this sex toy so effin' appealing. April Flores rocks! This model, adult star and muse happens to be one of the sexiest and sweetest big girls around. Her milky white skin, fiery red hair and lips and boobs that make even a busty gal like myself green with envy are only a small part of what makes April so attractive to men and women alike. Truth be told, there's something that I find very provocative about knowing that this Cyberskin Pussy was molded directly from her bodacious body.

Actually, I remember seeing the images of April having the mold made on her blog and admit that I was turned on by the idea of lying there naked, spread and vulnerable amongst strangers and having them pour the white creamy mixture all over her gorgeous naughty bits so that they could be enjoyed by thousands of men around the world. After seeing how this sex toy was made I can honestly tell you that it really does look just like the real thing. And, from what I heard it feels like it too! They've captured every little detail that makes this pussy different from the rest right down to the folds of her lips, the soft roll of her tummy and the warm and squishy thighs that any guy would love to be pressed between. And, the flexibility of this toy actually does allow you to squeeze her thighs together for a truly realistic chubby-fuck experience!

Anyone looking for a realistic experience should give this one a try. I can't say enough about Cyberskin toys and any sex toy lover will agree that it offers the most lifelike and realistic feel of all the sex toy materials. Add to that the fact that it's been molded from the pussy of a star that is hotter than hot and you've got a winning combo for sure!

Hot Tip:

If you're going to enjoy the April Flores Cyberskin Pussy you're already in for a big erotic treat, but you can take the experience to a whole new level by popping in one of her DVDs and fucking her pussy while watching her work her magic on screen at the same time! What a way to get the April Flores experience and enjoy every soft inch of this curvy vixen's body! Add a little lube and you're good to go!

Toys for Travelling
June 23, 2009

I had already written a blog about toys in disguise awhile back (read that here), but rather than vibrators that don't look like vibrators; this time I'm going to offer you non-vibrating suggestions that won't set your baggage a buzz and won't set off metal detectors either.

My picks for Travel-Friendly Sex Toys

Glass Toys
Glass and Pyrex sex toys are pretty, look more like art than sex toys and contain no metal which means they can make it through in your handbag or checked bag without anyone being the wiser. (Sounds a little shady, no?) Here are three that fit nicely in your purse in case you feel the urge to enjoy a solo flight as a member of the Mile High Club;

Berman Basics Ruby which is simple and small.

Eden Cyberglass Snake of Paradise looks like a snake sculpture rather than a fuck stick!

Glass Dreams Magic Stick
has a convenient little loop so you can hang on tight when passing through an area of turbulence!

For Jet-Setting Couples
Should you get stuck with a long delay there's no better way to pass the time then to enjoy each other! A non-vibrating cock ring is discreet and a whole lotta fun that you can enjoy anywhere you dare! The fact that they are waterproof is a nice bonus! Check out these cock rings that pack a lotta punch even if they don't vibrate;

The Last A Lifetime Cock Ring looks like an engagement ring made of translucent jelly and even comes in a ring box! Discreet, great on the clit and oh so pretty!

Love My Cock Ring will make you love this cock ring thanks to it's great fit and stimulating nubs of pleasure.

The Weenie Wrapper is an awesome cock ring that embraces the entire shaft and has a hot little clit banger for her. And its odd little shape would throw off even the most competent airport security guard!

Just For Him
You lucky buggers have loads of metal-free and pocket-sized goodies to play with that are made just for men! Check these out before your next trip;

The Dr. Joel Male Masturbator is a plain stretchy sleeve that is so generic that no one would even notice if you whipped it out in a crowded lounge!

The Fleshlight is always a fave because it looks like a flashlight, gets you off right and contains no batteries, mechanics or metal! Woot!

Jack off with Jac Off which is nothing more than a textured silicone pad that you hold in your hand while you masturbate. Sure beats the same ol' hand!

How to Use a Vibrator: Yes, There Is More Way Than One!
December 09, 2008

When it comes to vibrators, you may think that the ways how to use a vibrator are pretty limited, but the truth is that you can use them to really rock your world in more ways than one! Never mind the fact that many of our vibes are made for dual and even triple action with things like rotating beads in the shaft, clitoral stimulators, etc, but with a little imagination, you can use even the most traditional of vibrators in several toe curling ways! This blog is dedicated to you sex-loving peeps who are just discovering the wonderful world o' vibrators.

