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The Down-Lo On Dildos
March 20, 2008 01:00 pm

We’re all so busy talking about vibrators that we forget their non-vibrating brother—the dildo! Man cannot live on battery operated vibes alone when there is so much to be enjoyed in the wonderfully wicked world of dildos. From anal dildos to big dildos that would make a porn star sweat to even strap on dildos; there is someone to literally tickle everyone’s fancy.

Let’s begin by explaining the basic types of dildos available:

Cyberskin dildos are about as lifelike and realistic as you can get in terms of feel. This wonder material is soft, pliable and so lifelike that you can’t help but wanna rub it over and over again.

Cyberskin Picks: Cyberskin Cock-pink, Cyber Cock-natural, Revolution Ice

Acrylic and Silicone do not only make realistic look and feel dildos, but they are also long lasting and easy to care for (hello—dishwasher safe!). They range from hard and firm to slightly softer for those who are just starting out. As for shapes and sizes; the sky is the limit with a dick for everyone!

Hot choices: Hank Cocoa, Silicone Teddy Waterproof, Silk Small Lavender

Dongs are just another name for the dildo category and here; anything goes! You can find ‘em just tiny enough for anal play to fantasy-sized for the brave. They come in all sizes and are generally phallic shaped. And for more variety; they come with or without balls.

Sexy Dong Picks: Ballsy Dick, Basix Blue His/Hers G-Spot, Handsome Dong

Double Headers—ooh la la! These are truly multi-purpose thanks to their two usable ends. Enjoy some simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation or ride it with your favorite pal for two times the fun!

Pick These For 2x The Fun: Black Jack 18 Veined, Jacklyn Lick Double Pleasure

Extra Long dildos are for those who like a nice, deep fuck. Did I mention deep?? I stress this so that you can appreciate the true meaning of “extra long”! These are not for the timid or the newbie with shafts starting at 8 inches of insertable pleasure and often times pretty out there in the girth department! These babies are not the best choice for anal play unless you are a true novice.

Picks for Extra Fun: Colt 12 Rocket, Ken Ryker Supercock, Perfect 10 Transluscence

Glass dildos (Pyrex) are the best in luxury for your privates because they are deliciously smooth and just oh-so beautiful. They come in a slew of sizes and shapes and look like works of art that can be easily mistaken for sculptures rather than sex toys. While they aren’t at all pliable like a real penis, they do have the ability to be heated or cooled for a whole new sensation for vaginal or anal play.

Sexy Glass Picks: Clear Nubby Swirl, Erotic Torpedo 8, Swirly Chubby Red Head

Harness and Strap Ons are not as scary as they may look! Most dildos and dongs are easily used in a harness or you can buy them together. With strap ons; the possibilities are endless! He can wear it to penetrate her vaginally while his penis goes to town below on her ass. She can use it on him or her and so on and so on. Check out the new breed of strap ons for your face! Sound weird? Not so weird when someone is able to give you oral satisfaction and the filling you crave all at once!

Choice Strap-Ons: Accommodator, Classix Strap-On, Girl On Girl Strap-On

Realistic dildos apply to dongs made of any material that happens to look and often feel lifelike. These cocks don’t miss a detail, from veins and ridges to balls that look good enough to cup and lick. And just like the real thing; these come in a variety of shapes, sizes and skin colors.

Real HOT Cocks: All American Whopper, Cock Shooter Ejaculating, Ron Jeremy Dong

Jelly is another awesome material for those looking for a firm yet pliable dildo for a realistic experience. Easy to care for, colorful and silky smooth—what more could you ask for?

Cool Jelly Choices: Cosmic Gels, 9 Big Boy w/suction, Clear Jelly Micro

Anal Dildos are not limited to butt plugs and probes, but rather any dildo that you may be comfortable using for anal penetration--though smaller dildos are recommended for newbies to the anal scene.

Anal-Play Picks: Butt Plug Clear, Combo Tool, Jelly Anal Rod

Tips for Caring for Your Dildo

Caring for dildos is as easy as using them. Regardless of the type of dildo you choose, you can use a sex toy cleaner or a mild soap and warm water. The only exception to this would be toys made of Cyberskin. In order to maintain their perfectly lifelike texture, you should use the special Cyberskin cleanser and talc which most of the time is sold with the toy. A mild soap and warm water will do the trick if you’re in a pinch though it is not recommended regularly. Getting’ a lot of use out of your Cyberskin dildo? Have no fear because you can always purchase extra Cyberskin Renew if needed.

Now, A Little Advice For You The Dildo User

When you have a great new toy; you tend to wanna shout it from the rooftops and share it—sometimes with a special lover—sometimes several! This is why it is important to not only be diligent about keeping your toys clean but also about practicing safe sex. Yes, even with a dildo.If you’re going to play nice and share your toy; don’t forget to slip a condom over it first. This will help keep the toy clean and hygienic, prolong its life and most importantly; protect you and your partners from STD’s.

And finally; don’t forget to use lube! While some of us may just be juicy enough to be able to forgo the lube once in awhile; a little lube can actually go a long way in enhancing your pleasure. And if you’re interested in any kind of anal play; lube will be your best friend! Whether a big dildo, glass dildo or massive collection of anal dildos; lube will make sure that you can slip-slide your way to an endless night of orgasms!

Now that we got the practical stuff out of the way, let me offer you some fun things to try with your new little friend:

Sexy Tip #1: On a cold night, take a glass dildo and place it in a container of warm water to heat it up. Surprise your partner with it as soon as they walk in while they’re still feelin’ a chill. This is sure to warm ‘em up real quick!

Sexy Tip #2: Play “Find The G-Spot” by making it interesting (as if that isn’t interesting enough!). Hand him a curved, G-Spot friendly dildo and tell him what he gets if he manages to find your special spot and make you squirt like a Venetian fountain! This way you both win!

Sexy Tip #3: Surprise him with a night dedicated to his pleasure. Make his favorite foods—the sexier the better—think 9 ˝ Weeks. Follow with a warm sponge bath and a sensual massage that ends with a very special hand job and prostate massage using a small anal dildo and a whole lotta lube.

Sexy Tip #4: Since lube is a must with dildo play anyway, why not really play it up and make it a night of hot and very slippery sex. Take a rubber sheet or buy a cheap inflatable kiddie pool and cut it so that you can spread it out on the floor or over your mattress and slather it, your body and your partner in lube. Lay back and slide that dildo slowly over your slick body as your partner watches in awe and once it’s nice and lubed up; spread, insert and thrust as your partner enjoys the show. Won’t be long before they take over and things get really slippery!

Sexy Tip #5: If your partner enjoys a little strap on action; head out for a night on the town; a romantic dinner, a movie or maybe some dancing and when you their attention (and no one else’s!) for a sec; unzip your jeans or lift your skirt and give ‘em a glimpse of the strap-on dildo that you’re packin’! If that isn’t hot enough; lure them to a dark corner, pull it out and work that strap on so that there is no question who wears the pants—or harness—in the relationship!

Happy Fucking!

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