On Your Own

Use it in the bath. Bath time seems to be the most popular time for sex toy use which is why so many vibrators are waterproof these days! Use it in the bath or shower after the warm water has primed your skin and your senses and made you ready for some action! My waterproof picks: Classix Soft Touch, I Rub My Duckie, Bathing Buddy

Explore your entire body. Your vibrator isn't made for penetration alone! Turn it on and run it lightly over every inch of your body and you're bound to find erogenous zones that you never knew existed!

Ride it. Yes, you read that right; ride your vibrator! Choose one with a suction cup base and stick it to a chair so that you can hop on, close your eyes and enjoy the ride! They can even be mounted to a wall for some rear-entry fun! Don't have one that's mountable?
Check out some of my faves: Aria's Big Boy, I Vibe Suction Cup Rabbit, Wall Bangers (the entire collection is mountable!)

Watch yourself. There is something very arousing about watching yourself be turned on and penetrated'even if only by a sex toy. Set up a mirror or play where you already have one and enjoy the show! (Realistic vibes put on a great show!)

Enjoy some DP action all by yourself. Thanks to several double header dildos to choose from, you can try enjoy some double penetration even when there are no men in sight!
Suggested toys: Basix Pink 16?, Red Light District?s Double Penetrator

With Him

Have a threesome. No, I don't mean bring another person into your relationship'just a vibrator! Use the vibrator on your clit while he's inside of you for a mind-blowing orgasm. Or, if you're so inclined, you can use a small vibrator for some back door play while he penetrates you vaginally'DP without the extra guy!

Put on a naughty show for him. How thrilled would he be to have a front row seat watching you pleasure yourself with a vibrator?! Don't be shy! Lie back, relax and do what feels good and I can promise that it'll feel even better for the one enjoying your little peep show.

Put your pleasure in his hands. Let your partner take the reins'or the vibrator in this case'and let him tease and please you with it. Using a vibrator on yourself is hot, but having someone else use it on you is even hotter! Use any vibe or try out one of the remote controlled vibrators for even more fun that you can even take with you outside the bedroom for discreet fun!

Use it on him. I'm not saying that you should scar the poor guy for life by taking charge of him using some big, phallus shaped toy, but you certainly can rock his world by running the vibrator along his back, his buttocks or even his balls! If he's up for the experimenting AND you have lots of lube on hand, you should consider indulging him in a little anal play. Make sure you use a slim vibrator or an anal vibrator for that! You may both be surprised by how great it feels!
Try: Anal Adventure Kit

So what are you waiting for?? Get that vibrator and go to town! Pleasure awaits!

Get On to Get Off!
October 14, 2008

I've discovered that the best way to really enjoy fantasizing and self play is to use a toy that you can enjoy and almost forget about while you're doing it. I personally love all toys and can find a mood and a time for any type of toy, but when you really wanna get some and there's no one insight; the most realistic experience is what you're after. And what's the best way to get that, you ask' Go for a ride on something sexy!

Just think about it; if you can slide yourself down onto a toy and ride it without having to use your hands or anything else; you're not only free to use your hands on yourself but your mind can really wander and let you get right into your fantasy so you really do feel as if you're riding some hot stud'like George Clooney'Brad Pitt'Mmm'Russell Crowe' **drooling**

So as far as I'm concerned; the best way to get off is to get on! Here are some hot toys made for taking you on a wild ride.

In the shower

Since a good chunk of the female population confesses to masturbating in the bath or shower (probably because that's the only time they can get some uninterrupted privacy), I've selected a few waterproof goodies that will easily mount to the wall of the shower or even the floor or ledge of the tub so that you can ride it till your heart's content!

Waterproof Clitterific: This ultra real feeling dildo will send tingles through your body with its great vibrations while the suction cup base allows you to ride it in the shower or bath.

Wall Bangers Waterproof Deluxe: This lifelike vibrating dildo feels incredible and is waterproof which makes bath time LOADS of fun! Especially thanks to the clit stimulator!

Basix Blue 10 inch Dong: There is nothing 'basic' about the Basix! This is 10 long and delicious inches of waterproof, riding fun!

Against the wall or on a chair

These hot cocks are equipped with super-strong suction cup bases so you can stick them to the wall, bend over and take them from behind or attach them to a chair and ride them like a real woman rides her cowboy!

Glitter Royale: Stick it to a chair and ride as you imagine your fantasy guy lying underneath you all hard and sexy.

Cole Ryder Sensafirm Penis: Ryder indeed!! Modeled after the star's wonder-schlong; you can stick this to anything and feel what other porn stars have been lucky to enjoy! This one is VERY realistic right down to his beautiful balls.

White Boy Rota Cock: This one has a base that allows you to not only stick it to the surface of your choice and ride it; the base also allows you to rotate on it which means being able to achieve any angle you crave so that you get off just right.

Made for ridin' and bouncin'

These toys were made for you to hop on and take advantage of them! No need to look for a spot to stick them to or support yourself on; these have taken care of that and are ready to take care of you!

Realistic w/ E-Z Rider Ball: This toy lets you hop on and ride and ride and ride! The ball was made for bouncing and makes it easy for you to ride for as long as you crave while taking some of the pressure off.

E-Z Rider w/Butt Plug: Let's you enjoy some anal lovin' with just enough support, cushion and bounce to keep you going for a long time!

Hannah's Hot Seat: What can I say? This baby was made for riding!! This seat really is HOT with a capital 'H'!!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself onto one of these goodies and RIDE!!!!!!!!!!

Giddy up!

It's Time to Stop Your Whining and Learn to Have Fun with Condoms
September 04, 2008

I've had it up to my eyeballs with people who either complain about condoms or just simply refuse to use them; putting themselves and their partners at risk. Wake up and smell the latex people! Condoms can save your life! Geez.

Hearing someone tell you that you should wear condoms and practice safe sex may sound like a broken record, but wouldn?t you rather that than a doctor telling you that you?ve got some nasty fun ? or worse?? I thought so.

My favorite complaint of all is from the guys who say that the condoms make them lose their boner. Yeah, that?s it ? must be the condoms. (Note the obvious sarcasm) The truth of the matter is that condoms cannot make you go limp and what actually makes it happen is your own hang ups about condoms. You need to stop seeing the condoms as a bad thing and see them for what they are: an absolute MUST if you?re going to have any kind of sex. Period.

So now, let me give you a few quick tips to help you get over your condom-hating ways and show you how fun and hot safe sex can be.

Put your money where your mouth is. Buying flavored condoms is the best way to go if you?re looking to make oral sex safer. Place on a penis before a blow job or cut one open and use instead of a dental damn when going down on her for a tasty treat! Use your lips to roll a flavored condom over his penis so there?s no chance of him going soft while prepping for sex and flavors like banana and chocolate and grape will make sex all the yummier for you too!

Mix it up. Condom makers have heard all the whiner?s pleas and come up with all kinds of cool condoms from textured to vibrating; you can pretty much find a condom to tickle any fancy. Buy a variety pack so you can really mix it up right!

Size ?em up. Have a schmooze through the different sizes available and choose the one that?s best for you. There are even tight-fit condoms for those who prefer a snugger fit.

Share the love. Buy an assortment of condoms and fill up a bowl for your next party and leave them out for the taking. Your friends will get a rise out of your generous party favors!

Pass on the latex. If you find yourself feeling not-quite-right down below after using condoms; you may be one of the many people who are allergic to latex. Ditch the usual condoms and try one of the other alternative non-latex condoms.

Condoms don?t have to be a drag and you owe it to yourself and your partner to do what it takes to make sex fun and safe. Make a point of experimenting with different types of condoms the way you would positions. Or try coming up with hot ways to put one on yourself of your partner. You can easily make condoms a part of your pleasure like foreplay with a little imagination.

Pretty in Pink: My picks for the hottest in pink toys and lingerie
July 15, 2008

I'm a girly girl and admit that pink is my favorite color for several reasons; it ranges from soft and pretty to bright and vampy, it's similar to the color of skin, lips, sometimes nipples and most of the time our pretty vaginas! Pink is undeniably feminine and sexy.

I decided to have a look at the selection of pink goodies here and found HUNDREDS! So, if you're looking to literally tickle someone pink; I've managed to narrow it down to my 10 favorite sex toys and lingerie bits that are pretty in pink. Have a look at my faves and see what makes them so delicious. You'll also be pleased to know that I have covered items to pleasure every part of you! *wink*

RUFFLED LACE BABYDOLL: This is babydoll manages to be super-sweet and super-naughty at the same time. The soft pink, delicate fabric and ruffles makes it almost angelic, but the matching thong and almost peek-a-boo top makes it ultra- sexy. ** Also comes in sexy Queensize

DELUXE RABBIT PEARL PINK: Anyone who knows me or has read any of my reviews on other sites or my blog knows that I am a HUGE fan of this vibrator. I do have some sentimental attachment as the 'Deluxe' was my first rabbit-vibebut I am even more attached to the mind-blowing orgasms that this pink genius is has been responsible for! Various speeds, triple action and the ability to make you climax in seconds! Did I mention pretty and cheap too??

CHUBBY PLEASER: It's pink, it's pearly, it's chubby and comes with its own pink satin bag, what could be better?! Oh, and it's also under $20 which means anyone can afford a little 'Chubby' action. *wink*

ANIMAL INSTINCT COCKRING: Don't let the fem color fool you; this one is for both you and him to enjoy. This vibrating jelly cockring has a couple of different settings to choose from vibrating and throbbing to satisfy both your needs!

BUTTERFLY KISS PINK: This vibe is so cute that you're almost shocked by the punch it packs! It's stimulated your clit with a fluttering butterfly and reaches your g-spot at the same time for an orgasm like no other! Good thing it's waterproof. *wink*

BAD KITTY COLLAR: I'm not into BDSM myself, but I was still drawn enough to this collar to have to buy one! Made of pink leather sexy and sweet at it's finest; this can be work in and out of the bedroom.

LOVER's CANDY G-STRING: This g-string is made of red and pink candies, looks great and tastes even better! This is a surefire way to give your partner a sweet treat they'll never forget!

ONE TOUCH MICRO-VIBRO CLAMPS: Something pretty and pink for your nipples; these clamps go the extra mile to give you more than the usual clamps. They vibrate and are made of jelly so they're always comfy no matter how tight you wear them.

ANAL TEASER KIT: I'm all for anything that comes in a kit cuz? I like variety and quantity! This kit comes with a vibrator and 3 different sleeves specifically designed for anal play so you get to experiment with a few different sensations. And again under $20!

THE CONE: This is a unisex pleasure-maxing wonder!! Ride it, lie on it, stand up and press against it; you can do it all with this thing! It offers a smooth, silicone surface and 16 automated programs to choose from and is sooooooooo powerful thanks to its impressive 3 volt, 3000 RPM motor. A little pricer than the others but worth every penny. There's a reason why it's all the rage! (See video)


Does Size Really Matter And What To Do About It
June 22, 2008

Writing about sex for a living automatically makes you an expert?in the eyes of others, whether you like it or not. This title also brings with it a slew of questions and pleas for advice on the most personal of topics. The topic du jour: penis size.

As of late, I have been inundated with questions about whether or not size really matters and what to do about changing the size of a dick. Being the sweet thing that I am, I feel the need to help in the way of a blog post about penis pumps and other things that may enlarge your member, but before I get into that, I should say that I personally don't think that size matters... much.

Since penis enlargement through surgery is not exactly a simple or inexpensive way to go, I think we'll start with penis pumps, especially now that I can sense men all over the world holding their crotches tight and cringing at the thought of their little guy going under the knife!

Pumps are pretty simple and brainless; you insert penis into the cylinder, pump the blood into the penis which causes the penis to expand and become erect. It is said that with regular use, a penis pump may eventually increase your size permanently. Whether or not that is the case for everyone or if you even have the energy to use one for so long; there are other benefits of using a pump aside from the raging boner! Use of a penis pump increases your sensitivity and can make sex even more enjoyable and intense than usual.

Choosing a penis pumpis harder than actually using one as they come in manual and electric and in various price points. You need to figure out if you are interested in the Pinto or Cadillac version! While they all work on the same premise, some are made to work a little more efficiently and be easier on you so that you can focus on your thoughts more so than on work your pumping hand is doing.

Here are some suggestions ranging in price:

Classix Power Pump is under $10 and while simple in design, will certainly get the job done.

Dr Joels Penis Pump 02 is a state of the art manual penis pump that comes with step-by-step lessons on how to enlarge your penis permanently.

Supra Pump is the bestselling electric pump thanks to it抯 reasonable price and bonus instructional video.

Happy Pumping!

The Joys of Glass Toys!
April 10, 2008

With the arrival of spring, once can’t help but feel revitalized and just downright excited! I think my spring fever started a tad early thanks to the sun and my re-discovery of a glass dildo while manically spring cleaning my apartment. When one has a busy schedule and dozens of sex toys, it’s easy to let some fall through the cracks and be temporarily forgotten—especially easy when said toy is buried under a pile of bulky winter sweaters until the spring thaw and the storing of the winter clothes!

The glass gem I am speaking of is the Icicles Twister which was one of my first glass sex toys. It got me to thinking all over again about my fascination with glass toys and I thought I should share with you the joys of glass toys!

Along with being just about pretty enough to display on one’s coffee table or mantle; glass toys offer a sensation like no other. Never mind the sheer luxuriousness of sliding such a beautiful work of art into your most delicious parts, but toys made of this heavy duty glass are far more versatile than most even realize! Glass dildos are durable enough to withstand heat and cold which means that you can soak it in warm water before use to heat it up, or if you’re so bold; run it under cool water for a thrill like no other! These toys also quickly heat up to one’s body temperature so play time always feels just right.

The selection of glass sex toys will astound you and just for the record; they don’t all feel the same! The styles range between big and small and butter-smooth to coiled and nubby! We also have glass toys specifically designed for anal sex like the Little Red Ripple Butt Plug which offers a feeling of dense fullness like no other as well as the Seymore Butts Glass For Your Ass which can rock anyone’s backdoor just right thanks to it’s pleasure-enhancing ridges. If it’s vaginal play you’re looking for, my favorites are the Rainbow Magical Wands 9 and the Strap-On Smooth XL—pretty and impressive! Finally, if you’re looking for one to give that special gal as a gift, you can’t go wrong with the Glass G-Spot Red thanks to its ability to seek and stimulate the G-Spot AND the cute little heart shaped end! Nothin’ says ‘I Love You’ quite like a mind-blowing orgasm and a pretty gift!

Turning Him On to Sex Toys
March 14, 2008

It’s funny how some men perceive sex toys. With so many guys complaining that their partners aren’t adventurous or sexual enough it baffles me that there are still some out there who don’t fancy the idea of bringing sex toys into the relationship or are even downright opposed to the idea of a sex toy! Men need to see the potential fun involved for them when it comes to sex toys and realize that women do not see them as a replacement for the real thing—yes, even those vibrators that look just like the real thing!!

I think the best way to turn a guy on to sex toys is to actually show him what they can do and how hot they can be. You can always try by surprising him with one of his own like a vibrating cock ring or a masturbator. Many men seem put off by anything phallus shaped and don’t realize all of the options available for men that are not big vibrating dicks! Anal beads are another super sexy toy that he may get a kick out of since they can be used on either you or him during a steamy bed session and let’s face it—they look fairly non-threatening!

It’s a known fact that men are visual creatures, especially when it comes to sex which is why showing him will likely be the best route for you to take in your mission to get him to accept and welcome your vibrator into the bedroom. Check your inhibition at the door and get ready to unleash the exhibitionist in you by putting on a little show! Consider it a far sexier version of “show and tell” than what you used to play as a kid! Get undressed, lie back on the bed and invite him to watch you pleasure yourself using your favorite vibrator. Start off slow by tracing the buzzing toy along your body, teasing yourself and him. Gage his reaction and don’t jump in for the kill until he’s good any ready. If he still doesn’t seem entirely open to the idea or has expressed a concern about feeling as though a vibrator is a replacement for him (this is what I like to refer to as ‘true penis envy’!), you may want to hold off on actual penetration. Enjoy the feeling of the vibe as it teases you and the feeling of his eyes on you watching this incredibly intimate and highly erotic moment. Bring yourself to orgasm and don’t hold back because watching you writhing around in ecstasy will be a huge turn on for him. Try to keep eye contact with him throughout the entire ‘show’ so that he feels connected to you during the experience and not at all left out. And by all means; ask him to take over if you think he can handle it! This should prove to be quite the turn on for him and hopefully the start of a very beautiful friendship between him and your favorite vibe!

Secret Sex Toys: Discreet Vibes You Can Take Anywhere!
January 26, 2008

I was reminded of a potentially embarrassing moment recently where I blurted out something less-than-appropriate at a baby shower. Leave it to me to be at a wholesome function and squeal in delight at the site of a rubber duckie because I quickly assume that it is actually an 'I Rub My Duckie' Vibrator! Luckily, I managed to save face before too many of the guests even caught the word “vibrator” shooting from my lips. I realized then how great the new breed of discreet sex toys really are since in a room full of ladies, I was the only one whose mind even went there which I suppose makes sense as I was likely the only sex writer in attendance. I have since started my own collection of duckie vibes and can't tell you how great it is to not have to hide them before company arrives!
It's no secret that sex toys are far more “acceptable” than they were years back. More women and couples are enjoying sex toys than ever—whether they're willing to admit it or not, so for the squeamish or shy; discreet vibrators are a Godsend! Not only can you leave them at your bedside even when the in-laws are staying over, but you can also carry them with you for use just about anywhere because they look like everyday items. Now who would question you slipping a “lipstick” deep into your pocket in the middle of dinner or a movie? And pulling out a mini "flashlight" in the car—maybe you've lost something down on the floor between your legs that requires some “light” to find! And sliding his “cell phone” back into his front pocket while his hands are busy eating or driving—nothin' odd bout' that! The possibilities of pleasure are endless regardless of where you are!

If you're looking for some discreet vibes or sex toys incognito, these are some of the gems available here at Discreet Romance:

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Vamp Up Your Holiday Party: Creative Ways to Add Sex Toys To Your Party
December 16, 2007

Tis’ the season to not only be jolly but to spread that joy as well. What better way to do that then by putting a smile on the faces of your naughtiest loved ones with some Yule-time cheer? Not sure where I’m going with this? I’m talking about two of everyone’s favorite things: parties and sex. Why not make your holiday soiree a sexy one by throwing in a few naughty touches like sexy centerpieces, not-so-goody bags and more!

Many of us have little traditions amongst our closest group of friends when it comes to this time of year whether it be a shopping date followed by dinner or maybe a cookie exchange party. Consider adding a few sex toys for some added zing which will also up the fun factor, give everyone a good ol’ belly laugh and turn the usual conversation up a notch—or ten!

We carry an awful lot of sex toys that easily double as party items if you think outside the box. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

Blissful Berries are not just very pretty little vibrators, but they also double as great cocktail mixers! Think I’m kidding?? Get a few of these vibes in all of the delicious colors and place one in each martini glass and watch them vibrate that martini like nobody’s business! They come in 3 very girl-friendly colors and are just the right amount of bling for a holiday party with their nubby, waterproof heads! And almost as great as the expressions on your friend’s faces is the price—so reasonable that you can easily afford enough for all of your guests.

Note: Micro Mini’s are another great choice if you’re looking for the sexiest vibes that also double nicely as cocktail mixers!

Still in keeping with neat ways to use mini vibrators; I like to add a little spice twist to my Christmas packages by strategically incorporating them into the presentation of each package. It’s so simple! Take a small toy like the Classix Mini Vibe and tie it into your bow which sits atop the gift. I also like using cock rings in the same manner—especially great for your male friends or those who are coupled up!

Dress up any table with a nice arrangement of fruit—sexy fruit that is! Mini Bath Buddies are fruit shaped waterproof vibes that come in orange, pear and strawberry. Place several of each in a bowl on their own or mixed with Christmas balls for a beautiful display that will have everyone craving this healthy snack! *wink*

My final but fun suggestion is using sex toys as ornaments for your tree. Imagine the wonderment on your pals faces when they stand to admire your tree and find some sex toy goodies hanging with ribbon! The I Vibe Pocket Rocket comes in all kinds of hot colors which will brighten any Christmas tree. And these babies provide a buzz like no other! Add a tag to each ribbon with a friends name on it and you will surely be known as the hostess with the mostess!

When it comes to parties you are only limited by your imagination. Open your mind, think outside the box…ahem… and think of all the neat ways that you can vamp up any party.

Happy Holidays!

By Adrie Santos


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